15 Best Ride On Toys for Toddlers 2019

This is an image of a little girl riding on a pink horse and carriage ride on toy by Little Tikes.

Ride on toys for toddlers can develop their coordination, balance, creative thinking skills and leg strength. They’re also super fun to play with indoors and outdoors.

If you were interested in learning more about what the best ones offer, you’ll want to read our review below. There are lots of these toys available which can make it difficult deciding on the right one for your child.

We’ve only included the options that are great for 1, 2, and 3 year old children. Therefore, you can be sure to find one that your toddler can play with and have a blast, while improving certain developments.


15 Best Ride On Toys for Toddlers 2019

Below, you will find our reviews of 15 of the best sit and ride toys for toddlers. There’s something for everyone, whether they are interested in Disney characters or tractors, there’s something here for all tastes and preferences.

John Deere Tractor

Toddlers can have a blast using the 3 different playing features available with this toy. It’s recommended for children who are 1 year old and over. They can sit on the toy and scoot themselves along, have someone push them by using the handle, or stand behind it and push the toy themselves.

We also liked how there is a storage area available that slips out and reveals a place that toddlers can use to play with their toys. It flips out when they want to play and can be folded back in afterwards.

The four animal toys that are included can be used when playing with the flip out activity space. It’s great for inspiring them to play creatively. A working horn is also included that activates a fun song.

This is an image of a little boy riding the green and yellow ride on toy by John Deere.


Little Tikes Car Ride On

The floor available with this ride on can be easily removed which ensures that you’re able to provide toddlers with different ways of playing with the toy. When the floor is in place, you can push them around, but when you remove it, toddlers can use their feet to move themselves along.

Storage space is included which lets you keep snacks and water on hand for your child. The tires have been made to withstand being used on different surfaces to ensure toddlers have a smooth experience.

A range of realistic features have been implemented too. These include a gas cap that can be opened and closed, a door that opens and shuts, and an ignition switch. Ride on cars for toddlers with these kinds of features make children feel like they’re in a real car.

This is an image of a cozy coupe ride on toy by Little Tikes.


Mickey Mouse Plane Ride On 

Toddlers who love watching Mickey Mouse could have a lot of fun riding around on this toy. It comes with music that kids can sing along and dance to for a super exciting playing experience.

There are realistic sound effects included too. Toddlers can listen to takeoff and landing sounds, as well as the engine revving and gear changing sound effects. This makes it more immersive for toddlers.

They’ve also been loving how the propellers have a spinning function. They create awesome patterns that light up which are stimulating for your toddler’s visual senses.

This is an image of a red ride on Mickey Mouse plane by Kiddieland.


Tricycle & Bike by Chillafish

If you were after a ride on that you can use to teach your child how to ride a bike, this would be an excellent choice. It comes with a 2 in 1 design that lets toddlers use it as a tricycle and a bicycle.

While toddlers are developing their balance, they can stick with the 3 wheel design until they’ve had more practice and gained their confidence. You can then introduce them to the 2 wheel mode when they’re a little older.

Switching between the tricycle and bicycle is very easy and takes a matter of seconds without any tools needed. To ensure your toddler’s safety, the wheels have an anti skid feature which keeps them stable indoors and outdoors.

This is an image of a pink Bunzi balance bike and tricycle by Chillafish.


Radio Flyer Ride On & Scooter

Toddlers can have fun sitting on this toy and scooting themselves around when the seat is positioned flat. However, they can also enjoy using the toy as a scooter due to how you can remove the seat.

Changing the toy from a ride on to a scooter is easy and doesn’t require any tools. Since toddlers are developing their balance, the toy has 4 wheels when it’s being used as both a ride on and scooter.

As a result, your child is able to improve their balance and coordination while remaining safe. Storage space is also available underneath the seat which your toddler can use to store toys and other items to have fun transporting.

This is an image of a red ride on toy and scooter by Radio Flyer.


Minnie Mouse Pink Ride On

Toddlers who love the Minnie Mouse character could have a ton of fun playing with this toy. They’ve designed it with Minnie Mouse stickers and images all over. It also comes with music that your child can listen to while riding around for a super exciting playing experience.

There are also some excellent interactive features that involve dials that can be turned to activate sound effects. This is great for your child’s motor skills and hand eye coordination. There are also lights that blink, a working horn, and steering wheel to turn the toy while moving.

These are all fun and realistic features that inspire toddlers to come up with more imaginative pretend play games.

This is an image of a pink Minnie Mouse ride on toy by Kiddieland.


Hape Scoot 4 Wheel Bike

Toddlers can use this ride on toy develop their balance due to how it comes with 4 wheels. They’re able to ride around smoothly and safely as a result of the rubber materials that have been used on the wheels.

These rubber materials also allow your child to ride the toy indoors without scratching the floors. They’ve implemented water based paint and wooden materials to make sure the toy is safe for toddlers to play with.

While kids are riding around on the ride on, they’re provided with a great chance to work on their strength. Furthermore, the handles have been made with a ball design on the ends that make it more comfortable for toddlers to hold onto.

This is an image of a green wooden ride on with rubberized green wheels by Hape.


XJD 4 Wheeler

The handlebars available on this ride on enable toddlers to turn up to 135-degree which is great for providing them with plenty of freedom to ride around in different directions. However, it’s also limited enough to ensure that they don’t accidentally tip over.

With a 4 wheeler design, your child is able to have fun on this toy while developing their coordination and balance. We liked how the seat has been made with soft materials to ensure toddlers can remain comfortable.

In addition to this, the wheels don’t make noise when in motion. This makes it great for both indoor and outdoor use. People have also liked how they’re able to have the 4 wheeler completely assembled within a matter of minutes and without needing tools.

This is an image of a toddler riding a pink balance bike by XJD.


Flame Design Top Bright Ride On

The flame design used on this toy can make it a great boy ride on toy that gets them more excited to ride it. While playing on the toy, you can expect your child’s coordination and balance to improve. This is a result of the 4 wheel design that’s available.

It’s great for keeping your child stable while also encouraging them to continue riding. You’re also able to push your child around on the toy by holding onto the back of the seat. This can be a superb feature for younger toddlers who are still working on their balance.

High quality beech wood and plywood materials that keep the toy durable for longer. Furthermore, thermoplastic rubber materials have been used on the tires that make the toy suitable for surfaces in your home. When it comes to indoor or outdoor ride on toys for toddlers, this is an excellent pick.

This is an image of a red pre balance ride on bike by Top Bright.


Ride On With Ramp

This is a more unique ride on toy that comes with a ramp for toddlers to ride down. It’s a total of 6 feet in length and toddlers can have a ton of fun using the ramp to have fun indoors for hours.

To ensure that your child remains safe while going down the ramp, guardrails have been included on both sides. Since the ramp has been specifically made for this toy, it lines up properly to maintain proper alignment and allow for a safe ride.

The ramp also isn’t super steep, but it still lets toddlers have a blast. In addition to this, the entire ramp and ride on toy can be slotted into the base of the set. This makes packing the set up and putting it away into storage a breeze.

This is an image of a red ride on toy on top of a 6 foot ramp by Radio Flyer.


Ride On Excavator Toy 

A crane arm is available with this toy that has a 360-degree swivel feature that lets toddlers have fun operating it by using the handles. It can dig up to 15” deep and can reach a distance of up to 33” away.

Toddlers can have a ton of fun using this toy on the beach to dig things up. It can also be exciting to use to try and pick up objects when playing the house. Children are also encouraged to play more creatively by pretending that they’re on a construction site – this is a cool construction ride on toys for toddlers!

It’s fantastic for their creative thinking processes. The 4 wheels that are available enable kids to move around and dig things. It also ensures that they remain stable.

This is an image of a yellow excavator ride on toy by Reeves International.


2 in 1 Little Tikes Ride On

This could be an excellent ride on to use when taking your child to play outdoors when it’s sunny. There’s a canopy included that works to keep your child’s head protected from the sun. furthermore, two cup holders are available which let you keep your child hydrated while outdoors for longer periods of time.

The wheels have been made with materials that allow them to roll quietly. As a result, it can be used indoors without causing noise. Toddlers have also loved the design of the toy. There’s a fun character face on the front that makes it more exciting to play with.

Toddlers are able to press the horn and listen to the sounds that it makes. A handle is available on the back that lets you push your child around and keep the speed controlled.

This is an image of a blue roadster with canopy by Little Tikes.


Horse & Carriage Princess Ride On

This is one of the top ride on toys for girl toddlers because they can feel like princesses while riding around. This is due to the pink and purple horse and carriage design. They’re able to hold onto the pretend reins of the toy horse that available on the front.

In addition to this, there are sound effects of a horse’s feet walking which makes it more realistic for toddlers. It inspires them to get super creative with the kinds of role play games that they come up with.

The plastic reins of the horse can also be flipped to the front to let you pull the toy along with your child inside. Cup holders are included so that you can keep your child hydrated while they’re playing.

This is an image of a little girl riding on a pink horse and carriage ride on toy by Little Tikes.


Dog Themed Tricycle 

Toddlers have loves the dog design used to make this ride on and it enables them to play with more excitement. When kids turn the handlebars, the eyes of the dog move in the same direction. It’s an extra feature that toddlers can have a lot of fun with.

We liked how toddlers are able to ride around on the toy without any pedals to develop their coordination and balance.

Their leg strength is able to develop well from having to use their lower body to move themselves along. In addition to this, the toy is able to last for a while due to how carbon steel materials have been used to construct the frame.

This is an image of a white tricycle bike with dalmatian prints by XIAPIA.


3 in 1 Excavator 

This toy can be used as either a scooter, pull-along toy, or a digger. Therefore, toddlers have plenty of options to play with and stay occupied for a while. When using the excavator mode, the drivers cab rotates and lets your child move the digger in different directions.

There are lots of interactive features included as well. These include flashing lights and music which make for a more enjoyable playing experience. Furthermore, there are switches on the steering wheel that toddlers can interact with the activate different features.

This is an image of a digger, scooter and pulling cart ride on toy by POCO DIVO.


Best Buy Overall

The 2 in 1 Little Tikes Ride On is our number one pick for ride on toys for toddlers out of all the great options in this review.

We were impressed with how it includes a canopy and cup holders for you to keep your child in the shade and properly hydrated when you’re taking them out. The handle lets you push them around and spend quality time together and there are interactive features, such as the working horn, that keep toddlers engaged.

This is an image of a blue roadster with canopy by Little Tikes.


Best Budget Buy

If you’re on a tighter budget, we recommend the Radio Flyer 2 in 1 ride on scooter. It lets toddlers play with it when they’re younger and still developing their balance, as well as then they’re older by using it as a scooter.

Converting between the ride on and scooter is super simple too!

This is an image of a red ride on toy and scooter by Radio Flyer.


Considerations When Choosing Toddler Ride On Toys

Before making a final decision on a ride on toy for your toddler, there are some important factors that you’ll want to consider. Below, you can learn more about the benefits and safety of these toddler riding toys to ensure that you’re able to pick the one that’s best for your child.


Benefits of These Toys

There are some amazing benefits that toddlers can experience when playing with these toys. Gain a better idea of what these benefits are in this section.

Balance & Coordination 

One of the main advantages to letting your child play with riding toys is that it develops their balance and coordination. Depending on how old your child is, they may require some assistance before being able to play with the toys on their own.

For example, you may want to find a toy with a handle on the back for your 2 year old. This lets you push them around so that they get used to the toy while still working on their balance.

Once they become more confident, they can sit on the toy and move themselves around. Since there are no pedals with these toys, toddlers are provided with an excellent opportunity to enhance their balance and coordination.

Leg Strength 

When your toddler has managed to develop their balance and coordination, they’ll be able to scoot around more. As a result, they’re able to use the muscles in their lower body while playing.

This is superb for ensuring that your child’s leg strength is able to continue developing, along with their balance and coordination.


Some of these toys come with super fun designs, such as Disney themes, princess and dog designs, and more. The ride on cars for toddlers with realistic features are also great for creative play. These kinds of toys can enable toddlers to use them to play with more imagination for hours.

They’re able to come up with different kinds of pretend play scenarios and use their creative thinking skills.


Understandably, many parents have safety concerns when it comes to choosing ride along toys for their child. These toys have been made with toddlers in mind, which is why they come with very stable wheel bases.

Most of the ones in our review have 4 wheels, which will keep your child very stable. Even the tricycle options come with wheel designs that are made to keep the toy upright at all times.

If you’re still not feeling completely certain on letting your child ride the toy on their own, you’ll want to find one that has a handle on the back. This lets you keep control of the toy until you think your child is ready to play with it on their own.