Best Fidget Spinner


Boys and girls looking for the best fidget spinner can find some of the most impressive designs to be also durable. Made with steel, plastic or brass, they offer rotating action which lasts minutes. They may be used simply for fun. But others might also use them to reduce stress levels at the office.


How to Choose the Best Fidget Spinner

Choosing one of these hand toys is not rocket science. However, they are now made with the quirkiest designs and improved materials. As a result, it’s worth having a look at what may be worth spending more on as follows.

  • Materials

The materials are arguably more important than how the toy looks. Today, plastic rotators are challenged by metal alternatives. Those who want the best value need to choose robust materials. This includes steel, brass, and aluminum. Those shopping on a budget will need to purchase one of the plastic alternatives. Aluminum playthings are a happy balanced option as well. It offers better durability than plastic. But aluminum also offers a lighter profile than the stainless steel alternatives.

  • Design

From the classic rotating plaything to the modern option with included LEDs, there are many designs to consider. The more elements are included in the toy, the more complex its manufacturing is. This is why it may not be realistic to expect the best durability from designs that use LEDs as they require battery replacement.

But children who want extra visual effects might also consider the glow in the dark alternatives. They don’t require any batteries. A metal fidget spinner that only includes a bearing is the most durable alternative.

The way a spinney looks is what determines the purchase for many children. It is why they are now made with unique designs or with designs inspired by movies series, such as those made after the Marvel movies. Here’s a selection of the top designs with a combination of metal and non-metal designs.


Best Fidget Spinners in 2020

Now we know a little more about choosing the best fidget toys, it’s time to review some of the different options which are out there. You are sure to find one your kid will love!

1. Atesson Stainless Steel Spinner

At 0.23lbs, this is one of the heaviest picks on our list. This is based on its thick 7mm metal construction. Manufactured using CNC machining, it is also one of the most durable options to consider. It may even take a few shocks if dropped with no considerable damages.

Its polished metal surface is what attracts most users. It is also a metal available in multiple elegant colors. The solid silver color is its default look. But those who need something that looks more vivid can always choose the rose gold and the blue gold alternatives.

Atteson all-metal fidget spinner


2. Helium K Firefly Lighted LED Spinney

Next on our list of cool fidget spinners we have a pick from Helium K. It is made from metal as well. But the main difference it comes with is its integrated LEDs. Not everybody wants a product with included lights. This is why Helium K made the Firefly release with lights which can be triggered only when the user desires.

The 3 lights need to be pushed to be switched on. In the evening, they create a mesmerizing visual effect that many would attribute to reduced stress levels. Even more, it also comes in a soft carry case. Those who want to go traveling with it may consider its pouch-style case as a protective accessory.

Helium K Green Fidget


3. Kangaroo’s Emoji Spinner

The poop Emoji is certainly putting smiles on boys’ and girls’ faces. Made with a quirky design, it is useful when playing with friends. Kids can take it to parties where it can be a good ice-breaker and conversation starter. Its fun design may also be part of a poop-inspired plaything collection which is increasing in popularity.

As for the Emoji, it comes with a lightweight design. Suitable for small children, it’s entirely made from plastic. But this also means it won’t survive drops as good as steel alternatives. It is mainly a fun plaything instead of aiming to be used for years to come, and it’s certainly one of the coolest fidget spinners thanks to its unique design.

This is an image of emoji fidget spinner with poop design in brown color


4. Figrol Crystal Hand Rotator

Made from transparent materials, this toy is ready to offer unique visuals during the night. It has LED lights inside which turn on when it spins. As a result, it creates circular visual effects that impress both adults and kids.

Unlike other playthings with built-in lights, it has the main advantage of the see-through ABS plastic. This is why it may be one of the most interesting releases when it comes to visual effects. It may not work as well for relaxation, but it certainly distracts the mind once in a while. Its lights are battery-powered. This means users need to take it apart to replace the battery once in a while. The good part is this only takes a few minutes. There’s no need for adults’ help in replacing the battery neither.

Figroll Fidget Spinner with built-in LED lights


5. INNÔPLUS Glow In The Dark Spinner

This design is special for its metal construction and its glow in the dark capacity. Whenever kids want to see it better in the dark, they need to let it charge at a light source for at least one minute. It then creates a mesmerizing effect while it turns and turns for minutes, making it a great fidget spinner metal.

Made with quiet rotation based on the smooth bearing design, it can rotate for minutes. A few users have already managed to keep it going past the 5-minute mark. But unlike most others in its class, it also impresses with its premium packaging. As a result, it may be one of the few truly gift-orientated releases.

Innopluse UFO Glow In The Dark Spinner


6. DaLanZom EDC Focus Toy

This fidget toys spinner stands out with its build quality. Based on titanium and brass, it has one of the most durable profiles seen on cheap fidget spinners Amazon offers. It impresses both adults and the little ones with its premium feel and look. Since its made with heavy materials, it also spins considerably longer than other similar playthings. Up to 5 minutes spinning has been achieved with it.

This is also based on its quality ceramic steel hybrid bearing. In time, the bearing might be updated. But it should also be updated with a similar quality design which keeps the plaything moving around in circles for minutes at a time.

DaLanZom RoseGold Fidget Spinner


7. INNÔPLUS Mechanical Structure UFO

This UFO design is a special release as fans of the manufacturer might already expect. With a strong SciFi inspired look, it is a toy to consider for kids into tech and gadgets. It also comes with a glow in the dark abilities similar to the other 2 releases from the brand.

But this rotating plaything also works smoothly, based on the quality bearings choice. It is not rare to see it turn around for more than 5 minutes at a time. But its design is what makes most people curious about it. Without a doubt, one of the top options for those who want something thanks looks completely different.

Innoplus Mechanical Fidget Spinner


8. Maybo Sports Wiitin Thor’s Battle Hammer

Who knew Thor’s Hammer can spin? This Maybo design takes originality to new levels. Made with a unique look, this spinning hammer is one of the top options for those who might collect various designs. Kids love it as much as adults.

Inspired by Mjolnir and Nordic mythology, it may even be a learning tool. Boys and girls can learn more about the history of these Gods and how they impacted local and international culture. At the same time, they can have fun with a small toy that even comes with a zipped compact carry case.

Thor Mjolnir Fidget Spinner


9. CXCASE Rotator Cube

This original design has the interest of the youth as well as the adults. It uses a simple principle that splits a cube in 2. A part remains steady while another part begins to rotate. This offers a unique plaything that may be used to alleviate stress. The little ones may use it to make time pass easier, especially when traveling.

But the cube is also solidly built. Not made with a 3D printer, it is a result of CNC machining. Its all-metal construction makes it one of the leading options for long-term use. Without a doubt, an original idea that puts into perspective other possibilities for cube-based releases.

CXCASE Cube Fidget Spinner


10. Maybo Sports Rainbow

Colored as a rainbow, this rotating playthings comes with a unique design. It uses 2 wings which create a mesmerizing effect when in rotation. Users might as well consider it among their favorites when holding it with 2 fingers. Due to its rounded design, it will not rotate while on a table.

Girls might also find it particularly appealing. This is due to its unique design which has rounded edges and which proves a solid option for those who need a fairy-tale-like product. Self-lubricating high-quality bearings have been used by the manufacturer. A protective case also comes as standard.

Maybo Sports Wings-Inclusive Fidget


11. WeFidget Original Mini Tab

Based on R188 bearings, the Tab offers one of the non-stop fun options for kids. It turns as long as 6 minutes, offering a mesmerizing visual display. It doesn’t have the typical rounded design. Shaped like a tab, it is only a bit smaller than a normal coin.

But this design is also what makes it distinct. It may even be carried inside a pocket for those with ADHD. The manufacturer is sure the product is a hit and this is why it is old with a money-back guarantee.

Mini Tab Black Fidget Spinner


12. Duomishu Hand Toy

This stainless steel toy also comes with an interesting construction. Made with an innovative shape, it features all-metal construction. The bearings used in its manufacturing are ceramic. This makes them lightweight and very fast, perhaps it could even be the fasted fidget spinner. This allows the plaything to spin for a few minutes.

There’s no noise made by the toy. This is important. As those who work in busy offices know, hand playthings that make noise are not relaxing, especially for people in their immediate vicinity. Those who like to collect these toys may also put it on display on shelves or a desk. The brushed stainless steel looks very good in any situation.

Duomishu Steel Spinner


13. Maybo Sports 2-Sided Toy

Inspired by the Marvel series, this 3-pack offers durable hand toys. It includes 3 shield designs made from aluminum. The Shield, the Iron Reactor, and the Spider superhero-inspired options are all made to last. There’s no lubrication required and they all spin for up to 1 minute with no user interaction.

Since the pieces which make up the toy can be scratched or even completely damaged, users still need to use them with care. With a self-lubricating mechanism, they offer one of the long-term use.

Maybo 3-Pack Marvel Spinners


14. Tenergy Heavy Duty Rainbow Brass Rotator

Made from brass, this hand playthings offers a distinct visual spectacle. With its red, green and blue rainbow, it creates a circular effect that pleases the eye. With brass construction, it is not as heavy as stainless steel designs. However, the hand plaything can take shocks and occasional drops as they are properly protected by the finger-like rainbow edges.

Those who like to travel with their spinneys can also rest assured it won’t break anytime soon. Brass is known for its scratch-resistant construction.

Tenergy Brass-Made Rainbow-Inspired Fidget


15. D-FantiX Cool Spinner Cube

Inspired by the Rubik’s cube, the spinney is fun to use. It turns in various directions just like the cube. But it also rotates like any other hand toy. At 93 grams, it is also heavier than others. It feels like a premium product and it represents a solid option for kids who play with friends for extra durability.

With its added puzzle use, it is one of the most versatile hand playthings for kids and adults. But it is still small. This makes it easy to use and turns with only two fingers.

D-FantiX Rubik's Cube Inspired Fidget Spinner



Best Overall Pick

If you’re looking for the best fidget spinner on Amazon, we strongly recommend the Atesson stainless steel one. This is the best overall performers. Those already used to these types of toys get around 8 minutes of rotating action out of it.

Atteson all-metal fidget spinner


Best Budget Buy

The Emoji spinner is our best cheaper pick as it is made from ABS plastic. This makes it the most affordable option and a must-have for all kids. If you’re looking for a fidget spinner cheap, this is surely the one to go for.


This is an image of emoji fidget spinner with poop design in brown color


How Much Does a Fidget Toy Cost?

The cost varies according to its materials. These rates start at $6.99 and they can go up to $19.99.


How to Use a Spinner?

A fidget toy can be used with either one hand or two hands. If you want to only use it with one hand, you’ll need to flick it back with a reverse index finger flip.


What Is a Fidget Spinner?

These are handheld toys based on a circular ball bearing. They rotate a multi-lobed structure by using gravity or by flicking it with the fingers.