Best Xbox Games For Kids 2020

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The best Xbox games for kids cover all types of passions. From Marvel-inspired characters to classics such as Minecraft, kids now have access to a large set of games for their beloved console. However, finding the best might seem complicated in a world with thousands of games.

Some prefer action Xbox One games for kids such as those from racing series as Forza Motorsport. Others prefer to plan and strategize with a game such as Farming Simulator. Xbox One supports immersive games based on the Kinect sensor with its motion functionality. The extra power of Xbox cloud computing makes games run smoother as well.


Considerations When Buying Kids Xbox One Games

Buying the best kids video games might not be too easy as there are hundreds of impressive releases to consider. But judging them by category makes life easier for many parents of for the kids buying the games for themselves.

Types of games

There are various types of games to consider. Age-appropriate games may involve creative releases such as LEGO games or Minecraft variations. Immersive games may come under racing-inspired releases as Crash Bandicoot with its impressive fast-pace action.

Other types of games that are suitable for all ages include sports games such as NBA by EA Sports. Its worth having a look at how various playing modes integrated both single and multiple players in these games even when kids need to stay away from violent entertainment.

Multiplayer support

One of the best advantages of owning an Xbox is having the ability to play with friends, family or other players online. Multiplayer games offer the best return on investment from this perspective. Fun to play and truly immersive, these games can also involve multiple family friends. Spending more time with the kids is possible, even when playing console games.

Release date

The release date of the games is also important. Kids like the thrills of new games. There’s no reason to go for old titles that kids are not excited about. The best part is that even some of the newer releases are not too expensive. For example, the latest NBA 2019 is considered affordable compared to other games on the Microsoft console.

Playing a game again

As kids already know, successful games are often played again once finished. Judging from this perspective, releases such as Farming Simulator or Forza Motorsport 5 offer the best option. Children often re-visit these games for a good reason. Such a game played again offers a new experience based on familiar concepts. Even going back to a game and sharing it with a friend can be an interesting option for those seeking a name that will be remembered over the years. The Need for Speed Series is another game that ticks all of these boxes and which can be thoroughly experience with friends and family.

Compatibility and accessories

Xbox Live offers plenty of benefits, such as discounted games. Players can consider Xbox Live to get the most out of 2 player games for kids. A wireless controller might also be a good solution for the best multiplayer experience. Up to 8 wireless controllers connect to the Xbox One. Need For Speed Hot Pursuit is one of the games which allows up to 8 players in its multiplayer mode. But many other split-screen games can be played with extra controllers that wirelessly connect to the console.


25 Best Xbox Games for Kids Reviewed

Below we have listed our picks of the very best children’s Xbox games on the market today. There are picks to appeal to all age ranges and all tastes and interests, so you are sure to find something they will love to play alone or with friends.

1. LEGO The Incredibles

Fans of the Incredibles are going to find this game a must-have. It is also an inspired game for those who haven’t seen any part of the movie series. The general purpose of the game is to build massive LEGO structures. But the story is not as straightforward as with a classic LEGO.

Players need to focus on the right abilities to defeat villains. There’s an open hub world to explore the city limits. Players need to work together on various missions to finalize each LEGO structure.

This is an image of kid's The incredibles game for xbox one



2. LEGO Harry Potter Collection

This Harry Potter-inspired LEGO game is a staple for the fans of the series. It’s a remastered edition and it brings the best out of the famous characters. While they don’t speak, they communicate through gestures and there’s interaction for players to rely on. All the famous characters of the series are found in the game and they all work together on building the giant structures. Plenty of humor is added to this objective and players get to experience and recreate many Harry Potter settings on their own.

This is an image of kid's LEGO harry potter game for xbox one



3. Crash Bandicoot Trilogy

In the old days, Crash Bandicoot was limited to Sony platforms. But this remastered version is now made available for Xbox fans. Released in 2018, it comes with a nostalgic feel. Many of today’s gamers played this game a long time ago. But there are new levels and challenges to go through to keep things interesting and a bit more up to date. Activision has done a good job of keeping the game entertaining. Gamers have to go through or jump over all types of obstacles to reach the finish line.

This is an image of kid's crash bandicoot game for xbox one



4. NBA 2K19

This anniversary 20-years NBA edition is a must-have for basketball fans. Electronic Arts did a good job on the game. It includes licensed teams and multiple playing modes. Sharing is caring when it comes to sports games made in EA studios. This game has been remastered and reinvented every year. It might be a good update for old fans of the series as it can be a great introduction to the game and its fast-paced feel.

This is an image of kid's NBA 2019 game for xbox one



5. LEGO Jurassic World

Based on the Jurassic World movies, this game is another LEGO iteration. It comes with plenty of humor so players don’t feel like they’re wasting time building yet another LEGO structure. Most of the characters seen in the Jurassic World series are to be found in the game. With included dinosaurs such as the Raptor, there’s a learning curve to go through for new players who haven’t seen the movies yet. Suitable for playing with family members, the game can be an interactive experience and a sharing experience.

This is an image of kid's LEGO jurassic world Game for xbox one



6. Sonic & SEGA Racing

The Xbox One games for kids list can’t be complete without the fun Sonic experience is one of the most exciting games to be considered for console players. It includes Super Sonic, Banana Blitz, and Tails Tornado kart racing. This game differentiates itself from others with its unique fast-paced gaming experience. It doesn’t allow users to sit back and simply go through the motion. With its immersive playing experience, it suits gamers seeking an energetic game with cars, planes, and motorbikes. Single and multiplayer modes are also supported for added gaming variation.

This is an image of kid's sonic saga all stars game for xbox 360



7. LEGO Batman 3 Game

This Batman game is mostly made for young kids. Since alternative Batman-inspired games are full of violence, it is a child-friendly release to be played in both single-player and multiplayer modes. As its reviews show, it is a game played by kids ages 5 and up. The purpose of the game is to build LEGO figures such as the popular Cybord or Solomon Grundy. Famous locations players reach within the game include the mysterious Batcave with its special Batman gear.

This is an image of kid's LEGO batman 3 game for xbox one



8.  Disney Pixar Rush

This game is based on the popular Pixar movie series which had children glued to the TV screen. It comes with multiple characters and it also has a rewards system that motivates the player through every level. When each level is completed, a new Rush character is unlocked. It differentiates itself with its friendly nature. As a result, it is a game played by both boys and girls. They love the cooperative profile of the game. Each user teams up with a Pixar character to complete each level. As far as Xbox One games for girls go, Pixar’s release is a hit.

This is an image of kid's Disney pixar adventure for xbox one



9. Marvel LEGO Super Heroes

The LEGO Xbox games for kids are numerous. This affordable game is mainly recommended for Marvel fans. It is the first LEGO game to offer access to over 100 characters. This is why its immersive experience is among the best for Marvel fans. These characters include the Hulk, Spider-Man, Captain America and Deadpool. These characters have been seen across various Marvel movies. It also comes with plenty of humor so adults playing the game are not that bored of it.

Apart from being a good addition to any Marvel series collection, it is also a must-have in the LEGO games world. With added vehicles alongside these epic characters, it can also be the game played over and over.

This is an image of kid's LEGO marvel super heroes game for xbox 360



10. Disneyland Adventures

Suitable for all kids, this game takes the young player through Disneyland. 18 attractions await exploration and kids go through them chronologically. The game is also based on a simple rewards system. Points can be collected along the way. Along the way, players get to meet their favorite Disney characters. Together, they explore Disneyland with its parks, parades and epic fireworks.

This is an image of kid's Disneyland game for xbox one



11. Monster Jam

Monster Jam World Finals fans get to experience the event with this impressive Xbox One release. Various trucks can be chosen for the events. They include the popular Grave Digger. But at the same time, it offers plenty of challenges and tricks to master. For example, monster truck fans need to learn how to properly perform hill jumps. With plenty of tracks to choose from, the game can be enjoyed for days and months at a time.

This is an image of kid's Monster jam crush it game for xbox one



12. Super Lucky’s Tale

This puzzle-based game offers plenty of obstacles for players to overcome. Players meet Yetis and other spookies such as village worms. Lucky travels these mesmerizing landscapes in full 4K resolution. This is why the game is recommended for those who already have a 4K-capable TV. Even if the game is made with this high resolution, it will not run at the highest detail on low 1080p TVs. But at maximum resolution, it offers a fairytale-like experience for players of all ages to explore.

This is an image of kid's super lucky tale game for xbox one



13. Farming Simulator

Among the Best Xbox One games for kids, Farming Simulator is one of the names that marked the history of the console. This game is suitable for anyone looking to live and work as a farmer. While it’s made for kids, it certainly has an appeal to adults as well. For example, some of its vehicles are based on real-world designs. Players get to control realistic John Deere tractors. With an added multiplayer mode, up to 16 players can start their farming experience working both during the day and during the night.

This is an image of kid's Farming simulator game for xbox one



14. Forza 5 Racing

This game is mainly made for racing fans with a passion for realistic graphics. Those new to such games might find this Forza game immersive. The resistance and how cars perform out on the track makes it so realistic. There’s a points system in place which allows players to unlock and purchase new cars. However, progress through the game is not very easy. This is why younger kids might be facing a longer learning curve with each car’s handling.

This is an image of kid's Forza 5 car game for xbox one



15. Minecraft Explorer’s Pack

Minecraft is one of the games which doesn’t need an introduction. Building all types of things with blocks has revolutionized how kids play and think. Creativity is impressive at a young age and this game is one of the rare outlets for those with a creative side. With multiple community-made maps, this release has an anniversary appeal. It is also one of the games which may easily be played with friends both with a split-screen mode and online. Free aquatic update is also available for those who want to explore the underwater world as well.

This is an image of kid's Minecraft Game for xbox one



16. Baja: Edge of Control

Xbox One family games can always include a Baja release. With more than 1,000 track miles, the game offers an immersive experience for truck fans. While other games also have plenty of trucks to choose from, this game is different. It offers up to 200 parts to choose from and for most, this means there’s plenty of motivation to keep going. Fine-tuning the engine or the body parts is an essential learning experience of this game. But this release is also suitable for kids playing with friends or family. Up to 4 players can share the gaming experience in the split-screen mode.

This is an image of kid's Raja edge of control car race game for xbox one



17. Trials Fusion

Ubisoft did a great job in designing some of the quirkiest motocross tracks. Trials Fusion is one of those games which doesn’t allow any room for a bad move. Most users have the freedom of choosing their track once they progress through the game. Even if a track is completed, the player can always come back and re-live the physics-defying experience.

This is an image of kid's trials fusion dirt bike game for xbox one



18. Kingdom Hearts III

This fantasy game combines Disney and Final Fantasy characters. Players find Donald Duck in the same scenario as Goofy or Riku. They go on adventures together and they each have their abilities. But these abilities are not linear through the game. They can be improved as the players progress through the levels. Keyblades can be discovered through the game. They have the role of offering the player new abilities and skills for new combos, especially for attacking movements.

This is an image of kid's kingdom hearts 3 game for xbox one



19. Plants vs. Zombies

With 7 game modes, plants go head to head with zombies in mesmerizing battles. The game now offers new characters and new playing scenarios. Over 100 playable plants can be used in both attacking games and defending games. But this game can also have an educational role. It teaches kids about the role of the plants and especially about what their name is and how they look like. It is even fun to use and together with Xbox Gold it offers an immersive a two player mode.

This is an image of kid's plants vs zombies game for xbox one



20. Crash Team Racing

This Crash Nitro Kart game offers a racing experience instantly recognized by the young player. It is an interesting game to play solo. But it certainly shows its true potential in the online play mode. Unlike many of its alternatives, it comes with power-ups and weapons. It offers multiple methods of getting rid of racing opponents and it keeps kids entertained for hours. Activision has brought this classic back to life. Even choosing fun characters inspired by the animal world can be fun on its own and this gives the game a timeless appeal.

This is an image of kid's Crash team racing game for xbox one



21. Injustice 2: Legendary Edition

Among the best video games for kids with a fighting profile, this release is always top-rated. This fighting game is made for serious players. It offers plenty of inspiring characters to fight with. Each of these special characters has a set of skills that may put the opponent out of the game. The player can choose Batman, Super Man or even the Ninja Turtles to fight with. But the locations of the fights are impressive as well.

One of the scenes has these characters fighting each other next to the pyramids. Those who might think the game is repetitive can also download new characters to stay motivated. 10 characters can be downloaded together with various skins for Hellboy. Any Mortal Kombat fan needs to play this game.

This is an image of kid's injustice 2 game for xbox one



22. Snoopy’s Grand Adventure

Snoopy is on a mission. He needs to find all of Charlie Brown’s friends. A multiplayer mode is also available for one more friend. Snoopy and Woodstock can play together in finding their friends. While this game is not sufficiently motivating for adults, it is one of the friendliest kids games. They get to learn more about their Snoopy friends and develop their skills such as coordination and communication along the way. Furthermore, this game has replay value as kids can start over with a fresh perspective as well.

This is an image of kid's snoopy's grand aventure game for xbox one



23. Marvel Pinball

Pinball games have always been popular. Fun Xbox One Games always include a pinball release. Even when they seem to go out of style, there’s a game bringing them back with a fresh perspective. This is certainly the case of the Marvel Pinball games. As its name suggests, it comes with Marvel-inspired characters. Pinball games inspired by Spider-Man and Doctor Strange are now rising in popularity. With plenty of secrets along the way, the game impresses even those seeking for a fresh interpretation of the game. Plenty of secret spots on the machine keep it attractive for kids of all ages.

This is an image of kid's marvel pinball epic collection game for xbox one



24. Need for Speed: Hot Pursuit

From the Pagani Zonda to Lamborghinis, the game offers access to some of the fastest cars on the market. It’s also one of the most popular racing games in history. Its career mode has proven particularly appealing. However, a multiplayer mode is also allowed. It offers the platform for 2 to 8 players to race against each other. A leaderboard statistic is also available for single-player career racing.

Among the best games for kids, NFS is filled with surprises such as new shortcuts. The game respects classic racing principles on new tracks and with new cars. These races are normal Need For Speed scenarios. They take place on roads with traffic, which means players need to be extra careful. But the traffic can also be switched off for the simple racing experience. However, the game doesn’t offer a split-screen racing mode for those planning to go head to head with family members.

This is an image of kid's need for speed game for xbox 360



25. Titanfall 2

This FPS game is a must-have for those who’ve played the original. Characterized by a unique playing perspective, it has a unique under the radar appeal. This may be due to its lack of popularity as Electronic Arts released the game between other titans as Battlefield and Call of Duty. But it is also one of the games gaining popularity with the single user, albeit it features an online gaming mode as well. There’s something special about fighting 20-foot tall machines that make this game memorable.

This is an image of kid's Titanfall game for xbox one



Best Overall Buy

The LEGO-inspired game brings The Incredibles to Xbox player’s homes. All players need to work together to build impressive structures. Apart from its creative side, it also teaches kids a few things about open communication, trust and the ability to respect different strengths and weaknesses.

This is an image of kid's The incredibles game for xbox one



Best Budget Buy

Xbox One kids games have something to learn from this release. With the ability to choose from 20 dinosaurs, this affordable game takes players back 65 million years. It is one of the games inspired on an entire movie series and its affordability makes it a must-have for adventure game fans.

This is an image of kid's LEGO jurassic world Game for xbox one


Best Xbox 360 Games for Kids Who Like Minecraft?

Minecraft Explorer’s Pack is the best option here. It includes a complete list of Minecraft releases kids of all ages and even adults love.


Good Xbox One Games for Kids Who Can’t Read?

Crash Team Racing is fun and easy to use for those who can’t read. The game’s timeless appeal makes it easier to handle for kids who can’t read at all or for those just learning reading and writing basics.


What is the Best Age for Kids to Have Games for Xbox?

The average Xbox game is now released for kids ages 7+. For more details on appropriate age details for the console, parents should check each game individually.