Best RC Boat for Kids 2019

This is an image of an orange rc boat by Super Joy.

Generally, people, especially kids, love speedy stuff. We droll over different types of races  and spend billions annually just to be part of it. So, it’s not surprising that remote control boats are some of the most popular toys for kids around the world. To be fair, even adults love this class of toys.

The good thing about rc boats is that there are many on sale so you don’t have to look too hard to find one. Your choices are endless. But being spoilt for choice could pose one tiny but crucial problem: with so many rc boats for sale, how can one determine the best? After all, only the best can be good enough for our kids, obviously.

So if your search for an awesome remote control boat for kids has brought you here, that search is over. We have narrowed down the choices to just 25 of the best boats of different designs, models, and price tags.


25 Best RC Boats For Kids 2019

We would now look at the best racing toy boats you could get for your kid this year. All the boats in this guide were carefully selected to address important concerns such as safety, entertainment value, budget, durability, etc.

1. Altair Fast RC Boat

If speed is what you want for your kid, settling for this boat by Altair Aerial is sure to meet all your expectations. For about 10 minutes non-stop, it will race past other boats at a speed of 30km/hr on each of its two  3.7V 1500mAh batteries. The boat owes its amazing speed to the powerful 390-sized brushed motor.

The design includes features such as the propeller sensors that only turn when the boat is in the water to ensure the safety of the kid and an anti-capsize hull so the boat always rights itself if it accidentally flips over.This is an image of a red aqua boat with remote control and battery.


2. Force1 H102 RC Kids Boat

Force1’s H102 Velocity high-speed toy boat is capable of speeds of over 20mph with an amazing control range of almost 400 feet. The 4-channel, 2.4 GHz remote is easy to use and features a low-signal warning to let you know when the boat is about to go out of range.

It has a run time of between 10 – 15 minutes on each of the two 7.4V 600 mAh batteries and features a water-cooled, single-prop motor for efficiency. Other features include a capsize recovery mode, and an auto-correction rudder to always keep it on course.This is an image of a blue boat toy with remote control and batteries by Force 1.


3. UDI RC High Speed Boat

This black, extremely speedy boat is one of the best radio controlled boats that is optimized for speed, safety and tons of fun for kids and comes with a hull made of rugged ABS plastic to withstand impacts.

It can cruise non-stop at a top speed of about 15 mph for a maximum of 8 minutes on the 7.4V 600 mAh Li-ion battery. The kid won’t have a hard time controlling it with the 2.4 GHz controlled pad which has a range of almost 400 feet.

Other exciting features include a water-cooled engine technology, anti-tilt, a low battery alarm and for the safety of the kid, sensors that prevent the propellers from spinning unless in the water.This is an image of a high speed rc boat by Udirc.


4. Green 29″ Pro Boat

If you have a teenage kid who loves speed boats, why not bowl him over by splurging on this Veles toy boat by Pro Boat. This is more than just a premium boat. It is a collector’s item too.

The sleek composite hull and canopy are made from hand-laid fiberglass and also spots a removable composite interior so it can be cleaned and maintained easily.

The speed? At a maximum speed of 50mph, it’s a perfect example of an rc jet boat as it can literally fly out of the water at first before settling down to run for about 5 minutes on the 1000 mAh battery. This amazing speed is achieved courtesy of the powerful 2000Kv 6-pole marine motor and adjustable aluminum propeller strut.This is an image of a green rc boat by Pro boat.


5. Contixo T2

If boats for kids are rated solely on design, Contixo’s T2 will be up there slugging it out for the top prize with even very high-priced boats. The boat is more than just about aesthetics though, it has a decent speed of over 20mph and handles well in waves due to the sleek aqua-dynamic built.

It comes with a user-friendly control so the learning curve is very gentle. Other features include the anti-capsizing function, High-Rev rudder for excellent directional control, and a transmitter range of up to 400 feet.This is an image of a blue T2 rc boat by Contixo.


6. Blue And Black RC High-speed Boat by SZJJX

This SZJJZ boat packs a boatload of tricks; this could be why it is recommended for kids 14 years and above. It needs competent and responsible hands to execute the sharp turns and 180° flips if it capsizes.

The control comes with a switch to change the throttle mode for left or right-handed users and uses 4 AA batteries with a transmission range of almost 500 feet.

It is capable of speeds of up 15mph. Kids can enjoy cool and exciting stunts non-stop for around 8 minutes on the 600 mAh battery. It would be a shame not to have extra batteries to squeeze more excitement out of this excellent boat.This is an image of a blue electric racing boat with remote control and batteries by SZJJX.


7. Blue 36″ Spartan Race Boat by Traxxas

Everything about this boat by Traxxas seems to mesh perfectly to create the ultimate race boat for kids. The 36″ long hull is sleek with a low-slung profile that looks ready to cut through waves effortlessly.

The speed though depends on the choice of battery. It can get up to 50+ mph on 3s Li-Po batteries or over 30mph on a 7-cell NiMH battery pack. And you don’t have to worry about losing control as the 2.4 GHz control comes with the unique Traxxas Stability Management function to make sure it stays upright no matter the speed or water conditions.

It also features a waterproof, water-cooled VXL-6s Marine ESC with protection against low-voltage and a 540XL brushless motor enhanced by a water-cooling jacket.This is an image of a blue race boat by Traxxas.


8. Udi001 Venom Speed Boat

You wouldn’t guess this Venom boat is not the fastest in this guide by the way it slices through water with ease. At 15mph, it is still speedy though, and it helps that it is easy to control and maneuver with the 4-channel, easy-to-use 2.4 GHz transmitter.

It stars a water-cooled single-prop motor and comes with a Capsize Recovery button on the remote to easily turn it back up if it flips over, alarm that beeps at 60 seconds of power left, extra 600 mAh battery, and a spare propeller.This is an image of a fast red rc boat by USA Toyz.


9. Altair AA Racing Boat with CSP System

This yellow boat with a black top is really a fun boat to hang out with. The combination of sleek design and colors are enough to sent kids wild with excitement before racing to the pool to give it a spin.

And does it move fast?! It is can reach a top speed of 15mph and comes with an anti-capsize system that allows the controller to flip it back-up with a touch of a button on the 2.4 GHz remote. Taking about the remote, it has a great range of almost 400 feet.This is an image of a yellow Wave rc boat by Altair.


10. Haktoys HAK606 High-Speed Board

Everything about this racing toy boat for kids screams futuristic. Kids would have lots of fun first showing off the unique design and then letting it show what it can do in the water; simply put, it can be made to do anything as long as the 2.4 GHz controller is within the 500 feet range.

The LCD on the remote makes it easy to navigate and keep the craft steady even while cruising at its top speed of over 15mph. The only frustration for kids would be how to get more than 10 minutes from the 600 mAh battery.

this is an image of a high speed haktoys boat

This is an image of a blue T2 rc boat by Contixo.


11. Gizmovine Boat

With a top speed of 20mph, LCD remote, super-sleek design, and battery pack capable of delivering 15 minutes of non-stop fun, there is absolutely no reason kids won’t love this boat.

It is packed with all the best features you expect from a top-of-the-line rc boat. For instance, it has an alarm to warn them of low battery so they can swap batteries; a safety features that ensures the propeller only turns when it senses water; a Capsize Recovery system so it doesn’t stay on its side longer than necessary; and auto cooling system to ensure the durability of the motor.

Kids would also love that the controller can support multiple racing toy boats allowing for synchronous racing.This is an image of a blue high speed rc boat by Gizmovine.


12. H106 Racing Toy Boat by Sharkool

If you are considering a speeding boat for your kid or kids and your budget is modest, you could bet on Sharkool’s H106 boat and know you are onto a winner. It’s got everything to keep the adrenaline levels high with excitement.

With a little in-built cooling system to keep the motor at an optimal performance level and 370 power magnetic driving motor, it can deliver up to 15mph. Not bad for a modestly-priced boat. It comes with a 4-channel remote making it possible to race several boats with no interference up to a range of almost 500 feet.

Other interesting features include the low power warning, an anti-tilt hull, and auto-correction rudder to keep it on a steady course during races.This is an image of a black rc boat wirth remote by Sharkool.



13. FT016 Toy Boat by Super Joy

The unique design featuring a double-prong bow is a standout feature in this boat by Super Joy. But that is just the first of many things to love about this boat for kids.

It comes with an amazing 20mph maximum speed no thanks to the 540 high-power motor, a high precision steering system, and a water cooling system to keep the engine working at maximum levels.

Kids can control the boat up to about 500 feet with the 4-channel, 2.4 GHz controller. The installed 7.4V 1500 mAh battery can power the bait non-stop for a maximum of 8 minutes.This is an image of an orange rc boat by Super Joy.


14. Blomiky H100

This blue boat looks like the sort of toy boat you’d give for a kid whose favorite summer sport is serious boat racing. To underline that, it comes with two extra battery so they can put in a combined total of 24 racing minutes.

All the features to expect in such racers are present. these include the multi-directional movement, automatic anti-capsize feature, extreme sharp turns, and either left or right-hand throttle mode.

The lucky kid can control the boat using the 4-channel remote from as far away as 500 feet. They would have lots of fun even if they consider racing serious business.This is an image of a blue rc boat with extra batteries by Blomiky.


15. Amphibious Boat by Mirarobot

How about an Amphibious boat to really stand out and add variety to your kid’s playtime. The GV160  is specially designed to move both on land and water; essentially, playtime with the boat it is not restricted to water only.

Though it doesn’t look it, the craft is really fast coming in at a maximum speed of almost 20mph. With the LED lights, nighttime play will be a regular occurrence.

It comes with a driving mode suitable for beginners right up to expert level. Kids can use it to learn how to navigate toys like this before switching to expert mode later. The controls are via the 2.4 GHz transmitter that has a range of up to 300 feet.This is an image of a green rc boat by Mirarobot.


16. Intey H102

With the built-in 370 strong magnetic drive motor, a speed of over 20mph, and a transmitter range of up to 500 feet, this red boat is simply one of the best choices for outdoor boat racing for kids if you are looking for versatility.

With a waterproof cover and double-hatch design to protect the internal components, it is guaranteed that this boat is going to be around for a long time. And for that duration, safety is guaranteed by sensors that allow the propellers to spin only in water and a cooling system to make sure the engine doesn’t overheat

Integrated into the remote is an alarm system that goes off when the boat is about the exceed the range and a low battery warning. And to ensure it stays upright and on course, the boat has an auto-correction navigation rudder.This is an image of a rc boat with batteries by INTEY.


17. Blue Super Speed Boat by Rotoband

Easily standing out with its bright blue color and deep v design, this Rotoband boat answers all the right questions if you are looking for a perfect summer holiday RC toy for your kid especially if they love speedy toys.

The boat can be controlled quite well for about 500 feet by the easy-to-use 2.4 GHz remote. The remote can also control multiple boats while the LCD makes it easy to direct the boat either forward, backward or make turns in any direction.

With the anti-tilt modular design of the hull, it takes a lot to rip it over while the water cooling system prevents the overheating of the engine. You also get an extra 600 mAh battery for a combine cruising time of about 16 minutes.This is an image of a blue rc boat with batteries by ROTOBAND .


18. Rabing HY800 Boat

This boat by Rabing is one of the most exciting remote controlled racing toy boats for kids. With a top speed of over 12mph and a control range of about 165 feet using the 2.4 GHz control pad, kids would only stop racing when the battery is completely discharged. Fortunately, it comes with an extra battery for a combined race time of about 12 minutes.

Made from high-quality ABS plastic to ensure durability, it can be taken through the full range of motions using the powerful 280 motors, The hulk design ensures it can right itself automatically so kids don’t have to get into the water to do it when it flips on its side.This is an image of an orange rc boat with batteries by Rabing.


19. Red Rapid Boat by UD

It’s not just the fiery red color of this boat that would attract admiring glances. The low profile design immediately gives it away as a boat but made for speed and extreme maneuverability even in tight spaces.

Known appropriately as Rapid, the 17-inch long boat reaches a maximum speed of about 19mph in a very short space of time. Kids can easily execute a variety of maneuvers using the ergonomically-designed 2.4 GHz remote that brooks no interference from other controllers during a race. It can cruise at that speed non-stop for 8 minutes. With the extra battery, that is about 16 minutes of fun.

Other handy features include the low-battery alarm, poor-signal alarm when it is going out of the 330 feet range, and a self-righting hull design among others.This is an image of a red rc boat by UD.


20. Red High Speed RC Racing Boat by Antaprcis

A red toy, especially a fast, red boat, inspires a feeling of freedom and ultimately adventure in kids of all ages. The bright red color aside, kids who love speed can accomplish a lot with this toy.

It is a fully-featured boat that is modestly priced proving you can get awesome quality without breaking the bank. The features include a high speed rotating tail propeller, powerful motor system, 180° flip reset, low battery notification, and 2.4 GHz remote with a range of nearly 500 feet.

The boat spots a double water-resistant shell to protect the inner parts and a hydro cooling system to ensure the boat performs excellently even when cruising at the maximum speed of over 15mph.This is an image of a red rc boat by ANTAPRCIS.


21. White Electric Racing Boat by Funtech

With a high-performance rudder, 2.4 GHz controller with a range of 300 feet, and a top speed of almost 19 mph,  this boat easily fits the bill of an awesome gift for kids interested in racing other kids with their toy boats.

The design concept is captivating enough to allow it to stand out in a crowded field. But what has wowed users over the years is the smooth efficiency and functionalities of the boat.

It comes with a standard cooling system for the powerful motor, a run time of about 15 minutes and a full range of motions even at top speed. The craft is easy to operate and the tough ABS plastic body ensures it doesn’t get damaged easily.This is an image of a white radio control boat by FUNTECH.


22. Blue Racing Boat for Kids by SZJJX

If your thoughts are on a budget racing boat your kid can play with at the local swimming pool, this blue boat with a double bow and anti-tilt modular design would be perfect. The in-built features makes it a great boat for kids coming to grips with the art navigating speedy toy boats.

What is most outstanding is the battery time of 20 minutes. That is twice as long as most boats in the market! The boat is easy to control with the 2.4 GHz remote up to a range of 164 feet and is designed to control multiple racers simultaneously.This is an image of a navy blue rc boat by SZJJX .


23. White H102 RC Toy Boat by Abco Tech

A lot of hours must have gone into brainstorming design ideas before coming up with this breathtaking boat. It is sleek, beautiful, and very fast (over 20 mph) with a double hatch body to enhance wave resistance.

The boat comes with an innovative 2.4 GHz remote controls featuring an LCD that shows the power and signal levels. It also has a capsize recovery button to turn the boat back up if it flips while racing. And kids would love the emergency stop button that lets them stop the bait at any time.

This boat is capable of everything expected of the best boats. As a bonus, you get a spare propeller when you purchase it.This is an image of a rc boat by Abco Tech


24. 3-in-1 RC Drone, Car & Boat

The great thing about this toy is not just that you are getting three toys in one package with an awesome price tag, it is simply the combination of three of kids’ trendiest toys stacked in one package.

Kids not only get to race it in water, but they can also play with it as a car on. land or with the detachable mini quadcopter, takeoff off into the air in the drone mode  This makes the 6 minutes battery time really short considering how time would fly since they are having so much fun.

The toy is lightweight and built from high-quality plastic material. The remote is ergonomically designed, easy to use and comes with flat battery alarm and auto-landing buttons for safety.This is an image of an orange mini drone and rc boat by EACHINE .


25. Black Vector Racing Boat

This is a beauty to get for your kid if they are just learning how to play with RC racing boats. With the ultra streamlined design with water fins and trim tabs, it is easy to keep it stable in the water even at top speeds.

Talking about speeds, it has a top speed of about 18 mph and can stay on this speed for about 14 minutes using the two 360 mAh batteries. And with the remote, the kid can control the tough  ABS plastic body boat up to a range of 330 feet.

It also comes with a reverse function, self-righting feature, low battery alarm, and water cooling system to stop the engine from overheating.This is an image of a black rc boat with batteries by VOLANTEXRC.



Considerations When Choosing RC Boats

It would have been great if purchasing the best rc boat involves just having enough cash and picking the one you fancy due to a combination of color and design. That is not saying that these factors are not important, but they are hardly the most vital considerations when choosing a boat for your kid.

The following are some of the most important things you must consider before making your choice:

Body of water

This variable can be further subdivided into ‘outdoor vs indoor.’

What is important though is where the kid is going to play with the boat. If you have a swimming pool at home, you could opt for any size including small ones. But the very small ones would be fit for only small spaces like a bathtub.

For large spaces like a nearby lake, a small river, or even the public swimming pool, bigger-sized boats are recommended.

The issue is simply this: the size of the waves created in big bodies of water make small boats unsuitable in them. The waves would knock them over easily. Even the presence of self-righting features in the small boats won’t mitigate the levels of frustration of constantly seeing the boat flipping over.

Speed of boat

Very young kids find it hard to control very fast boats. So, make sure you are not getting a boat that is too fast for your kid.

Design and features

You must consider the features integrated into the boat. What to look out for includes a hull design that enhances the stability of the boat in water, auto-righting function so it can automatically flip itself upright, or a function in the remote to easily do that.

Ease of use

This is an important factor in toys like these. If the controls are hard to master, your kid might abandon the boat no matter how sleek and beautiful it is. The kid simply wants to race and have fun; not waste time learning how to master the controls.


Best Buy

Though it wasn’t easy making a decision from so many amazing boats, we simply fell in love with Contixo’s T2 Sports Speed boat.

It had everything you’d wished in a toy. It’s sleek, durable, and packs some excellent features found in premium boats like the High-Rev rudder for directional control and anti-capsizing function. It is also built for speed and easy to handle even for beginners.

This is an image of a blue T2 rc boat by Contixo.



Best Budget Pick

The Black 3-in-1 combination drone, car, and boat by Eachine would not win a price for sleekness. But that is expected when you have to merge a drone, hovercraft, and car in one gadget.

Kids would be ecstatic with this as a present. Come on, they get to play in water, land and even in the air using just one remote!

This is an image of an orange mini drone and rc boat by EACHINE .


How Much is an RC Boat?

The cost of kid’s racing boats depends on the features and size. Basically, the bigger boats are more expensive. So it is normal to get a small one for less than $20 and at the other end, don’t be surprised to see price tags of over $400.

But it must be stated that price tag is not always an indication of quality.


What is the Fastest RC Boat in the World?

Most of the speedier boars coalesce around the 15 – 20 mph range. You don’t need faster speeds than this for kids. But if you really want speed, one of the fastest in the world is the 29″ long, green Veles boat which, incidentally, is the 4th boat reviewed here. You get speeds of up to 50 mph with it.


Where Can I Buy a Remote Control Boat?

Most toy shops in the country stock the boats. Simply head to the toy section or ask a staff to direct you there. Also, the toys are sold in many reputable online stores. You could easily order for them but make sure you read the reviews first or you might end up with a substandard product.