Best Educational Toys for 7 Year Olds

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Kids learn most effectively through play, so toys and games are essential for helping 7 year olds learn and develop life-long skills. Making time to play is vital for all young kids, as lessons learned at school are consolidated through play. Kids should also need playtime, so they get a chance to relax and unwind after a busy day. Then they will be ready to restart their learning and enjoy their next lesson.

Many different games and toys have an educational theme, providing parents with a variety of options when picking the perfect toy for their kid. Many popular toys have a general educational theme that can help kids develop critical daily skills, such as active thinking or learning problem-solving skills. However, there is also a vast range of toys that help kids learn about specific topics that are perfect for kids that need help understanding particular lessons. For example, many different counting games are ideal for developing math skills or language games that can help kids understand essential writing skills or improve their reading ability. These games are all fun to play, so help kids develop a love for each subject and a desire to learn. These educational games and toys are vital for encouraging kids to be motivated at school and strive to achieve good grades.

Importantly, playing with toys is essential for developing your kids’ interests and can be vital in helping kids discover what subjects they enjoy. These toys and games can help kids develop their knowledge in particular subject areas, and they can also help kids find their future careers, so they are an important part of every kid’s development. Many wonderful toys cover a range of subject areas including, space, science, and the natural world, and these fantastic toys will introduce kids to new subjects that they might not come across during school lessons.

There is a wide range of toys for kids that all have an educational theme, and we will take you through the best toys for all kids aged 7. This information will enable you to choose the perfect toy for your kid that you will be confident they will enjoy.


Considerations when Choosing Educational Toys for 7 Year Olds

Here are some FAQs which can help guide your search towards the perfect learning toy for your child.

Where to buy educational toys?

Educational games and toys are available from many different stores and online sites. However, online websites, such as Amazon, will often have a greater range of toys to choose from when compared to toy stores. If you are searching for a specific toy or game, then you may have more success looking at online sites.


How do educational toys help children?

All children benefit from playing with educational games and toys, as children learn best through play. Toys can are perfect for complimenting lessons that are taught at school. They also essential for encouraging the development of critical thinking skills, problem-solving skills, and even helping children focus their attention and develop their interests.


Are educational toys suitable for both boys and girls?

Yes, all toys are suitable for both boys and girls to enjoy. The toys that your child is interested in may be influenced by the subjects that they enjoy, so parents need to consider this when choosing toys for their children to play.


The Top 20 Educational Toys For 7 Year Olds

We will now present our picks of 20 of the best toys which can help kids aged 7 learn something new. You are sure to find something they will love here!

1. Think Fun Math Dice Junior

One of the top math games for 7 year olds is this great Think Fun Math Dice Junior game. The rules are simple to learn, so kids will be able to learn how to play this fun game quickly. Simply roll the 12 sided dice to find out the target number, then add and subtract the numbers on the five 6 sided dice to make the target number. The number of dice that is used to form the math equation is the number of steps that can be moved forward. The winner is the first player to reach the finish. Suitable for two or more players, this is one of the best children’s educational toys that are perfect for improving math skills.


This is an image of kid's math dice junior game


2. IQ BUILDER Construction Toy

This IQ BUILDER Construction Toy is the perfect kit for kids to use to improve their science, technology, engineering, and mathematics skills. Kids will also find this fun building toy stimulating and exciting. There are 164 pieces included with this toy, with each piece have a bright color to give an attractive appeal to this toy kit. There are many wheels, connecting balls, connectors, and other shapes included in the kit, which are used to build these fantastic creations. Kids will love building various models from the three e-book instruction manuals included with this toy. This construction toy makes one of the best learning toys for boys and girls that is ideal for stimulating their interest in engineering.


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3. Skillmatics Brain Games

Skillmatics Brain Games make the perfect activity for keeping kids occupied, and it is compact, so it is ideal for traveling. This toy consists of 12 exercises that can be wiped clean and reused, again and again, for long-lasting fun. Each activity will get kids thinking and using reasoning skills while they also improve their concentration. Kids will enjoy completing these fun tasks. There is even a lovely certificate included that can be award to kids once they have finished the activities. For more fun, there are other educational activities for kids in the Skillmatics range so that the collection can be expanded to for more educational fun. These Skillmatics Brain Games make popular learning games for 7 year olds.


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4. Zingo Sight Words

There are many different learning toys for kids available to choose from, so when looking for the best reading game, Zingo Sight Words is the game for you. This fast-paced, fun matching game is suitable for two to six players, so it is ideal for sharing with friends. Kids will enjoy learning essential words while having plenty of fun-filled excitement. Who will be the first to match all of their words on their bingo-style card? The game comes with six double-sided cards, 72-word tiles, and a zinger, everything needed to be able to play this game straight away. This game is simple to play, and it is one of the best toys for 7 year old boys that are perfect for improving reading and language skills.


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5. Little Kids First Big Book Of Why

This Little Kids First Big Book Of Why is a fun and informative book by Natural Geographic that is suitable for all curious young kids. The brightly colored book is appealing to all kids with its attractive pictures and easy to read pages that are full of fun facts. This excellent book will also help parents answer their kid’s many questions about the world, making this the perfect book to share as a family. Kids will be fascinated by the vast information that this book reveals, and they will be eager to collect the other books that are in this great Natural Geographic series. This book is a top choice when choosing popular toys for 7 year old girls and boys.

This is an image of kid's national geograpjic little kids first big book of why


6. Solar System Planetarium

This Solar System Planetarium toy is perfect for all kids who have an interest in space, planets, and the solar system. While completing this activity, kids will learn interesting facts about the solar system, allowing them to develop an interest in science. This planetarium toy is the perfect toy for encouraging kids to learn while also having fun. Kids can build and assemble their solar system, and also enjoy painting each planet. There is even glow paint included, so their beautiful creations will glow at night. Full instructions are included, along with an exciting quiz for kids to complete. This toy is one of the best childrens educational toys that will inspire kids to develop their interest in science.


This is an image of kid's 4M solar system planetarium


7. Electronics Exploration Kit

Inspire young scientists with this brilliant Electronics Exploration Kit, which is one of the most exciting toys for 7 year old boys. There are over 60 electronic components included in this kit, and they each snap together for easy use. There is no welding or fixing together of pieces required for this kit, making it suitable for young kids to enjoy. Kids will love that there are 305 exciting projects included with the kit, starting with simple circuits to design, and progressing through to more complex projects. Build a lie detector, AM radio, and much more with this fantastic electronics kit, all while learning important scientific facts. This electronics toy is the perfect kit for developing a kid’s interest in electronics making this one of the top childrens learning toys.


This is an image of kid's snap circuits clqssic electronics exploration kit


8. Sentence Building

Sentence building is one of the most exciting educational toys for 7 year olds that will help all kids develop their reading, grammar, and language skills. Kids will love using the sturdy word cards, pictures, and punctuation cards to make new sentences, as they begin to learn how to write sentences. There are 86 cards included in this excellent set, so there are endless sentences that can be formed from playing with this magnificent toy. Building sentences is a great way to encourage the development of essential writing skills, and by providing a supportive environment, kids are sure to reach their maximum potential. This Sentence Building game is the perfect toy to support all kids’ school work and teaching.


This is an image of kid's Sentence Building Literacy Resource with 86 Cards


9. Kanoodle

Kanoodle is one of the most exciting gifts for 7 year olds but even adults will love playing this challenging game. There are over 200 puzzles to complete, and with some levels being more straightforward than others, this is sure to be a game that will occupy all young kids for hours. The game comes with 12 puzzle pieces and a 48-page puzzle book, and is ready to be played as soon as the box is opened. This puzzle game is the perfect toy for encouraging problem-solving and critical thinking skills, making this the ultimate brain twister toy. Kanoodle is the ideal solo player game and makes one of the best learning toys for kids that is ideal for playing anywhere.


This is an image of kid's educational insights kanoodle


10. VIAHART Brain Flakes

VIAHART Brain Flakes is an excellent creative building toy that is full of color and fun. Kids will love building bright, colorful projects with these beautiful discs that slot together for simple building fun, meaning that no glue or mess is required. There are over 500 flake discs included in the set, so there is no limit to any kid’s imagination or creativity when playing with this fantastic toy. There is a simple to follow instruction manual that includes many inspirational projects for kids to complete; otherwise, kids can design their own fun builds. This Brain Flakes toy is one of the best learning toys for girls who love being creative, so it is ideal for inspiring young engineers.


This is an image of kid's Brain Flakes 500 Piece Interlocking Plastic Disc Set


11. Drawing Stencils Set

This fabulous Drawing Stencils Set comes with everything a kid could need to create beautiful works of art. There are over 300 stencil shapes to choose from, along with 10 colored pencils and 25 sheets of paper included in this brilliant set. Stencils are the perfect way for kids to gain their confidence when drawing, so it will inspire them to love art. There are 16 different themed stencils, including Christmas, domestic animals, dinosaurs, and much more. Kids will be able to create endless fun draws using this fantastic set. This Stencils Set makes one of the most exciting creative gifts for a 7 year old girl.


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12. Lego Boost

Lego can always be relied on to produce inspiring learning toys for 7 year olds, and this Lego Boost robot building set is no exception. From this fabulous 847 piece set, kids can build five different exciting robots, while also learning about coding. Kids will love creating each incredible robot, including a guitar, cat, auto builder, and much more. This excellent Lego set introduces essential learning skills making this the perfect learning toy for all kids. Inspire kids to love coding, building, and programming, all through playing with this great Lego Boost set.


This is an image of kid's LEGO Boost Creative Toolbox


13. Manve Magnetic Tiles

All kids love building and creating toy models, so they are sure to enjoy playing with these fantastic Manve Magnetic Tiles. There are 40 brightly colored magnetic tiles included in this lovely set, with there being 20 squares and 20 triangles ready for kids to start building. Each piece has rounded edges, making them safe for small hands to use. Kids will enjoy creating different patterns and models with these great tiles. There is even an idea booklet included with the set to help kids get started with their building. These tiles make lovely toys for seven year old boys, as they will enjoy learning valuable skills while creating fantastic models.


This is an image of kid's Manve Magnetic Tiles Building Blocks Toys


14. Betheaces Magic Drawing Mat

This Betheaces Magic Drawing Mat is the perfect toy for all kids to use to practice their drawing and writing skills. This large space themed mat is ideal for sharing with friends and siblings, so it is the perfect toy for play dates. There are even cool stencils, and pattern markers included that will provide the ultimate drawing fun. This magic drawing mat is mess-free as kids use water to draw their pictures, and this also means that the drawing mat is reusable for long-lasting use. The pictures and writing will fade over 3 to 10 minutes, and then the drawing mat can be enjoyed all over again. This drawing mat is one of the best children’s learning toys.


This is an image of kid's large water doodle mat


15. Osmo Genius Starter Kit

There are several educational games for 7 year olds that will enhance their learning, but few have as wide a range of learning opportunities as this Osmo Genius Starter Kit. In addition to this fabulous set, a tablet is required to get started, but otherwise, the Osmo base, Tangram pieces, and word and number tiles are all included. Kids will love playing the hands-on, interactive games and will also enjoy the varied levels of play, from beginner through to expert. There are word and number games, creative drawing skills, problem-solving games, and design tasks to be completed. Kids will love the variety of learning that this interesting game offers.


This is an image of kid's genius starter kit for ipad


16. Junie B. Jones Box Set

This Junie B. Jones Box Set of four books makes the perfect educational gifts for 7 year old girls and boys. This lovely collection of books is ideal for kids who are learning to read and want to develop their language skills. Every Junie. B story is captivating for young kids with an exciting storyline, making them a popular choice for the whole family to enjoy together. Kids will not want to put these lovely books down until they have finished them. These funny books make the ideal gift idea for all young kids that is certain to get kids interested in reading.

This is an image of kid's joness first boxed set ever


17. Shifu Interactive Globe

Kids can travel around the globe while sitting safely at home with this fantastic Shifu Interactive Globe. This globe is one of the most exciting toys for 7 year old girls and boys as it allows kids to be curious about the world and investigate faraway lands. To get maximum enjoyment from this interactive globe, then a tablet is required. Simply scan an area of interest to discover the wonders of the world and interesting facts about your chosen area. Discover about animals, monuments, cultures, and much more with over 400 wonders and over 1000 exciting facts. This toy uses augmented reality to enable kids to explore their love of traveling and Geography while being able to stay at home.


This is an image of kid's shifu orboot


18. Paw Patrol Electronic Reader

This Paw Patrol Electronic Reader is one of the best gifts for 7 year old boys and girls that will encourage kids to love books and help them learn to read. This lovely reader comes with eight exciting Paw Patrol books that all fans will enjoy. Kids can choose their favorite title and read their chosen book along with the reader, which also has fun sound effects to accompany each story. Each book features popular Paw Patrol characters, so kids will want to read these books over and over again. This book reader is the perfect storybook set for every young paw patrol fan.


This is an image of kid's paw patrol ;e reader electronic reader


19. Coogam Tetris Puzzle

This Coogram Tetris Puzzle is a fun wooden brain game for kids that will encourage the development of problem-solving skills. The 40 brightly colored geometric pieces that can all fit together on the board or kids can create brightly colored pictures such as pyramids, robots, or flowers. This Tetris Puzzle is a lovely creative game that will allow kids time to relax and unwind after a busy day, and even adults will enjoy playing this game. This game is one of the most popular wooden educational toys for 7 year old boy and girls that will be loved by the whole family.


This is an image of kid's wooden tetris puzzle


20. Learning Resources Money Bags

Learning about money and developing counting skills are essential life skills that all kids need to experience. This Learning Resources Money Bags game is perfect for teaching kids these skills while they play this fun and exciting game. Players travel across the board and count out the sum of money on each square that they reach. The winner is the player with the most money at the end of the game. However, to make the game more exciting, the spinner will state which coins players should not use when counting out the next amount of money. This Money Bags game is a fantastic game for helping kids improve their math skills and learn to count money. Kids will love playing this game as it is one of the most exciting toys for seven year old girls and boys.


This is an image of kid's money bags board game


Best Overall Buy

The Osmo Genius Start Kit is our best overall buy, as it is an excellent collection of games that covers a wide range of educational topics. The only additional equipment needed to enjoy this game is access to a tablet, as the base, tangram pieces, and word and number tiles are all included. While playing this brilliant game, kids can complete word and number activities, problem-solving tasks, and enjoy creative drawing and design activities, which all encourage the use of critical thinking skills. The activities range in their difficulty from beginner levels through to expert, ensuring long-lasting use of this game.


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Best Budget Buy

Our best budget buy is the Sentence Building game, as it is the ideal game to play to encourage the development of essential language and reading skills. While playing this game, kids will learn how to put sentences together using the high-quality word cards, pictures, and punctuation cards included. There are 86 fabulous cards included with this fantastic game, so there are endless sentences for kids to enjoy creating.


This is an image of kid's Sentence Building Literacy Resource with 86 Cards


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