Best Minecraft Toys For Kids (Awesome Gift Ideas)


Searching for the best minecraft toys for kids? We’ve reviewed ten of the best minecraft gift for kids in this article. Items reviewed are perfect for kid within the ages of 7, 8, 9, 10, and 11 year olds.

Minecraft toys cover a wide spectrum encapsulating action figures, card games, Lego blocks, stuffed animals, board games, card games, etc. These toys have successfully bridged the age barrier since even adults collect and play with some of them.

Because Minecraft toys originate from the popular video game of the same name, kids who love playing the game on video easily fall in love with the toys, making it a perfect gift idea for minecraft players. 

Essentially, the toys are a replica of kids’ favorite Minecraft video character which they can now hold and feel. Some of the toys even allow them to recreate some of the actions personally.

The products reviewed here are from a wide array of Minecraft toys suitable for kids of varying ages ( 7, 8, 9, 10, and 11 year olds.  specifically)

Criteria Used for Selection Minecraft Toys for Kids

Authenticity – Minecraft toys and games are very popular. The market for them is increasing daily as more kids get hooked on to the video game toys.

Many unscrupulous people want to take advantage of this huge Minecraft fan base to make quick profits. For that reason, there is a proliferation of fake products.

We scoured the net, checked and cross-checked the toys to make sure they are they are real and authentic.

There were some very good items that got thrown out because the manufacturers did not have the requisite license to make them. That is fraudulent and it should not be encouraged.

Brand name – Apart from Minecraft who own the copyright to the Minecraft brand, there are just three popular brands with the license to make these toys. They are Lego, Mattel, and ThinkGeek.

Toys from these brands made it through the initial selection process. Using brand name was another way of weeding out fakes.

Quality and durability – The quality and durability of the pieces was a very important factor in the selection of the top Minecraft toys for kids.

Apart from being fun toys, many of the pieces are used as decorative items and accessories for the home. This usually happens with serious Minecraft fans.

So it makes sense the pieces must be durable and of good quality. Durability is all about the kind of material used in making them. High-quality materials can withstand all kinds of stress without breaking or chipping off.

For quality, we looked at how the designs of the toys were faithful to the video game figures and items. A detailed replica scored big marks because it showed the makers cared enough to enhance user experience and were not just about selling the pieces.

The colors used were an important consideration in the choice of the Minecraft toys for children that made the top ten. We made sure the colors or paints used in the products were of high-quality.

The use of stickers, instead of colors, was frowned on. Stickers, no matter how good, can easily peel off making the pieces lose their beauty.

Lego toys – Several Lego toys were evaluated in the selection process. The ones that made the list had these in common: they can all be assembled and dismantled without much difficulty.

You don’t want kids getting frustrated because the parts are hard to join together or prise to create something else.

Minecraft Gift Toys For Kids (7, 8, 9, 10 & 11 year olds)

1. Minecraft Animal 6 Pack

Kids would have great, unending fun with the Minecraft Animal Toy Pack featuring six Minecraft animals all of which are fully articulated.

There are six animals in the pack: chicken, Ocelot, Tame Wolf, Pig, Sheep, and Cow. Each animal comes with the classic Minecraft pixilated design.

The ‘defenders’ animals would be perfect for any Minecraft fan wishing to add to their collection. The parts of the animals are removable and replaceable adding extra possibilities to the fun that can be had with them.


2. Lego Minecraft The Cave 21113

Two classic brands, Lego and Minecraft, come together in a game of adventure, danger, excitement, and creativity. This would make the perfect present for fans of Lego and Minecraft

It is all about personally constricting a Minecraft themed game with Lego pieces. This can only bring excited young ones close to their favorite game of Minecraft.

The set features a waterfall, lavafall, coal, iron, Redstone, gold, torch, ladder, TNT, torch, etc.

In all, there are 249 Lego pieces, enough to create your own Lego Minecraft world.  This set can also be used in combination with other sets in the series to take the excitement levels several notches higher.


3. ThinkGeek Minecraft Light-weight Wall Torch

This Wall Torch is an officially licensed Minecraft product. It is designed like the real torch in the game and it is an actual torch you can hang up on a wall to illuminate a room.

Though not strictly a toy for kids, it would an awesome part of your child’s collection of Minecraft toys. It is just the right size for kids 7 years and above to hold comfortably.

The touch uses 3 AAA batteries and it is made of high-quality ABS plastic making durable, non-toxic and safe for humans.


4. Minecraft Papercraft Overworld Set

If your kid loves Minecraft and creating artworks with paper, they’d be thrilled to have this as a gift, giving them the opportunity to make their own Minecraft figures from scratch.

The set features Creeper, Steve, Pig and various pieces of scenery.

There are almost invisible guide lines in the papers eliminating the need to cut them. Because the papers are of high quality, heavy duty cardboard, once the figures are created, they hold up for a long time without the need for glue or adhesive tape.

There are over 90 pieces in the set and these include stickers to give the created craft work the look of authenticity.


5. Minecraft Survival Pack

Kids who love Minecraft consider this set a must-have pack. This is understandable as the set is more for play and less as a decorative piece like many Minecraft sets.

It has everything a new player needs to get started including a workbench, wooden pickaxe, bed, wood sword, and a fully-articulated Steve action figure.

The designs are very detailed to conform to the game. The plastic figures can be used together with the landscape build with most of the Minecraft papercraft sets.


6. Minecraft Collectible Figure Mystery Blind Box

Fill your kid with suspense and anticipation with the Collectible Mystery Blind Box. This is all about discovering and collecting amazing Minecraft figures over a period of time.

Each box contains a small Minecraft object. You’d never know the identity of the object inside until you open the box to see the surprise awaiting you.

Some of the boxes contain Minecraft accessories. Whatever they get, your kid would have a great addition to their collection of Minecraft mini figures while waiting in anticipation for the next one to arrive.


7. Minecraft Creeper 7″ Plush

Creeper is a very adorable Minecraft plush toy any kid would simply fall in love with. After all, plushies are a favorite of kids and many adults too.

Standing at about 7″ inches tall, the green plush is a precise reproduction of an Overworld Mob of the hit video game Minecraft. The soft, plush exterior of Creeper features detailed pixilated embroidery capturing the essence of Minecraft.

Creeper makes a hissing sound followed by a soft explosion when it is squeezed. This makes it a really fun toy for kids to add to their Minecraft collection.


8. ThinkGeek Minecraft Light-Up Diamond Ore

Having the replica Minecraft Diamond wouldn’t be a bad idea for kids. This Minecraft Light-Up diamond is just the thing to provide soothing light and help kids sleep better after a hard day’s mining work.

Suitable for kids and adults alike, the cube can also be used as an ornament in the room and to provide soft illumination.

Tapping the cube activates the light. There are three illumination levels of low, high and medium. To kill the light is simply a matter of tapping it again.

Made from high-quality plastic materials, the cube uses 2 AA batteries and comes with an auto shut off feature after 3 minutes of non-stop use.


9. Mattel Minecraft Transforming Sword & Pickaxe Action Figure

Children simply find this sword and pickaxe combination action figure irresistible. One second it’s a sword and the next a pickaxe depending on the user’s preference.

Touted as the most exciting Minecraft weapon ever, the two-in-one piece has a new exciting diamond deco to increase its attraction to kids.

Made from non-toxic, high-quality plastic, the sword-pickaxe is comfortable in the grip of kids from 6 years old. Everybody needs a firm grip to battle archfiends like Minecraft Creepers, right?

One thing that stands out about this transforming weapon is that unlike other Minecraft toys, this piece is large, giving the look of a real weapon.


10. Mattel Minecraft Card Game

Take the fun of Minecraft into the world of card games with the Minecraft Card Game by Mattel. The card game allows players to re-enact the fun, adventures, and action of Minecraft video game.

The card game comes with 25 craft cards, 24 wood cards, 11 wild cards, 9 stone cards, 8 iron cards, 7 gold cards, 6 diamond cards, 5 Creeper cards, 5 TNT cards, and 4 card holders.

The game can be intense, but it is basically fun. Players mine resources of cards which they can use get craft cards for points. And while playing, Creeper and TNT are just lurking to upset an unlucky player.

The winner is determined by the player who reaches the game point goal first. Kids and adults usually spend hours enjoying the game.



There you have it; ten of the best Minecraft toys for kids from hundreds evaluated.

Minecraft toys, apart from the educational and developmental benefits, also serve to bond the family together. Parents, adults, love watching kids play with them. In many instances, adults are known to join in the fun.

So go ahead and select anyone you fancy. Chances are, the kids would love your choice especially if you got the toy or toys from the reviewed products above. After all, they are the top Minecraft toys perfect for kids from the age of 7 to 11 years old.

Next time you’re thinking of the perfect christmas or birthday gift to get your boy or girl that also happens to be a minecraft player, check through the product reviewed above, and you will make their day effortlessly.

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