Best Toy Train Set For 2 Year Old


It is universally accepted that toy train sets are great for children of all ages and gender. What could be better for kids than toys that encourage them to exercises as well as developing other skills including educational benefits?

A toy train set for 2 year olds is not drastically different from the same toys for other age groups. The difference is mainly in the complexity of the train set and perhaps safety features.

For instance, a toy train set for a 2 year old should not contain small pieces. These are well-known choking hazards as kids tend to put things in their mouths and swallow them.

Basically, the toy train set must be brightly colored, packed with enough features to make them fun and also safe.

Before reviewing the best toy train set for 2 year olds, let’s look at the factors that were decisive in choosing the products on our list.

Criteria for Evaluating the Best Train Set for 2 year olds

The toy train sets that made the top 10 were selected from a wide variety of top-rated train sets. All the toys were specifically recommended by the manufacturers as appropriate for 2 year olds.

However, some toys, even though recommended for 2 years old kids, were cut out as a result of the following reasons:

Too many small parts – As earlier stated, small parts in toys make them inappropriate for toddlers. They present choking hazards since kids could swallow and choke on them.

Developmental benefits – closely linked to this is the complexity of the toy train set. A train toy that is too complex for the kid to play with would have only negative consequences as the child would be frustrated.

In terms of development though, we made sure the trains are age-appropriate since in some cases, the kids have to lay the tracks themselves, organize the route, and assemble the train cars in some cases.

These activities aid the development of problem-solving skills and patience.

Electrical components – Electrical parts on a toy train means the possibility of electric shocks and electricity induced fire hazards. Batteries are okay since direct current is not harmful especially if they are well-covered.

User satisfaction – User satisfaction played a big role in determining our choice of toy train set for 2 year olds. Because in the final analysis, people who actually bought the trains are in a better position to give informed opinion about the toy set.

Preference was given to products with higher ratings; at least a 4 star average rating.

Price – the cost sometimes acted as a tie-breaker if we had to decide between products that matched each other in almost all the positive variables.

In a case like this, the lower-priced product got the nod as offering more value for money.

Best Toy Train Set for 2 Year old (Wooden & Battery Operated)

#1. Brio My First Railway Beginner Pack Wooden Train Set

My First Railway Beginner Pack Wooden Toy Train Set

Brio are known for making exceptional toys for kids of all ages. This wooden train set is no exception. For kids just coming to terms with enhanced motor movements, this is a perfect train set to get help them along.

The pack features a train, bridge, ramps, and ramps all designed beautifully with bright colors.

The pieces are made from European beech wood which makes them safe and non-toxic to kids. The set is easy to set up and dismantle with the additional incentive of giving the kid the chance to design new routes.

This is a great starter train set for kids and comes at a comparatively modest price.


#2. VTech Go! Go! Smart Wheels Train Station Playset

 Smart Wheels Train Station Playset

This VTech’s train set has so much going for it. Apart from being a great train set suitable for 2 year olds, it has several developmental and educational benefits for children.

The interactive train set is a good first learning toy with its ability to repeat letters and what they represent. All around the track, there are ‘SmartPoint’ locations where phrases are emitted even in foreign languages.

The complete package comes with an electronic train station, tunnel, and bridges all beautifully designed in bright colors with the lifelike scenery to boot.


#3. Fisher-Price Disney Mickey Mouse Mouska Train Express

Disney Mickey Mouse Mouska Train Express

For kids who love Mickey Mouse (all kids do as a matter of fact), the Fisher-Price Mouska Train Express is just the playmate to connect them to their favorite Disney character.

The beautifully designed and brightly colored train set features Mickey Mouse riding the train while a cargo box is been towed. It also has a Mickey Mouse arch and a colorful tunnel at various points on the tracks.

For just a small fee, you would be getting your kid a train set that would help them understand colors and well as enhance their creativity while trying to assemble the tracks


#4. VTech Go! GO! Smart Wheels Choo-Choo Train Playset

Smart Wheels Choo-Choo Train Playset

Raise your child’s imagination and creativity with the Smart Wheels Choo-Choo train set from VTech. This educational and developmental train set allows kids to build their own tracks thereby enhancing their creativity.

It is an awesome gift idea for a 2 year old featuring a train, brightly colored tracts, an arch, VTech SmartPoint technology, and much more.

The SmartPoint technology is embedded at two points along the track. It is an interactive feature that is activated when the train passes those points. This activates the interactive feature to trigger fun phrases, music and sound effects.

The set uses 3 AAA batteries and is compatible with animal track toy pieces to enhance the fun.


#5. Thomas & Friends My First Railway Pals Destination Discovery Train Set

My First Railway Pals Destination Discovery Train Set

This Thomas & Friends train set provides so many activities your kid would spend hours engrossed in its delights.

It comes with a cute railway pal, Percy, in a cargo car, a couple of cargo pieces, over 40 track pieces, 9 activation points on the tracks, light up ‘Tidmouth’ sheds, turntable, crossing gate, trackside cargo bay and much more.

The child would hear sounds, music and educational phrases when Percy rolls past any of the 9 activation points. The educational phrase would teach your kid numbers, directions, colors and letters.

When the drum of the Tidmouth shed is spun, the whole shed lights up.


#6. On Track 12 Piece Wooden Engines and Train Cars Set

 12 Piece Wooden Engines and Train Cars Set

On Track’s wooden engines and train cars is a collection of well-made, brightly-colored, sturdy toys that are compatible with railway tracks by some of the biggest brands like Thomas Wooden Railway, Brio and Chuggington.

In effect, you can get this toy train for your 2 years old as an additional toy, to complement what they already have.

The toy set includes engines with all the letters of the alphabet and all the numbers on the top. They all made of wood and can be fitted in the beautiful display wooden frame for easy storage.

The coaches and engines attach to each other with magnets. The magnets are strong and don’t come apart easily.

With so many engines and cars, there are enough pieces for your 2 year old to invite friends, family or siblings to share in the fun.


#7. Green Toys Train Set

Blue Train Set

Green Toys Train set is a simple, brightly colored locomotive that would get your kid pushing it along endlessly. The blue and red colored steam engine pulls a wagon car and a classic coach caboose to form a long train on ash-colored wheels.

Two conductor figurines are part of the set to act as engineers while the open cargo is perfect for your 2 year old kid to load and haul stuff to any destination.

The interior of the caboose is spacious enough to fit in small dolls as passengers. It also has a removable roof to make cleaning the interior easy. This also ensures the kid can easily insert and remove passengers without much fuss.

The train set is made from 100% recycled materials making it a very eco-friendly toy.


#8. Best Choice Products Kids Toy Deluxe Electric Train Set

Kids Toy Deluxe Electric Train Set

The Deluxe Train set for kids from Best Choice Products with its beautiful, bold colors and exquisite design would make a perfect toy train set gift for any 2 year old.

The toy comes with an engine and a train car with a cute puppy riding along. Also part of the pack is a small beautifully designed house, traffic signs, trees for scenic beauty, railroad signs and much more.

To add to the fun, the train makes the sound of a hooting train horn while moving around the track while the headlamps light up for effects.

For such a beautiful, well-made train set, the price is a bargain.


#9. Fisher-Price Thomas & Friends Wood Toy Train, Gordon

Wood Toy Train, Gordon

If your 2 year old has the classic Fisher-Price Thomas and Friends wooden railway track, this train set would be a beautiful complement to the rail track.

Beautifully and exquisitely designed with non-toxic wood, the toy train features a ‘tender’ cargo car and a steam engine. It also had magnets that allows it to connect to other trains and cargo cars. These are purchased separately though.

With this train set, your kid would be encouraged to engage in fun activities that aid the development of motor, emotional, and cognitive skills. The set would also surely aid your kid’s physical development.

And if you don’t like the Gordon design, there are 9 other exquisitely designed train set to choose from.


#10. Melissa & Dough Stacking Train – Classic Wooden Toddler Toy

Stacking Train - Classic Wooden Toddler Toy

This classic wooden toy train combines the fun of block stacking and the love kids have for things that move. Your kid has the option of creating a moving train from scratch using 15 brightly-colored blocks.

To make stacking easier, there are holes in the blocks to act as cues to make creating the train set fun and painless for a 2 year old. The train cars can be played with separately or linked together adding more fun and options for the kid.

Made from non-toxic materials with no sharp edges, the geometric blocks would encourage shape and color recognition; it also develops fine and gross motor skills as well as hand-eye coordination.

There is so much a kid can learn from playing with this toy.



Choosing a toy train set, or any toy for that matter is notoriously difficult. However, the joy on the face of your kid when they get the toy makes the trouble of finding the perfect toy worthwhile in the end.

With this review though, that difficulty is considerably lessened. The toys are all age appropriate, have all the necessary benefits and are very safe for your kid to use with minimal adult supervision.

If the list by some chance omitted what you are looking for, it is still a good guide as a pointer to where and how you can choose the best toy train set for your 2 year old.

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