Best Science Kits For 6 year olds


Managing six year olds could be hell sometimes, they are restless, constantly in motion and infinitely curious. When you have kids of that age running around the house, you must have something to engage them round the clock.

Who doesn’t want to keep their toddlers engaged? That’s why you invest in toys and gadgets. Finding the best science kits for your six year olds could be very tough and challenging, especially in a market filled with inferior products and boring toys.

We know that from experience and in this article we will be going on a joint adventure to bring you on a platter of gold the best science kits for 6 year olds.

Why Science Kits for Six Year Olds?

With the shopping season now in full swing the search for gifts is at fever pitch everywhere both online and offline. The only thing that is certain at this moment is the overwhelming feeling that you get when you walk into a store with a slew of gifts staring back at you from the shelves.

For us, as parents, the paramount thing on our mind is finding the gifts that will not end in the garage few months down the line.

We want toys that will amongst other things aid the learning and development of our kids. We live in a world surrounded by science and the earlier we let our youngsters in on the subject the better for their development.

Aside from engaging them and buying some productive free time, science kits help kids connect with their environment and it gives them a firsthand opportunity to experience the realities of life. Important life skills like the skill of observation, questioning, and critical thinking is developed through their interaction with some of these kits.

In the end, you want to be sure your wards are not just busy amusing themselves but they are also learning how to interact with and of course, manipulate the laws of nature for their own success.

Beyond engagement, science kits help toddlers at the crucial age of six understand and follow processes through the various projects. It aids the development of their cognitive and motor skills which is very important.

In this article, we shall be examining some selected kits drawn out with consideration to the needs of a six year old and other parameters like the design of the products, reviews, and quality. Searching for a science kit for your Isaac Newton? Let’s go check out really cool science gift for 6 year olds.

Top 10 Science Experiment Kit For 6 Year Olds

1. Scientific Explorer My First Mind Blowing Science Kit

Just as the name implies this kit is mind blowing in every sense of the word and it’s a wonderful kit for initiating your toddler into the exciting world of chemical reactions.

Essentially the kit comes with a 20 piece component comprising of safe chemicals like red cabbage powder, baking soda, and supplies like cotton swabs, test tubes, plastic cups, pipette and a comprehensive activity guide for parents.

This kit gives your toddler a firsthand experience of how the world works, they can learn how to make color changing volcanoes, create a sunset in a test tube and even make crystals.

This kit requires the support and supervision of adults.


2. The Magic School Bus – Chemistry Lab

Fasten your seatbelts it’s time for an exciting ride with Ms. Fizzle and her crew on the super fun Magic School Bus Chemistry Lab.

During this magical journey your young scientist will learn how to make sticky ice, create bubble sculptures, slime, produce a milk rainbow, they’d also be able to make volcano explode and lots more.

The kit comes with 51 illustrated colorful experiment cards that can serve as a guide for the kids and the adults supervising them. This kit is great for hands on learning and it encourages creative learning.


3. Botley the Coding Robot Activity Set

Hello! Meet Botley he is here to help your Bill Gates learn and master coding. Botley is on mission to help your kids develop early critical and essential skills of basic science while playing and having fun.

This robot teaches kids to code in a screen-free play that’s perfect for promoting critical thinking and problem-solving skills.

Botley’s essentially has a 77-piece activity set which comes with a remote programmer, detachable robot arms, coding cards, double-sided tiles, obstacle building pieces and a starter guide with coding challenges.

Here’s the fun part Botley requires no phone or tablet or app download which gives your toddler an out of the box coding experience in just a matter of minutes.


4. Learn & Climb Kids Science Set 

The Learn and Climb Science set is a combo pack that exposes your child to a wide range of scientific and educational concepts from chemistry to biology to physics and earth science.

In all, this kit has about 11 segments comprising of 65 different experiments built around daily life activities to give your child a hands on experience of science.

If you are looking to ignite your toddler’s interest in science this is the kit to go for. Learn and climb is one of the less than 1000 science kits recognized by so you can be sure that it is fun and educative.


5. Scientific Explorer Magic Science


So your toddler is fascinated with magic and wizards right? Magic is purely a scientific affair and this kit here can help you nurture the fascination of your toddler and turn into a full blown passion.

The Scientific Explorer Magic Science has nine activities that teach boys and girls tricks using chemical reactions. With this kit your kids can create their own wizard wand to cast spell, make a magic hat, and make ordinary powders mystically foam into a fizzy frenzy.

Right before your eyes, your kids will be able to mix powders and make them colors. Using this kit your little Wizzy wizard gets to learn from historic wizards from past.

In many ways, this kit will keep you spellbound as you unravel the wonders of magic with your little ward.


6. Klutz Make Your Own Soap Science Kit


The 2017 The National Parenting Center Award Winner, with this kit soap making is so much fun. This 8x9x1.5 inch package contains one book, twenty blocks of clear soap base, soap mold, coconut-papaya scent, color tablets, cosmetic grade glitter, skin-safe soap stickers,  clear cellophane bag, toy fish, ribbon, gift tag, gift box and paper boats.

This kit allows your kids to melt and mold soap into different designs like galaxy star, emoji cat, peace sign, sprinkle suds, fishy fun and cupcake.

The kit comes with a 36 paged manual that provides detailed instructions on how to make colourful colorful soaps.


7. Grow ‘n Glow Terrarium


This is a perfect gift for your toddler that loves gardening. It allows them to enjoy the thrill and wonders nature as they craft, plant, water and grow your their terrarium tabletop garden.

It’s a fun-filled way of introducing kids to the fundamentals of botany, and the development cycle of plants in relation to other organisms. This terrarium kit is a great project for parents who choose to homeschool and are working on a botany unit. It is also very suitable for anyone who’d like to have a lovely little decorative terrarium to keep the house aglow at night.

Everything you need is included for 2 full planting life-cycles, such that you can plant your terrarium and watch it grow without stress.


8. JuniorScope Microscope for Kids


The Juniorscope Microscope is a sweet apparatus carefully designed for the delight of young scientist. This magnificent apparatus is easy to use and it is a very good gift for any six year old.

This microscope is very sturdy, pretty light in weight and produces very clear and crisp images of slides.

It comes with multiple lenses that allows your budding scientist to study everything from everything from plant cells to water bears. This awesome apparatus comes with a guide book that gives you detailed information on how to maximize this microscope.

One thing is certain if your six year is a lover of science, he or she will definitely love this Microscope.


9. Electronic Blocks by Pantheon

A very delectable kit, it’s a fun toy, good for following instructions and understanding cause and effect.

This toy will keep your six year old busy for a very long time as he or she experiments with different circuit combinations to produce a wide range of effects and sounds.

The kit also comes with a workbook that serves as a roadmap to aid you as you navigate through different tasks.


10. Ocean Raiders Math Game

If you think math is boring, this game will certainly make you have rethink. This game combines treasure hunt, adventure and mathematical sums all in one.

It helps kids learn how to carry out basic sums and enjoy all the twists and turns that comes with treasure hunts and adventures.

This is a very cool way to make your wards learn and master basic arithmetic. It is a fun game for every family.



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