Best Unicorn Toys For Girls (Unique Gift Ideas)


We reviewed the best unicorn toys for girls because we know that unicorn gift ideas and toys are arguably some of the best presents you could get for your little girl.

Girls love fairy tales. The rainbows, lights, and unicorns fill them with wonder that is so adorable to behold.

Even when they grow up and stop believing those tales, they still hold on to some of the toys like the unicorn figurines that have a timeless look about them. For many little girls, life is so much better with those toys.

Perhaps, the toys speak to a deep undying wish for a world of love, colors, and magical unicorns and rainbows.

The products reviewed below are all cool unicorn toys for girls, you could get for her as a present to mark an auspicious occasion. They cover a wide range and make great unicorn gift ideas.

Selecting Unicorn Gift Ideas and Toys For Girls

The wide array of unicorn gift idea and toys for girls available to the public is a testament to how valuable they are. People simply adore them and manufacturers are taking advantage of that to entice people with amazing designs and concepts.

Getting 22 products from so many was a daunting task. But by using the criteria below, we were able to pick out toys from classic unicorn figurines, unicorn plush toys, unicorn books, unicorn wearables and more.

Developmental benefits – Toys, generally, are meant for fun. But studies have shown that toys inherently play a big role in the development of children.

All those cool unicorn stuff should deliver these benefits to kids or they are just mere objects for play. The benefits include educational, mental development; motors and sensory skills development; social skills and more.

The unicorn toys with features that provided the most benefits to girls scored valuable points and ranked high in our ratings.

Design – The design was one of the first hurdles the toys had to cross. Toys that were well-made, durable and faithfully adhered to classic unicorn features made it to the next round.

Another factor is how unique the designs or concept were. For instance, the farting and popping unicorns had to be included for being able to make people laugh easily. Now, isn’t that awesome?

Safety – How safe the toys were played a big role in making it to the list.

The materials had to be non-toxic; the colors or paints must be water-based or contain no harmful chemicals; and the unicorn for girls younger than 4 years must have no small parts that constitute choking hazards.

Another important consideration was the amount of adult supervising required. Sometimes, parents need a break from taking care of the little darlings. It was imperative the unicorn toys didn’t force parents to be around all the time.

The best products required as little supervisor from adults as possible.

Reviews – Product reviews from people who actually bought and had the first-hand experience can never be underestimated in evaluating toys.

The toys were gauged on user satisfaction or disappointment. Products that had the least bad reviews scaled through. In using reviews though, we stuck to products with at least 30 reviews. Anything less than that wasn’t enough to make a fair assessment of the product.

Top 22 Unicorn Toys For Girls On Amazon

1. Schleich North America Rainbow Unicorn Foal Toy Figure

The Rainbow Unicorn Foal is simply a collector’s item for kids (and some adults too) who love unicorn figurines.

This brightly colored fairy creature would make a fine addition to your daughter’s collection of unicorn toys. It’d be a great decorative piece in her room.

The toy figurine is just over 6 inches high with the mane and tail decorated with rainbow colors that won’t fade easily. The hindquarters are also decorated, but this time, it is with colorful rhinestones.

It is made from non-toxic, high-quality plastic to ensure the safety of your kid and making the unicorn a durable toy that would be part of the household for a long time.


2. Infloatables 13″ White Unicorn Plush Animal

This adorable and cute white unicorn would make a great gift for your daughter on her birthday or on any special occasion.

Beautifully-designed and made from high-quality material, they come packaged and ready to be gifted as a present to your girl. You don’t need extra packaging.

Inside the gift pack is a birth certificate she can fill out with the name of the baby unicorn and date of birth! She can also write a special message on the paws with any type of marker.

With its pink wings, pink paws and rainbow tail, this would surely be her companion for a long time even when she is asleep.


3. My Audio Pet Unicorn Mini Bluetooth Wireless Speaker

The unicorn Bluetooth wireless speaker would make an awesome present to your girl. The spherical mini speaker is painted to look like a laughing unicorn complete with a yellow horn and purple ears.

The tiny speaker features a True Wireless Stereo technology that produces amazing sound quality for such a small gadget.

It can be used alone as an MP3 player with its rechargeable battery; or you can pair it with a Bluetooth-enabled MP3 device to listen to your favorite songs. It also comes with a built-in microphone for hands-free options.

You could also buy one for yourself and enjoy the amazing sound output from the unicorn speakers.


4. Sparkle Farts The Original Farting Unicorn Plush Toy

You’ve never met a funny unicorn until you’ve had an encounter with this plush unicorn by Sparkle Farts. It releases farting sounds when you squeeze it; and it’s so hilarious.

This would be a great unicorn present for your daughter especially if she loves pulling pranks on people.

The toy is a soft, cute unicorn that seems to invite a hug. It comes with a speaker and a sensor. It can also make sounds like, ‘Don’t squeeze me, I’ll fart’ and ‘Do you want to see how rainbows are made?’

Each pack comes with 2 temporary unicorn tattoos and an exclusive poster.


5. Goodnight Unicorn: A Magical Parody

When the play is done for the day and it’s time for beauty sleep, a relaxing bedtime story would come in handy before drifting off into dreams of magic and fantasy animals like unicorns.

This hardcover book has 32 pages that are beautifully illustrated with amazing pictures. The texts are easy to read for girls between the ages of 4 and 8.

You would hardly get a better bedtime story book about the magical world of unicorns for your daughter. If she never cared about unicorns before, these well-written stories would change her mind.

Don’t be surprised if you have to get another one for a friend’s daughter. That shouldn’t be a problem as the price tag is very wallet-friendly.


6. Purple Hooded Blanket for Girls

This winter, a soft, warm blanket present for your baby girl is just the thing to snuggle into and get really cozy. This hooded blanket ticks all the right boxes especially if she loves unicorn. The hood is topped by a blue unicorn horn.

Suitable for girls age 3 up to 10, the pink blanket is made from hundred percent acrylic materials and is very fluffy. It is machine-washable making it a very easy to clean.

This would make a great birthday present or even a Christmas present this holiday season. But make sure your budget is enough for two or more as you might have to get another one envious family or friend’s daughter.


7. Aurora World Fantasy Plush Giddy-up Stick Unicorn

It’s time for your baby girl to take a ride on this 37″ pink, stick pony by Aurora World.

Suitable for young ladies between 3 and 10 years, the magical unicorn makes sounds when the ears are given a squeeze. The horn is made from non-toxic shimmer fabric ensuring it sparkles while galloping along.

The head, made of similar shimmer fabric, is attached to the stick by a Velcro latch. This makes it easy to detach from the stick and store separately or play with it without the stick.

Though it makes sounds when the ears are pressed, no batteries are required.


8. Cabbage Patch Cutie – Fantasy Friends

This cute Cabbage Patch unicorn doll should bring up fond memories of when you were a little kid. It’s a good bet you would love your baby girl to have the same experience you did as a kid.

Dressed in pink, non-removable clothing with multi-colored nappies, the unicorn doll is soft and simply adorable. They are suitable for girls 3 years and older.

The 9-inch tall baby doll comes with a fresh baby powder scent that would have your child hugging it non-stop.

Your kid can indulge in all sorts of role play with the doll. She could be the mother and take care of her baby. Or she could simply be a friend to it and chat all day long with the doll.


9. VTech Starship The Bright Lights Unicorn

A present of this unicorn toy for your little girl is an invitation to a trip filled with bright magical lights. There is so much fun to be had with the multi-colored lights, sounds, and music.

The colorful, plastic, beautifully-designed unicorn features a light-up horn; a musical necklace; a switch to flip between Spanish and English mode; flapping wings; and much more.

Squeezing the tail cause the wings to flap and produce fun sounds and phrases. While pressing the heart-shaped button elicits questions, fun phrases, and songs from the unicorn.

The toy uses 2 AA batteries and is recommended for young ladies aged 18 months – 4 years.


10. Schleich North America Rainbow Unicorn Mare Toy Figure

If you already got the foal for your kid, it would be a smart idea to purchase the equally amazing mare unicorn to add to her collection of fantasy animals.

Like the foal, the mare is made from sturdy plastic material with rainbow – colored tail and mane. The mane point downward to signify the passage of years.

The rump is still decorated with colorful rhinestones and a longer horn adorns the head. The attention to details is amazing in the figurine. It would be an awesome decorative piece for any room.


11. Feisty Pets Glenda Glitterpoop The Unicorn

Sometimes you need something to scare away the bullies from your girl. Cute Glenda the Unicorn does exactly that. But you wouldn’t know by just looking at her.

Glenda the Unicorn bares her teeth when you give her a little squeeze. This instantly transforms the cute Unicorn with huge eyebrows to a scary, feisty doll.

Your girl might be scared of it at first. But she would come round to it and use it to play pranks on her friends.

The scary teeth are made from flexible rubber so they are not harmful to kids. The hand-made, cuddly unicorn needs no battery to function.


12. WHATOOK Changeable Night Lights Colorful Unicorn

This unicorn head is a multi-usage toy that you might find yourself getting a few more after getting one for your daughter. You could also present it as a gift to friends and families this holiday season.

They would love you for it.

Its soft glow can be used to light up a dinner table, bedside table and most importantly, to give a soft ambiance to your daughter’s room while she drifts off to sleep at night.

It is made from durable ABS plastic and uses two AA batteries to power the LED lights. It is stable and doesn’t topple over easily. So you can put it on any flat surface without fear.


13. Aurora Unicorn Fancy Pals Purse with Unicorn

The fancy Pals purse would make a unique fashion accessory for your girl. She’d certainly love it especially the cute, little, puppy-unicorn that comes with the package.

This wonderful gift item is primarily a toy carrier suitable for girls between the ages of 3 and 15.

The pet carrier is designed like a fashionable ladies bag. It is large enough to carry the fluffy, soft, pet unicorn with its golden horn or any little pet your daughter has.

The 2-in-1 item is just the thing to give your girl or some lucky girl as a present this holiday season and watch them strut around with it proudly.


14. VTech Go! Go! Smart Friends Twinkle The Magical Unicorn

The Go! Go! Twinkle the Magical Unicorn is a beautifully decorated unicorn designed to allow your child’s imagination to run unhindered. Made from high-grade plastic, the Unicorn figurine uses batteries to power some of its features.

The features include lights, fun phrases, ability to walk forward, move her head, and flap her wings. Even the horn is not left out; it’s a light-up horn that changes colors. All these features are activated by buttons on the Unicorn.

The pack comes with fairy character and a golden carrot. These are enough accessories to engage her imagination in role play. The fairy can be mounted easily on the unicorn’s saddle for a little trip to some a magical Kingdom.


15. Sunny Days Entertainment Sparkle Dreamland Bucket

This is what you’d get for your kid if you want to see how far her creativity and imagination can take her. There are enough pieces in this gift item to create a magical world filled with mythical and pre-historic animals.

Packaged in a bucket that is easy to carry around, it contains over 80 pieces including unicorns, dragons, dinosaurs, castles, fairies and other accessories. There are enough pieces to create any imaginary landscape she can imagine.

This gift item is suitable for girls between the ages of 4 and 12. Don’t be surprised if you find yourself joining in. It is awesome fun.


16. Creative Roots Paint Your Own Unicorn

Feed your daughter’s artistic fervor with this cute paint set that comes with a unicorn figurine to act as a model for the budding artist.

Suitable for girls from 6 years and above, the package includes five colors and a brush. The colors are pink, green, yellow, white and blue. Also included in the pack are 5 paint pots for the young lady to explore her creativity further by mixing the included colors to create new colors.

All the paints are water-based colors making them safe for young kids to play with.


17. Kidoozie Foam Unicorn Pogo Jumper

This cute Pogo jumper would provide unlimited fun for your baby girl all year round. Playing with it would enhance her sense of balance and improve her motors skills; that is apart from the healthy exercise she would get from playing with it.

The bouncy foam, handle, unicorn head and rope are all made from non-toxic, sturdy material. The foam itself will make squeaking sounds when she is jumping around to increase the fun factor.

The color schemes of pink white and purple are faithful to classic unicorn colors making this a very attractive and attention-grabbing toy.

She’d definitely grab it out your hands and might even forget to say ‘Thank you’. That is how excited girls can get with it.


18. Melissa & Dough Giant Unicorn Stuffed Animal

At over 2½ feet tall, this giant unicorn would surely win the heart of any girl who is lucky to get it as a present.

The stuffed unicorn has all the classic features of the fantasy animal with cute adorable eyes and soft purple horn. The fabric is soft making it a very cuddly unicorn.

The white unicorn has sturdy wires embedded into it enabling it to stand unassisted on its four durable, glittering hooves.

Though huge, it is not intended to be ridden like a horse as it might collapse under the weight of your daughter. The surface-washable body is easy to keep clean with water and a soft cloth.


19. Schylling Unicorn Tin Tea Set

This is flat out the only tea set your baby needs to play the perfect hostess at her tea party.

The tea set features cup and saucers beautifully decorated with unicorns and rainbows. There are 4 cups, 4 saucers, 4 plates, a teapot with a removable lid, and a serving tray.

Your daughter would have immense fun as she hosts imaginary friends, her dolls or even real friends and family as they also join the fun. This would surely improve your child’s social skills.

The tea set is recommended for girld between 3 about 10 years.


20. Craft-tastic I Love Unicorns Craft Kit

You can get your girl to do fun things with her hands with this unicorn-centric craft kit suitable for girls from 7 years old.

The craft kit package comes with 79 pom poms, 9 pieces of acrylic felt, 32 pieces of adhesive, 25 yards of acrylic yarn, 50 pieces of card stoke, and 9 yards of cotton thread.

There are also polyester stuffing, elastic cord, plastic needle, sticker, metal jump ring, and plaster vile filled with glitter.

That is enough materials for her to create up to six magical projects including a Unicorn headband, rainbow garland, and colorful unicorn tail and more.

A gift like this would encourage her creativity and improve her social skills when friends come over to join her craft workshop.


21. FurReal StarLily My Magical Unicorn Pet Toy

My Magical Unicorn is a sweet little toy that would ask nothing of your girl but would give her so much pleasure that it is likely to become her best friend for life.

The adorable unicorn comes in the classic white, pink and purple colors of the unicorns. It is an interactive toy that responds to touches, cuddling, and pats. There are over a hundred unicorn reactions in such a little toy waiting to be discovered by your little girl.

The horns also light to when she is hugged. Your baby girl would do a lot of hugging because the doll is so soft and smooth to touch.

With hooves that move and wings that flutter, this plush unicorn is a must-have present especially if she is 4 years or older.


22. Squatty Potty Dokie the Pooping Unicorn

Who knew a unicorn could poop? Dokie the pooping unicorn toy sure can and she does it the right way, showing kids the right way to sit when they need to do one.

Inspired by the popular video of the same name, this unicorn is made from 100% polyester. It is well-made, soft and really nice to hold.

Talking about poops, have you ever seen a unicorn’s poop? Apparently, they poop rainbows as this one does when given a squeeze.

This beautiful toy would make your girl giggle endlessly. You could also get it as a present for yourself. You would love it and chuckle repeatedly as you watch it try to poop!



There you have it, 22 top, cool unicorn toys for girls that are guaranteed to give your daughter the time of her life. If you don’t have a girl, you can always get it as a present for a friend’s or family member’s girl as a birthday or Christmas present. Actually, most of them would be awesome as gifts for any occasion.

On the slight chance you don’t fancy any of the unicorn gift ideas and toys reviewed here, use the review as a guide to look for something more to your liking.

Never rush the process though. Take your sweet time, read the reviews and if in doubt, ask the young lady her opinion of the sort of unicorn toy she wants.

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