Best Water Table Toy For Toddlers


For some reasons, children love to play with water toys more than any other toy. They can spend hours every day just getting wet in all kinds of weather. This is why they get very excited about water table toys. Some of the best water table toys for older kids have been reviewed

And like most popular toys, there are so many of them to pick from. The water table toys come in different shapes, sizes, and variety of designs. At first glance, they all seem to have everything nailed down for kids to have a frolicking good fun time.

But like glittering objects, you need to look very carefully to separate the gold water table toys from the bad products that would only cause you a lot of grief in so many ways.

This review saves you the time and energy of scouring through hundreds of products to choose a suitable water table toy for your kid.

Criteria Used for Selecting the Best Water Table Toys

In general, toys for toddlers come with several developmental and educational benefits. They help develop sensory and cognitive skills as well as enhance motors skills with all the activities involved.

For that reason, the toys must be colorful and have several features to engage the kids. The essence of bright colors is to expose kids to different colors.

The features make sure the kids don’t get bored easily. There is nothing as disappointing as kids losing interest in toys so soon after purchasing it for them.

Below are the specific criteria we looked at before selecting the best water table for kids in our review.

Availability – though many of the toys were so wonderful and had everything, we had to discard some of them because they were no longer available. Added to that, the manufacturers did not indicate when the toys would be back on the shelf.

There was no point listing or reviewing products we weren’t sure would be available again for parents to purchase.

Quality of products – Most important here was the durability of the products. Clearly, parents would hate it if the toys came apart soon after buying them.

So the products had to be made with quality material that would stand up well to the stress they will be subjected to by the kids.

Assembling and disassembling – It is important that the toys are easy to assemble or it would lead to frustration and improperly assembled toys.

Improperly assembled toys come with attendant hazards like accidents and damage to parts of or the whole toy.

At the other end is disassembling. The products that made it to our list were not hard to dismantle. This is necessary for storage reasons or when you’d need to go on a trip with them.

Safety – Safety here took cognizant of how stable the toys were; the use of non-toxic materials; and the presence of small parts.

Since we are talking tables here, it is important the tables don’t topple over easily. Tables that fall easily from a small push or if kids lean on them can hurt them in so many ways.

Small parts always constitute a choking hazard for toddlers and kids. For toddlers especially, they have a tendency to put things in their mouth and attempt to swallow. This must be avoided.

Toys with small parts only made the cut if they were too good to be ignored. For these ones, parental or adult supervision is required when kids are playing with the toys.

Top 10 Water Table Toys For Toddlers

1. Little Tikes Spiralin’ Seas Waterpark Play Table

This is an image of a spiral waterpark table by Little Tikes designed for klds.

The Spiralin’ Seas Waterpark play table designed by Little Tikes is arguably one of the best water table toys for kids. The kids would love the fun-filled activity features integrated into the product.

The water table has a tower at the center with a funnel that serves as the entrance to a spiral. Balls can be dropped from the top to spiral down to the water at the bottom.

It also features a Ferris wheel and twin water wheel powered by pouring water through the mouth of the funnel.

This all-plastic, top-selling water table would keep kids engaged in fun play for several hours at a time.


2. Step2 Rain Showers Water Table

This is an image of a Rain Showers Splash Pond play table by Step2 designed for kids.

With a waterfall, a pond, a ducks and a frog, the Rain Shower pool by Step2 is an exciting fun concept for toddlers.

The plastic water table toy is all about creating a rain effect using the top tray, which then hits the ramps and spinners causing the water to go in all directions.

The strong and durable set also comes with water scoops and buckets and a neat drain plug making it easier to empty the water table when it’s time to replace the water or simply keep it in storage.


3. Little Tikes Anchors Away Pirate Ship

This is an image of a pirate ship water table by Little Tikes for kids.

Pirates and pirates’ stories are always a hit with toddlers. Let the cute little one’s imagination run wild as they play pirates with the Anchors Away Pirate ship by Little Tikes.

The plastic ship is packed with several spinning items that generate a current to move the floating objects. The ships center mast doubles as a water fountain operated by a cute pump or pouring water via the ship’s crow’s nest. This causes everything to spin.

Your kids would have so much fun with this water table that comes with 1 bucket; 1 boat; 1 scoop; a squirting shark; 2 pirates figurines; and much more.


4. Step2 Splash N Scoop Table

This is an image of a Splash and Scoop water and sand table for kids.

The Splash N Scoop table offers two fun ways to play – the tower can be moved to fill half the table with water or to just have a slide for the water to run down and int0 the other half of the pool. The bottom of the pool is fitted with an easy-drain plug to make tidying up easy.

The all plastic toy is two-sided and comes with a sandpit for kids to dig for treasure. And after a hard day’s dig, there is a water station to wash off dirty tools.

Several kids can play with it at the same time to increase the fun and excitement while also developing the kids’ social skills.


5. Little Tikes Sandy Lagoon Waterpark

This is an image of a Lagoon water table by Little Tikes for kids.

This is the perfect water table toy for those long summer days you just want to rest while the kids are having endless fun. The Sandy Lagoon Waterpark is suitable for up to 3 kids to play with at the same time.

The plastic toy features 2 inner tubes, 1 shovel, 1 scooping cup, 1 plastic cover, 2 figurines, and water slides.

Kids can make the figurines race down the water slides or simply place them in the inner tubes.

There is something for everyone and so much can be done with this water table.


6. Fish ‘n Splash Water Table

This is an image of a Fish and Splash play table for kids.

This water table combines fun with aiding the development of your kid’s sorting and math skills with the numbered and colored sea buddies.

The sturdy water table features a fishing pole, 5 floating critters, water cup, and a fishing net.

With the fishing pole, toddlers can catch the fish and count them before releasing them back into the water with a splash. And they can use the launcher to fling the critters onto the spinning lily pad situated at the center of the table.


7. Spill & Splash Water Table with Umbrella

This is an image of a Spill and Splash water table with umbrella by Step2 designed for kids.

While the kids are having fun with a water table, how about an umbrella to protect their tender skin from the sun? This is a thoughtful addition to the Spill & Splash water table that comes with all the excitement of a water table toy.

Made of sturdy plastic, the water table features two pools, a diving board and many other accessories to play with. There is a lip at the edge of the higher table, allowing the water to spill out in a waterfall effect.

The included figures can be raced down the slide at the edge of the table or launched from the diving board. The fun continues with the table spinner that would get the water swirling around.

The elevated table height toy is suitable for toddlers and preschoolers.


8. ER4Kids Adjustable Activity Sand and Water Table

This is an image of a sand and water activity table by ECR4kids for kids.

Sometimes, simplicity is all that is needed in a toy to bring out the best of your kid’s creativity and imagination. That is what is what this water and sand table is all about.

It is a simple straightforward colorful set of boxes on adjustable legs. Kids are left to improvise the fun they want to have as they fill the boxes with water or sand.

Built to last, the set features translucent lids with sturdy steel frame legs. They are suitable for both outdoor and indoor play and are very easy to clean.

This is all about giving your kid the initiative to cherry pick what they want to do. It would be fun watching them come up with different ways to play with it.


9. Little Tikes Garden Table

This is an image of a garden play table by The Little Tikes designed for kids.

The all-plastic Garden Table is a very colorful product that encourages various kinds of child play.

It features a lid that can be used to cover half of the basin. This instantly turns that part into a work surface for the kid.

The set comes with 4 flower pots; 2 soil discs; 1 tray; a sifter tray; rake; shovel; and an actual watering can to water the plants.

This is a complete water table toy designed to give kids the full gardening experience. This is the best water table for


10. Paw Patrol Water Table

This is an image of a Paw Patrol play table for kids.

Transfer the excitement of Paw patrol to a water table for your kid. If your kids love Paw Patrol, they would certainly have tons of fun with this toy that comes with several lovable Paw patrol characters.

The colorful, plastic water table features a lookout tower to look for dogs in distress and a water slide is attached to the tower to race down to the dog’s rescue.

The water table comes with 3 favorite Paw patrol characters, a water launcher, a whirlpool spinner, squirting figures plus other accessories.



There you have it, the top water table toys your kids would love to have. Any of the reviewed toys would be perfect for them and you can be sure your kids and their friends would get the intended benefits.

However, if by any chance none of the water table toys reviewed here catches your fancy, use this as a suitable guide to hunt for what you desire.

Don’t be in a hurry to purchase a particular product. Read the reviews from buyers especially the three-star reviews to see what people are saying about the products.


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