Best Traxxas RC Cars

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Some of the best Traxxas RC cars are now available with spare parts. Most cars can be upgraded and all of their parts are sold directly by Traxxas. Most importantly, these rides are fun to use. Depending on the type of vehicle, the motors can tackle tarmac, grass, dirt and other rocky trails.

Remote control rides offer one of the best options for those who need fast remote control cars. Most of them have a range of up to 160 feet and their racing profile can often break legal speed limits for normal motors in certain urban areas. This review will show you everything you need to know about the RC cars Traxxas has on offer.


Considerations When Choosing Traxxas Remote Control Cars

Choosing between the different Traxxas electric RC cars is an exciting time. They offer one of the best options for reliability as all parts can be exchanged. They even come with ball bearings, similar to real-world automobiles.


The chassis dictates how it is going to react in turns and off-road racing. Many rides don’t have the right stability. This is where the manufacturer came in with the all-metal chassis which keeps the center of gravity lower.

Vehicle speed

Top speeds of over 30mph are now a reality with Traxxas RC drift cars. Similar brands also offer high-speed alternatives and they are also worth having a look at, especially for their lower price.


The way a branded auto toy looks today can be fully changed tomorrow. Even the chassis can be upgraded together with the suspension and the motors. Brushed and brushless motors are sold separately.


20 Best Traxxas RC Cars

We will now list 20 of the top Traxxas RC cars for sale today. There are loads of awesome models to choose from, so you are sure to find the perfect pick here.

1. Hosim Truck

Fast cars have something to look up to with the Hosim remotely-controlled truck. This truck advertises top speeds of 30mph which made many users skeptical. But it reaches this speed with its impressive tires.

As one of the fastest in its class, this wireless car Traxxas-inspired design is very heavy. Its metal frame is made to last minor impacts. It is even protected against mild rain. But the car is fun to race with. Its battery lasts more than 2.5 hours. For it to charge fully, kids or adults need to leave it to charge for 15 minutes. Its 4WD system is ready for action with quick charging via USB.

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2. LÆGENDARY Monster Truck

Traxxas RCs can learn a few things from this truck. Made with a dual brushless motor, it has one of the most responsive drives to be counted on. Like many of its top rivals, it reaches top speeds of 30mph. It runs on carpets and hardwood floors.
Outdoors, users can take it on off-road adventures on trails and parks.

With its oversized rubber wheels, it tackles even slippery surfaces at a high speed. This results in a fun experience that may rarely be experienced with small RC cars. With 2 USB chargers, it is quickly ready for action. Its perfect user is someone who’s mainly looking to race it off-road as it already comes with oil-filled metal shocks.

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3. Traxxas Ford Bronco

Many other cars can learn a few things from this monster truck. Made with a dual brushless motor, it has one of the most responsive drives to be counted on. Like many of its top rivals, it reaches top speeds of 30mph. It runs on carpets and hardwood floors.

Outdoors, users can take it on off-road adventures on trails and parks. With its oversized rubber wheels, it tackles even slippery surfaces at a high speed. This results in a fun experience that may rarely be experienced with small remote motors. With 2 USB chargers, it is quickly ready for action. Its perfect user is someone who’s mainly looking to race it off-road as it already comes with oil-filled metal shocks.

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4. Traxxas 1/10 Scale Rustler

Some of the manufacturer’s cars for sale cheap include the Rustler 2WD. Even if it’s not a 4WD, it offers a very aggressive design kids and adults love. Its high racing performance is suitable for any surface. The wheels in the front are not as aggressive which means the car turns faster.

But it is mainly recommended for its ruggedness. While it does come with good batteries, an extra one would be beneficial for longer racing sessions. But users also note the wireless car is easily used in all types of weather as it doesn’t even scratch when it crashes. Even running it over with the bike will not scratch it all.

This is an image of kid's scale rustler 2WD stadium truck



5. Traxxas TRX-6 Scale and Trail Crawler with Mercedes-Benz G 63 AMG Body

Electric cars are often inspired by real-world vehicles. This is also the case of this AMG-inspired machine which has kids excited due to the 6-wheels design. With 4 wheels at the back, it has improved traction and it handles small rocks, branches, and other small obstacles well.

As its name suggests, it’s a toy made for trails. Those considering it also need to know the body is not made with any bumpers. This is one of the reasons while it can scratch in time, especially if played within small spaces where it hits walls and other obstacles.

This being said, the AMG Mercedes is suitable for sand surfaces. It may be one of the fun toys to take at the beach. With improved traction due to the extra wheels, it rarely gets stuck on any type of surface.


6. Vatos Off-Road Truck

With realistic components, the Vatos car looks aggressive and it performs impressive stunts. It may not perform as many stunts as RC drift toys, but it handles impacts from the road surface with an anti-shock system.

4 wheels with ball bearings and independent shock systems hold the body of the car. These parts offer a realistic racing experience so many kids love. Furthermore, the 4WD machine is also waterproof. It may not be the best idea to drive it out in the rain, but at least it won’t get damaged from the wet surface such as grass.

This affordable auto toy also comes with a differential. This means the electric motor distributes traction across the wheels for proper responsiveness. For the price, it may be hard to match. The brand even sells affordable extra batteries.

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7. Exercise N Play Car

This monster is also inspired by Traxxas RC race cars. It has a powerful motor that delivers a maximum speed of 30kmh. 4WD is also in place so it’s quite difficult to get stuck with it. But the car also comes with a practical remote.

It has a racing-style wheel that serves for turning purposes. When users turn it to the front, it steers to the left. When the wheel is turned backward, it steers to the right. 3-speed adjustment knobs are also found on top of the remotely-controlled ride. It is where users can have their fun according to the surface they’re driving on.

Since it comes with shock absorbers and a plastic differential, it handles even the most demanding surfaces. Even on the most demanding surfaces, such as slippery grass, it still drives for up to 15 minutes on a single charge.

This is an image of kid's Electric Remote Control Off Road Monster Truck


8. Traxxas Rustler

The 2.4Ghz 4X4 vehicles come with the Red Rustler. This high-speed performer sits on a composite frame. It’s lightweight but sturdy as a result. Those who like to assemble these racers can easily strip them down to the frame.

Most importantly, the 4WD comes with proper traction across various surfaces. The brushless motor is protected against water which means it handles ever-changing weather. Since it requires no maintenance and since it comes with XL-5 speed system, it may be a good option for beginners.

Those new to these vehicles can control the car at low speeds at first. They get to experience its controls and build trust as they learn how to handle it at high speeds. When they have sufficient confidence, the can even replace the body of the car to add a bit more variation to their racing routines.

This is an image of kid's Rustler 4X4: 1/10-scale 4WD Stadium Truck


9. Traxxas Bigfoot

Those asking how much these rides are have something to look at here. This Bigfoot Special Edition is one of the most affordable toys from the brand. But it also offers a distinct machine which gets the attention of all people around it.

Built on an upgradeable platform, it is an off-roader ready for action. Its time, kids and adults can use the Bigfoot’s platform to build a new or an improved racer. But its responsive frame makes it an outdoor must-have.

It might not be the fastest performer due to its height, but it is still responsive. Kids have plenty of fun with it jumping around and even taking it around city streets where it survives to get off the sidewalk and onto the road with no scratches.

This is an image of kid's bigfoot special edition


10. Traxxas Slash Vxl

Some RC cars Traxxas Slash releases impress with their speed. This Short Course Truck comes with a top speed of 60mph. This is one of the highest speeds seen on remote control rides. But the best part is it doesn’t cost more than other alternatives from the manufacturer.

It also supports all types of body upgrades. It can look very different in time as there are many affordable spare parts for the user to consider an upgrade with. The stability management system remains the same and even the upgraded racer has the potential of being reliable.

With magnesium-build transmission, it is a toy to keep for years. Since it races at high speeds, it can be a toy to be used exclusively outdoors. However, those buying it as a gift also need to know it doesn’t include batteries and a charger as they’re sold separately.

This is an image of kid's Brushless Short Course Truck in white color


11. IMDEN All-Terrain Truck

Some of these motors can break the speed limit on curtain rods. This is certainly the case of the inspired IMDEN car which races at speeds of over 30mph. This also makes the off-roader one of the best gift ideas for kids who like action-profile toys.

Built on a 1:18 scale, it is also has a strong learning profile. On the education side, it teaches kids about basic mechanics and electronics. Many of its mechanical parts can be stripped and upgraded in time. This also means kids get to exercise their coordination skills when taking it apart and building it back up.

With adjustable front wheel alignment, there’s room for extra adjustability also. This jalopy allows the user to set the right angle for the wheels which can be handy, especially for those building their tracks where sharp turns are inevitable.

This is an image of kid's Terrain RC Cars in white blue and black colors


12. HBX All-Terrain Car

All-terrain brushless motor performers are the inspiration for this HBX all-terrainer. Its monster truck look makes it appealing for kids and adults alike. But it also comes with a powerful electric motor. This motor delivers a top speed of over 36kmh which puts it in a select category of fast motors.

But the best part of this RC cars Traxxas 4×4 is the user doesn’t have to pay a premium price for this monster. It runs fast on any surface at a fraction of a Traxxas vehicle. It even runs on water. But to keep it running smoothly, the water level needs to below. If the water level is higher than its wheels, it will struggle to keep traction.

Charged via USB, it comes with a small rechargeable battery. Multiple batteries might be needed for those planning to race it for many hours each day. All of its parts can be purchased and replaced as needed.

This is an image of kid's All Terrain RC Car 36KM/H High Speed in black and red colors


13. SGOTA High-Speed Car

Cheap cars come with alternatives such as the SGOTA. But while it might be affordable, it’s certainly not slow. Judging by its feedback, it offers a lot for its low price. At high speeds, it keeps going on grass and dirt.

Part of its reliability is based on its high ground clearance and its oversized wheels. It is this performer that comes to save those who are bored with endlessly racing automobiles indoors. With a chassis that reminds of dirt stunt vehicles, it is certainly something that gets kids excited.

Using this fun machine is no different from a racing vehicle alternative. It charges through a USB cable and it comes with all types of spares. This includes extra batteries which may power it beyond the standard 15 minute racing time limit.

This is an image of kid's SGOTA RC Car 1/18 Scale in green color


14. XLH RC Truck

Buying used Traxxas cars has no point with the XLH affordable 1:16 scale racer. Made with oversized rubber wheels, this stunt performer is capable of running on grass, gravel, mud and dirt trails. It handles itself well.

Due to its low height design, it is also very stable in sharp turns. Kids can rely on it the most when it comes to high-speed racing with friends or family. With a top speed of 36kmh, it handles racing similarly to a Traxxas’ rivals.

It even comes with an IPX4 waterproof rating. As long as it’s not driven in water directly, it handles slippery wet surfaces without damages to the motor, which is completely sealed, as is the battery compartment.

This is an image of kid's scale all terrain remote control car in black and green colors


15. Traxxas Bigfoot

This Bigfoot-licensed monster truck is a true beast. It runs on the same 2.4Ghz frequency and it sits on very large soft wheels. These wheels allow it to climb over all types of objects, such as small toy rides.

But the monster truck also features fast charging. From a brushed motor, it is expected to get a battery life of around 10 minutes. In time, this motor can be upgraded to a brushless design which requires a bit less battery power.

This is an image of kid's scale ready to race monster car in blue color



16. Traxxas 82024-4 Crawler

This truck is often seen in used Traxxas autos for sale ads as it’s of an older generation. But it’s available to purchase now and it has plenty of unique strength to consider. Its most important strength is the design of the portal axle which offers impressive ground clearance.

As a result, the track can tackle terrains many other pick-ups fail on. With impressive traction and virtually no chassis torque twist, it is one of the most popular options if the car user is simply going to use it on trails on rough terrains.

This is an image of kid's Traxxas 82024-4 TRX-4 Sport 4X4 1/10 Scale Crawler, Blue color



17. Traxxas Slash Short Course Truck

Made with a wide chassis, this car is a stable option to race for hours at a time. Unlike most racers in its class, it comes with quick charging technology. Its battery charges considerably faster than traditional alternatives, being ready to race faster.

With added large 32 pitch gears and a modular chassis, it can also be easily upgraded. All the essential parts of the brand are available for the machine. Its ideal user is someone looking for a Dakar-like experience with high speeds off the beaten path.

This is an image of kid's Traxxas Slash 4X4 1/10 Scale 4X4 Short Course Truck, Orange color


18. Traxxas TRX-4 Trail Crawler

The Trial Crawler is based on a Land Rover Defender chassis. HE 4WD Rover made history both in the military and in adventure expeditions. Its appeal is to the user seeking a realistic Land Rover made to tackle the most demanding terrains.

Made with portal axles, this Rover also sits higher than all other straight axle alternatives. The added locking differentials are also at the discretion of the user. Each user can unlock both differentials to mitigate difficult climbs or descents.

This is an image of kid's Scale and Trail Crawler in red and black colors


19. Gxatt RC Truck

This racer has a chassis inspired by climbing off-road vehicles. It’s lightweight given its size. Since the chassis design is kept to minimum materials, it has no role and it stays straight in tight turns. This is important, especially since the remotely-controlled car reaches speeds of 36kmh. With waterproof construction, it deals with all the essential parts in a safe design with no possible damages, even at high speed.

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Best Overall Buy

The Hosim truck, which was first on our list, takes the top spot as our best buy overall. This fantastic truck has oversized wheels with large ground clearance. Its chassis is not tall which means it reaches high speeds and it stays upright on sharp turns.

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Best Budget Buy

If you’re looking for Traxxas RC cars for sale cheap, don’t worry, we have you covered. Available at an affordable price, this Bigfoot stunt performer is a must-have for those on a budget. Even if it comes at a low price, it can later be upgraded with essential parts.

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Best for Battery Life

If most RC perfomers have a battery life between 10 and 15 minutes, Vatos’ car is different. It runs for up to 20 minutes and it may be the option for those who don’t want to carry extra batteries out on trails.

This is an image of kid's Remote Control Car RC Car High Speed Off-Road Vehicle


Where to Buy These Cars?

The cars reviewed above are available on Amazon. The e-commerce platform also sells all spare parts for RC vehicle upgrades.

How Fast Do Traxxas Cars Go?

Traxxas gas powered RC cars reach speeds of over 30 mph.

How Much Are Traxxas Trucks?

Most Traxxas toys cost a few hundred dollars. Prices vary according to chassis and parts.