Best Toys for Autistic Teenagers

LED Finger Light up Gloves Colorful Flashing Rave Glow Lighting

The best toys for autistic teenagers can help stimulate their senses and improve their awareness of the present environment.

In general, autistic kids are known for their difficulty in expressing how they feel and respond to the environment although it varies sparsely in kids.

For example, my son never had any difficulty maintaining eye contact with people and smiling. “He has the best smile in the world”

But I notice he craves for light and beautiful colors. Whenever I bath him, he plays with the bubbles and doesn’t want to leave the bathtub. Therefore, because of his visual sensibility, I got a light up toy for him and he fell totally in love with it.

However, before you go searching for toys for autistic teenagers be sure of the sensory need of your child from an infant. Autistic children process sensory information differently. I reviewed some of the best autistic toys for teenagers in this article to help guide your selection process.

Sometimes it could be oral, vestibular or sense of touch. Listed below are the sensory needs of autistic kids to guide you when shopping for toys for your autistic kid.

Sensory Needs for Autistic Kids

Sense of Light

If your child is like mine that is a visual seeker then his love for beautiful colors and light can be compared to none.

Because they are attracted to light, they can be calmed easily. You can use simple things like foamy soap, tinted lens glasses, bath paints and light up toys.

Sense of Touch

Kids with this sensory need like to touch and feel several kinds of textures and they can also be sensitive to touch.

If your child loves to touch then you need to get them a toy that fits this need and can calm him/her. Some parents use smooth and cool stones, soft materials, carpet square samples, and other tactile toys.


Autistic kids with this sensory need love to tread heavily, stomp or jump on things to feel the impact.

Because children with this sensory needs are prone to injuries, you can calm them with crash mats, trampoline, and other safe impact toys.


When your child loves to put anything in his/her mouth or loves to engage in biting, chewing and licking then help them out. Go for chewable toys like chewable bracelets, chewable toothbrush or Knobby super chew.


Kids with this sensory needs dislike bad odors and like to sniff and look for attractive smells.

If your kid loves doing this, the best toy he/she will appreciate is a toy with a beautiful and attractive smell.

Autistic kids with this sensory needs love are usually calmed with smells of lavender or vanilla essence.

The benefit of Toys for Autistic Kids

Develops Kids Mental Growth

Benefits of playing with toys for an autistic kid cannot be overemphasized as toys help them develop their social interaction, language skills, and even sensory motor skills. Also, the perfect toy can help calm and make them experience joy.

Encourages Family Bonding

Picking a toy for your kids could be your gateway to their heart and an opportunity for you to connect with them.

There are several toys picked for you in this article that helps build understanding between family members and increases family bonding.

An example of an idle toy for an autistic teenager that promotes family bonding is the Mad Dragon.

Perfect Gift Idea

Lastly, toys are ideal for autistic kids as a Christmas gift or birthday gift. My sons God-father sent him a quack stack toy as his birthday gift and so far that is his best toy.

If you are looking to put a smile on an autistic teenager face this season check for the perfect toy below.

Best Toys & Gift for Autistic Teenagers

1. Fidget Toys

Fidget Toys

Here is a fidget toy by Austor for kids with anxiety disorder. This toy will help calm your child and help them focus on whatever activity they want to be involved in.

The stress relieves toy can be squeezed, rolled like a bell, bent and folded to burn energy. Also, the toy can be used by kids that don’t like noise or in an environment where noisier toys will be a distraction.

Therefore, the toy is good to calm autistic kids and make them focus their energy on useful activities.


Made of quality nylon and machine washable

Comes with 20 colored toys

Reduces anxiety and improves focus


None for now


2. Ausein LED Gloves

LED Finger Light up Gloves Colorful Flashing Rave Glow Lighting

The Ausein Led Gloves is a toy for autistic teenagers with visual sensory needs. The glove comes with six light modes, three colors quick flash and three color slow flash.

With this toy, you can be sure your child will be calm and his cognitive skills will improve.

Also, you don’t have to worry about the size as the glove comes with an elastic band making it suitable for kids and adult hands.


Soft and comfortable material

Comes with replaceable batteries

Improves focus

Perfect Christmas gift


The gloves cannot be washed in water


3. Big Mo’s Toys Hypnotic Liquid Motion Spiral Timer Toy

Hypnotic Liquid Motion Spiral Timer Toy for Sensory Play

Here is another visual sensory play toy from Big Mo. The motion spiral timer toy works in rhythm – the bubbles travel down the ramp and turn the spinner.

With this awesome stress reliever, you can be sure your kid will be calmed for a very long time.

All you have to do is place the hypnotic toy on a desk and before you know it, the kid gets carried away by the beauty.


A great stress reliever for kids and adult

Good for hyperactive kids

Sturdy and handy

4. Sensory Chew Necklace

Sensory Chew Necklace

Help your kids put a stop to chewing of cloth or materials with germs by getting them one of this chew necklace. Some autistic kids are characterized by oral sensory needs hence they can’t help but chew.

Therefore, it’s your duty as a parent to choose what they chew. This beautiful necklace is stylish and can be worn as a jewelry and sometimes the kid can chew on it to reduce anxiety.


Stylish and fashionable

Provides bonding experience

Easy to clean

Safe and non-toxic


5. Creative Magnetic Building Blocks Set

Creative Magnetic Building Blocks Set

As much as you are looking to get a sensory toy for your child, you should also invest in toys that can encourage creativity and brain development.

The dream builder toy is a STEM toy that can help your kid learn how to spell and solve simple math while catching fun.

Also, the toy is produced to fit tightly and smoothly with your child’s hand hence promoting the sense of touch.


Enhances critical thinking

Encourages social interaction

Helps with the tactile sensory need


6. Motivational Stress Ball Assortment

Motivational Stress Balls, Fun Fidget Toys

Teacher peach ball is a perfect handy toy for both kids and adults who suffer from anxiety disorder.

Most kids with autism can’t control their emotions like anger hence you can get this ball for them to release their frustration without disturbing other kids in school.

The ball is easy to use, all you have to do is squeeze it and enjoy the feeling of calmness that comes after.


Soft and durable

Perfect for therapy

Handy stress reliever

7. Flippy Dragon Eye Popping Squishy Squeeze Toy

Green Squishy Squeeze Toy

Another stress relieve toy from Funky toys. This toy relieves stress and calms kid by squeezing the dragon and watch has the eye pops out.

Interestingly, the toy can be used by anyone, not just autistic teenagers. If you feel frustrated, stressed out or have any panic disorder the Flippy dragon helps calm you and reduce the tension.


Hand washable

Cool for both kids and adults

Helps with the panic attack


8. Hopper Ball for Teenagers 

Hopper Ball for Teenagers

Like most toys on our list, WALIKI toys also help calm anxiety in autistic kids but it can also be used as an exercise gadget.

The hopper ball can be used as a jumping ball, sit and bounce, or a kangaroo bouncer. This toy is great for learning balance and coordination while having fun.

Also, the toy is good for families that want to spend time together as hopper ball can be used by both adult and kids.


Enhances balance and coordination

Comes with a hand pump

Easy to inflate


9. TANGLE Set of 3 Jr. Original Fidget Toy

TANGLE Set of 3 Jr. Original Fidget Toy

Another tactile sensory toy that helps calm the body and soul from TANGLE.

This fidget toy helps with the flow of creativity from your mind as you try to unravel the puzzle of a tangle that has no beginning and no end.

More so, the toy can be used for many things like anti-stress device, a brain tool, a puzzle or a fidget. Its continuous motion catches attention and keeps you busy till your mind is settled.


Suitable for both adult and kids

Comes in colorful patterns

Promotes creativity


10. Sensory Toys for Autistic Teens

Sensory Toys for Autistic Children

Like most sensory toys, this toy helps calm your kid and help with coordination. But it also sharpens the mind of the kid and encourages problem-solving skills.

The puzzle block comes with 90+ colorful pieces and a pack to keep it safe. While interlocking the puzzle helps reduce stress, you can be rest assured your child motor skills and cognitive skills are developing.


Stimulate a child’s imagination

Enhances cognitive skills

Reduces anxiety

Support STEM



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