Best Playstation Games for Kids

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The ever popular PlayStation console is always a highly requested item on kids gift lists and the latest PlayStation 4 (PS4) is no exception, making it a popular choice for the whole family. With exhilarating game play options the PlayStation is a great source of entertainment for kids and adults alike.

There are a great variety of PS4 kids games to pick from, meaning that all kids can find suitable games that follow their interests and help to develop their skills. However, it can be daunting searching through all of the available games so we are here to help by taking your through the best of the PS4 games.

Many parents will ask what are the latest gifts for kids into PlayStation games? Fortunately there is a large range of game options available for girls and boys of all ages. From favorite movie games to creative building games there is a game for everyone. Even older popular games have been revamped for the PS4, often with new features and improved graphics.


Considerations When Choosing PlayStation Games for Kids

Age – It is important to ensure that the games you choose for your kids to play are suitable for their age. Each game will have an age guideline on the box to help direct you. Games that are recommended for older kids may be too difficult for younger kids to play and make contain content that is unsuitable for younger kids to view.

Interests – There is a great range of games for you to pick from, so to find a game that your kid will love it is important that you know what their current interests are. If your kid loves sports, racing, puzzles or adventures then there are plenty of great options included in our best PS4 games for kids list. Otherwise, there are some amazing games based on popular movies that movie fans will find fascinating.


The 25 Best PlayStation Games for Kids

This guide will help you choose the ideal games for the PlayStation for your kid by taking you through the top 25 games available. With a great range of themes for all different ages, you are sure to find the perfect game for every kid.

1. Minecraft

This Minecraft game is currently one of the most popular video games that kids across the world are enjoying, so we have to include this fantastic game at the number one spot. Kids are loving this exciting game because there are no limits to their imagination, so they can create a world unique to them and build any structure imaginable.

It is one of the best PS4 kids games that has the option to be played alone or with up to 7 other online players, creating endless excitement. The only drawback to this game is that there is some fantasy violence included, resulting in the 10+ age restriction. Regardless, this PS4 version of the game is definitely the best PlayStation version yet.

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2. Spiro Reignited Trilogy

If you are looking for PS4 games for kids that both girls and boys will enjoy then the Spiro Reignited Trilogy game is the perfect option. This popular game allows kids to travel through amazing adventures with the cute dragon, Spiro, while trying to save the day and as all 3 previous games are included, there is endless fun to be had.

This game may only be suitable for 1 player but it has not stopped this game from being loved by kids, making it a great choice for all kids over the age of ten.

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3. Cars 3 Driven To Win

This great Cars 3 Driven To Win is the perfect video game for all fans of the Disney Pixar Cars movies, as it includes all kids favorite characters. For added excitement it can be played as a 1 player game or shared with friends for the ultimate competitive game.

Kids will love learning new tricks and improving their 2 wheel driving and barrel rolls, making this a popular PS4 game for boys. With 6 fantastic game modes there is plenty of fun to be had playing this exciting car game.

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4. Sonic Forces Standard Edition

Sonic is a well known video game character who is much loved by kids and adults alike, so everyone will be pleased that Sonic is back as one of the best PlayStation 4 video games. Kids will love that they can play as both classic and modern Sonic or even create their own hero character to complete each amazing fun filled level.

All of the familiar villains are included in this great adventure game, with the addition of Infinite, a new and exciting villain for players to overcome. This is a great game for all kids over the age of 10 years old that the whole family will enjoy.

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5. Lego Disney Pixar The Incredibles

The Lego Disney Pixar The Incredibles game has made it onto our top 25 list as it is one of the few two player games for kids that allows the players to work together when building the amazing Lego builds. In addition to the incredible Lego creations, there are also many fantastic story levels for players to explore, where they can defeat super villains.

Fans of the Incredibles will love this action packed game, especially as it is combined with the ever popular Lego series. All kids favorite characters from both movies are included making this the perfect PS4 game for kids over the age of 10 years old.

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6. Nickelodeon Kart Racers

There are very few games for little kids that are suitable for the whole family to enjoy, which is why this Nickelodeon Kart Racers game is perfect. With over 12 popular Nickelodeon characters to choose from and 24 fun filled slime tracks to race on, this brilliant game has the perfect appeal to all kids.

With a fun 4 player multiplayer option, this game is definitely one of the best PS4 games for 5 year olds that is simple enough for young kids to play but also enjoyable enough for older kids to want to join in.

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7. Hasbro Family Fun Pack

This versatile Hasbro Family Fun Pack game is perfect to play during a quiet family night in or even when entertaining friends. It is truly great value for money with 4 popular board games brought to life in one great video game set. The only issue will be choosing which one to play as Monopoly, Risk, Trivial Pursuit and Scrabble are all included.

The Hasbro Family Fun Pack is one of the best PS4 family games that both kids over 10 years old and adults will enjoy playing. Unite the family tonight with everyones favorite games and spend some quality time together.

This is an image of kid's family fun pack game for playstation 4


8. Lego Marvel Collection

An amazing collection of 3 games are included in this fantastic Lego Marvel PlayStation Game, which all action loving Marvel fans will enjoy. This is another great value game that comes with the super Lego Marvel games; Marvel Super Heroes, Marvel’s Avengers and Marvel Super Heroes 2, so there are endless adventures for kids to enjoy.

This is one of the top PlayStation 4 games for kids that all boys who love Marvel will enjoy, as all of their favorite Marvel heroes and villains are included for added excitement. Will the heroes be able to defeat the villains in each of these wonderful action packed games?

This is an image of kid's lego marvel collection game for playstation 4


9. Paw Patrol On A Roll

If you have been searching for PS4 games for Toddlers then this fantastic Paw Patrol On A Roll game is the perfect choice. It is suitable for every age, simple to use and includes everyones favorite Paw Patrol characters for added appeal.

Kids will get plenty of enjoyment from this cute game with 16 adventures to complete over 8 different bays, with each one providing the perfect environment for kids to explore. For each mission kids can also use 2 different pups, so they can play as their favorite characters. This is the ideal game for introducing young kids to video games.

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10. Mudrunner American Wilds Edition

All kids who love driving need to play this amazing Mudrunner American Wilds Edition game. With new updated maps included, there are 11 thrilling challenge maps to complete that will cover terrain to test every driver. Choose from 30 all terrain vehicles and customize them with the 60 exciting add ons, before undertaking some of the toughest driving challenges.

As one of the top 10 PS4 games with a driving theme it is an essential game for all motor enthusiasts to play. Instead of the usual fast paced racing games, this game requires skill and grit to complete, so is action packed from start to finish.

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11. Lego Worlds

Lego video games are always popular with kids who love gaming and this brilliant Lego Worlds PlayStation Game is no exception. As one of the most exciting Lego games to be produced this is definitely a contender as one of the best PS4 games for girls and boys over the age of 10 yrs old.

This game requires imagination, so is perfect for all kids who enjoy adventure, as during this amazing game they can create exciting buildings and explore their unique Lego world using helicopters, dragons and many other exciting creatures. A truly entertaining game for kids that provides no limit to their creativity.

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12. Pac-Man Championship Edition 2

Pac-Man is one of the most popular arcade games of all time. First played in the 1980s this brilliant game has continued to be loved ever since, making this new and regenerated Pac-Man Championship Edition 2 game the best version yet. The original rules apply, where Pac-Man needs to eat all of the Pac-Dots before getting caught by a ghost but with amazing 3D graphics this love for this game is certain to be rekindled by adults and kids alike.

Also included with this great arcade game are the other popular games of Galaga and Dig Dug providing plenty of alternative play options that kids will enjoy exploring. These arcade games are perfect for all ages to play making this Pac-Man Championship Edition 2 game the best of the PlayStation games for 8 year olds.

This is an image of kid's pac man game for playstation 4


13. Just Dance 2019

Do you want to encourage your kids to be more active? Then this exciting Just Dance 2019 game is the perfect choice for you. This updated version of the popular Just Dance series enables the game to be personalized to the player, so the game can suggest dance choices from over 400 songs that are ideal for each kid.

To improve kids health there are even 8 choreographed songs that encourage fitness and movement while still providing plenty of fun. This is the top of the PS4 dance games as 6 players can also join in together, just by using their smartphones, making this the ideal party game.

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14. Lego Harry Potter Collection

All children love Harry Potter so they are sure to enjoy this collection of Harry Potter Video Games that have been remastered especially for the PS4. This is the complete series of games that includes year 1 through to year 7, so kids can relive the story lines from each fantastic book.

These great games are full of puzzles, adventure and excitement and include everyone’s favorite scenes and characters and as one of the best kids PS4 titles available with enhanced graphics, this game will provide hours of excitement for all players.

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15. Disney Classics Games: Aladdin And The Lion King

This fabulous Disney Classics Games: Aladdin and The Lion King make a great value 2 in 1 game that all kids will love playing. Both of these much loved Disney games follow popular story lines from each film allowing kids to go on adventures with their favorite characters.

As these are the most up to date version of these games you can be sure that you are getting the best graphics along with increased play modes and game features, ensuring that kids will enjoy each of these wonderful games. You do not need to look any further that this Disney Classics Games when choosing cool games for your kids.

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16. Sonic and SEGA All-Stars Racing

Sonic is back with a cool Sonic and SEGA All-Stars Racing game that kids will enjoy playing with all of their friends. This top play station game includes all of the well known characters, with each one coming with a signature move that can be used to try to win the game.

Kids will love the amazing race tracks that are featured in this fun game and enjoy collecting weapons so they can successfully battle to win each race. With a 4 player split screen option or 8 player online mode this is also the perfect multiplayer game.

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17. Overcooked

The addictive game Overcooked is a game for the whole family to enjoy, so it has to be top of the wanted Play Station games list. Work as a team to prepare and fulfill orders and keep the customer happy.

This fun game will allow kids to work to unlock new levels and earn new chefs to create the perfect kitchen team. Kids can also ignite their competitive spirit with the thrilling head to head challenge. A game that is suitable for all to play and is sure to quickly become the most played game in your house.

This is an image of kid's overcooked game for playstation 4


18. Ben 10

Ben 10 Fans will love this new and exciting Ben 10 video game that will take them on many fantastic adventures where they can battle with popular villains. Kids can progress through this game to unlock all 10 levels, enabling Ben to transform into each of his alien forms so he can defeat all of the challenging villains.

A great game with plenty of puzzles and entertainment that is perfect for entertaining your kids. Can Ben save the day and make this the top PlayStation game for kid gamers?

This is an image of kid's ben 10 game for playstation 4


19. SEGA Genesis Classics

This SEGA Genesis Classics PS4 game is a top game for 13 years old boys and girls as it comes with over 50 classic SEGA titles. It includes all of the popular favorites, from Sonic the Hedgehog to Streets of Rage 2, with many other fantastic titles also included.

Enjoy playing shooting games, solving puzzles or mastering arcade games as you enjoy investigating old favorite games and discovering new gaming interests. As a game that is suitable for teens, it is perfect for older kids to play and its great value make this game an essential gaming title to add to every PS4 collection.

This is an image of kid's sega genesis game for playstation 4


20. Need For Speed Rivals

Need For Speed have produced some of the best PlayStation games of all times with previous popular titles and this Need For Speed Rivals is no exception. This is the ultimate racers versus cops game, where cops have to hunt down racers and racers have to make it home without being caught.

The game allows you to choose and customize your car and the save function allows you to build up a collection of your favorite vehicles. Players will also love the AllDrive mode, where they can change from single player to multiplayer with no hassle. A great car chase game that all gamers who love racing will enjoy.

This is an image of kid's need for speed rivals game for playstation 4


21. Rocket League Collectors Edition

This Rocket League Collectors Edition is a unique game that combines driving and soccer to produce one thrilling game. This is the ultimate version of the game that includes all features from previous games, making this the one of the top kids games for PS4.

Players can customize their cars to produce over 100 billion combinations and with even more exciting features to unlock throughout the game there is plenty of fun to be had. This great game has the multiplayer function for 4 split screens or 8 online players, making this the perfect competitive kids game.

This is an image of kid's rocket league game for playstation 4


22. NBA 2K19

For all Basketball lovers this NBA 2K19 game is the ideal video game for them. With multiple playing modes that enable kids to develop new and exciting moves on the court to thrilling competitive modes, there is much to enjoy from this brilliant sports game.

A fantastic Basketball game that is suitable for kids of all ages, this is an essential title to add to every games list. NBA 2K19 is the perfect game to encourage kids to enjoy sports.

This is an image of kid's NBA 2019 game for playstation 4


23. Legendary Fishing

If your kid is interested in fishing then this Legendary Fishing title is an amazing game for them, where they can develop their skills and technique in a safe environment. Kids will love that there are 80 exciting missions to complete that will allow them to achieve the status of legendary fisher.

This game will ignite all children’s love of the sport and the 4 player mode makes this a great family game to enjoy together. With over 10 venues to fish in and different weather conditions to experience this is the ultimate PS4 fishing game.

This is an image of kid's legendary fishing game for playstation 4


24. Subnautica

Subnautica is a diving game with a difference that is perfect for kids who love adventure and exploring. After crashing into alien waters the aim of the game is to survive by finding food and water and avoiding sea predators.

This is one of the top PlayStation games that is suitable for all kids over the age of 10 and is ideal for all thrill seekers. All players will love the graphics of this exciting game as they race to solve the mystery.

This is an image of kid's Subnautica game for playstation 4


25. Crash Team Racing

Everyone who loves the original Crash video games will enjoy this Crash Team Racing game. All of the original characters are included along with favorite tracks and game modes to ensure that this is best version yet.

This has to be a PS4 best games 2019 release that all kids over the age of 10 will enjoy. With the option to play online, kids will enjoy racing against all of their friends while playing a much loved fun and exciting racing game.

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Best Budget Buy

The Lego Harry Potter Collection is our best budget buy as you get the complete set of the Harry Potter games from year 1 through to year 7. This means that kids will get to enjoy hours of fun Lego play with themes based on the popular book series. Kids will enjoy playing this amazing Hogwarts game and meeting their favorite characters.

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Best Overall Buy

Our best overall buy is the Just Dance 2019 game as it is the perfect way to encourage your kids to become more active while having fun. It can be shared with up to 6 friends with their dance movements tracked using Smartphones instead of needing additional handsets. With over 400 songs to choose from and personalized suggestions there is a lot to enjoy about this exciting game.

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Where to Buy Kids PlayStation Games?

Video games can be purchased from game stores or online providing plenty of options for choosing a PS4 game for kids. Stores may have a limited selection of titles to pick from so for more choice an online store such as Amazon may have more variety.


Are these Games Suitable for Boys and Girls?

Both girls and boys will have fun playing all PlayStation 4 games that are suitable for their age. There are a great variety of different themed games to choose from that girls and boys will enjoy playing together.