Best RC Cars for Toddlers

This is an image of a Minnie Mouse rc car with polka dots by Jada.

Remote control cars for toddlers are easily the best way to develop your kid’s cognitive and motor skills. These toys, even the basic models with few features, are always fun to play with. The act of having total control over a moving car is very thrilling and enjoyable for kids. They can spend hours at a time playing with these toys.

Toy cars for toddlers come in a variety of shapes and sizes with different features added to the basic movements of the car for variety. But, not all of them are of similar quality. It is safe to say that with inadequate knowledge, you could easily pick a mediocre toy in your quest.

This mistake happens to the best of us. After all, the designs and packaging are meant to attract eyeballs and most folks, due to impatience, don’t put in the requisite research to make an informed choice.

Naturally, you are here because you want only the best for your kid. We have done the tough part of compiling the very best remotely-controlled cars for toddlers just for you. No matter the age of your toddler kid, and notwithstanding if this is a first RC car or not, you’ll find one or more awesome products that would keep them happy and engaged for hours.


15 Best RC Cars for Toddlers

Are you ready for the ride of a lifetime with 15 of the best remote control cars for toddlers? We promise it is going to be as exciting as if you were playing with the toys yourself.

1. Cartoon Stunt Race Car

This is an RC race car that can execute amazing stunts. In a nutshell, kids would have lots of fun with it. It is a great gift for toddlers who have never experienced the thrill of controlling a race car with a remote. The control is easy to use with an ergonomic design ensuring that holding it is comfortable.

On a full charge, the car can run non-stop for around 40 minutes. And with the remote, it can be made to execute 360° rotations, erect forward running, etc., even up to a range of about 100 feet. And while on the move, kids would surely be fascinated by the flashing lights and music.

This is a great bargain buy since it can survive repeated bumps against walls and other obstacles and even falls from elevated positions.This is an image of a colorful rc car for toddlers.


2. Hak101 Invincible Tornado

If you want a car that does much more than move forward and backward for your kid, while not being too fast for them to control, Hacktoys’ Hack101 Invincible Tornado seems like the perfect choice.

The car can execute breathtaking spins, move on two wheels, and much more. It also features several flashing lights and plays music: two things that would definitely hold your kid’s attention for long. With the combination of 40 MHz transmitter and up to 20 minutes of run time on a full charge, your kid would have lots of fun even from a range of up to 40 feet.

It is equipped with a customized 3-point axle system ensuring that the car can right itself when it overturns. And as a safety feature, the remote’s antenna is flexible.This is an image of a red Invincible Tornado rc vehicle by Haktoys.


3. Cartoon RC Police Car by Pretext

This 2-car package would be great if you’ve got two toddlers to satisfy. On the other hand, since one is a police car and the other a race car, both could go to one kid (and perhaps get another set for the other kid) if you want to avoid a heated debate about who gets what car. Kids can be tenacious like that.

The cars are equipped with realistic police siren and honking sounds. It also plays music with lots of flashing lights. Essentially, it features many of the things kids love in their toys plus two mini drivers to spice things up and create opportunities for creative role-playing.

The two controls are shaped like a car steering for that realistic feeling of driving a real car. You wouldn’t have to worry about the cars’ frequencies interfering with one another: they have different frequencies ensuring they can be driven simultaneously.This is an image of a 2 pack police rc vehicles by Pretex.


4. My First Cartoon Race Car by Liberty Imports

This 4-inch long, 3-inch wide, and 4-inch tall remote controlled car toy is a great introduction to these types of toys for toddlers; and this is not just because the car is cute, stylish, and has exciting light effects and cool music.

You could point at the equally stylish round control with flexible antenna that would fit perfectly into their small hands as another reason it’s great for toddlers. One could also point at the 2-button control that makes controlling the car quite easy.

Toddlers would find the speed mesmerizing. And after a day of hard-driving, the driver can be eased out of the car. You can easily picture your kid having an intense conversation with the driver about all things cars.This is an image of a cartoon rc car with removable figures by Liberty Imports.


5. Red Fire Truck

This red fire truck is just 7.7″ tall and 15.2″ long, but to a kid, it could just as well be the real thing. Such is the detailed design it looks more realistic than a real fire truck!

Unlike real fire trucks, this one is easy to control even at the top speed. The car responds easily to the controls. Add the non-slip rubber wheels and tight turning radius and you get  trucks for toddlers that can take turns at high speed without overturning.

The 2.4 GHz remote has a range of almost 165 feet and can control up to six cars simultaneously. For about 35 minutes (fully-charged battery) your kid would be rushing over to emergencies with siren blasting, horns blaring, and engine revving.This is an image of a rc fire truck by Best Choice Products.


6. My Easy RC Vehicle

This Fisher-Price toy race car comes with just the things you want in an RC car for the young one. The flashy red color with huge wheels makes it instantly attractive to toddlers. But the built-in features are what make it a super awesome toddler remote control car.

Sturdily built, it comes with an easy-to-operate remote with four buttons. Each button controls a single action: forward, backward, left, right motion respectively. This makes it simple for kids to optimally operate the car. It is also equipped with 2 parent-control speed settings. You could set it at a slow speed while they are learning the ropes and later increase the speed when you are sure they can control a faster car.

It uses 6 AA batteries. And you’d love the auto-shutoff that shuts down the car when it is left idle for a while. That ensures the batteries last longer.This is an image of an easy to use RC car for toddlers by Fisher Price.


7. Amphibious ATV

This Shark-themed amphibious vehicle would get your kid pumped up with excitement – toddler cars toys don’t get much cooler than this! Uniquely shapes like a shark on wheels, the vehicle can move on all types of terrain (huge deep groves on the tires sees to that) with ease. The 4×4 drive train also ensures the car moves through water (pond or pool) quickly.

The 2-button remote is also designed to match the shark theme with a predominantly gray color. It comes with two buttons, a flexible antenna and uses just 2 AA batteries. It is a full-direction remote easily controlling the forward/backward and left/right movements of the vehicle.This is an image of a Morphibians Shark rc car by Kid Galaxy.


8. SmartPoint Racer Police Car by VTech

This police car would be the perfect introduction to RC cars for kids thanks to its simple but colorful design and features that would deliver lots of fun while easily enabling kids’ creative role-playing.

The light-up button is likely to become your kid’s favorite. It activates music and fun sounds to entertain them. If your kid already has the Go! Go! Wheels playset, the car would respond to smart point locations with different phrases and sounds. This should be an incentive to get the GO! Go! playset for them.

There are two playing modes: they could choose to use the remote to play with the car or use the standard play mode and have fun with it just like a normal GO! Go! Smart Wheels vehicle. In other words, the car is compatible with other GO! GO! toys by VTech.This is an image of a rc police car by VTech.


9. Percy TrackMaster Train

Technically not a car, it’s a train car that is fun to use with simple controls and nice overall design. This is one of the most easy-to-operate remote-controlled toys you could ever purchase due to the design of the remote. It has one button to control the movement of the train.

A single press of the button sends it forward while pressing it a second time brings it to a stop. It doesn’t get easier than that.

Both the train and remote require 2 AAA batteries and are compatible with most TrackMaster track and train sets in the Fisher-Price collection.This is an image of a Percy Train from Thomas and Friends rc train by Fisher Price.


10. Tire Twister by Little Tikes

This toy brings something different to the world of toddlers toy cars. You could say it is two toys in one: the car that is remotely controlled and the tire. The child can have fun with both at the same time or independently of one another.

To make the car behave like a stunt car, put it inside the tire and with the remote, it can be made to move up and down the tire either forwards or backward, do backflips and spin 360°. Without, the tire, kids can play with it just like regular cars.

Naturally, your kid wouldn’t miss the chance the play with the small tire only: rolling, spinning and making it do whatever they wish.This is an image of a Tire Wire rc toy car by Little Tikes.


11. Pink RC Mini Racer by Beebeerun

The pink color makes this a perfect gift item for your little girl. If this’ her first RC ride, it is a perfectly appropriate toy to learn and master the art of controlling RC toy vehicles.

The easy to use and handle remote can make the car execute the full range of motions expected of the very best: it can move forward and backward and turn in either direction. With the remote, she can also activate the lights around it. And there is music too for added fun and excitement.

Made from tough non-toxic materials to ensure safety and durability, it uses one 9V battery for the remote and 3 AAA batteries for the car.This is an image of a pink rc car by Beebeerun.


12. RC Dump Truck

This is a great toy for creative and imaginative role-playing. Kids can assume the role of dump truck drivers, picking up waste and trash around the block and dumping them somewhere safe, helping to keep the neighborhood clean.

The brightly-colored toy comes with a competent driver that kids can remove and play with alone. They could even give it a name they like so they can have a name to call their newest best buddy.

The remote is a two-channel affair with two buttons. It is easy to use and controls the forward and reverse movements of the truck. With it, kids can make it honk, play music and flash the headlights.This is an image of a rc dump truck by Holy Stone.


13. Minnie Mouse RC Roaster

Being a Minnie Mouse car, you know this would be perfect for your girl especially if she is a fan of Disney’s Minnie Mouse. This allows her to have and interact with one of her favorite TV cartoon characters.

The 27 MHz car is fast and can be made to spin around like a pink stunt car as well as move forward very fast. The pink remote has a flexible antenna with a cute butterfly at the tip enhancing its cuteness.

You’d only need 3 and 2 AAA batteries for the car and remote respectively. For longer-lasting fun, the smart move is to use alkaline batteries.This is an image of a Minnie Mouse rc car with polka dots by Jada.


14. Blue Cartoon RC Car by Beebeerun

This is another awesome remotely-controlled car for a kid who has never played with one before. Like most rc car toys, it is great for the development of kids’ ability to master hand-eye coordination and improvement of fine and gross motor skills.

The remote comes with just two buttons making it simple to use. It easily controls the forward/reverse motion of the car. For added excitefment, the car also features honking sounds, music and flashing light.

Kids also get to play with the rabbit, bear, and cat mini-figures that come with the pack. Any of the cute little animals can be the designated driver while the other two sit and chat about important stuff with your kid.This is an image of a cartoon rc cars with action figures by Beebeerun.


15. 3-in-1 RC Construction Vehicle

This multi-featured, scaled-down model of a construction vehicle would make a perfect gift for a toddler that needs a more advanced toy to play with. The number of features packed in this toy makes it one of the most exciting toddler toys cars today.

The kit is designed with 3 assembly styles so that kids can choose the type of truck they want at any time: it can be made into a bulldozer, drill car or an excavator truck. The package also includes a ladder and 2 mini construction workers to give a realistic depiction of a busy construction site.

The remote activates several exciting features like making the truck to dance, sing and shine its eyes. It can also make the toy execute perfect 360° spins as well as forward and reverse movements, and left/right turns. This and many more features would keep your kid happy for many hours every day.This is an image of a 3 in 1 robot car by GILOBABY.


Considerations when Picking RC Toys for Toddlers

When choosing toy cars for toddlers, it is best to treat the exercise like you were buying an exceptional ride for yourself. The first thing you’d consider when getting a new car is the quality and model.


You, like most people, would want to consider models from a reputable brand before looking at other brands. These brands have made a name for the quality of their products. The same process should apply to your kid’s toy car.

There are several brands with a pedigree based on a history of making quality and durable toys. Consider these cars first before moving on to the lesser-known brands.

However, if you have to go with the unknown brands, read the reviews of people who have bought the products before and how well the cars performed in real-life situations. Avoid being the first to buy a new product. In other words, never take a chance on new products unless in the unlikely situation you have no other option.


Okay, when getting a car for yourself, chances are you prefer them very fast. In the case of your toddler though, the speed factor works in reverse. If the car is too fast, your toddler would find it hard to control and crashes would be a regular occurrence.


How many of the crashes can the poor car handle, no matter how durable and sturdy it is, before it packs up? A few days at the most. Then you’d have to resume the process of getting a new toy.

Some models come with parental speed control settings for high and low speeds. You could get one of these and set it at a lower speed until your kid gets better at controlling the car.


Also, you could be tempted to get a car because it comes with so many features. This isn’t necessarily a bad thing, but cars like that are not easy to control for toddlers. The remotes tend to have many buttons and button combinations to activate the features.

If you go down that route, the best-case scenario is that the car would be grossly underutilized. Another likely scenario is your kid would lose interest because they can’t master the controls. You’d be surprised how often that happens with kids because the toys are too complicated to use effectively.

Easy Controller

Always aim for products with simple controls. Three buttons should be the maximum. But smart, older toddlers can usually handle more complicated toys with ease. In essence, your toddler’s age and maturity is an important consideration.

Talking about control, the design and features on the remote is another important consideration. You want your choice to come with a remote that is easy for kids to grasp with their small hands without having to strain the muscles.

Remotes with grips tend to be the best as far as easy handling is concerned. Round-shaped designs with openings or holes for the fingers are also great.


If your kid is going to play near other kids with RC toys, make sure it is a 2.4 GHz remote with at least two channels because multiple users transmitting on the same channel causes interference and ultimately, loss of control of the car.


Lastly, if your choice of toy car uses replaceable batteries, you’d need to check and make sure the battery compartment is easy to access and open. At the same time though, it shouldn’t be so accessible that your kid can easily open them and remove the batteries.

So make sure the battery compartment cover is held down securely by a screw so you’d need a screwdriver to get it open.


Best Buy

Out of all the wonderful products in this guide, we had to pick the 3-in-1 Construction Truck by Gilobaby as our best choice. It wasn’t easy settling on it; the combination of features and decent price tag swayed us finally.

We love that, apart from meeting all the basic functionalities of a car, it is almost like a building kit that allows kids to build any of the three construction trucks with the included components.

It is also impressive that for a relatively big toy it can execute 360° spins like a stunt car. The included mini construction workers, ladder and other pieces easily makes it a great remote control car for toddlers.

This is an image of a 3 in 1 robot car by GILOBABY.


Best Budget Pick

If your budget restricts you to items with low price tags, we suggest the Hak101 Invincible Tornado by Haktoys. Don’t let the low price tag get in the way of the undoubted quality of the car though.

The rechargeable battery delivers a run time of about 20 minutes on a full charge while the remote also comes with a control range of about 40 feet. For little toddlers, that is quite some distance to control a car from.

The remote control cars lights flashing on the four wheels makes it an exciting choice. And how about the ability to right itself automatically when it overturns? Awesome!

This is an image of a red Invincible Tornado rc vehicle by Haktoys.


What Size of Batteries do RC Cars for Toddlers Take?

The size of the battery depends largely on the size of the car. To keep the weight low, manufacturers go to great lengths to make the included battery or batteries as small as possible.

Depending on models, replaceable AA or AAA batteries are used for either car or remote.

In some models, rechargeable batteries are the preferred choice of the makers. They range from the smaller 3.6V battery to 9V with heights of up to 1.9 inches in the bigger batteries.


Where Can I Buy Toddlers Car Toys?

Like most toys for kids, car toys can be found in children’s shops in malls or the toys section of department shops. Several reputable online shops sell these toys too.

The trick to getting quality products is to make sure the shops have a reputation for stocking quality products from well-known brands. Some manufacturers also retail directly to individual customers from their online stores. So you could try these as well. That way, you know the product you order is the real thing.