7 Effective Ways to Teach Your Kids to Respect Others


Sometimes, there is a very thin line between showing love to your kids and raising kids who do not respect you or have any respect for others. These days, kids are getting so disrespectful than ever before kids; are using foul language, cussing, talking back at their parents and ignoring them.

Many kids have no respect for authority figures whether it’s their parent, a teacher or some random adult.

Some people feel that it’s because children are not being spanked but it’s really not about spanking. The problem is that parents are not teaching their kids to be respectful.

Teaching your kids how to be respectful is not something that you do unconsciously or leave to fate. You have to make deliberate efforts and dedicate it into teaching your kids this much-needed life skill.

A kid who is taught to be respectful would not only be respectful to their parents and authority figures around them; they would also learn how to respect other kids and strangers, and even treat their pets and personal belongings with respect.

So how do you consciously teach your kids to be respectful to others?

Well, it has to start with you. Your kid has to have great respect for you before they can respect others. When you teach your kids to be respectful towards you, they will replicate what you teach them when dealing with other adults. Teaching your kids to respect you helps them understand that adults have to be respected.

If you are still unsure about how to teach your kids to be respectful towards you and subsequently towards others, these 7 tips will give you a head start:

#1. Don’t Treat Your Child as a Parent:

At least not until you have successfully taught them how to be respectful.

Your kids must understand that there is a clear distinction between an adult and a child and every adult is an authority figure whether they are your parent, teacher or a random person walking down the streets.

Your child can be your friend but you must always bear in mind that they are first your child- your responsibility and it is your duty to teach them all of the skills that they’ll need to be able to live a responsible life.

If you treat your child like a friend, you’ll let them get away with a lot of things but if you treat them as your responsibility, you’ll not hesitate to quickly call them to order whenever they are out of line.

One tip that always works is to ask yourself “Will I love the neighbor‘s kid or a stranger to talk to me this way?

If you won’t then you shouldn’t accept such behavior from your kid or even let them speak to anyone that way, ever.

#2. Be On The Same Page With Your Partner:

In most families, there’s a good cop and a bad cop parent.

If you’re frowning at disrespect and your partner is enabling it, then your children may not understand or catch on to what you’re trying to teach them.

Your kid may even start seeing you as the harsh one and start resenting you if you’re the only one trying to enforce the rules.

You must get your partner to be on the same page with you and lay down the rules together. You must both decide on what would be considered unacceptable, and what the consequences for disobedience will be.

#3. Give Your Child The Prep Talk:

Sometimes, the reasons why kids don’t listen to us parents and instead rebel is because we don’t get them to understand the importance of benefits of what we’re trying to teach them.

You must get your kid to understand why it’s important to be respectful towards others and all of the perks that can come out of that.

If you do this, you’ll be able to get your child to be on the same page with you and it won’t even matter if all of their friends in school are disrespectful, your kid would dare to be different because thanks to you, they know better.

#4. Be Respectful Yourself:

Don’t trash-talk the waiter and expect your kid to respect the mailman. Kids model their behaviors around those of their parents.

If you’re rude to people, your kid would take that to mean that it’s okay to be disrespectful too.

It doesn’t matter if it’s sometimes or every time; don’t be disrespectful to anyone while your kids are watching because kids let down their guards easily. If you do it once, they think “Why not, mum did it the other day, I can do it too

#5. Teach Them to Respect Their Siblings and Immediate Family:

It has to start at home, a kid who has no regards for the people at home would exhibit the same behavior when they are in public.

It is important to enforce respect in your home, such that all your kids treat each other with respect so that its easier for them to respect other kids when they are out of the home or in school.

#6. Enforce Courtesy:

From a tender age, you can teach your kids to be courteous towards others as courtesy breed respect.

Teach your kids to say Good morning, please, thank you, and I’m sorry.

There are kids who find it really hard to use these words and they think it makes them look weak- you have to teach them to use these words freely.

#7. Never Let Disrespect Slide:

Whether it happened at home or anywhere else, you must always address it when your kid shows disrespect- get them to understand that disrespect is one of the most terrible offenses that they can ever commit and never let it slide.

If you do this, you would be teaching your kids to resent disrespect because they know that it would always get them in your bad books.

It is also important to start out early- the earlier you start teaching your kids to be respectful, the more successful you’ll be.