Best LEGO For 5 year Olds (Birthday & Christmas Gift Ideas)


Getting Lego sets for 5 year olds is a tad more complicated than simply purchasing something that would make them squeal with delight. It is arguable, though, that any Lego set you get would set their active minds buzzing with the good times ahead.

But you have to consider the age of the kid before taking a punt on any Lego set. For instance, if your kid is 5 year old boy, there are appropriate Lego sets for 5 year old boys. Anything else would likely be a disappointment.

The good thing is, Lego mark all their packs with the appropriate age range. A Lego set for a 5 year old boy would fall within the Lego Junior range. Kids younger than that should be pointed towards Lego Duplo. For older kids, there is no distinct category for them but the age range would be stated clearly on the pack.

The best Lego sets in this review are therefore mostly Lego Junior for 5 year olds. We have collated the best to make it easy for you to get one for your kid as a birthday present or for any auspicious occasion.

Selecting The Best Lego Sets for 5 year Olds

It is understandable that you’d love your kid to have tons of fun with their Lego set. But fun is simply the primary benefit of getting toys like Lego sets.

While having fun, it is important they learn a thing or two about life. This developmental aspect of toys is very subtle.

This aspect and some others explained below played a big role in the process of vetting the best Lego toy for 5 year olds.

Design – All the Lego toys we looked at had excellent designs. They were all made of quality, durable materials. Since we had to pick just 10 from hundreds, the intricacy of the design had to be a factor.

Unique Lego toys that stood out from the pack had a better chance of making it to the review if they scaled other hoops. It was tough, but we were able to select the Lego toys that easily combined functionality with uniqueness in design.

Age appropriateness – This was a no-brainer in the vetting process. Lego sets that looked and felt too basic were discarded. So are the very complicated ones that are above the mental capabilities of 5 year olds.

Utility of the Lego set – This variable came with several subsets. For instance, a Lego toy had to be able to provide multiple functions apart from the fun aspect. Questions like:

  • Was the Lego set interesting enough to hold the attention of the kid for long?
  • What are the developmental benefits?
  • Was the concept flexible for kids to spin multiple storylines?
  • Etc.

All the Lego sets that made it to the review were able to provide positive and adequate answers to those queries

Reviews – Most selection processes employ reviews from users to help in cracking tricky options. In a case like this with many excellent products, the opinion of multiple users cannot be overlooked.

Naturally, people had different experiences with the Lego sets; that is why it is impossible to get a perfect score of 5 stars. But, we screened out toys with less than 3 stars at the initial stage. Later, we restricted our choice to only 4-star products to further prune down the number to a manageable level.

10 Best Lego Sets For 5 Year Olds: Review

1. LEGO Classic Large Creative Box 10698

Lego’s Classic Creative Box is one gift pack that would surely be a part of your kid’s life for many years. With 790 pieces and accessories, there is a no limit to the stuff your kid can create. All they need is their imagination to come up with new ideas. The bricks are waiting to bring the ideas to life.

The box features two green base plates for your kid to build on. The larger base plate measures 6″x6″ while the smaller rectangular one has a dimension of 4″x2″.

The set comes with 8 different types of Windows and doors; 6 tires and rims; a scooter; bricks to build all kinds of animals; and an awesome storage box.

And when they get tired of playing or want to start a new project, there is a brick separator to make disassembling easy.


2. LEGO City Great Vehicles Pizza Van 60150

How about letting your kid become a hands-on pizza business owner with this awesome Lego set? They would most likely enjoy role-playing a pizza maker, server and pizza delivery dude speeding off in the scooter.

This 249-piece set has enough pieces and accessories to build a colorful pizza delivery truck. The accessories include two mini figures (the chef and customer), a pizza box, a full pizza, a slice of pizza, and French fries.

There are also accessories for kids to build and set up a table with a parasol to complete the picture of an outdoor mobile pizzeria.


3. LEGO City Police High-speed Chase 60138

The Lego City Police High-speed Chase would give your kid the thrill of a lifetime. First, they get to build a modern police force and secondly, they get the opportunity to join other police officers to chase down a crook.

The 249-piece pack and the accessories would enable them to create police choppers with spinning rotors; roadblocks; a police car, a one getaway car, and much more.

The set includes Chase McCain figurine; one male and one female police officer figurines; a sleek bank robber mini figure; and other accessories that make for an exciting, high-speed catch-the-robber scenario.

Imaginative kids would surely come up with different breathtaking narratives and storylines with this Lego set.


4. LEGO City Pickup & Caravan 60182 Building Kit

It’s an apt time for a family vacation and a caravan towed by a pickup is the ideal getaway rig for the whole family. That is the setting your kid would create with this 344-piece Lego building kit.

All the accessories to make it a perfect vacation are included in the pack. These include 3 mini figures representing mum, dad, and son; a crab figurine; the mini pickup truck; and other accessories.

Kids could build an awesome trailer with a removable roof; sides that can open to let the air in; and extendable support leg. There is more than enough room for exciting role-play by kids with this Lego set.


5. LEGO City Forest Tractor 60181 Building Kit

The Lego City Forest Tractor building kit would allow your kit to create stories about forests, the work involved in bringing down trees, and preserving the environment.

There are 174 pieces in this pack to build a forest tractor with moving arm, buildable log stand, and a claw grabber that can open and close.

The kid would learn lots of forest and logging terminology as they try to understand the sequence of events from cutting down a tree in the forest, transporting it, hoisting it on a log stand and cutting it up to usable logs.

This complete set also comes with a chainsaw, shovel, and other accessories.


6. LEGO City Police Patrol Boat 60129 Building Kit

This Lego set would make a great addition to your kid’s collection of Lego sets and toys. This set takes exciting role-playing to police patrol boats chasing crooks in the canals of Lego City.

There are 200 pieces for an imaginative kid to create the perfect cops and robbers scenario. The pieces include 2 police officers, one male crook, and a female crook mini figure.

The other accessories are: 1 stop sign, a walkie-talkie, a pair of handcuffs, flashlight and many more. These are all enough for your little one to spin exciting stories about police speedboats running down criminals.


7. LEGO Pirates Soldiers Outpost

The dangerous, adventurous, romanticized world of dashing, daring pirates versus soldiers is would be your kid’s if you get them this Lego set. With 164 pieces of bricks and accessories, kids would be able to build imaginative scenes of pirates taking on soldiers at a military outpost.

The pack comes with accessories like a flag, a spring-loaded canon, a treasure set with jewels, musket, a cutlass, crab and an octopus.

The figurines include 2 blue-coated soldiers and the Pirate.

What fantastic tales would your kid spin to fit the world this world? Stay tuned for surprises!


8. LEGO Jurassic World T. Breakout 10758 Building Kit

This is a cool Lego dino starter set kids would really to have to recreate their own Jurassic world with exciting stories to match it.

The 150-piece set includes a T-Rex and baby dinosaur figures; mini dolls of Claire, a scientist, and a guard. With all the accessories, your kid would be able to build a truck with opening back, a science station, and a huge fence with a sturdy-looking gate.

Can T-Rex escape the enclosure and threaten Claire and the other humans? How would the crew of three handle a rampaging T-Rex? That is the type of imaginative story your kid would reel out while playing with the Lego pieces.


9. LEGO Mountain Police Chase 10751 Building Kit

This Lego building kit allows kids to build and have exciting adventures with a complete Mountain Police force. It is a 115-piece set that is easy to build, dismantle and rebuild again for a brand new adventure.

The set comes with 2 figures, the police officer and the crook. Other accessories include the crook’s ATV, and a buildable helicopter with spinning rotors, opening cockpit, and a chain with a hook attached at the end.

There are enough colorful pieces to build a police station on a quick-start base. The Police station comes with a safe that can open, a ladder for a rooftop lookout, and a jail with a door that opens.

Get this for your kid, then sit back and watch them spend hours building and creating intriguing storylines.


10. LEGO Classic Bricks and Gears 10712 Building Kit

Lego’s classic bricks are awesome because kids are not restricted to specific things to build. This set is even better with the addition of gears to the bricks.

Your kid can build anything from animals, plants, helicopter, automobiles, houses, etc. What your kid is able to build with the 244 pieces is up to them. Anything is possible with this Lego set.

The set comes with an easy to understand concise instructions for those starting out and tips advanced users to build more. There is also a brick separator to help kids dismantle whatever they build with ease.



As you might have noticed, these Lego sets for 5 year olds cover a wide range with different narratives to help your kid’s creativity. Some are just like blank canvasses for the kids to build anything they wish without the restriction of a pre-set storyline.

However, whichever Lego set from the reviewed products you decide to get from your kid, they are going to have lots of fun and the attendant developmental benefits.

You can go ahead and make a choice. But it would be a smart move to ask your kid if they loved what you selected. Chances are, they’d squeal out a resounding ‘Yes!’


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