Best Remote Control Cars For 4 year old


Looking for the best remote control cars for 4 year olds? We’ve reviewed 10 remote control car toys for both boys and girls aged 4. They make a great birthday and

To be fair, kids of all ages and even adults love them as well. This popularity among kids and adults is down to several factors. There is the thrill of making objects obey our will from a distance; and in the case of cars, the speed and stunts inject a healthy adrenaline dose in our systems.

For kids though, there are several developmental benefits of owning a remote control car. These include the inevitable exercise they get to develop their motor skills and the development of cognitive skills.

Below, we the best remote control cars for 4 year olds among the hundreds we examined.

How did we come about this list of top remote control cars for 4 year olds you might ask?

Criteria for Selecting Remote Control Cars for 4 year olds

When selecting toys for kids, there are some criteria that are general to all toys for kids. These include

Quality of the product – the toys must be made of quality products for durability

Safety – the material used in making them must be non-toxic and in the case of plastics, BPA-free

Colors – Toys with dull colors are not likely to attract kids’ attention

Reviews – This is a very important criterion as it reflects the real-time experience of people who bought the toys for kids. Toys with high average ratings (4 stars and up) tend to make the cut.

Cost – Using the price variable to select a product is a double-edged sword. Sometimes cheap means poor quality. High price could sometimes mean a waste of money since there might be better products with lower price tags.

Generally, the cost is used as a last resort to pick between competing, quality products.

In addition to the above criteria, we evaluated the remote control cars using the variable below:

Charging time – All remote control cars are powered by batteries. A quick charging feature scored top marks. Kids don’t like to be kept waiting before playing with their toys.

Rechargeable batteries – Rechargeable batteries were preferred to AA or AAA batteries. You don’t want to be constantly unscrewing the car to replace the battery.

However, AAA batteries have the advantage of being easily replaceable. But the toys using AAA batteries only made the list because they scored very high marks in other areas.

Design – Here we looked at the uniqueness of the car and the features. There are so many copy-cat designs it was necessary to separate them using this factor.

Also, cars that packed so many unique features and functionalities increased their chances of making the cut

Remote control – Our top picks all had remote controls that had buttons and controls that were not too complicated for a 4 year old kid to understand.

Simplicity matched with effectiveness were key here

Top 10 Remote Control Cars For 4 Year Old: Review

1. Haktoys Hak101 Upgraded Invincible Tornado RC Car


Haktoys’ Hak101 Invincible Tornado car is certainly one of best remote controls cars for 4 year olds. And it is easy to see why.

The car has everything a child needs in a remote control car for unlimited fun. The car can easily do spins, go up on two wheels, twist sharply and so much more.

The car features a special 3-point axle system. This ensures that even if the car inevitably tumbles upside down, it would correct itself immediately and keep moving.

Other features include LED lights, fast charging, and up to 20 minutes of play time on a full charge.


2. Holy Stone RC Cartoon Race Car

Holy Stone’s RC Cartoon Race car would be the perfect way to introduce your 4 year old to remote controlled cars. The tiny, all-plastic, brightly painted car is safe and easy to use. It is just the car to bring the kid up to speed on how to control RC cars.

The RC Cartoon Racecar features honking sounds; music; a tiny detachable driver; 2 channels; flashing headlights; and forward and reverse left motions.

The very fast car has an easy-to-use two -button remote control designed to make it easy for a kid to hold. Brace yourself though, the car is very loud.


3. AHAHOO RC High Speed 4WD Monster Truck

Your 4 year old would be super thrilled with this 4WD monster truck that is a masterpiece of engineering.

This impressive RC car is all about suspensions, huge tires, engine power, and high-end performance to send your kid squealing with happiness.

The truck, which can climb slopes at a 45 degrees angle, features an independent suspension system; anti-skid rubber wheel; 700mAH battery; and 2.4 GHz control frequency with an anti-interference function.

With a control distance of up to 60 meters, the car can move up to a speed of 20km/hr. A full battery can give about 25 minutes of play time; it takes between 2-3 hours to get a full charge.


4. KidRace RC Police Car for Kids

Get your 4 year old a gift of KidRace’s Police Car to fulfill their fantasy of playing cops and robbers with a difference. This police car, unlike regular ones, is turbocharged!

The car is very responsive to the easy-to-use remote control; the small turning circle and non-slip rubber wheels ensure super easy maneuverability on almost all surfaces.

The car comes with a 2.4GHz frequency; realistic emergency sounds and lights; and police siren.

This Christmas, delight your kid with this RC Police car and watch them have the time of their lives.


5. Force 1 Wall Climber Remote Control Car

The Wall Climber Remote Control car is so breathtaking in design and relentlessly futuristic anybody, including a 4 year old, would spend quite a few minutes admiring the vehicle before putting it through its paces.

This gravity-defying wall climber features bright LED headlights; multi-channel controllers; 200mAh battery; and an infrared transmitter.

The multichannel controllers allow your kid to race multiple remote control cars at the same time. The car can move sideways on walls and upside down on ceilings.

The USB charging comes with a quick-charge feature to get the 200mAh battery up to speed again for the fun to continue.


6. Haktoys Light Up Racing Red 1:24 Scale RC Sports Car

The Racing Red RC sports car by Haktoys is a super-fast, flashy, remote-controlled sports car that would definitely thrill your 4 year old.

This non-toxic, ASTM-certified, high-end sports car features LED lights all around the body; 2.7 MHz frequency; forward and backward motion; and up to 17 minutes of racing on a full battery.

It uses 5 (1.5V) AA batteries which could be one of the big cons of this cute car as it would require replacing regularly.

You, your 4 year old and the family would have loads of fun with the car since it is certified for all ages.


7. ROSKY 4WD Waterproof RC Truck/Monster Car

ROSKY’s waterproof monster car is the sort of present you get for your 4 year old for a camping trip to dazzle other kids and be the center of attention.

The car comes with powerful double motors that can reach a maximum speed of 32 miles/hour on its huge anti-skid tires powered by 700mAH battery power.

The remote control is easy to use. It controls the car up to 60 meters and operates on 2.5GHz frequency. It is also designed to control several cars simultaneously.


8. Saint Smart Jr. Electronic One Button Transform RC Car Robot

This car/robot is what you would give your kid if they are a huge fan of the Transformers movies. A 4 year non-fan of the movie franchise would equally love this as a present.

The exquisitely-designed mini sports car can instantly transform into a robot with a touch of a button on the easy-to-use remote control operating on the 2.4 GHz frequency.

The car-robot is able to execute a 360-degree turn in both car and robot mode; can move backward and forward; and produces realistic acceleration and revving sounds.

The 3.7V battery has a maximum charging time of 1 hour and can give 30 minutes of non-stop playtime.


9. Lazaga All Terrain Remote Control High-speed Monster Truck

Lazaga’s RC monster truck is an all-terrain, super rugged car any 4 year old would adore.

The impressive, blue and white truck is made with solid alloy plates and ABS plastic which enhances its ability to withstand impacts. The car is also able to maintain balance no matter the terrain due to its huge rubber wheels and S-truck suspension technology.

It can reverse as well as make turns. It’s powered by a700mAH battery that gives about 20 minutes of playing time. To charge the battery fully takes just about 1.5 hours.

The remote control is easy to operate. It functions on the 2.4 GHz frequency and can send signals to the car for up to 50 meters.


10. Liberty Imports Super Fast Drift Champion Remote Control Car

This might just be the superfast drift car your 4 year old needs for a complete remote control car experience.

The yellow and black, sports sedan can drive forward and backward; steer left and right; and performs 8 and U-shape drifts;

It comes with 4 smooth tires for drifts and 4 rubber tires for navigating tough corners; headlights, backlights, sidelights and a remote control that is comfortable and easy to use.

Requiring 4 AAA batteries for power, your kid would really love this car.




So these are our top 10 best remote control cars for 4 year olds. Any of them would be awesome for your kid as a present this Christmas or as a birthday gift.

Since most of the cars are high-end, you must have an open mind about the cost. Better still, you can plan ahead by saving up before looking for one to buy for your kid. Truth is, the price tag on some of them can drive you bonkers if you are unprepared.

But don’t let that stop you though. After all, something as mundane as a few extra dollars shouldn’t stop us from getting awesome gifts for our kids.


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