Best Skateboard for Kids

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If you’re looking for the best skateboard for kids you need patience. You also need to look long and hard for the thousands of options available today. If you don’t have time for the research, the following examples are going to prove handy. Kids skateboards come in all shapes and sizes, each with different features, so choosing between them can prove difficult.

Kids today want a deck that is smooth and stylish. But they also need something that is truly durable. This is why there are a few variables to consider with each purchase. Of course, they don’t need the same standards as pro skateboards, so let’s look at the type of features they do need.


How to Choose the Best Skateboard for Kids

Adults shopping for their offspring know the struggles of finding the right size. From clothing to shoes, this is always a problem. But with boards, this shouldn’t be a major issue. Here’s how to choose the right size and the best materials.

Choose the right size

In very general terms, deck size can be categorized according to age. The width of the deck is important. The extra width is needed as kids grow.

The shortest width varies from 6” to 6.75”. It is suitable for kids up to 5 years of age. This is not too young to get into the hobby. The sooner the little ones get on the deck, the more their skills improve.

A size up means choosing a deck with a width of 7”. This works well for kids between the age of 5 and 8. Kids this age already have the locomotor skills to try out more complex tricks.

The following size is the 7.3” width. This works well in the age group between 9 and 12. Most find it a sweet spot for those who might be looking for the best skateboard for beginners to be right in this age group.

Full-size boards might also work for some boys and girls. it is this type of deck that measures at least 7.5” in width. It is the type of deck which accompanies kids from an early age to their teenage year.


Various materials are used to build complete decks. From polypropylene to maple or bamboo, they are plenty of options to choose from. In most cases, this means choosing between a premium build and something more suitable for beginners.

The highest quality finish which is particular to wooden boards might not be the top option when the little ones are just starting. They might feel bad when they scratch it and they can be overprotective with the board, which takes the fun out of the activity.

Maple decks are suitable for those who already have some riding experience. But good options also include PP decks. These are resilient and waterproof. Parents consider these materials for their forgiveness. As a result, they can be among the most inspired purchases for boys or girls who are not very familiar with boards.

Tips and tricks

A good tip to perform the most impressive tricks is to go for a kicktail deck design. This means both ends of the deck turn upwards. This is what most kids dream of doing with a deck in the first place. Since the learning process of the tricks is endless, it’s worth having a look at the options which can withstand well in time.


Top Skateboards for Kids

Now we know how to choose between the different options on offer, it’s time to look at some of the best skateboards for children on the market today. There’s something here for everyone!

1. Rimable Complete 22 Inches Skateboard

This board is known for offering some of the most intriguing designs in its class. It might be available in a full black deck version, but it also comes with many interesting patterns. Its designs inspire the street culture and the way the youth dress. This is the main reason why it’s grown in popularity so much.

Made with quality bearings, it provides a smooth ride. With a 3inch aluminum truck, it is ready to be used for various stunts as well. From navigating busy campus pathways to offering cool sensations in the skate park, it is highly valuable for the adults of tomorrow.

This is an image of kid's 22 inches skateboard in green color


2. Playshion 22 Inch Mini Cruiser

At 22 inches, not many would expect this cruiser to offer any thrills. But boys and girls find it very appealing due to its easy maneuverability. With such a lightweight and compact profile, it is ready to support all the abuse which such a cruiser has to go through in the learning stages every kid goes through.

Made with PU casters, it is non-marking. Those who want to take it on a quick ride around the mall can rest assured it won’t mark the floors. Outdoors, many appreciate its interesting colors and patterns from the pentagram to the sky-inspired look.

This is an image of kid's mini cruiser skaterboard in colorful colors


3. PlayWheels Spider-Man 28 Inch

The SpiderCrawl is a unique option for Spiderman fans. It comes with an unmistakable look and it might be among the interesting releases for various tricks. Maybe more useful for stunts than cruising, it is certainly a design that draws attention.

Its double kicktail design provides the right grip when needed. But youngsters love it based on its composite trucks which handle more weight. Supporting weights of up to 110lbs, it is a release that lets the artwork speak for itself.

This is an image of kid's skateboard with spider man graphics


4. Sanview Complete 22 Inch Mini Cruiser

This quirky cruiser might prove a hit with young girls. Only measuring 22 inches, it offers the right design for a beginner in this world. Based on wide PU wheels, the cruise even includes a T tool. It means daughters can adjust it as needed and learn a few things about maintenance along the way.

Colorful choices are available. Apart from the deck, wheels also come in colored options. Made from flexible plastic, the cruiser doesn’t feel rigid at all. It has some forgiveness to its materials which is what beginners need. It’s possibly one of the best cruiser skateboards for girls.

This is an image of kid's skateboard mini cruiser 22 inch in colorful colors


5. CCS Kids Skateboard

With 52mm wheels, this good skateboard choice for a long period. Its users can upgrade its wheels easily if needed as this size is easy to find in stores. Most importantly, the symmetrical shape supports all types of tricks.

With a length of 32 inches, it is not the smallest option. It might be one of the reasons why this can’t be among the best-started options. But those who want to offer the little ones a pleasant gift already building on their existing skills can consider it as a worthy step-up option.

This is an image of kid's natural wood and simple skateboard


6. Retrospec Zed Bamboo Longboard

This longboard is made with some of the most interesting natural materials. At its low price, it can be difficult to believe its board is made from natural wood. But this is certainly true. Made with an 8-ply Canadian maple wood deck, it offers a look that is hard to confuse and mistake for a PU alternative.

Most importantly, it glides well at higher speeds. This is certainly a step up from various 22” cruisers. Kids love the freedom it offers. With the extra benefit of higher speed based on the 70mm casters, it offers plenty of thrills no matter how long the ride is.

This is an image of kid's longboard skate cruiser in blue color


7. Flybar 22” Skateboard for Kids

Made with ABEC 7 bearings, it is one of the fastest releases in its class. It might not be a class 9, but beginners don’t need anything else to get started on asphalt. Made with injected plastic, it is also durable.

The area where it stands out is in looks. With a vivid color selection, it might be one of the most interesting releases in its class. Pink, purple and bright orange are just a few of its interesting color options. For the price, it might be hard to outmatch, especially on how it looks and how it makes its users feel.

This is an image of kid's plastic cruiser skateboard in purple color


8. Punisher Skateboards Butterfly Jive

There’s nothing girls don’t like about this release. Made from maple, it has the flexibility only natural materials can offer. But its hand-painted artwork makes it feel truly special. For many users, it is a release that is used on special occasions. Others take it to the beach where it certainly offers something to add to photos.

Made for quick turns and tricks, it is an option both for beginners and for experienced skaters. Its wheels need to be installed. However, once in place, the tricks’ sessions can begin. The best part is it also lasts long as it sits on ABEC 7 wheel bearings.

This is an image of kid's skateboard with butterfly graphics by Punisher in colorful colors


9. Kryptonics Super Fat Cruiser

Many think wooden cruisers are not made for durability. But Kyptonics proves otherwise, even at a low price with this range of kids skateboards. This release from the manufacturer bears the signs of customization and uniqueness. Since no two pieces of wood are ever the same, it is a product appreciated by many users.

At 30 inches, it’s not too long for beginners either. Anyone above the age of 8 can use it with confidence. Of course, the best sunny days is when it shines outdoors. Its unique artwork combines elements from the sky with elements from water. This gives it a unique look which even acts as a motivation to get out more.

This is an image of kid's super fat cruiser skateboard with ocean graphics in blue color


10. WiiSHAM 31” Skateboard

When it comes to budget options, youngsters might think they’re missing out. But WiiSHAM has this unique release based on ABEC-9 bearings. These offer a very smooth riding experience. Skating becomes even better with such quality bearings, making this perhaps the best beginner skateboard at a good price.

It might not be the right option for boys due to its floral artwork. But girls love their design. Combined with its lightweight profile, it is one of the most interesting options for extra fun. This is based on its thin 7-layer maple. Unlike 9-layer alternatives, it has plenty of qualities for the experienced rider girls.

This is an image of kid's skateboard with flowers graphics by Wiisham


11. ToyerBee Small Skateboard

This graffiti-inspired design is certainly made for the urban scene. Young users won’t consider out in the country but they love it in skate parks. With an attractive design, it is also a design made for stunts. It has a unique thickness based on the 8-layer wood. With added PU wheels and repair kit inside the pack, it is among the best options for users of various ages.

360 tricks are certainly something it can be good for. But this cool-looking board may also be a cool commuting option for those going to school or university. This is also why it has a high 440lb weight capacity.

This is an image of kid's skateboard with repair kit in white and black colors


12. Merkapa 22″ Cruiser

It’s a busy market in the 22” cruiser world, so finding good skateboards this size can be tricky. This is why so many manufacturers find it hard to compete and even survive. But Merkepa is among the top options for standing out on a budget. The youth immediately notice its built-in wheel lights.

Many would see this as a drawback as they think spending on batteries is required. But no batteries are required for this LED cruiser. Rotary power is generated whenever in use. With a selection of colors, this small performer may be one of the leading discussion topics in any skating community.

This is an image of kid's skateboard with colorful LED light up wheels in blue color


13. ChromeWheels Cruiser

Made for the youngest sports fans, this ChromeWheels doesn’t include chromed wheels. But it does include LEDs in its wheels. This is where its shine comes from. However, it’s lightweight design is what makes it stand out further.

At just over 3lbs, it is one of the most interesting options to carry around. Children are not going to carry heavy alternatives. Even when on holiday, they prefer something easy to use which doesn’t need too much muscle power.

This is an image of kid's skateboard 22 inch with LED light up wheels in black color



14. ToyerBee LED Plastic Board

Alloy trucks and ABEC-7 precision bearings are the heart and soul of this ToyerBee release. But many see its anti-slip surface as the most interesting option to make it stand out. With deep grooves, the anti-slip surface provides a solid platform for the most demanding tricks.
Its PU wheels are also made to be a bit softer than most. This is why it might lose a bit of speed. But at the same time, it gains plenty of grip and shock-absorption. Made for the ultimate tricks fan, it is a must-have for anyone with a bit of experience in this area.

This is an image of kid's skateboard 22 inch and LED wheels with repair kit in black color


15. Gasaciods 22 Inch Mini Cruiser

Sturdy propylene is used on this Gasaciods 22-in release. It is not a premium material. But it is a choice that keeps the final price low. As a learning tool, it is just what the boys and girls need. There’s no point in investing hundreds in a toy that is going to be replaced in a few years.

Those who want to get the hang of riding don’t need anything more. The manufacturer offers a rare 60-day refund policy to those who don’t like it. There are no risks attached even when considering it as a gift based on this policy.

This is an image of kid's cruiser skateboard 22 inch in red color


16. WhiteFang Skateboards for Beginners

This double-kick design is known for its thick emery sandpaper board. Practically, even when wearing casual shoes, it still offers a solid grip. This can only mean one thing. It’s made for the ultimate grip on every trick.

Even more, ABEC-9 precision bearings await its user. This is why it may also work for cruising purposes. Used around the city, it can be a comfortable transport solution when the traffic is too busy.

This is an image of kid's standard skateboard in white and black colors


17. Amrgot Skateboards Pro 31

The Pro 31 is specifically made for young girls. However, it does come with skull-inspired art. This is why it may be a top gift idea for punk-rock fans. Girls into steam punk might even find more attractive.

But users shouldn’t be fooled by its girls-orientated design. With ABEC-9 bearings, it is very fast. The quality of this Amrgot wooden creation is something parents are also happy about. They feel proud they don’t need to spend much to make daughters happy.

This is an image of kid's standard skateboard in colorful colors


18. X Free 31 Inches Complete Skateboard Cruiser For Beginners

With a choice of donut-inspired and flame-inspired designs, this thrilling design is suitable for learners. Made with removable wheels, it offers a colorful gateway in the world of free movement. Made for girls, it offers intuitive build with proper use instructions. However, a T tool is not included in the pack. Parents will need to look for one separately.

In terms of drawbacks, the wheels themselves need an upgrade sooner rather than later. This is based on their pure plastic construction. With little to no shock absorption, they need to be replaced as the little ones improve their skills.

This is an image of kid's standard skateboard for beginners with graphics in white and black colors


19. Vokul Cruiser

Made with a double warped design, this board is ready to impress fans of rare artwork. Made with some of the most interesting cartoon-inspired decoration, it is among the top options for kids who want to be different.

Its fairytale-inspired moon design is the most impressive. Other fantasy-inspired art is also available. But kids can also count on rare Chinese decoration which draws in plenty of attention. On concrete, it is fast and durable. Its decoration is considered among the most long-lasting in this price range.

This is an image of kid's longboard skate cruiser in colorful colors


20. Playshion 39 Inch Drop Longboard

With a drop through mounting design, the longboard offers one of the most versatile options in its class for stability. With only 4 inches of ground clearance, it has one of the top profiles for speed and stability.

50mm soft wheels are added to the longboard. This combination of design and soft wheels leads to a comfortable rider. In terms of decoration, simple options are the most popular. But decorations with pictures are also available. Those living in tropical areas might even consider various island-inspired designs as a result.

This is an image of kid's mini cruiser skateboard with repair kit and light up wheels in red and black colors


21. Geelife 22″ Complete Mini Cruiser

This little learner is among the options made for any weather. Its deck is made from high-quality PP. On top of the deck, Geelife added waterproof emery. Kids may use it soon after the rain has stopped during the summer months without the fear of destroying the emery.
However, being such a compact design also means its only suitable for kids. Many argue that its maximum 150lbs weight doesn’t make it as versatile for adults to use as well.

This is an image of kid's 8 inch skateboard with cool graphics in blue color


22. Cal 7 Complete Pro Skateboard With Urethane Wheels

This design is ready for action at a low cost. Made with 29 attractive decorations, it is a starter option for many children. With solid wheels and trucks, it may also be used by adults. As a result, father and mothers can teach their kids how to ride it safely.

However, it has its drawbacks as well. For the price, it may be hard to attribute its various faults. But many note its wobbly performance could be improved. It is why youngsters who are already skilled and not a beginner skateboarder users will look at more expensive and highly-finished alternatives.

This is an image of kid's complete pro skateboard with skull graphics in colorful colors


23. Yuebo Boys And Girls Skateboard

This lightweight performer might be one of the leading releases for younger kids. Feedback left by mothers and fathers shows it is in use by those as young as 5. As a result, it is a starter design, suitable for improving skills.

Its decoration is not bad either. However, there are only 4 décor options to consider. The most popular one features a jumping skateboarder, which can integrate into the culture of the hobbyist well.

This is an image of kid's mini cruiser skateboard


24. Magneto Mini Cruiser

This 6-ply Magneto is among the stable 27.5” releases. It is not the heaviest in its class. This makes it an affordable option for many users. With a 7.7” width, the board offers one of the most intriguing designs for extra stability.

This design feels fast. This is why beginner users don’t feel the need to upgrade the bearings immediately. Furthermore, the natural wooden look comes in different stains. Since it’s not painted but stained, it has a more refined look than other similarly-priced options.

This is an image of kid's 22 inch skateboard with flame grapichs in white, black and blue colors


25. Easy_Way Complete Skateboard For Kids

With a maximum load of 220lbs, the board is ready for kids, teens, and adults. It has one of the most durable profiles for a wooden design with its 7-layer deck. 60mm high-resilience wheels are added to the design to make it faster, smoother, and more durable. Its durability is also aided by the 95A high-resilience thread wheels.

This is an image of kid's standard skateboard with graphics and repair kit in black and blue colors

Best Overall

After looking at some of the best skateboards for beginners, it’s time to pick which is the best of all. We’ve chosen the Rimable Complete, for a few reasons. This 22-in deck offers one of the best returns of investment kids can hope for. For its size, it even offers impressive 198lbs weight capacity to make it last longer.


This is an image of kid's 22 inches skateboard in green color


Best Budget

If you’re not looking to spend too much on your child’s new hobby, don’t worry, as we have a cheaper option picked out for you too. Longboards are not cheap oftentimes. But this Retrospec design has one of the most affordable bamboo and maple design kids can purchase today.


This is an image of kid's longboard skate cruiser in blue color


What Size Skateboard for Kids?

Kids ages of up to 5 only need a small skateboard with a width between 6.5” and 7”.

Kids ages 6 to 8 or kids with a height of up to 4’4 can choose a slightly wider skateboard between 7” and 8”.

From ages 9 to 12, kids require skateboards with a width between 7.5” and 8”.

Kids ages 13+ ride skateboards 8” and wider.


How to Fit Helmet and Pads for Kids Skateboard?

Properly-fitting helmets need to be chosen according to head size. A flexible tape measure needs to be used right above the eyebrows to measure the head circumference. Then, this circumference needs to be matched with a helmet as sizing varies from one manufacturer to another. It needs to be matched with a helmet as sizing varies from one safety products manufacturer to another.

The same applies when shopping for knee pads. You’ll need to measure the circumference of the knee. This is made by measuring at the center, above and below the kneecap. This is then matched with the right-fitting protective pads. If you’re not buying custom pads, you may simply choose from small (under 125lbs, medium (125-150lbs), large (150-180lbs), and extra-large (180) knee pads on the market.

Is it Safe for kids to be Riding Electric Skateboards?

Yes, the short answer to this is “yes” it is safe for children to use electric skateboards. With recent developments and manufacturing advancements, you can find safe skateboards that are electric. Some skateboards have setting adjustments to ensure that parent control can be used and safety maintained. Always pick good brands!