Best Mickey Mouse Toys For 1 Year old


Mickey Mouse is one of the most lovable and eduring characters in everybody’s childhood. Kids are always starstruck with it the way some adults are obsessed with their favorite movie stars. That is why getting a Mickey Mouse toy for your 1 year old is a no-brainer. They’d absolutely be bowled over by it.

Generally, Mickey Mouse with its distinctive ears embodies excellence, trust, fun, and creativity. That famous mouse is simply a role model. By purchasing a Mickey Mouse toy for 1 year olds, the kids subconsciously want to live up to those ideals.

Like all things good, there are so many of these toys to chose from that it can be overwhelming. So below is a review of the top Mickey Mouse Toys for 1 year olds.

First though, a look at how we came about our list.

Criteria Used in Selecting Our Top Mickey Mouse Toys for 1 Year olds

Developmental benefits – Although toys are primarily made for fun, they indirectly play a big role in the development of children.

Toys that had limited developmental benefits were eliminated. To be clear, the toys that made the final cut are the best in terms of enhancing motor skills, developing the tactile senses, aiding creativity, and ability to stimulate curiosity in kids.

Are the toys durable and sturdy – 1 year olds, like most kids, have a way of stressing toys. They love slamming, chewing, hitting and throwing their toys. The toys must be sturdy to withstand all that treatment.

For plush toys and those made with fabric, the quality of the stitches and fabric must be high.

Safety – toys that are not made with safety as a priority were not included in the list. For instance, toys designed with sharp edges are not safe for kids since these could cut the child’s tender skin.

Other safety considerations include the use of non-toxic materials, absence of electrical parts, and absence of small parts that would constitute a choking hazard

The items must be authentic – All the product reviewed here have something to show as a badge of authenticity. This could be a sticker, label or a painting of Mickey Mouse on the toy.

Naturally, fake Mickey Mouse pictures or stickers can be spotted easily if you know what you are looking for. Fake products either do not faithfully reproduce the real figurine or use fake Mickey Mouse images on stickers and labels.

Top 10 Mickey Mouse Toys For 1 Year Old (Unique For Birthday and Christmas Gift For Both Boys & Girls)

#1. Disney Baby Mickey Mouse On the Go Activity Toy

This is one Mickey Mouse toy specifically made to keep 1 year olds occupied and engaged for long periods.

As a stuffed toy, it has all the desired qualities for such toys: it is soft, your baby can squeeze it easily, snuggle or cuddle it; and it is also safe for chewing.

There are several attached objects that effectively turn it into an activity toy. Chimes, rings, rattles, and ribbons are attached at various points of the body to keep your baby’s hands busy.

The beautifully-designed, multi-textured toy is machine washable and very durable.

The multi-textured fabrics would develop the tactile senses while providing chewable surfaces for itching gums.


#2. Kiddieland Disney Mickey Mouse Plane Light & Sound Activity Ride-on

This Mickey Mouse plane from Kiddieland comes with lights and realistic plane noises making it a big hit among 1 year olds. Kids would be really awed to see that their favorite Disney character as the pilot of this brightly-colored plane.

The plane sounds include gears shifting, radio frequencies, revving, take off and landing sounds. All these are in addition to the Mickey Mouse March song and classic songs your kid would be excited to sing along to.

This would be a wonderful gift item for kids with the attendant benefits of exercise for the kid and development of motors skills and all the basic senses.


#3. The First Years Disney Baby Shoot and Store


Get your 1 year old looking forward to bath time with the Disney Baby Shoot and Store toy. This bath time toy is colorful, durable and most importantly, water friendly.

The toy comes with a strong suction cup at the back of Mickey Mouse to hold it to flat surfaces including bathroom wall tiles. There are also three floating balls of different colors for shooting hoops or to simply play with in the bathtub.

The net also serves as a convenient storage area for the balls. Another awesome feature is the ability to fold down the net after bathing while still hanging on the wall.


#4. Disney Mickey Mouse 15″ Plush Toy

If you want a Disney toy for your 1 year old to hold and cuddle, you might as well go with the authentic product. This 15″ plush Mickey Mouse toy is so soft your kid would never want to put it down.

For a 1 year old, this is the perfect dimensions for holding on their tiny hands and moving around with it. This product is the real deal and comes with an official Disney stamp at the bottom of one foot.

It is made from strong, durable fabrics. The quality of the stitches are top notch and the features are placed exactly where they should be. It can be washed safely in a machine to keep it looking new for a long time.


#5. Disney Baby Mickey Mouse Blanky & Plush Toy

This Disney product is a combination soft blanket and toy. The concept is clear: hanging out with Mickey Mouse doesn’t have to stop because you want to sleep or simply lie down for a nap.

Any child, including your 1 year old would love this dark red cuddle blanket that is just the right size for them.

Made from non-toxic materials, your kid can reach for Mickey while lying down to fondle the crinkly ears. The materials are safe enough for the child to chew on to soothe sore gums

It is machine washable, and the red and yellow color would remain vibrant for a long time since the colors don’t run during washing. It would make a perfect Christmas gift.


#6. Kiddieland My First Minnie Ride On

1 year olds would love scooting around on this cute, four-wheeled, Disney themed mobile for kids. The mainly plastic ride is painted with soft baby pink, magenta and white colors.

With the black and white wheels, cute images and blinking lights, the overall impression is of a well-made ride designed to attract the attention of kids.

The toy comes with dials that activate music and other fun sounds. Your baby can also beep the horn for fun while the steering can be used to navigate easily around the house.

There is also a clock face the baby can play with and learn how to tell the time and count numbers.


#7. Disney Junior Mickey Mouse My First Microphone

Your kid must definitely have a favorite Disney song; this Mickey Mouse microphone is your gift to help them sing those classic tunes. This is an authentic product from Disney featuring pictures of Mickey and his friends on the microphone.

The toy features three popular Disney Clubhouse songs that can be activated by pressing three buttons, one for each song. It also has flashing lights and different fun sounds.

To hear the song or sing along, the buttons have to be held down. So help your kid develop their listening and singing skills with this Mickey Mouse mic.


#8. Disney Mickey Mouse Board Books For Toddlers and Kids

Make this board book your 1 year old’s introduction to the world of illustrated books. What could be better fun for your kid than reading with Mickey Mouse close by?

This board book is a set of 4 books all of them richly illustrated and sturdy to withstand the stress of time. Your kid would be introduced to numbers, colors, shapes, and letters.

The set comes in a cute storage case with a handle which makes moving around with it very easy.

The books are made from non-poisonous materials ensuring kids can play safely with them without adult supervision. Though, you don’t want to miss out on the bonding that comes while helping your kid to read the book.


#9. Kids Preferred Mickey Mouse Plush Mini Jingler

The Mini Jingler is a plush floppy and is a perfect Mickey Mouse toy for 1 year olds with its soft belly that jingles and wide open arms ready to hug your kid in greeting.

It designed to entertain young ones for hours leaving you free to face other tasks.

The toy has the classic Mickey Mouse features set in high-quality durable material that is easy to clean. It is surface washable requiring just a few minutes with cloth and water.


#10. Mickey Mouse My First Learning Book

With 5 pages, electronic lights and sounds, Disney’s My First Learning Book is a great gift for your baby as an introductory educational toy.

The interactive toy teaches shapes, numbers, colors in English and Spanish. You can also take advantage of the dual language feature to learn a few basic words in Spanish.

The book is the perfect size for a 1 year old and it is brightly illustrated to hold the attention of kids. Your kid would have a sweet time simply flipping the pages and learning some basic words, shapes, and colors.

The book is small and light enough for your kid to carry around. However, a handle would have made it easier to carry for the kids.



So these are the top Mickey Mouse Toys for 1 year old we came up with. There are many other awesome toys that did not make the list. That underlines how much importance brands attach to making quality Mickey Mouse toys.

That said, the ten above represent the best of the pack. And be rest assured that any item you decide to purchase for your kid is the absolute best and worth every dollar.

So go ahead and do a solid for your kid or the kid of some family or friends. After all, the Christmas season would soon be upon us. This is as good a time as any to start planning on getting a Mickey Mouse toy for some lucky kid.

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