Best Power Wheels For 5 Year Old


Looking for the best power wheels for 5 year old? We reviewed the top power wheels for both boys and girls aged 5.

Power wheels, because they mimic what adults do, are very popular among kids. This is a chance for kids to get a dose of what the grownups don’t allow them to do. If you want your kid to show their range of adult swag, get them a power wheel and watch them strut their stuff.

Power wheels for 5 year olds do more than just give them an opportunity to play adults. They also play a part in the development of the child.

As they drive their ride, they learn many car lexicons and develop their motor skills, spatial thinking, reflexes, hand-eye coordination and many more.

The cars reviewed here were all picked with all that taken into consideration.

Criteria for Selection of Power Wheels for 5 Year Olds

Numbers of Seats – most power wheels for 5 year olds are designed either as single-seaters or two-seaters. Two-seaters, though a bit more expensive, got the nod ahead of single-seater cars.

This is because, with two-seaters, there is enough space to give a friend a ride. This helps to develop the social skills of your kid.

Reverse movement – to give your kid the full-on car experience, we selected power wheels that had a reverse function. The idea is to give the kid the all-round experience of driving a cat.

Aside from that, power wheels with reverse functions tend to have better gear system and motors.

Wheels’ traction – In selecting power wheels of kids, it is arguable if a 4WD is better than a 2WD. But what is generally accepted is that traction matters a lot.

Wheels with good traction can move easily on any surface. This is crucial as the rides start out slowly at first. On slippery or smooth surfaces, the wheels with bad traction tend to spin in one place making movement cumbersome and placing a strain on the batteries.

Design – it is trite mentioning that some of the best power wheels are carefully designed with great attention paid to even the smallest details.

In addition to the design and finishing, we looked at how faithfully the makers reproduced the car brands they copied. A scale down version of any popular brand must look like the real deal to pass our vetting process.

Battery capacity and quality – We understand that kids love to ride their cars for as long as possible. The capacity and quality of the batteries determine that.

High-quality batteries with a decent capacity of at least 7Ah got the nod ahead of others. An extra point was given for fast-charging feature.

Safety – Safety is paramount. Kids should be able to drive without fear of getting hurt. Seat belts, adequate interior space, and padded interiors were some of the features related to safety.

The availability of a parent remote control was also a plus. As a safety feature, parents can use this to control the car if they see anything amiss while the kid is driving.

Reviews – what are parents saying about the cars? How have they rated their experiences with these cars? All these and many more can be gotten from reviews. Only power rides that had at least a 4-star average rating from most users scaled our selection process.

Top 10 Power Wheels For 5 Year Old Boys & Girls: Ideal Birthday & Christmas Gift For 5 year Olds

1. Best Choice Products 12V Kids Battery Powered Electric RC Ride-on Car

This convertible from Best Choice Products would make your 5 year old feel like a movie star when they get behind the wheels.

The stylish, red electric car comes with an integrated gear that allows the driver to choose either high or low-speed mode. It also comes equipped with a seat belt, sound system preloaded with songs, real engine sounds, horn, and bright LED lights.

There is also a remote control you can use to control the car for safety reasons.

The car is powered by 12V 7Ah battery and has a maximum speed of 2mph. A full battery can power the sleek ride for between 1 and 2 hours.


2. Peg Perego John Deere Ground Force Tractor

Expose your kid to the agrarian world of farmers and farming with the John Deere Ground Force tractor by Peg Perego.

The green, yellow and black mostly plastic truck is faithfully reproduced to look like the real thing completes with a trailer for hauling stuff attached to the truck.

The tractor comes with two-speed gear mode and can reverse. It has a maximum speed is 4.5 mph.

Other features include a working FM radio; adjustable seats with flip-up armrest; automatic brakes and high-traction wheels.

You want to know if your kid would take to farming? Get this tractor as a present for them and see how it goes.


3. Power Wheels Kawasaki Lil’ Quad

The Power Wheels Kawasaki Lil’ Quad features one of the world’s best-known power bikes. This power ATV is designed specifically for kids to experience the thrill of riding a Kawasaki.

With a maximum forward-only speed of 2mph, the ATV is an easy to operate push button vehicle. The push button is also used to power down the ATV.

It also comes with a built-in footrest for a safe and comfortable ride. The wheels are solid threaded rubber for enhanced traction while in motion.


4. BIG TOYS DIRECT Mercedes Benz G63 12V Electric Power Ride

This G63 is officially licensed by Mercedes Benz. Getting it as a present for your kid is the equivalent of giving them the real deal.

All the sought after features of the G63 are included in this mini model. These include doors, lights, upgraded remote, and a control center on the dashboard for setting onboard functions.

Other awesome features are the upgraded leather seats, FM radio, MP3 player, and SD card connectivity.

It cruises at a maximum speed of 4 mph on large plastic tires with rubber traction strip.


5. Moderno Kids Explorer 2 Seater 12V Power Children Ride-on Car


The Blue 2 Seater Explorer from Moderno Kids is a triumph of design and creativity your child needs to have as a present. It stands up there with the best power wheels for 5 year olds.

The car features a relatively huge 12V 12Ah battery that can power the car for up to 90 minutes on a full charge at a maximum speed of 2 mph.

Other awesome features include 2 powerful motors; 2 forward speeds;1 reverse speed; 2 way adjustable soft perforated leather seat; seat belts; LED lights; and an MP3 player among others.

There is also a parental remote control with remote stop function.


6. Power Wheels Dune Racer, Purple/Pink

This pink and purple dune racer would make a wonderful gift for your 5 year old daughter. A son would also find pleasure in it; the color combination reeks ladies though.

The rugged-looking car has a traction system that enables it to cruise confidently on all types of terrain. It has a dual speed system with the highest speed reaching 5 mph and low speed of 2.5 mph.

It also has a reverse speed of 2.5 mph.

It comes with a power-lock system; comfortable bucket seats; and metal sidebars for hand support. The whole rig is powered by a 12V battery.


7. John Deere Gator Xuv Power Ride

With its realistic camo design, this is the sort gift item your 5 year old would use to turn heads at the playground or wherever it makes an appearance.

The truck features a large dump bed your kid can use to haul any kiddy stuff and a tailgate that opens up. It also comes with seat belts for safety; a cup holder; adjustable seats; and super traction wheels.

There is dual speed gear that can regulate the speed to a maximum of 4.5 mph on all kinds of terrain. It is powered by a 12V battery that comes with the charger.


8. Best Choice Products 12V Ride On Truck

This truck screams power under the hood. That is the impression the awesome design gives. As a power wheel for a 5 year old, only a few beats this.

Your kid can cruise along at a maximum speed of 3.5mph while listening to music from the sound system. The car features spring suspension, adjustable seat belts for safety, magnetic doors, and LED head and tail lights to complete the realistic look of the car.

The car has a spacious interior to accommodate bigger kids. It is powered by 12V 7Ah battery that can crank out about 2 hours of run time on a full charge.

This is one power wheel a 5 year old would die for.


9. Maserati Style 12V Battery Powered Remote Control Car

The Maserati Style Battery Powered RC car brings the stylish and high performance the brand is known for to this kid’s electric car.

This would be a great ride for your kid as well as you if you feel like joining in the fun. And why not, it is a Maserati after all.

The car comes with 2 12V motors; 2 speeds level, 2mph and 4mp; a backward and forward motion switch; MP3 aux jack to listen to music; built in speakers; and a remote control for wireless control of the car.

The car has a tastefully furnished interior as is expected from a Maserati. Adjustable seat belts are also included to keep the child safe.


10. BIG TOYS DIRECT Jaguar F-Type 12V Battery Powered Car

A present of the lavish elegance of a Jaguar car for your 5 year old would leave you with one extremely excited kid. This Jaguar car for kids has all the unique features of the real thing.

This is an officially licensed F-Type Jaguar and comes complete with the famous insignia. Other realistic features include the functioning front and rear lights; 3 speeds; black wheel covers; a Jaguar floor mat; key chain and so many more authentic features.

It is powered by a 12V 7Ah battery with a rear drive motor gearbox.

And your kid can enjoy the lighted instrument panel that has an MP3 player with a USB/SD card interface and FM radio.




These are the best power wheels for 5 year olds perfect gift for Christmas  or as as a birthday present. The cars were carefully selected to include only models that provided the maximum utility for your child.

Though the prices on some of them might scare you off the idea of getting one for your kid, it is not advisable to go for the cheaper options. These ones are so poor in quality you could as well have thrown your money down the drain. In the long run, the quality cars are better long-term investments since they are durable

Investments aside, what you get if you purchased one is a child who would be eternally grateful to you.


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