Best Horse Toys for Kids

Little boy dressed up as cowboy playing with his toy rocking horse in a summer park. Kids play outdoors. Children in Halloween costumes at trick or treat. Toys for preschooler or toddler child.

If you are looking to pick up the perfect toy for a horse lover? A horse toy would be a very good place to start. Horse themed toys come in different shapes, sizes, colors, and forms guaranteed to interest and excite kids of all ages. Suitable for both boys and girls. You have a variety of options, including but not limited to horse riding toys, horse playsets, sit-on toys or other horse related toys.

The most common cause for worry among parents is the safety of moving toys, but many of these horses are beautifully designed with harnesses and straps to ensure the safety of the kids.


Considerations When Choosing Horses Toys

There are a few considerations which should be met when it comes to picking out the best of these toys for your child. Here are some points worth noting:

Age – The age of the child who will be receiving the toy must be kept in mind. Each toy below has a suggested age range from the manufacturer to help you decide if a toy will be age-appropriate or not.

Type – There are loads of different types of toys with a horsey theme. There are ride-on toys, wooden toys, plastic figures of all shapes and sizes, and even electronic, interactive ones. Think about the types of toy your child most enjoys playing with to ensure you find them a new horse they will love.

Safety – When choosing any toy for your child, safety is a factor which must always be considered. Choose a toy from a trusted brand with good reviews from other parents, and be sure to avoid small parts when buying for younger children.


25 Best Horse Toys For Kids

Below is the review of toy horses for boys and girls of all ages. Chosen carefully after detailed research, including an inquiry from parents who have at one time used one or more of the toys below. We have collated the data and used it to compile the following.

1. Melissa & Doug Stable Play Set

Melissa & Doug toy horse sets are beautifully made toys that take our top spot because they are highly customizable.

The set includes a wooden take-along stable, 8 beautiful horses and an attached breed guide to educate the kids as they have fun at the same time. This is a must-have because no two kids can have the same horse set, as included in the packaging are name tags, enabling the kids to label the horse stables and name each horse.

The Melissa & Doug stable set is constructed from the most durable of materials, which sees the toys stand the test of time. Allowing for constant use, and enables kids to take them anywhere.

This is an image of kid's stable play set in colorful colors


2. Smart Gear Pony Cycle

The Smart Gear Pony Cycle is an interesting entry because of its movement simulation feature. It gives the impression of a galloping horse and even steers left and right giving the kids an interactive, personalized, hands-on experience.

Kids can play with this toy for hours on end as it can be used indoors and outdoors. It is suitable for both boys and girls to ride whenever and wherever they want. Not to mention, it is neither electric nor does it use batteries. As an added security feature, the wheels do not roll backward.

This toy is for people looking to retain the nostalgia of the classic rocking horse, and infuse a touch of the modern.


This is an image of kid's gear pony cycle chocolate in brown and white colors


3. Prextex Plastic Horses

Making our list are Pretex Plastic horses, these miniature horses are perfect gifts for horse lovers. A pretex pack comprises 16 unique horses, each of a different stance, breed, and color from the other. Hardly would you find any two packages that are exactly the same.

Pretex horses look absolutely credible, with each horse measuring about 3 inches while standing on their feet.

Pretex plastic horses are perfect gifts for both boys and girls. The creative designs and different poses make them the best choice for a perfect cupcake topper if the legs go deep enough into the frosting.

This is an image of kid's plastic horse pack in colorful colors


4. Sunny Days Deluxe Horses

The Sunny Days Entertainment Blue Ribbon champions Horse is a must-have for every kid, the horses are designed to look almost like the real thing with a brushable mane and tail.

For a child-friendly, immersive experience, the horses are designed to make realistic horse sounds when the head of the horse is pushed downwards.

A child that is gifted this horse would learn to shoulder responsibilities and proper hygiene as the horse comes packed with a grooming brush.

Other accessories that you would find in the pack include a detachable saddle, hop-pocket, and a cup, to tend to the needs of the horse and his rider.

Sunny Days entertainment horse is a beautifully crafted horse that encourages imagination and creativity in children.

This is an image of toy's deluxe horse set in brown color


5. Melissa & Doug Wooden Horse Stamps

The Melissa and Doug horse stamps is the best horse gift you can get for children ages four and above. Why? The set is designed the capture the attention of your kid while at the same time challenging his imagination and enhancing his creativity.

It also has multiple set options that allow your kids to experiment and create wonderful horse barns and farmyard scenes.

The Melissa and Doug horsey stampers is one of the best horse sets for kids as it satisfies that the natural cravings of every kid to play and at the same time develops the mental abilities of your kid.

This is an image of kid's wooden stamp activity set with 5 colors pencils



6. Waliki Hobby Horse

The 30 inches tall toy stick horse is another unique horse gift for young horse lovers and will keep your child occupied and engaged at playtime.

Perhaps your child is already having dreams of becoming a cowboy or cowgirl, you can help support such early curiosity and imagination by gifting your child a stick horse from Waliki.

The horse is large enough for children of ages 3 and above to ride on and comes with some excellent horse sound effects that will excite your child all day long.

It is easy to assemble and disassemble for easy storage and use.

This is an image of kid's stick horse plush with sound in white and brown colors



7. Breyer Color Change Bath Toy

Jasmine the Horse is one of the most valuable Breyer horses you can get. The little girl house toy comes with a bathing toolkit in addition to the pink and black horse. If you looking to surprise your little girl, then this is a fabulous house gift idea for you.

The girl horse bath toy will teach your little girl about personal hygiene and some sense of responsibility as she takes care of the horse.

The girl house toy has an amazing color change feature, turning from pink to white when wet and white to pick when dry.

This toy is a beauty to behold and would have your little girl flushing in excitement.

This is an image of kid's coloring changing bath horse in blue and purple colors


8. Melissa and Doug Fold and Go Stable

This is another great Melissa and Doug folding horse stable. It is a complete stable toy which comprises of four plastic horse toys and a wooden toy horse barn. The wooden stable is a nice horse gift toy to get for your young child.

A bonus is that the stable is proven to inspire imaginative thinking in your child. While your child is playing, his or her cognitive thinking ability is been enhanced unintentionally, giving your child a massive boost among his or her peers.

Give your child a boost today, get the lovely Melissa and Doug stable as a horse toy gift.

This is an image of kid's wooden horse stable toys in colorful colors


9. Terra Miniature Horse Figures

The little horse playset is a one of the best horse lover gifts. It is a nice gift to give young children on special occasions like birthdays and after reaching a milestone.

The horse set is a collection of 60 pieces of small plastic horse toys that kids can play with and use to creatively create their own little animal zoo collection at home. The toy is light in weight and can be easily conveyed from place to place.

The small plastic horse pieces come in different poses to aid the imagination of kids. You can also use it as the perfect cake toppers for a horse-themed party.

This is an image of kid's miniature horse pack


10. Toy Story Woody & Bullseye

Do you have a child who has watched the Disney movie “Toy Story 4”; or the earlier installments? If yes, get that child this perfect cowboy toy for toddlers. Want to see them extra excited? Get this adventure pack and watch them come alive with excitement. It can also make a wonderful Christmas gift for horse lovers.

This lovely cowboy toy for horse lovers is the perfect toy to give a child a little
horsemanship education. The toy set comes with a cowboy (Woody) and a horse (Bullseye), both are characters from the movie Toy Story 4; Another plus, it is a cheap and quality horse toy set.

This is an image of kid's disney pixar toys in colorful colors


11. Inpany Horse Hopper

This is an inflatable horse that’s popular for bringing joy and happiness to kids of ages 3 and above. The Inpany Bouncy horse hopper can withstand weights up to 100Kg (220lb) as a result of being made with durable, heavy-duty, eco-friendly materials.

This beautiful bouncy horse scored very high on our safety tests. It is explosion-proof, free from odor or stink and contains no harmful substances.

The Inpany bouncy horse is easy to inflate and has a FREE hand pump included in the package. It measures 22 inches from nose to tail when fully inflated, and has a seat height of 14 inches, with the body height being 22 inches from ear to the floor.

This is a perfect horse gift to develop children’s balance and co-ordination and at the same time ensuring their safety with four-legged support.

This is an image of kid's Inflatable jumping horse in brown color


12. Smitco Horse Gifts for Girls

It has been found that art in any form reduces stress and increases creativity; this does not only help gain insight into a child’s development but also identify their interests. SMITCO Scrapbook is aimed to not only keep your child entertained but as well as provoke your child’s curiosity. It also creates a big avenue to see in writing the dreams, thoughts, and memories your child holds dear.

Smitco Scrapbook kit includes 2 sheets of scented stickers, 1 sheet of scented 3D stickers, 24 pieces of self-adhesive jewels, 1 scented secret scrapbook (60 pages) with passcode lock,1 feather pen,1 roll of washi tape.


This is an image of kid's horse craft kit


13. Pucci Pups by Battat

Children often after watching cartoons about horses and ponies come to you demanding they want one. The problem is usually that they are too young to get a horse or its way too expensive.

Pucci Pups by Battat solves this problem with its girl horse toy which includes accessories such as pink flower-patterned carrier, beige plush horse, reins and bridle, pink combs and healthy carrot.

This is an image of kid's plush horse with carrier purse in colorful colors


14. Schleich Arab Stallion

The Arabian horse is a breed of horse known to be intelligent, spirited as well as having a great deal of stamina. These qualities alongside being a beautiful horse make them stand out among members of the Schleich horse barn.

This little horse fit in well with all other Schleich horse barn playsets being that each horse figurine is carefully crafted out of high-quality plastic with consciousness to ensure durability and a realistic appearance; there is no terrain that the Arabian stallion cannot traverse. As icing on the cake, the Arabian horse is a safe option to set up horse stables for kids.

This is an image of kid's arab stallion toy figure in brown and black colors


15. HollyHome Stuffed Toy Horse

Happiness they say comes when you feel satisfied and fulfilled. HollyHome is focused on creating happiness for every child. Having the knowledge that every child dreams of having a reliable plush guardian, HollyHome plush created this vintage toy horse using premium materials to ensure that the friendship between the horse and your kid stands the test of time.

Measuring 11 inches with a rigid skeleton to make it stand upright, it is the perfect size for cuddling while the beautiful pony with shimmery gold hair, makes for extra excitement as kids can comb the hair and braid it.

It makes for cute decorations in house, good horse gifts for kids, surprise birthday present for grandkids as it can easily be rendered dust-free with a damp cloth.


This is an image of kid's stuffed animal horse plush in brown color


16. Pretex Plush Farm Set

This engaging toy horse set manufactured by Pretex is enough to keep toddlers occupied and actively engaged. The set paints the scenery of a farmhouse with a farmer, a barn and horses in it.

Inside the Pretex horse stable set, you will find a plush farmhouse with a handle, 4 soft plush horses of different colors and a farm boy.

The horse barn is a conducive playground for kids to experiment and put their imaginations to practice use while playing. The horse stable toy is designed to educate children about the farmhouse and how it functions.


This is an image of kid's plush farm house with sof and cuddly horses pack in colorful colors


17. Spirit Pillow Pet

Pillow Pets and DreamWorks teamed up to bring Spirit out of the screen and into your home in a soft, cozy plush form that everyone can snuggle up with and enjoy. This Pillow Pet starts is fun to play with and then its belly unfastens to magically turn it into a pillow.

Spirit is a wild buckskin mustang stallion. He is strong-willed and has fiery independence, but is also a loyal friend. He can be your friend too in the form of a plush! Gallop away on an adventure with Spirit today. Kids of all ages will thank you for getting them this pillow as a gift due to the soft nature of it which makes it for great nap time, study time, playtime amongst other relaxing as well as tasking times.

This is an image of kid's horse plush toy in brown color


18. Little Tikes Rocking Horse

This sturdy, beautiful, magenta horse is a well known Little Tikes classic. Its compact design ensures that kids have the most fun even in small outdoor or indoor areas.

This gorgeous looking horse ensures the kids stay safe while having fun with its easy-grip handles and seats that ensure that the kid does not fall forwards or backward.

A cool horse for boys and girls alike. If your home does not have a very big play area and you still want to put a smile on your child’s face, this is the perfect horsey toy for you.

This is an image of kid's rocking horse magenta in pink color


19. Rockin’ Rider Rocking Horse

Rockin’ Rider Pony is your go-to game changer when you seek the growth and development in kids as it teaches kids to be independent as they transverse between the rocking and rolling pony modes without any tool or the assistance of an adult.

It also stimulates the curiosity of kids with 6 fun phrases, sound effects, and songs when the left ear is squeezed. Every kid will be amazed by the rocking horse’s moving mouth when it sings and talks.

Other features include easy-grip handles and non-slip footsteps. Riding a rocking horse just got more exciting.
This is an image of kid's horse ride on in brown and white colors


20. Melissa & Doug Horse Family

Another excellent play horse by Melissa & Doug who have quite the reputation of creating fantastic toys for children.

The set is made up of a complete horse family – two horses and two foals. Children can start playing around the family set-up from an early age with these toy horse figures.
Undecided about what to get a horse lover? Get this good horse gift as a present. It is a really good gift idea for horse lovers especially from ages 3 and up.

This is would be ideal for kids who like to exercise their imaginations, kids who are looking to sharpen their minds and opening it to new possibilities.


This is an image of kid's 4 figurine horses family in brown color


21. Schleich Cowboy Team Roping

Do you have a little cowboy or cowgirl at home? is your kid fascinated with the wild wild west? How quickly can your cowboy or cowgirl rope a calf? If you want answers to those questions, this is the perfect set for you.

Complete with a beautifully crafted Quarter-horse with removable tack, a brave cowboy, fences and a calf. Your kid would have multiple scenarios to act out with the lot.

All the pieces are crafted from durable, non-toxic, high-quality plastic and are detailed individually to make them as realistic as possible.

For the best experience, collect other Schleich horses and start your rodeo.



This is an image of kid's roping with cowboy toys in multi colors


22. Qaba Horse Plush

This horse is just perfect for kids aged 3 years and above. The ride-on horse toy will give your kids a fun and unique experience as it comes packed with realistic horse sounds for their enjoyment. The rolling wheels make it quite easy to ride without the need for any extra help or assistance. Letting your kids play with realistic toy horses will allow them to enjoy and savor the moment like they were riding a real horse.

Its plush cotton covering makes the horse warm and inviting to your child and keeps them balanced while the ride. This cheap toy would make the perfect gift for that boy or girl who always dreams of being on a ranch someday.


This is an image of kid's ride on walking horse with 4 wheels in white and pink colors


23. Qaba Spring Rocking Horse

This comfortable and plush rocking horse is very good for kids aged 2 and upwards. The coil springs and external stabilizing frame gives the horse a full and balanced range of motions for your kid to enjoy. The toy horse is also a nice way to allow your child to exercise while they play.

It has easy-grip handles so you do not have to worry about your child’s handling of the toy and their safety. There is also a music function which allows your child listen to fun songs while they play. The music function is activated by squeezing the horse’s ears.

This is an image of kid's plush bouncing horse with realistic sounds in brown and white colors


24. Smart Gear Ride-On Unicorn

Having troubles getting your child a gift? Why not a pony? This toy is suitable for both boy and girl children. Although due to its bright colors, it would be favored more by the girl child.

Girls love ponies, getting her a pony she can ride on would be one of the best gifts you can give her.

Unlike other stimulated horses that only offer a limited range of movement, this sit-on horse can rotate in all directions.

This toy is the ultimate in-house horse riding experience. You do not have to take her to he beach, an arcade or a park before she can enjoy a horse ride. With the Smart Gear Pony Cycle White Unicorn Ride, she can enjoy am amazing horse ride anytime she wants.

This is an image of kid's unicorn ride on toy in white color


25. Rockin’ Rider Talking Spring Horse Ride-On

The Rockin’ Rider Lucky Talking Plush Spring Horse comes with a variety of phrases, sound effects and songs that your child would happily listen to as the horse rocks gently.

This feature can be activated easily by squeezing on the ear of the horse. With the mouth of the horse moving in rhythm with the song, as the kid, watches, learns and sings along.

It’s always sad for children to let go of their toys as they grow bigger, but you won’t have that problem with this snugly comfortable horsey, as the sturdy-steel frame can be adjusted to accommodate for the child’s growth.

This is an image of kid's bouncing plush horse in brown and white colors


Best Overall Buy

Our overall best buy is the Toy Story Woody and Bullseye Adventure pack. Why? Kids love the Toy Story franchise, with woody and Bullseye being two of the most recognized characters. What child would not want an opportunity to reenact the Toy Story adventures with his own Woody and Bullseye action figures. Coupled with the durability of the toys and realistic facial expressions, this without a doubt is sure to put a smile on any kid’s face.


This is an image of kid's disney pixar toys in colorful colors


Best Budget Buy

If you are working on a budget, and would still want to get a quality horse themed toy for your kid at home. You would need something that serves the purpose of every toy, that is to make the owner happy and at the same time easy on the pocket.

Prextex party horses fit that description best, with 16 horses to play with. Environmentally friendly and non-toxic. Each of different colors and with different poses. Your child would have more than enough reason to smile when you gift him this set of beautiful miniature horses.


This is an image of kid's plastic horse pack in colorful colors


Where to Buy Horse Toys?

You can walk into any store and browse their toy section and you are very likely to come across some interesting horse themed toys. But if you want a access to broader collection or you have something specific in mind, it is better to look it up on the web, could save you the stress and some money too.


At What Age is a Girl Too Old to Play with Toy Horses?

Usually, the age bracket for girls riding  toy horse is 3 years and above. Although no upper limit is specified on the toy itself, it is important to note that horse shaped toys are designed to hold up to a specific weight limit. It’s best to figure out the weight of your daughter and use that to gauge the appropriate upper age limit. You could also check out our website to find out more information on the uses of the toy and the age restrictions as they concern your daughter. Check out the product description to ensure you understand the suitability of the toy for your child.