Best Power Wheels For 7 Year Old

best power wheel for 7 year old

Getting the best power wheels for 7 year old boy or girl might present challenges related to your ability to discern quality product from mediocre ones.

You have to get it right so you don’t end up with an expensive gift your kid doesn’t want to play with, or at the very worse, buying a power wheel that won’t stand the test of time.

Any average toy car would simply not cut it because at 7, kids are at the age where they pretty much know what they want and what is trendy.

This guide, hopefully, would lessen the burden of tackling the challenges of getting an awesome power wheel for your 7 year old kid.

Evaluating the Best Power Wheels for 7 Year old

Kids of 7 years, in most cases, have already in the second year of grade school. They are not toddlers anymore and they get quickly bored with simple toys.

They have a preference for toys that appeal to their sense of adventure. At that age, all they want to do is escape the world of adult supervision and be their own lord and master.

That is why power wheels are some of the best Toys for kids at that age. They get to pretend they are adults while having fun too.

Evaluating the power wheels had to take all that and the following factors into consideration before making it to the top 10 reviews.

Design – Most power wheels are a scaled-down version of the real deal. We believe if parents have to pay a lot of money for them, the least the manufacturers can do is make a perfect mini copy of the vehicle.

No details should be considered unimportant in the design. The vehicles that were good replicas, down to the smallest details, had a better chance of making it to the final list.

Unique concept – Here, we looked at the design concept, focusing mostly on how unique the power wheel is. Cars in this category are not a scaled-down version of real cars. They are original designs.

The more unique designs had a better chance of scaling through the vetting process. However, they must adhere to some basic variables like safety concerns and attractive design.

Battery power – Bigger, high-quality battery would deliver longer ride-time for kids. In conjunction with that is the amount of time it takes to charge the battery.

Sadly, most of the cars don’t have quick charging features. But cars that came with quality chargers and easy-to-access charging ports were considered better than others.

Durability – This is one of the most important factors in evaluating power wheels.

The body and various components of the car had to be made with quality material. We didn’t want parents regretting their purchase after a short time with the vehicles. After all, these are very expensive gift items.

Reviews by parents – the importance of the opinions of people who bought power wheels for their 7 year old kids cannot be overstated.

These reviews validate or call out manufacturers for false advertising. They also help to crystallize some of the feelings we had about some of the products.

Cars with too many bad reviews were cut during the selection process.

Review Of  10 Best Power Wheels For 7 Year Old In 2019

1. Rollplay GMC 12V Red Sierra Denali

Make your 7 year old feel like a king with the GMC Sierra Denali that was designed stand out and be noticed.

With two working doors, your kid’s friend can ride shotgun in the wide interior at a maximum speed of 5 mph. It has a reverse speed of 2.5 mph.

The design includes a realistic dashboard, windows, working LED headlights, horn, engine sounds, and MP3 connector with speakers for listening to music while cruising along.

A quick charging feature would have been great to reduce the 8-12 hours charge time. However, this would make an awesome present for a 7 year old.


2. Pink 12V Kids Ride-on Truck

This pink ride-on truck is just the present to awaken the inner adventurer in your child. The truck is made for the outdoors. It has wide rubber tires with amazing traction and foot pedal to regulate the forward speed.

Made with a sturdy plastic body, it features bright LED lights; adjustable seatbelt; spring suspension system; and built-in musical tunes and radio.

There is also an AUX cord to attach an MP3 player.

The rugged truck is powered by a 12V battery with low, medium and high adjustable speed options. It also comes with a remote control for parental safety options.


3. Rosso Motors ATV Quad 4 Wheeler Power 800W Motorcycle

What’s there not to love about this strongly-built ATV with its many amazing features. Your child would love the feel of the wind and sun as they ride along in it.

The ATV features big all-terrain rubber tires for great traction; bold front and rear utility rack; dual LED lights; advance suspension system; and a 36V battery and 800W motor to power the vehicle.

For safety concerns, it is equipped with a disc brake system and 3- speed governor for both forward and reverse motions.

The lead-based battery can deliver up to 2 hours of ride time for your kid. It takes about 6 hours to charge the battery fully.


4. Rosso Motors ATV 4 Wheeler 500W Power Motorcycle

This power motorcycle from Rosso Motors is similar to the previous ATV power motorcycle. It’s a rugged-looking ATV suitable for the outdoor riding that your kid would love.

Unlike the previous ATV, this is powered by a 500W motor and comes with a cheaper price tag. The color scheme is also different along with some design features.

However, the awesome all-terrain rubber tires with great traction and shock absorber system, disc brake and speed governor are all present to give your kid an awesome time on the ATV.

So if the previous one is a bit too pricey, or you want something a bit different for another 7 year old, this would make a great alternative.


5. Kids 12V 4-Wheeler Ride-on Quad ATV

From Best Choice Products comes this low-slung power ATV that would make a great Christmas/holiday present for your kid to have tons of fun riding outdoors.

The beautifully designed vehicle with an awesome color concept is made of sturdy plastic material with exciting decals to enhance your kid’s fun time.

Other features include: 2-speed options; realistic engine sounds and horns; music; bright LED lights; and 12V rechargeable battery to power the 15W motor.

The vehicle can change direction effortlessly and is equipped with a forward and reverse gear switch. It moves on rubber tires threaded to enhance movement on all kinds of terrain.


6. Rollplay 6 Volt Chevy Silverado Police Truck

You want to see how your kid performs as a hero cop? Get them the awesome Chevy Silverado Police truck for some real, down-to-earth police work.

The beautifully-made truck would chase the baddies at a forward speed of 2.5 mph. This is considered safe for pretend play by kids. It has a similar reverse speed.

Some of the other features include an opening tailgate; detailed dashboard; working LED headlights; flashing red and blue lights; and an MP3 AUX cord with speakers to listen to music while performing their civic duties.

This is certainly a great power wheel to get your kid.


7. Aosom 12V Kids Battery Powered White Off-Road Truck

This white power wheel is all about style and class. The beautifully-crafted truck with the classic four-wheel design would surely make your kid very excited if you give it to them as a present.

The car comes with movable side mirrors; opening doors; headlights; realistic sounding horns; low-high speed switch; usable trunk; and LCD power indicator to monitor the battery power.

The car features twin 12V motors to power the rear wheels that are designed to move on all types of terrain. It also comes with an MP3 port to attach music players so they could listen to their favorite songs while driving.

The roomy and comfortable car also comes with a remote control for you to control the car remotely for safety concerns.


8. Mercedes-Benz S63 Kids Ride-on Car

This scaled-down, detailed Mercedes-Benz S63 ride-on car for kids would not fail to impress any kid that knows a bit about vintage cars.

It comes with rubber wheels and a spring suspension system on all the wheels for a smooth and comfortable ride. The cruising speed is 4 mph max powered by a 12V 7Ah battery.

Also featured are realistic front and rear lights, horn, dashboard, and AMG-licensed insignia.

The remote control allows parents to control the car up to a range of 80 feet to ensure the safety of the kids. This car almost completely simulates the real car you’d want one for yourself too if you could drive it.


9. Rollplay 6 Volt Chevy Tahoe Police SUV Ride On Toy

Your 7 year old kid would feel like a big shot police chief in this Chevy Tahoe Police SUV by Rollplay.

Its wide comfortable interiors features LED headlights; flashing blue and red police lights; 2 doors that open; chrome rims; AUX cord to attach an MP3 player; and a well-designed dashboard.

The kid can cruise at a maximum speed of 2.5 mph. This too is the maximum reverse speed.

It comes with an integrated battery life indicator to let you know how when it’s time to charge the battery. The SUV would have been perfect with a quick charge feature to significantly reduce the 8-12 hours charge time.


10. Power Wheels Artic Cat 100

This army-green, black and orange power truck is designed to look exactly like the real Artic Cat. This would make an awesome present for adventure and role play in uncharted arctic territory.

The sturdy, plastic car comes with an onboard heavy-duty shovel, truck bed, and working tailgate to complete the picture of riding in a snow blizzard.

The truck can move at a maximum speed of 5 mph max and has a reverse speed of 2.5 mph max. The specially threaded rubber tires ensure it can move well on hard surfaces, grass, slopes, muddy trails and sand.

The whole rig is powered by a 12V rechargeable battery.




There you have it, 10 of the best power wheels any 7 year old would get so much fun from. So getting a power wheel as a present or a holiday gift shouldn’t be a challenge for you any longer.

The reviewed power wheels are guaranteed to satisfy you and your kid’s high expectations. And we made sure to include products of varying price tags to accommodate you no matter the size of your budget.

However, if you feel the need to get something that is not on the list, use this review as a cool guide to help you search for the best power wheels for your 7 year old child.

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