Understanding Why Baby Cries When Changing Clothes? The Struggle is Real

A baby crying when the parent is changing clothes

Have you ever wondered why your baby hates getting dressed or suddenly hates diaper changes? Getting dressed doesn’t have to be challenging, but it is normal for young babies to cry when changing due to specific reasons, like if you have the wrong clothes or fit, your baby may not be able to stand still long enough to get dressed. So don’t worry, especially if you are a new parent experiencing these for the first time, because this article will discuss all the reasons your baby may hate getting dressed and what you can do about it!

Why Does the Baby Hate Getting Dressed?

Feel Hot or Cold

Sudden temperature changes can be a reason for your baby to cry when getting changed. The temperature drop when they’re undressed takes them longer to warm up once they’re clothed again. This is why they may fuss and cry if it’s time to get dressed. To avoid this, wrap them in the clothes they’ll wear while they’re still warm from the bath, such as a sleep suit or pajamas. If you have no choice but to dress them while they’re cold, do so quickly and try to keep their skin covered as much as possible with light clothing.

Restrained or Moved

As you change a baby’s dress, various parts of its body are exposed and tugged around. Babies who are sensitive to touch can be disturbed by this experience. They show pain through crying. So try not to get into a power struggle with them.

Hungry or Tired

If your baby is too hungry to wait to be changed after a feeding, try changing after the feeding instead. They will be more comfortable if hunger is not bothering them, So feed them, then change their clothes.

Feel Unwell

If your baby is crying while you dress them, they may tell you when they’re not feeling well. For example, they might fuss, cry, or have red cheeks and a stuffy nose.

Diaper Rash

It is one of the most common reasons babies cry during a change. In addition, babies may develop a rash if they sit in a poopy diaper for too long. This can make their butts feel sore, and they might not like being restrained by clothes while they have a sore butt.

Don’t want to be Dressed

The experts say that babies have a lot of trouble with new experiences and can’t understand why they are being restrained. For example, it can be frustrating for a baby to be swaddled and put in clothes. They might not understand the purpose of these things and want to do something else, such as playing, sitting, crawling, or eating.

Ways to Eliminate Clothes Resistance in Babies

There’s no guarantee that your baby will stop crying when you change their clothes. But, there are some things you can try to make the experience more pleasant; some of the few ways are as follows;

Stay Calm

The best way to ensure your baby doesn’t hate getting dressed is to stay calm and maintain a quiet expression towards your baby during the change. This will help reduce their stress levels and make them feel more comfortable. Try maintaining eye contact with your child and being as gentle as possible.

Be Quick

Most of the time, your baby cries and screams during a change because they cannot wait. Therefore, it is necessary to change supplies like your child’s clothes, diapers, baby wipes, and a spare set of clothes close by your changing table so that you can dress your baby as quickly as possible.

Avoid Getting Him Naked all at Once

Don’t just pull a naked baby out of the tub. Instead, drape a soft towel or blanket over his body and dress him in something warm. You can remove the towel or blanket to get the rest of his clothes on. This will help keep him warm and happy.

Distract your Baby

The baby cries when they’re being changed because they are uncomfortable, hot, cold, or hungry. You can distract your baby by talking to them or singing to them. Babies respond positively to parents’ sounds.

FAQs on Baby Crying When Changing Clothes

How can I Make Dressing Time Easier for Both my Baby and Me?

It’s essential to recognize what is triggering your baby’s discomfort. For example, some common reasons for crying during dressing time include the following: they’ve just had a warm bath, they’re hungry or tired, they don’t want to be dressed, they’re being restrained or moved, they’re hot or cold, and they have diaper rash. The best way to make dressing time easier for you and your baby is to take your time and dress them one piece at a time.

Why do Babies Hate Putting Clothes Over their Heads?

You may have noticed that covering babies’ heads is not their favorite. This is uncomfortable for them; their nose and mouth are protected instantly. They fight to release themselves, and this is perfectly normal.

How to Distract your Baby When you’re Changing their Dress?

As soon as you dress your baby, hold a toy in front of them to distract them from the clothing process. Then, sing or talk to them about something exciting and focus their attention elsewhere. An older sibling can also help entertain the little guy by playing with them or reading to them.