Best Toys For Autistic 5 Year Old

best toys for autistic 5 year old

We reviewed the best toys for autistic 5 year olds in this article to make shopping for toys for your autistic 5 year old kid less daunting and challenging.

The least of your problem could be the array of awesome toys available to choose from. More importantly for you is that your kid requires special consideration before anything is done.

And then there is the response to external stimulus. By 5, you must have a pretty good idea as a parent of the things that trigger adverse behaviors in your child. But they can still surprise us with their unpredictability right?

So the toys below were selected to help reduce the burden of looking for an age-appropriate toy for an autistic 5 year old.

Criteria Used for the Selection of Toys for Autistic 5 year olds

The general rule for selecting toys for kids also apply to kids with autism. The toys must be attractive, safe, fun and packed with features that have educational and developmental benefits.

In addition to those, the selection process for toys for autistic 5 years old involved the following:

Proprioceptive quality of toy – the best toys for autistic kids must deliver the appropriate signals to the muscles and joints. These aids the kid in understanding how much strength is needed to move various body parts.

And most importantly, the toys help them develop the ability to grasp the relative position of all parts of the body and their functions.

So toys that provide deep and soothing pressure got higher points. The Transformer Sensory sack is a good example.

Because autistic kids have problems with over-stimulation and self-regulation, the calming effect these toys provide made them very awesome products.

Oral sensory benefits – kids with sensory perception dysfunction need toys that enhance activities such as chewing, sticking and blowing.  They can help your autistic 5 year old maintain focus and stability.

So well-made chewable toys made from non-toxic materials made the cut. Fidget toys, too, have this important quality.

Auditory sensory input – Autistic kids are attracted to sounds that are rhythmic and repetitive. This can drive parents crazy though.

That is why toys that can deliver these sounds without irritating others were considered top notch. One perfect example is the headphones embedded into the headband made of soft material.

Parents – Caring for kids with autism is a full-time job. There is hardly any respite from it. Therefore, the best toys for autistic 5 year old must not aggravate the parents unnecessarily

As a matter of fact, parents must be able to join in the fun with the kids. That would encourage bonding and at the same time make it easier and fun to supervise the kid.

Top 10 Toys For Autistic 5 Year Old: Review

1. Liquid Motion Bubbler Sensory Fidget Toy

The Liquid Motion Bubbler fidget toy is the ultimate in sensory and calming toys for kids with autism. Made from durable, hard plastic material, it features slowly descending bubbles of different colors in a cylinder.

The descending bubbles would have a soothing and mesmerizing effect on your kid to keep them from becoming agitated. Don’t be surprised if they love staring at it for long periods at a time.

The toy also improves visual tracking and never runs out of energy. Simply flip the cylinder to start all over.

Each cylinder is about 6 inches in length and features two colors inside.


2. CozyPhones Kids Headband Volume Limited Headphones

Let your kid listen to their favorite music at any time with this headband headphones that feature a unique volume limiter that limits the sound to 90db max.

This is a wonderful gift idea if your 5 year old autistic kid is sensitive to earbuds or bulky headphones. The Headband is made from very soft material with the ultra-thin speakers embedded within the fabric.

They come in different colors and are suitable for long journeys to help keep the kid calm. It can also be pulled down over the eyes when they want to take a nap.

The 3.5mm jack is attached to a flexible 52 inches braided cord that is designed not to kink, twist or break under normal use.


3. Toysmith Bug Out Bob Toy

Is your kid looking stressed and looking like they are about to go into a fit? Get them to transfer all that emotions threatening to burst out with this Bug Out Toy and see how they’d break out in giggles.

By simply squeezing Bob, his eyes, nose, and ears shoot out in different directions. It is simply hilarious and would surely be a good diversion for any kid.

The toy is made from durable, non-toxic material and it is small enough for a 5 year old to hold comfortably. Squeezing Bob is very easy due to the soft latex material.


4. Joel Shaul’s The Conversation Train Book

This is a clever, unique book specifically written to teach kids with autism spectrum disorder the basic concepts of conversations using train metaphors and lexicons.

The book employs the technique of visual stimulation with very beautiful illustrations of trains and associated objects. It features a photocopiable worksheet at the end to test kid’s progress.

Parents with autistic kids appreciate how difficult engaging in conversations can be for kids with autism. This book would be very handy in helping your autistic kid navigate conversational pitfalls.

The sentences are simple and easy to understand and remember. A really remarkable resource to get for your 5 year old.

5. Transformer Sensory Sack

This is a highly recommended sleeping bag for kids with autism and sensory processing disorder. Your 5 year old would find this very useful in so many ways.

When the kid feels like simply lying down, they can simply climb in and let the sensory sack do the rest.

The soft stretchy rubber material expands and compresses to snuggle the child. This generates a feeling of calm, comfort, and being hugged gently.

The sack is made from 100% lycra material. It is non-toxic and would likely be around for many years providing comfort to your kid.

6. Electronic Interactive Pet Robot Puppy

Known as Harry, this puppy is an interactive toy that would make an awesome companion and playmate for your autistic kid.

The beautifully-designed dalmatian robot dog uses sensors to respond to touch and can walk, bark and make sounds you’d expect from any dog. To get it to sing and dance, a little pat of the head is all that required.

Flicking the power button activates a welcome message by Harry. The toy can be manually turned off; it goes off automatically after 30 seconds without activity to conserve power.

Harry comes highly recommended for your 5 year old. They would certainly have a wonderful experience with this talking dog that can do so many fun things.

7. Playable Art Ball

If you want to keep you 5 year autistic little one very occupied and calm, this fascinating art ball would do the trick for you.

The toy is comprised of 20 balls of different colors all cleverly interconnected enabling them to be twisted and turned in any direction without coming apart.

This toy would test your kid’s creativity to create as many shapes as possible. The possible shapes are endless giving them hours of fun.

The balls are small enough for your kid to hold easily and are made from high-quality beech wood while the paints are water-based and non-toxic.

8. EMIDO 40 Pieces STEM Jumbo Nuts Bolts Toy

The Jumbo Nuts and Bolts toy would provide endless hours of STEM-activities for your kid. There are 40 pieces for kids to stack, screw and unscrew, count, sort according to colors and shapes, and so much more.

The set comes with one bag for easy and convenient storage. The sheer number of pieces would fully occupy your kid as they fiddle with the pieces.

Apart from the STEM benefits, it also improves motors skills, coordination, and concentration and has a calming effect on autistic kids as they focused on the task ahead.

The pieces are made from non-toxic, durable hard plastic material and are also great as bathtime toys.

9. Yookidoo Baby Bath Toy with Stackable Cups

This is the bath toy you need to make bathtime fun. Your autistic 5 year old kid would be begging to take a bath for another session with this beautifully-made bath toy.

There is so much activity with this toy. The options include the ability to create a steady stream of water from the spout by pressing the goggled face; 3 interchangeable tumblers with a spout function; and the ability to stack the tumblers for more variety.

The toy comes with a suction cup that would attach to the wall of the bathtub to hold it steady.

It is made from non-toxic sturdy plastic material and uses 3 AA batteries in a tightly-sealed compartment.


10. Flybar My First Foam Pogo Jumper

How about a bit of fun exercise with your kid to burn off all that excess energy. The pogo Jumper from Flybar is just the toy you need to get for your 5 year old autistic kid for times like that.

The pogo jumper is made from very strong materials and can withstand up to 250 lbs. ensuring it can comfortably carry the weight of your 5 year old.

Pogo jumping is a great exercise that helps to improve balance, coordination and gross motor skills. Most importantly though, your kid would have tons of fun with it.

However, you might want to be around to assist your little one as accidents do happen when they get overly excited while bouncing around with it.



There you have it, ten of the best toys for autistic 5 year olds that we curated from several hundred.

In choosing these toys, it was important that consideration was given to the developmental, emotional and psychological benefits of the toys to the kid. You should do the same too if you feel the need to get a toy that is not on our review list.

And never forget to go through the reviews from users before choosing any toy. This could be the single most important factor in your search for the most appropriate toy for your little one.

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