Best RC Helicopters

This is an image of a red S107 rc helicopter by Syma.

For thrill-seekers desirous of the adrenaline rush that comes with flying without actually leaving the ground, a remote control helicopter has always provided a great way to get a decent fix. Kids, teenagers, and adults all enjoy the simple pleasure of controlling a flying object from the ground.

And the good thing is, with so much innovation in design and technology, one doesn’t have to be skilled to dominate their patch of the skies with an RC mini helicopter. The best ones are easy to master, with ergonomically-designed remote controls so that even kids find it comfortable flying the helis.

If you’ve never bought a toy helicopter before, the variety of RC helicopters for sale can easily render you indecisive. Most of them come with breath-taking designs with the sole aim of getting your attention and invariably your wallet.

If you are here because you are searching for the best remotely-controlled helicopter to get for your kid, as a gift to some lucky person, or even for yourself, we have 15 of them for you. The helis in this guide are, far and away, the best in their price points. That is another way of saying, no matter your budget, there is an exceptional RC copter in this guide that is guaranteed to meet your expectations.


15 Best RC Helicopters

You can now sit back and view the 15 copters we picked as the best on offer. The products all passed through a rigorous vetting process to ensure only the very best rc helicopter made the final cut.

1. Blade 230 S V2 BLH1450

If you are a beginner and want to learn how to fly these remote control helicopters or you simply want to perfect your skills the 230 S V2 helicopter by Blade is one of the best options for that. The tough composite airframe ensures it can survive the many crashes and accidents that are inevitable with beginners.

It is equipped with high-speed brushless tail and main motors which combine perfectly to deliver a very effective and energy-efficient drive system that makes it lightweight and very responsive during flight.

The helicopter is about 66″ long with spinning blades that are just over 9″ in length making it one of the smallest at the moment. Flight stabilization aids such as an updated ESC for improved performance, tail hold, and reliability among others are also integrated into the design.This is an image of an orange rc helicopter by Blade.

2. Blade E-flite mCX2

Blade’s E-flite mCX2 is another excellent remote helicopter suitable for beginners. But you would hardly know that given its amazing combination of quality built, fight control and battery life capable of about 8 minutes of continuous flight from the 120 mAh 3.7V Lithium polymer battery.

This unit requires no assembly as it comes already assembled from the factory. So you are ready to start using it immediately. It comes with a 2-mode flight design: the RTF (ready to fly) and BNF (Bind N fly) modes that allow users to instantly increase the speed using the BNF mode if the slower RTF mode is not needed.

The unique coaxial design and counter-rotating blades work in sync to make sure you don’t have any concerns relating to stability and flight control. Other features that make this a smart option include the power motors, flashing LED lights, and  5-in-1 4-channel  2.4 GHz control unit, and much more.This is an image of a red E-flite rc helicopter by Blade.


3. Syma S111G Helicopter

At just under 9 inches long, this would make a great first time rc helicopter for kids. Size apart, it is packed with enough features to make you giddy with pleasure when matched with the low price tag. This is a budget helicopter that can’t be ignored.

The electronic gyroscope system integrated into the design makes it easy to control and plays a big role in stability during flights. With infrared control, multi-directional flights are easy to execute. With a control range is about 26 feet, it can be made to move up or down, rotate left or right, and move forward or backward.

It comes with a 150 mAh battery that is capable of about 8 minutes of flight time, which is fairly typical of large RC helicopters.This is an image of a red Syma S111G RC helicopter toy for kids.


4. HAK303 Helicopter by Hacktoys

With a range of about 50 feet, a flight time of about 8 minutes, and at just 9 inches long, this remote controlled helicopter is great for kids 8 years and up to play with either indoors or outdoors.

It comes with a flexible blade canopy design that limits the damage when there is a crash. Crashes would he rare though with the in-built gyroscope that is optimized for stability and control during flights.

Kids would love the ergonomically-designed controls that are easy and comfortable to hold. This makes it easy to put helicopter through its full range of motions that include turns in any direction, up/down motion, and forward/backward movements. For safety concerns, there is the adjustable speed control to ensure the speed remains low to minimize accidents.This is an image of a blue HAK303 rc helicopter by Haktoys.


5. Cheerwing S107/S107G Phantom

This Cheerwing’s Phantom is a great beginner helicopter that comes with a metal frame ensuring it can take multiple crashes without getting damaged. The price tag also endears it to many users who find it amazing that a fully functional, multi-featured helicopter can be found at such a low price.

This is basically an indoor helicopter, but it could be used outdoors depending on the weather conditions. Clear, windless days should be the target for outdoor fun.

It comes with a 3-channel infrared control that allows for up/down movements, left/right turns, and forward/backward motion. It is also equipped with the latest gyro system that constantly adjusts various parameters for a stable flight.This is an image of a blue Phantom rc helicopter by Cheerwing.

6. Vatos S880 Helicopter

The lightweight Vatos S880 easily stands out for its pitch black design and double canopy blades. The features and functionalities are what endears it to kids and beginners. The strong metal frame body makes it unlikely to get damaged when it crashes which might happen a lot with kids learning how to use it. But after crashing, hitting the throttle on the control will immediately set it right again and flying off like nothing happened. You don’t have to have to turn it over yourself.

It comes with multicolored LED lights to make flying in the dark possible. It can keep flying for up to 8 minutes non-stop on the Lithium polymer battery.

The 3 channel control is easy to handle; easily controlling movement in any direction as well as being able to control 3 helicopters at once. And flight stability won’t be a problem with the latest gyro technology and tail rotor motor taking care of business efficiently.This is an image of a black mini rc helicopter by VATOS.

7. S107/S107G Helicopter by Syma

A combination of factors has made this 8″ long Syma one of the most popular models for kids and folks interested in learning how to steer helicopters using remote control. There is the very low price tag, the awesome design, 3-channel control, and flight time of about 12 minutes non-stop on the 150 mAh battery. And talking about the battery, it takes about 30 minutes to get it fully charged again.

And let’s not forget the aluminum body and lightweight making it almost indestructible in crashes.

It also comes with a great gyro technology that constantly makes minute adjustments during flight to ensure stability. The controls are easy to use and include a handy trimmer button to instantly levels it if conditions are making it act erratically.

This is an image of a red S107 rc helicopter by Syma.

8. Syma S109G

This helicopter stands out as an attack helicopter designed with military green color. As a remote-controlled helicopter, it has more to offer than just the amazing design making it a very attractive product for beginners.

The built-in gyro system makes it one of the most stable choices. This ensures easy stabilization during flights that can last for a maximum of 8 minutes.

However, this is best used indoors because of the infrared control. But users would still get all the fun they need as they execute all the movements possible with a helicopter.This is an image of a green S109G RC helicopter by Syma.

9. Blade Scout CX

It’s not common to come across a mini-helicopter weighing about half an ounce that can also be taken for a spin outdoors. Here, size doesn’t matter as it will best other helicopters with its agility and speed.

This amazing flight ability is aided by the 2.4 GHz transmitter that can control multiple helicopters; an advanced gyro system for top-notch stability during flight; and the balanced rotor head ensuring an efficient and accurate response to the controls.This is an image of a red Scout CX RTF rc helicopter.


10. BLH4100 120 S Helicopter

Blade’s BLH4100 120 S is an rc helicopter for folks who want something more from their mini choppers. But make no mistake, the beginners would also have a great time with it.

It comes fully assembled so you can start using it straight out of the box. The multifunction control is equipped with the spectrum DSMX technology which is a byword for accurate and precise control in any flying situation.

You might find the average flight time of 5 minutes a bit disappointing. But awesome features such as the 3 different flight modes (beginner, intermediate, and experienced), durable carbon-fiber frame, panic recovery mode to prevent crashes, etc., should offset that.This is an image of a green Blade 120 SR rc helicopter.


11. G610 Helicopter by GPToys

For newbies venturing into the world of remote-controlled helis, it is hard to get a better option than this double-rotor helicopter with 3 selectable frequencies transmitter able to control 3 crafts at once.

It is equipped with multicolored LED for safe night time flights while in whatever situation, the in-built gyro technology is advanced enough to make for stable flights and easy control of the helicopter.

It is designed with very durable materials to easily survive most crashes and minor bumps. You get a flight time of about 8 minutes and it takes about 50 minutes to recharge the battery via a USB cord.This is an image of a red G610 rc helicopter by GPTOYS.


12. Syma S39 Helicopter

You just know a Syma mini-helicopter is going to be awesome given their pedigree. Made from sturdy alloy material to ensure durability, the minimalistic design of the back section gives it a uniquely sturdy look.

With the control, you can fly up to 2 helicopters at once while the built-in gyro stabilizer makes it hard to lose control no matter the direction of movement, flight conditions or radio interference from other transmitters.

Better suited for indoor play, you can get up to 8 minutes of flight time on the batteries and you also get a decent control range of about 33 feet with this small RC heli. This is an image of a red S39 Aircraft by SYMA.


13. WL V911 Helicopter

This amazing helicopter is suitable for both outdoor and indoor use. But, with the awesome remote control distance of about 300 feet and flight height of over 160 feet, you’d get more joy having fun with it outdoors. Its ability to withstand windy conditions stands it out as one of a few helis able to do this.

The built-in gyro system in combination with the lightweight design makes it extremely steady and agile during flight. And with the LCD on the remote, it is easy to control it no matter it’s distance or height during flight.

Like all the best helicopters, it is capable of movements in any direction and it does so effortlessly. It can stay in the air for about 5 minutes but you can resume flying in just 30 minutes; that is the time it takes to fully charge the 120 mAh Lithium polymer battery.This is an image of a blue 4CH rc helicopter by WL.


14. WLtoys V913 Helicopter

With a transmitter control distance of almost 500 feet, a flying time of about 8 minutes, and able to execute 360° swivel rotation as well as multi-directional movements, it is easy to get why this is one of the most sought after remote-controlled helicopters.

The 2.5G technology employed in the design ensures there is minimal interference no matter the number of copters flying nearby and the distance from the transmitter. The built-in gyro ensures stability during flight even in windy conditions.

The 2.4 GHz remote control is easy to use and comes with 4 control modes giving users a lot of options and leeway to experiment with different combinations.This is an image of a red and black V913 rc helicopter by Wltoys.


15. Lutema Avatar Helicopter

The Lutema Avatar is easy to use and comes packed with lots of features making it suitable for both kids and adults. Users would be impressed with its ability to easily pan from side to side no thanks to the unique hover rotors attached to each side of the helicopter.

With a compact size that makes it best suited for indoor use, the Avatar can easily maneuver in all directions with stability that would surprise even expert users. The easy-to-use remote is responsible for this amazing level of stability that is rarely found in a helicopter that is just 8 inches long. It’s definitely up there as one of the best indoor radio control helicopters.  This is an image of a blue Avatar mini helicopter by Lutema.


Buying Considerations when Choosing RC Helicopters

Coming across a helpful guide for awesome mini helis like this isn’t enough to get you over the line. Truth is, even at the best of times, getting the best is very subjective with several variables at play.

The first step, usually, is to ask yourself if purchasing the helicopter is really what you want at the point. Is it going to be of any benefit to you or to whoever you are getting it for? Is there enough space to play with it indoors? Can it be safely flown outdoors? These and many other questions are what you should ask before making up your mind.

If you finally decided you need one, you must also consider the following factors in your search:

Design and Features

When picking a copter, it is important to go beyond aesthetics. Clearly, beautiful and sleek products would catch the eye, but what is on offer after that?

If you are a beginner or getting it for a kid, the durability of the helicopter should be paramount. These helicopters crash a lot and need to be durable or you’d find yourself looking for a replacement soon after buying it. Copters that feature a coaxial design, as well as a durable frame, enhances their stability to minimize the number of crashes and help it survive the inevitable crashes with minimal damages respectively.

Another design feature is how easy it is to use it. For beginners, complicated products with too many buttons would only lead to frustration. But if the desire is to become more proficient, getting one with more advanced features such as the ability to execute 360-degree flips, loops, and rolls and other complicated maneuvers would be best.

Finally, if there is going to be a lot of nighttime play, ensure you pick one with LED lights, preferably multi-colored.


How far and how high it can go is directly related to the location it is to be used. For kids, who are likely to be restricted indoors, the range would be determined by the size of the room or space.

At the other end of the range spectrum, if you intend to use it outdoors, at the park, for instance, you might opt for a product with a longer range to really have fun. But, you should be prepared to cough out extra dollars for that benefit.

Battery Life

From the guide, you must have noticed the average flying time is between 5 and 8 minutes. That time would feel really short by the time you get lost in the fun of flying.

The smart move is to get extra batteries. With the least charging time of about 30 minutes (some batteries take up to a couple of hours to fully charge), you’d discover quickly that waiting for half an hour to resume is not the best way to catch fun.


Best Buy Overall

It was easy to make a case for the WL V911 here. One could start by pointing out the flight range of about 300 feet and a maximum altitude of about 160 feet. This makes it a beast when flying outdoors. At that price point, only a few helicopters can deliver this range and altitude.

Though the 5 minutes flying time is disappointing, it is well within the average; but the 30 minutes recharging time makes up for it,

The controls are very easy to use with a great gyro system to ensure stability even at the maximum distance. But what stands out is the in-built LCD that makes controlling it in flight easier. IF you have bad eyesight or have problems seeing the helicopter clearly beyond a certain range, you’d really appreciate the display.

This is an image of a blue 4CH rc helicopter by WL.


Best Budget Pick

Our best budget choice went to Hacktoys’ HAK303 helicopter. It could easily have gone to any of the low-priced items in this guide because each one was awesome in many respects.

However, we had to go with the HAK303 because apart from the usual features, the range of 50 feet combined with a flying time of about 8 minutes gave it that edge. We also love that it is engineered to reduce the damage caused by crashes with the canopy design of the double blades.

And since kids would likely spend a lot of time with it, the feature that allows you to limit the maximum speed to a level you consider safe for the kid is very cool. This helps to minimize accidents and crashes.

This is an image of a blue HAK303 rc helicopter by Haktoys.


How much does a Remote Control Helicopter Cost?

The prices range from as low as $15 to a high of over $200.Between these two extremes are hundreds of helicopters of different shapes and sizes. The complexity and features packed in each aircraft directly affect the final cost.

For instance, the bigger ones with longer flight distance and flying time are most costlier than basic, palm-sized chippers with a range of just a few feet.


What are the Differences Between RC Helicopters and Drones?

It is common for people to use the names interchangeably, after all, both are unmanned flying vehicles. Beyond that, it is hard to find any more notable similarities between them.

Physically, they are different. Drones use four rotors located around the frame,(hence the name quadcopters), while the common design associated with a helicopter is usually one propeller at the top and the single rotor attached to the tail.

Again, while RC mini helis are considered more like toys, drones, on the other hand, can be toys as well as tools for serious business. For instance, many drones come with onboard cameras used by people and a variety of professions to take amazing aerial shots of places of interest. Even the military use sophisticated drones for aerial reconnaissance and weapon delivery. However, it’s much harder to find a remote control helicopter with camera.

In terms of flight patterns, a drone is more stable during flight. This is a function of the four blades and an overall design that makes it more balanced while in the air.


Where to Fly an RC Model Helicopter?

Mini remote-controlled model helicopters can be flown anywhere as long as there is enough space to accommodate the maximum flight altitude and range or distance. Kids and even adults frequently play with them indoors in the living room or even in bedrooms. It is simply a matter of making sure you are good enough not to crash them unnecessarily against walls, furniture, people, the ceiling, etc.

They can also be flown outdoors in designated parks where there are not too many obstacles such as buildings, power cables, and poles. The best places to fly them outdoors are vast open spaces.