Best Walkie Talkies for Kids 2019

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Kids walkie talkies offer a different way for them to have fun while learning the basics of a means of communication that would come in handy in emergencies. Also, these devices give them a sense of being competent and responsible like the emergency staff they see on TV shows zooming off to help folks who need help.

They can even use it to play cops and robbers and other adventures in exciting pretend-play either indoors or outdoors. The variety of stimulating play that is possible with these gadgets is limitless.

For you as an adult, it saves you the bother of having to get a smartphone for them when they are not yet ready. With their own communication device, you can easily contact them as long as they are within range.

Shopping for good walkie talkies for kids is not that easy though. Because they are getting increasingly popular, manufacturers have flooded the market with numerous models to cash in. Besides, there are many models kids can’t use because they are very complicated.

That said, we have rounded up 20 awesome walkie talkies for kids just for you in this guide and inspiration came from The guide is a product of hours of careful research so that only the best units made for kids survived the evaluation process.


20 Best Walkie Talkies for Kids

Below are 20 of the handheld 2 way radios kids would absolutely love to have as birthday, Christmas, or going back to school gifts. These best kids walkie talkies are from different makers so your options are as varied as the models are colorful.

1. Blue-Green Selieve 2 Way Radio

This pair of handheld wireless communication device is perfect if you have a kid not yet old enough to use regular smart phones. It is great for staying in contact with them as long as they are within the calling range.

At just 3.17 oz each with an ergonomic design that allows kids to carry easily, this pair would make a great Christmas or birthday gift for your kid. The kid-friendly features include a push-to-talk button, noise reduction function, and a range of 3 miles in perfect conditions.

They are also equipped with a flashlight making it awesome for camping. While the backlit LCD ensures kids can operate it in poor light conditions.

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2. Blue-Camo Fayogoo Kids FRS/GMRS Radio

With a blue camouflage and ergonomic design, kids would easily fall in love with this device by Fayogoo. Sold in a pair, they are easy to use and come with a range of about 4 miles when conditions are perfect.

The various features and functions make them perfect for indoor and outdoor use like camping, hiking, field trips, family outings, etc. With the backlit display and flashlight, kids can use them at night and use the flashlight to find their way around.

And with 22 channels combined with 33 privacy codes, getting an unoccupied frequency to communicate without interference won’t be an issue; while the auto-squelch function ensures crystal clear reception even in areas with high RF activity.

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3. Kidzlane Voice Changing Walkie Talkie

If you are looking for a walkie-talkie that packs unlimited fun in addition to the basic functions, you got a winner with this pair from Kidzlane. Kids would have endless fun using the voice-changing feature that garbles their voices. Even their closest friends won’t be able to identify them.

That aside, the devices are beautifully designed with four red buttons around a backlit LCD. The startling blue color makes it instantly attractive.

With 8 channels, a range of 2 miles in ideal conditions, built-in flashlight, crystal clear sound, the durable handhelds would make perfect gifts to use as communication devices for outdoor activities.

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4. 3 Kids Walkie Talkies by Supker

If you are looking for handhelds that are children-friendly with adult specs, this package from Supker is the ideal choice. The devices are sleek with just enough bright colors so kids can find them attractive.

Each one comes with a different color scheme making it easy for kids to identify their device. The sturdy units are equipped with 22 channels with a range of up to 3 miles in ideal conditions making them perfect for a variety of outdoor events like camping and hiking.

You would love the HD voice clarity, anti-interference function, backlit display, etc., all combining to make it easy to stay connected with friends or family at any time of the day.

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5. Sun-Team HK588 Walky Talky

With 22 FRS/GMRS channels, 3 miles range and an ergonomic design, this pair of wireless communication devices are great options for kids to use during events such as shopping, camping, biking, beach trips, etc.

The devices are very durable, able to survive accidental falls from heights of up to 1.2 meters. The buttons, including the push-to-talk button, are uncomplicated and easy to use. On clear days in open fields, kids can keep in touch with another unit up to 3 miles away.

Other vital features include the backlit LCD, noise reduction function, built-in flashlight, security codes to enhance privacy, and much more.

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6. Pair of Car Guidance 2 Way Handheld Radio

With round edges, sleek ergonomic design and easy to use buttons, 22 channels, and 3 miles range, this pair of walky by Car Guidance is simply perfect for kids to play adult pretend games.

Perfect as a Christmas gift and other events like birthdays and Halloween, each blue and white device is equipped with everything your kid needs to communicate wirelessly with friends and family indoors and at outdoor events.

It is equipped with a built-in flashlight, backlit LCD and push-to-talk button for easy effective communication. The durable gadgets also come with a clip to attach to the belt so their hands can be freed to engage in other activities.

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7. Joyfun Kids Walky Talky

The military-style camouflage design of this pair of two-way radios makes this a great communication device for kids who love playing outdoors. This allows them to have fun role-playing their favorite special forces unit on super-secret missions.

Each unit is made from high-quality plastic ensuring they can endure the bumps and rough-handling expected from kids playing outdoors.

The devices are equipped with the features you’d expect to find in super-efficient walkies for kids. These include multiple channels ensuring that getting a free frequency is easy, 2 miles range for long-distance communication, easy-to-use buttons, and backlit display among others.

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8. Huaker Kids Walkie-Talkie

The full range of excitement possible would be open to kids lucky to get any of these devices. This is a great package if you have up to 3 kids or you could get it for your kid to play with their best buddies.

Sure, they’d have fun with the gadgets, but they’ll get to learn how to communicate wirelessly during emergencies like security and emergency services.

The buttons are strategically placed on the ergonomically-designed body making it perfect for kids to use. Each device also comes with security codes to encrypt messages, button lock, scan function, noise-reduction to enhance reception, and VOX feature for hands-free operations using a headset.

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9. Long Range Walkie-Talkies by Dreamingbox

Surprise the kids this Christmas with these long-range walkie-talkies by Dreamingbox. Sold as a pair in a cool pack, the blue devices are lightweight and ergonomically-designed to ensure ease-of-use and portability.

Built with quality and durable materials, each unit comes equipped with an LED flashlight that can be used as a flash during an emergency to send out SOS signals and to locate objects or show the way in the dark. And with 22 channels and 3 miles range, kids are guaranteed secure frequencies to keep in touch over long distances.

Other useful designs include a backlit display, low battery alarm, battery indicator status, and much more.

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10. Baturu Kids Two Way Handheld Radios

Kids would fall instantly in love with these gadgets no thanks to the combination of brilliant colors and sleek design. Sold in a bundle of three (blue, pink, and yellow), each device feature buttons that are easy to use and a backlit display that can be read easily no matter the angle or lighting.

The auto-squelch feature automatically suppresses background noise ensuring clear and awesome audio reception even in noisy surroundings. The included lanyards and whistles for each unit makes them awesome devices for outdoor activities like hiking, biking, or even pretend-hunting in nearby woods or the public playground.

Powered by 4 AAA batteries, they have a range of up to 3 miles in open fields when the conditions are perfect. This ensures they can stay in touch over long distances. And with 23 channels and security codes, finding a free and secure channel for communication won’t be an issue.

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11. Vox Box Walkie-Talkie by USA Toyz

This USA Toyz handheld radio for kids is a truly outstanding gadget easily combining top-shelf functionality with a budget price tag for a pack of two units.

Each unit comes with a brilliant yellow and blue design which, combined with the anti-slip body, instantly makes it one of the best kid-friendly 2-way radio. Kids will dig the voice-activated function that makes a push-to-talk button obsolete.

They also feature backlit displays, LED flashlight, detachable belt clip, and a decent range of about 2 miles outdoors. And with 22 channels and 99 sunshades, getting an unoccupied frequency for private communication is guaranteed.

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12. 3 Pack Tintech 2 Way Handheld Radios

Don’t you just love it when you can get a bunch of gadgets for kids in three different colors? No more confusing squabbling over who owns what after everybody has chosen their preferred device.

This Tintech pack comes with three sleek kids’ radios in yellow, pink, and blue colors. The awesome aesthetics are matched by the features that make each one a fully-functional device that even adults would get a kick from using.

With 22 channels, sub-channels, decent communication range, backlit display, LED flashlight, etc., kids have everything to explore the exciting range of possibilities from using wireless communication devices.

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13. One Pair Blue Walkies by Little Pretender

These lightweight but super durable handhelds are sleek, kid-friendly and loaded with features designed to deliver the best in handheld wireless communication to kids lucky to have them.

With just four buttons and a strategically-placed push-to-talk button, kids would be able to master the radio and start exchanging messages like pros in no time at all. Each device comes with a 2 miles range in ideal conditions, backlit LCD, built-in flashlight, belt clip, and much more.

This is simply one of the best tech gifts to get for kids this Christmas if your budget prevents you from aiming for pricier items. Your kids would never know and won’t care considering all the fun and excitement they’ll be exposed to.

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14. Sanjoin 3 Pack Walkie Talkies

This 3 Pack walkie talkie set is so easy to use even kids as young as three years require just a bit of time before mastering them. That, though, doesn’t make them any less feature-rich with vital functions that make two-way wireless communication exciting for kids.

As well as features such as auto-squelch to enhance audio quality, backlit LCD, soft buttons, a decent range of about 3 miles, and 22 channels to choose from (and 99 sub-channels for more frequency options), kids also get whistles and lanyards for each device.

And with the VOX feature for hands-free operations, kids have everything for as much outdoor fun as they want.

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15. SnowCinda Two Way Radios for Girls

If you have a girl who is interested in outdoor activities, this pink handheld 2-way radio would be a nice surprise for her this Christmas. And since the pack contains two units, she can instantly start using them with a friend or family member.

Each 22-channel radio is easy to use and the ergonomic design ensures your baby girl can comfortably hold it for as long as possible.

Other awesome features include the noise reduction function, adjustable volume button, 3 miles range, and clear backlit LCD with cute blue background light.

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16. Mini Handheld FRS/GMRS Radios by Diliss Toys

Diliss Toys pulled out all the stops to make sure this handheld radio for kids packs premium functions only seen in the expensive models. The devices come with 22 channels and 121 privacy codes giving a total of 2662 available frequencies to chose from. This makes it shows easy to find a free channel to communicate without interference from third parties.

Made from. high-quality durable material, it features a clear audio reception with adjustable volume knob, while the auto-squelch functions further enhanced sound quality by muting interference.

The devices are easy to operate with soft buttons. And kids won’t encounter any problem reading the display that is back-lighted for easy nighttime operations. And the built-in LED flashlight comes in handy for locating stuff in dark places or showing the road ahead at night.

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17. Car Guidance Camo Kids 2 Way Handheld Radios

With these pair of Car Guidance handheld radios, kids would have lots of fun adventures outdoors role-playing special forces or military personnel on important missions.

The clear sound, range of about 3 miles under perfect conditions, 22 channels options, and much more would all combine seamlessly to make their adventures hitch-free as far as communications are concerned.

The ergonomic devices are perfect for kids’ small hands, while the buttons make operations very easy. The fun doesn’t have to stop when it is dark: the backlit LCD and built-in flashlight make sure of that.

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18. Caferria kids 2-Way Radios

Caferria kids handheld two-way radios are awesome for kids who love outdoor activities. The radios would be perfect in ensuring they all keep in touch no matter the distance or time of day while camping, hiking and even playing in nearby woods.

The pack comes with three devices, each with a different color to match the unique taste of each kid. Each unit is equipped with backlit display and flashlight for easy nighttime use; 22 channels with security codes to ensure privacy during use; noise reduction function for clear audio; VOX for hands-free operations; and much more.

Powered by 4 AAA batteries, the units also come with a battery indicator and low battery alarm, channel scan to search for all active channels in the area, and channel lock to prevent accidental changes to the current and active settings.

this is ani mage of carferria 3 pack two way radios


19. Obuby Kids 2 Way Radio

This pack of 3 stylish and ergonomic handheld radios for kids includes a pink unit little girls love to have. The other two units are just as stylish and colorful in pastel blue and yellow designs.

Each unit comes equipped with upgraded VOX functions that allow kids to communicate even when they are not holding the device. They could also customize their call tones with the 10 options available.

As well as a great squelch function to mute unwanted noise, the units also feature adjustable volume buttons, 3 miles range, 22 channels backed by 99 privacy codes, and a Roger beep on/off tone to give them an all-round wireless communication experience.

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20. Retevis RT628

To keep in touch with your kids when they are out sight playing requires a communication device that is both kid-friendly and efficient. The RT28 handheld 2way radio by Retevis fits the bill perfectly and offers even more.

The lightweight device, sold in a pack of two, is designed specifically with kids in mind. But you would be surprised by some of the advanced features commonly found in premium devices. These include a VOX function for hands-free use, backlit LCD with clear visuals, anti-slip body, and lock buttons to prevent accidental changes to their preferred settings.

A gift of this pack this Christmas would add extra layers of fun to the season whether indoors or outdoors.

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Considerations When Choosing Kids Two Way Radios

Choosing the best children walkie talkie doesn’t start and end with having a great guide like this. You don’t have to worry though, the following pro tips below would guide you through the process of nailing the best kids walkie talkies.

Design – Kids love their gadgets to be very colorful. That is one of the very obvious features found in all the gadgets in this guide. Kids relate and are attracted to bright colors easily. So you want to go for bold colors and if the kid is a girl, pink and other soft colors would be awesome.

Besides the color, your choice must be ergonomic and lightweight. This makes it easy for them to hold it for long periods without getting tired or dropping it easily. Though the best walkie talkie for kids should be designed to withstand numerous falls.

Another design-related consideration is the intended use of the unit. If you are getting it for outdoor activities like camping, biking, hiking, etc, do ensure it comes with a clip so it can be attached securely to the child’s belt.

That way, the kid’s hands are free to handle other tasks when they are not using the device. The belt clip is also ideal since it keeps the device within easy reach. But you have to make sure the clip is strong and doesn’t break easily.

A built-in flashlight and a display with backlight are also vital if the unit is to be used for camping. The flashlight can be used to locate objects at night or show the way ahead.

The backlit display, on the other hand, makes operations in low light or at night possible.

Package bundle

The best way for kids to have fun is with friends or family.  Try as much as possible to get at least a pair so they have somebody to communicate with; you could be the ‘somebody’, which is a great way to enhance the bond between you two.

Besides, you would even get a better bargain with packages that come in pairs or more.


The range is also a vital factor in choosing kids walkie talkies. You want a device with a decent range so keeping in touch is not limited to just a few yards.

This is even more important during outdoor activities like camping where kids can stray from the main group. With a decent range, it would be easy to get in touch with them and evaluate their current situation.

Ease of use

Look for a device with large buttons and functions that are simple to access and use. Complicated devices would be practically useless to kids.

If you are still undecided about that awesome looking device, simply go online and read the user reviews for that particular product. This should give you a pretty good idea about how suitable the device is for kids.



Best Buy

Picking the best children walkie talkie buy from a bunch of quality products is never an easy task. No matter how hard you try to separate the products based on some vital variables, something pops up to negate all the effort so far put into the exercise.

But there is something about the RT628 that stands it out from the pack. It is sleek like the rest with an ergonomic design making it easy for small hands to grasp.

We love it that apart from the premium features packed into it, the design concept would appeal to all kids including older kids. We dare say even adults would feel comfortable carrying it around.

this is an image of retevis rt628 radio toys


Best Budget

If you are looking for a budget item to get for the kids, we suggest Tintech’s bundle of 3 devices in one pack. This is an amazing deal without any obvious sacrifice on quality and features.

You would be impressed that you are getting 3 devices that are fully-featured. Everything needed to communicate effectively with a handheld two-way radio is included to make the experience worthwhile for kids.

It’s a huge surprise they managed to keep the price tag low.

this is an image of tintec 3 pack walkie takies