Best LEGO Technic Sets

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Ask any LEGO fan and they will tell you that the best LEGO set should be both challenging and fun at the same time. LEGO Technic sets are the best there is for LEGO enthusiasts out there. They are not only challenging but also engaging and fun and you can build the most advanced designs with these sets.

These toys make a great pass time activity for both kids as well as adults. You can also take to building one with your child. To get the most out of your Technic Lego set, you need to get the best and the most suitable for your kid’s age if you are getting one for your child.

Choosing one of these sets may not be as simple as there is an unlimited number of sets out there. If you are looking for the best in the market however, this guide is going to help you pick an ideal choice for you. For those new to this hobby, you might not know what a great Lego set should be like or what this range actually is in the first place. You can find the answers to these questions and more, after our reviews.


22 Best LEGO Technic Sets Review

To make it easy for you to get the best set in the market, we have compiled a list of our top picks. Lets see how they stack up against each other.

1. Bucket Wheel Excavator

It’s only fitting that we start this list with one of the biggest LEGO sets in the world that you can buy. This is the mother of all LEGO! If you are looking for a challenging and fun build with and intricate design, then this is the ideal choice for you. It’s an appropriate gift for 12 to 16-year-olds as well as grownups who enjoy building Legos.

This set is bound to keep you engaged for hours and hours or a whole weekend even. The build features a variety of motorized functions like forward, rotating bucket wheel, reverse, moving conveyer belt as well as a rotating.

This set is really huge when built, at 16″ x28″ x 11″ and with 3929 pieces even the most experienced of builders will have hours or even days of fun. The set comes with a manual book with easy to understand instructions.

This is an image of LEGO technic bucket wheel excavator building kit


2. Bugatti Chiron

For most car enthusiasts a Bugatti is an ideal beast of a car and for many of us, it’s a dream car we dream of owning at some point in our lives. If you are one of these car enthusiasts or you just want to introduce your kid to engineering at an early age, then look no further.

The 3599 piece build is designed in collaboration with the actual with Bugatti automobiles to give you as much of an authentic experience as possible.

The Bugatti Chiron build features an 8-speed gearbox, aerodynamic bodywork, paddle gear shift, steering wheel, spoked rims, and suspension.

If you are looking for an ideal gift for a loved one, you cannot go wrong with this product. It is suitable for experienced builders both boys and girls.

This is an image of LEGO technic bugatti chiron car building kit


3. Volvo Concept Wheel Loader

While your young builder may experience challenges building the bucket wheel excavator or the Bugatti Chiron, this 1611 piece set will be a little easier to build. That does not mean that it will be boring constructing this set though.

If you are aiming at introducing your child to construction machines then this is the ideal choice for you. The set has very realistic looking parts including a mapping drone, a working tipper, and a bucket.

The two-in-one build which can also be made into a Volvo Concept Hauler PEGAX is designed in association with Volvo to ensure you get the closest experience to assembling the real thing.

The manual motor functions include the bucket function, the four steering wheel, as well as simultaneous boom.

You can enjoy building the Volvo concept wheel loader with your little one for hours. It is an ideal gift for boys and girls from the age of 10 years up to grownup Lego fans.This is an image of LEGO technic volvo concept wheel loader building kit


4. Car Transporter

This is another awesome set for Lego enthusiasts that will not let you down. Introduce your young builder to engineering basics with this 2493 piece build.

You will have lots of fun constructing the 2-in-1 car transporter with very realistic attributes. It features adjustable car decks, a car, and vehicle locks.

You will love how interactive this build is and you will have lots of fun building this one and exploring the design. It’s an ideal gift for ages from 11 up to adults.

This is an image of LEGO technic car transporter building kit


5. Technic Porsche 911

This is one LEGO Technic car model build that you will enjoy building a lot. The set is designed with attention to every detail to make your experience very realistic and fun.

If you are looking for a STEM toy for your little one, this is an amazing playset you cannot go wrong with. The set features an aerodynamic bodywork, a toy engine, steering wheel, and much more.

This race car a 911 RSR model replica will give you the experience of building one of the best race cars on the globe.

It comes with a commemorative booklet meant to take you through the historical journey of the Porsche as well as the Technic range.This is an image of LEGO technic porsche race car building kit in colorful colors



We all know how hard it is to keep kids away from screens nowadays. If you wish to get your kid an immersive toy that helps you keep them off screens for some time, teaches them something useful while being lots of fun at the same time then 42072 WHACK! Is a STEM toy is a toy you should invest in. Not only is it an awesome toy but also comes at a very reasonable price.

This is one of the best toy racecars for Technic fans. This particular build is not meant to take days to construct as the set comes with just 135 pieces but then again Lego sets are not all meant to be super challenging to assemble. Sometimes a quick build can be just as fulfilling and fun.

The WHACK! model features powerful pull-back motor, wide low profile tires, an engine that pops out on impact and other cool features you are going to enjoy. It’s an ideal gift for ages from 7 to both boys and girls.

This is an image of LEGO technic whack race car building kit


7. Remote-Controlled Stunt Racer

Any LEGO RC car is awesome and this one is not an exemption. It’s also one of those Lego technic kits with the best motor functions as it can turn, spin as well as dive through rough terrains. It also comes with remote control.

The 324 piece set is one of those short yet very satisfying builds to construct. You will not have time for boredom with this set.

Another awesome thing about this set is that you can build it with other genuine Lego if you need to inject some creativity into it. You can gift this to kids from 9 years of age.This is an image of LEGO technic stunt racer with remote control building kit


8. First Responder Building Kit

This is one of the few Lego motor kits on this list that gifts you with two builds for the price of one set. How cool is that?

With this set can be built into a first responder SUV with large tires that can endure rough terrains and to keep things interesting you can disassemble it and rebuild it into a fire racer car model.

It features opening doors, a light tower you can raise, steering and suspension and to keep creativity alive, this set is compatible with other original Lego models. There are a variety of possibilities with this set. What else would you be looking for?

The First Responder 42075 kit is ideal for Lego fans from the age of 9.

This is an image of LEGO technic car truck building kit in red color


9. Mack Anthem Engineering Toy

One of the largest Lego sets on this list at 22.9 x 18.9 x 4.9 inches. It’s intricately designed with great attention to details to give you a very real looking Mack Anthem truck replica.

It features a six-cylinder engine with moving hydraulic pistons as well as a comprehensive driver’s cab.

With the 2595 pieces that this set comes with you will have a lot of fun and play building it. Did I tell you that you can rebuild it into a Mack LR garbage truck yet? Yes, this set is a 2-in 1 set that’s bound to keep you immersed in building for quite some time. It’s also compatible with other Lego for more possibilities.

For any truck enthusiast, this is the real deal right here.

This is an image of LEGO technic anthem truck building kit in colorful colors


10. Cherry Picker Building Toy

If you have been looking for a Lego mechanics set to introduce your child to the mechanics of working machines with a friendly budget then look no further. This is a great STEM toy to start with. It can be the first Lego build you construct together with your kid.

It’s a 2-in-1 set featuring a lifting mechanism, a boom and basket, 4 hazard lights and nice large wheels. It can be deconstructed to construct a tow truck.

It’s a 155 piece set that is compatible with other authentic Lego set-pieces as well when you want to diversify possibilities. The cherry picker is favorable to younger Lego fans as you can get one for kids from the age of 7 and above.

This is an image of LEGO technic cherry picker truck building kit in orange color


11. Technic Crawler Crane

Introduce your young builder to the concept of gears and movement functions with the compact crawler crane building kit. With this set, you get 920 pieces which make a relatively challenging build in all the kind ways.

The fun features on this set include outriggers, crawler tracks, a hoist, and a 180 degree-rotating superstructure just to mention a few. It’s also two-way rebuilding into a technic compact tower crane and is compatible with other sets for extended creativity.

This is an image of LEGO technic compact crawler crane building kit in yellow color


12. LEGO Power Boat

If you are a Lego fan whose fascination is not in cars and trucks or you just want to extend your creativity to boats, I have you covered in this list too.

The Lego powerboat gifts you the experience of putting together a real speedboat. This set features an aerodynamic design piston engine open cockpit and other cool speedboat features.

The 174 piece set is 2-in 1 and it can be rebuilt into a hydroplane making sure you are not getting tired of this set any time soon.

This set is compatible with other Lego set-pieces as well.

This is an image of LEGO technic power boat building kit in red color


13. LEGO Off Roader

Of all the motorized Lego sets on this list, this off-roader is probably the most awesome and advanced one.

This truck is controlled using an app with supper interactive functionality which makes this toy lots of fun for Lego fans. There are 3 screen options to choose from that allow you to navigate your way around obstacles and rough terrains. You can also monitor your speed and tilt.

This 4×4 off-roader comes with 958 pieces you are going to enjoy putting together. It is worth mentioning that the set is compatible with other Lego too in case you want to diversify your options. It’s an appropriate gift for Lego fans from 11 years


This is an image of LEGO technic extrem off roader car truck in black and yellow colors


14. LEGO Rough Terrain Crane

This is the biggest Lego set so far in the market ad one of the most detailed builds you will encounter on your Lego building journey.

This motorized supper structure features a one-meter boom that you can extend, a working crane and a stabilizer. It’s the ideal technic set for you if you are looking to challenge your advanced building skills.

It is a 2-in-1 set that rebuilds into a mobile pile driver. That means for construction toys junkies, you hit the jackpot with this choice.

It goes without saying that if you are looking for a STEM toy for your child from 11 years, then this is the mother of all stem toys.


This is an image of LEGO technic rough terrain crane in red and black colors


15. RC Tracked Racer Technic Set

Of the Lego technics motors available in the market, this particular set has the best motorized functions you will come across. It can drive forward, reverse, go right or left and can make a 360-degree turn. The truck can navigate obstacles and rough terrains with lots of ease too.

It’s 2-in one which you can turn into an RC off-road truck. It comes with 370 pieces compatible with other authentic Lego branded models.

You can gift this to Lego fans of age 9 and above of both genders.

This is an image of LEGO technic Remote control tracked racer in green and black colors


16. Tow Truck All Terrain

This truck is one of the best of these sets, with awesome motor functions in the Lego set market today.

The build is made to weather all terrains with grace with features like front steering, extendable outriggers as well as a working winch which are all remote controlled.

You can also make a research explorer vehicle with this 1862 piece set and it’s an appropriate gift for ages from 11 years.

This is an image of LEGO technic 6x6 all terrain truck building kit in blue color


17. Technic Stunt Bike

Lego is not always about cars and trucks. The bike enthusiasts also have a place in this field as well. For that purpose, the Lego stunt bike will put your bikes knowledge into good and fun use but don’t be fooled. This won’t be a walk in the park.
Build a stunt bike with great motor functions and awesome features like pull-back motor, wide chunky tires, and rims for maximum stability, a real looking exhaust, front, and backlights.

Awesome gift for ages from 7 years.


This is an image of LEGO technic stunt bike building kit in yellow color


18. Rescue Helicopter Technic Set

If you would rather take your engineering skills and imagination to the sky or your curiosity nudges you towards planes then this is a perfect choice for you.

This 325 piece set gifts you the opportunity to a very real-looking rescue helicopter with everything including a stretcher, and rear doors. It’s also 2-in-1 and can be made into a concept plane to keep things diversified. It’s also compatible with other authentic Lego models if you want to extend your creativity.

It is ideal for boys and girls from the age of 8 years.


This is an image of LEGO technic rescue helicopter in red and white colors


19. LEGO Hovercraft

This build helps add diversity for the technic sets available for enthusiasts. With the 1020 pieces, you get to build a nice sturdy hovercraft or a jet boat as this set is 2-in-1.

The hovercraft features a couple of large back spinning fans, a loading ramp you can raise after loading, a crane and an expedition truck.

Suitable for kids from the age of 9 to grownups.


This is an image of LEGO technic hovercraft with truck building kit in colorful colors


20. LEGO Mercedes-Benz Truck

Get to build a detailed Mercedes Benz construction withy this awesome 2793 piece set. This is one of the mammoth sets on this list but all for the right reasons.

You are going to have a lot of fun constructing this truck. It can be gifted to your young Lego fan form the age of 11. You can also enjoy building it together. It has a huge motor and an advanced pneumatic system


This is an image LEGO Technic Mercedes benz acrocs building kit in colorful colors


21. Technic Ultralight Helicopter

For fans who are passionate about planes, you get to build this high-tech amazing build. It has an aerodynamic design that gives you a very realistic experience. It also features an open cockpit, with a cool seat, an aerial ladder, a detailed engine with moving pistons that enhance the motorization of this set.

You can rebuild it into an experimental aircraft. This set is favorable for young builders as you can gift it to kids from the age of 8.


This is an image of LEGO technic Ultralight helicopter building kit in colorful colors


22. LEGO Mining Truck

We are wrapping up this list with this awesome mining truck which is an ideal technic set to introduce your young Lego fan to engineering with.

It comes with a detailed engine, moving pistons for enhanced motor functions, a transmission belt, a heavy-duty bumper, driver’s cab, and tipping cargo. You can make it into a wheel dozer as well.


This is an image of LEGO Technic Mining truck in yellow color


Considerations when Choosing Technic LEGOs

There are a few factors you should keep in mind when shopping for LEGO to make sure you get the most suitable set for you or your kid. Here are the most important ones.


When shopping for one of these kits, it’s important to keep the age of your kid in mind. Some sets are too complex for beginners while others are too simple for experienced builders.

Fun factor

For most builders, Lego is a hobby and, as such, should be fun. You don’t want to buy a set that is too complex for your kid that it takes the fun out of the building.


Most Lego builders want to have an experience that’s as close to the real thing as possible and this is best achieved with a detailed set.


Best Buy

The Bugatti Chiron set is easily the best buy on this list. With the 3599 pieces that come with this set, you will have lots of fun assembling it. It’s also the most detailed set on this list and the most ideal for you if you are a fast car fan.

This is an image of LEGO technic bugatti chiron car building kit


Best Budget

If you are shopping on a budget and you want to still get your kid the best toy available, then Lego WHACK! is the ideal set for you on this list. The 135 piece set is not a complicated build but it will gift your kid hours of fun at a reasonable price.

This is an image of LEGO technic whack race car building kit


What is Lego Technic?

This range consists of building blocks, mostly plastic, which interlock to create advanced builds or models. There are several models one can make using Lego pieces.

For the most part and all the sets reviewed on this list, the kits are meant to build automobiles. Building Lego models is not only educative but also a lot of fun and interactive.

Most Lego pieces also include gears, axles as well as pins and other parts that contribute to the model’s motorized functions. Some come with electric motors and remote controls that allow you to steer the finished model remotely.

Technic kits mostly foster problem-solving skills and self-correction skills among the builders. They also make for good STEM toys for kids as they teach them a lot about engineering and technology.


How to Motorize Lego Technic?

Every technic set comes with different motor functions depending on the manufacturer. They also come with instructions on how to build them and their motorized functions. These manuals will also tell you how to motorize the model. Sometimes it might be necessary to buy a LEGO motor kit additionally to make the model come to life.



Technic Lego sets are not only advanced toy models but they also make a great pastime activity for both kids and grownups.

Nowadays it is hard to get kids to do something other than watching TV, surfing the internet and playing videogames. These sets can help a great deal in that regard. The best thing about Lego is that they are not only interactive and fun but also very educative in an interesting yet playful manner.

It’s one of the best ways to introduce young minds to difficult subjects such as science, mechanics, and technology just to mention a few. So go ahead and get yourself or your child the best set. You deserve it.