Best Lego Sets For Girls 2019.


Lego, with their collection of Lego sets for girls, have shown that the stereotypical notion of girls’ dislike for building things up from the ground is wrong. The popularity of these sets targeted at girls tells just one story: given the chance, females would prove certain norms are wrong.

LEGO toys are about creativity. It provides kids with lots of opportunities for role-playing and creating imaginary worlds matching their personality. The more imaginative a kid, the more time they spent with the Lego sets.

We have selected the best LEGO sets for girls you could give to your baby girl as a present. She would surprise you with her breathtaking designs and intriguing stories.

Criteria Used in Selecting the Top Lego Sets for Girls

Picking the best Lego sets for girls to review was not all cut and dry. The LEGO is known for making fantastic pieces with little chance of a sub-standard product hitting the shelves.

Making a choice became a case of picking ten needles in a bunch of similar needles. But we were able to come up with the list based on the following criteria:

Availability – Unfortunately, some very awesome sets were no longer available and LEGO didn’t say when the sets would be back in stock.

We had no choice but to cut those out no matter the temptation the include them. After all, this is a guide to help parents/adults make informed decisions about Lego sets for girls. There was no point including a product that was no longer available.

The stories behind the sets – Lego sets tend to be about the stories kids can recreate with Lego pieces. The more interesting stories got more traction with the vetting team.

For instance, Lego sets based on classic fantasy stories scored higher. Girls love these stories of love and adventures and eagerly grasp the opportunity to put their own spin on these classic tales.

Number of pieces and accessories – We agreed that sets with more pieces and accessories offer kids a wider range of possibilities. More pieces invariably meant your girl would be able to experiment as much as possible thereby improving her ability to think creatively.

Besides, if the number of pieces is huge, she would spend more time playing with the Lego set. It is not uncommon to find girls focusing on her Lego set for hours on end.

At the least, parents would use that time to catch their breath and take a long rest.

Color scheme – The color scheme of the Lego sets played a big role in our selection process. Some colors like pink and soft shades of purple are known to be favored by girls.

LEGO sets that came with bolder or dour colors were cut out while those with predominantly ‘girl’ colors were favored. Fortunately, this criterion only served to quickly reduce the number of toys we had to review.

Fact is, there are hundreds of Lego sets with girl-appropriate colors.

10 Best Lego Sets For Girls In 2019


1. LEGO Friends 41094 Heartlake Lighthouse

This Lego set is an awesome 473-piece set that allows your daughter to create an idyllic beach scenario complete with a boat, a pier, an ice cream shop, and lighthouse. Who wouldn’t love the challenge of building such a romantic setting from scratch?

The set comes with 2 cute little doll figures, Kate and Stephanie; a secret room; freezer; viewing platform; movable ladder; a seal on a rock; and tons of accessories to give her all the fun she’ll need.

Being a beachside setting, the extent of role play can only be limited by her imagination and creativity. She can go treasure hunting, a boat ride, swimming or simply chatting in the lighthouse with her friends Stephanie and Kate.


2. LEGO Friends Emma’s Art Stand 41332 Building Set

This girls Lego set would be perfect for your child if she is creative, loves animals and her artistic side is beginning to show. It could even wake up the budding creative artist you never was buried somewhere inside her.

The 210-piece set is all about creating a roadside art stand. Using her imagination and creativity, your girl should be able to create a cool park setting where the public can come, admire and buy Emma’s paintings displayed in her art trailer.

The set comes with a mini figurine doll, Emma; a pet cat, Chico; a scooter to ride on or tow the trailer with; art stand trailer with sales hatch that can open in three ways; a painting area; and easel.

There are so many ways this can go; your girl would definitely have an amazing time with this set.


3. LEGO Disney Princess Belle’s Enchanted Castle 41067

Give your baby girl the chance to create her classic story of Beauty and the Beast with this 374-piece Lego set. Perhaps, her own castle would be better than Disney’s given the incredibly detailed model of this set.

This colorful set has everything she’d need to recreate the most famous fantasy romantic story of all time. It comes with a magic mirror, cakes, goblet, frying pan, and a wig for the Prince.

Also included are two mini figures representing Princess Belle and the beast/charming prince. The other classic characters like Lumiere, Cogsworth, Mrs. Potts, Chip, Babette Wardrobe and Stove are also part of the set.


4. LEGO Disney Princess Ariel and the Magical Spell 41145 Building Kit

This Lego set takes your daughter to the underwater world of magic and beauty found under the sea. Add the Disney classic fantasy tale of Uriel to the mix to generate intrigue, love and lots of fun.

That is what she would get in this amazing 222-piece Lego set that invites her to use her imagination to create a beautiful undersea world.

Suitable for girls between 5 and 12 years, the set includes a sliding door, treasure chest, Arial’s cave, Ursula’s grotto, and other accessories.

The figurines representing Ariel with switchable mermaid tail/legs and Ursula are also included to complete the fantasy tale of transformation and love.


5. LEGO Friends Heartlake Puppy Daycare 41124

Your daughter would definitely fall in love with this Lego daycare for puppies. The 286-piece set comes with an outdoor garden with an agility course complete with obstacles and turning roundabout to give the puppy the exercise it deserves.

Other items include two mini dolls, Andrea and Mia; two puppies, husky and pug; a bath; beds; dog grooming station; outdoor garden; and much more.

Recommended for girls between 6 and 12 years, the daycare is about 3” tall, 4″ deep and 7″ wide.


6. LEGO Friends Friendship House 41340 Kids Building Set

Imagine building a four-story house with roof terrace, a pulley system, a slide, swing, and hot tub? That is what your baby girl would get if she gets this as a present.

This amazing Lego set comprises 722 pieces and the figurines needed to build the beautiful building. The figurines include three mini dolls Andrea, Emma, and Olivia; Dash the dog; Rumble the hamster; and Cinnamon the bunny.

Your girl would spend hours creating and having fun with the Friendship House that is 11″ high, 9″ wide and 4″ deep.


7. LEGO Friends Snow Resort Chalet 41323 Building Kit

It’s hard not to love this Lego set that is an adorable replica of a winter resort chalet. The 402-piece set comes with lots of accessories to create the perfect one-story holiday house.

The accessories include a ski, a snowmobile, wooden trunk, cups, pot, dog food, action camera, mobile phone, board game and much more. To enjoy the chalet are Andrea and Amy the two cute mini-dolls and Luna the husky figure.

Suitable for girls between 7 and 12 years, the chalet is about 11″ high, 1″ wide and 4” long. The set would definitely make a great present for your daughter to add to her Lego collection.


8. LEGO Friends Amusement Park Space Ride 41128

Your daughter would love this space-themed Lego building set. She’d be motivated to spin an interesting yarn about going to an amusement park with Olivia, the Lego mini doll figurine.

She’d be able to create a ride with articulated arms, while the include hologram stockers would complete the impression of spinning around wildly.

The 195-piece set comes with pieces for building a photo booth; ice cream cart and other accessories to build an amusement park ride with three articulated arms that lift rockets high into the air.


9. LEGO Disney Princess Moana’s Voyage 41150

If your daughter enjoyed the Disney animated movie Moana, she’d surely love the chance the recreate the exciting sea adventures of Moana with this 307-piece Lego building set.

The set includes pieces to build a beautiful island paradise, a Moana mini doll, Maui, the roaster HeiHei, a catapult for a buildable Kakamora, and the Heart of Te Fiti.

If some of that sound strange to you, it’s music to your daughter’s ears because she knows this is an opportunity to go on adventures with the irrepressible Moana.

The Lego set is suitable for girls between the ages 6 and 12.


10. LEGO Friend’s Stephanie’s House 41314 Set

Stephanie’s House is a fantastic two-story modular house your daughter would create from 622 Lego pieces and accessories.

Situated in Heartlake City, the house features a porch, balcony, spiral staircase, bedroom, bathroom, a detached rabbit hutch, and kitchen.

And to complete the picture of the amazing house your daughter would build are three mini dolls comprising daddy James, mummy Alicia and Stephanie. There is also Chili the baby rabbit to occupy the hutch.

This is a complete family house that offers lots of opportunities for creative role play to your daughter.



The 10 Lego sets for girls reviewed above are arguably some of the best Lego toys you can get for your daughter. Anyone of them is enough to engage her for hours of creative role-playing and cognitive thinking.

The good thing about them is you can always join in the fun. Sometimes, looking for the right niche to for a piece can take too long and become frustrating.

Your presence would be needed when this happens to help her figure out where and how to arrange the errant piece.


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