50 Best Educational Toys For 6 Year Olds.

Guidecraft Mirror Blocks Set

The best educational toys for a 6 year old has to be a attractive, innovative and yet simple enough for proper exploration by the young one. Appropriate learning toys for 6 year olds has to add value to your child’s personality, emotion, intellect, cognitive and social skills.

Listed in this article are imaginative toys for 6 year olds that your kid will love. Examples are puzzles, vocabulary and spelling toys, toys that develop your kids in the areas of science, technology, engineering, math, wildlife and exploration sets.

These toys make great gift ideas for 6 year old daughter or granddaughter. If you’re stuck on what to get a 6 year old boy or girl for christmas,  the suggestions in this article would make a good fit.

Criteria Used In Selecting the Best Educational Toys For 6 Year Olds

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It’s really cool seeing your kid laugh while learning and we at edducationaltoys.com are here to help you keep up with the best toys. Since the goal of getting this toys is not just for fun we are also concerned about their physical development, psychological development and their hand-eye coordination.

Therefore, we adhere strictly to this few criteria in selecting the best educational toy for your kid.

Problem Solving Skills

A six year old kid believes he/she is capable of finding a solution to a problem no matter how difficult it is hence they are not discouraged easily.

Because of this mindset we specifically choose some toys that are tasking and will keep your child busy for the whole day. These toys are produced in a way that picks the interest of the child and because of this, they don’t give up easily until the goal is achieved.

When a problem solving mindset is harnessed in a kid it spreads to every aspect of their lives and they become a goal getter.

Social Skills

One very important skill you don’t want lacking in your child is social skills. Nowadays, networking cannot be over-emphasized and it all starts from childhood.

Some of the educational toys picked here were picked to encourage interaction with other kids. Let your child enjoy rubbing minds with other children and their knowledge will increase.

Harnessing Creativity

Creativity is not the advent of a new product but the ability to put old things together and make something different. When you sit and watch kid use their building blocks, you will be amazed at what they can build.

Exposing you kids to games that widens their memories gives them the ability to conjure new things. Educational toys listed here helps channel your child’s creativity in a positive way.

Among other things we watched out for while choosing the right educational toy for your 6 year old kid was the strong rating and number reviews each toy have by parents. We checked for toys that will last long no matter how rough the kids use it.

Benefits of Getting  Educational Toys as Gift or Present 

The first benefit of an educational toy is the primary purpose of a toy “fun”. Yes! The delight and joy a child gets when they handle a toy cannot be traded for anything.

Furthermore, educational toys are meant to develop your child love for learning. Why do they have to memorize the first 20 elements on the periodic table when they can sing it and catch fun? When a task is difficult for a child to learn then get a toy relating to that task and your problem is solved.

Lastly, these toys help stimulate social interactions. It would be weird for your child’s friend in school to talk about LEGO and your kid is looking so clueless and doesn’t know what they are talking about. Just as we adults like getting updated about football and political news so also the kids like been updated with their toys. Get your kid an educational toy so they can relate well with their peers in your absence.

50 Imaginative and Educational Toys For 6 Year Olds Boys and Girls (Perfect Gift Ideas For Birthdays and Christmas)

 #1. Modarri C1 Concept Purple

Wondering why the Modarri Concept Car is first on our list. This toy teaches the concept of mechanics, engineering and science, as well as reasoning skills.

The pack comes with 13 Mix and Match Parts, Red Track Car Hood and Fender, White Concept Hood and Fender, Track Car Frame, Track Car Chassis, Seat, 4 Wheels and 2 Suspensions.

Your child will have to build lot of cars from scratch while you watch how creative your child is.


Encourages engineering and designing skills

Easy, simple and tasking for kids


Comes with missing part sometimes

This is an image of a purple racing car building set for kids.


#2. Educational Insights Design & Drill Activity Center 

With the design and drill your child can design anything with the background patterns. Harness the power of creativity in your kids with this educational toy.

This toy teaches your child matching, patterning, hand-eye coordination and problem solving skills. Kids who play with this toy have high coordination skills and are noticed to be independent.


Increases your kids motor skills

Boost children’s problem solving skills

Introduces your child to STEM


Drill batteries are not included

Choking hazard

This is an image of a 146 piece design and drill building set for kids.


#3. Shifu Orboot

Here is a grand one from Orboot. This toy heightens the imagination and creativity of your child. Your kid has enough time to explore and discover lot of things on their own.

With this game your kid can play the challenge mode and get coins as rewards. The kit also features animals, monuments, inventions, cultures, cuisines, country maps and lot of fun.


Develops a child linguistic and cognitive abilities

Orboot app is compatible with iPhone and ipads

It builds knowledge and spark curiosity


It does not connect with internet all the time

This is an image of a kid using an educational interactive globe toy.


#4. Melissa & Doug Smarty Pants Kindergarten Card Set

Smarty pants cards is an educational toy that fits the curriculum of a 6 year old. The fun/educational game can be played between two kids- they pick up a card and ask themselves question while scoring each other.

The game pack comes with picture puzzles, math challenges, tongue-twisters, mazes, vocabulary builders and much more. With this game your kids’ knowledge will increase and they will have self-confidence.


Keeps your child informed

Improves social skills

Boost confidence


Choking hazard

This is an image of a pink 120 pieces smarty pants cards for kids.


#5. Kid Binoculars

Every kid loves binoculars and that is why there are several binoculars out there! But this kid binoculars is different because of its compact construction and a shockproof rubber frame.

Also, the binoculars neither has a blurry view nor causes eye fatigue. The perfect binoculars for your outdoor explorations, forest walking, mountain camping and more.

Great binoculars for your kids to enjoy the wonders of nature.


Interesting for kids to have fun

Help explores nature

Neck straps to offer comfort while walking


Needs to be handled with care

Has little attractive functions

This is an image of a blue binoculars for kids.


#6. Pull Back Cars

With this play vehicles, your kids can explore a lot of imaginations. The vehicles are made with quality alloy and non-toxic plastic material.

The parts are well fitted and tightly connected hence part don’t fall off and there is no risk of part been swallowed.

With this toy your kid can enjoy play time with their friends as the pack comes with 14 race cars and 6 construction vehicles.


Increases your child social interaction

No batteries needed hence safe for kids


The vehicles are too small

This is an image of a colorful mini pull back vehicles for kids.


#7. Outdoor Exploration Set

If your children love travelling, scouting or any form of adventure then this is the perfect toy to get them. The pack comes with thrilling objects for outdoor events.

The set includes a binoculars, led flashlight, compass, magnifier glass, whistle and a bright backpack that can be used camping, hiking, and exploring. As your child plays with each of the objects in the set he also gets to understand the scientific uses of each object.


Cool for outdoor games

Gives your child the imagination of an explorer

Teaches kids about nature


Not big enough to bigger kids

This is an image of an orange explorer kit for kids.


#8. Gifted Testing Flash Cards 

With TestingMom.com Gifted Testing FlashCards you can increase your kid’s vocabulary. The educational toy comes with over 1000 concepts and vocabulary words that can be taught through playful parent-child interaction.

The cards cover the general concepts expected of a 6 year old child therefore give your child edge over their peers while they catch fun.

Also, with this flash cards you are preparing your child for achievement test like OLSAT Test, Iowa Test, SCAT Test, InView Test and other notable test.


Improve your Childs vocabulary

Ready your child for IQ and achievement test

This is an image of an educational flash cards for kids.


#9. Gili Building Toys Gifts for Boys & Girls 

Another STEM toy from GILI toys. The perfect educational toy for potential engineers. This toy keeps both child and parent busy as there could be a contest for the first to assemble.

With this toy you get to assemble a dump truck and a propeller plane. Building the plane and the truck is not the catch but getting the two mechanics of the truck to work and making the plane propeller work is the real deal.

Therefore with this toy your kids get occupied and also acquires knowledge on how gears work.


Improve your Childs imagination and communication skills

Highly technical and interesting


The instructional guide is not well explanatory for a kid

This is an image of a yellow vehicles building set for kids.


#10. Brain Twisting Solitaire Game

No wonder the Kanoodle family have a lot of laurels to their name. This educational toy is majorly for brilliant minds and only parent that wants to take their kids to the next level go for this toy.

The toy comes with two brain-twisting solitaire games in one case – the tricky 2D puzzle and the twisted 3D pyramids. The toy also comes with a 48 page illustrated puzzle book used to start the game.

To play the game, you have to pick a design form the puzzle book and fit the beads into position. Although, not as simple as it sounds but once you have mastered the 2D you can move to the 3D pyramid puzzle.


Promote critical thinking

Challenges reasoning skills

Reduces screen time


Contains small beads therefore keep away from children

This is an image of a Kanoodle game for kids.


#11. Preschool Drill Toy, STEM for Girls

Make a designer out of your girl with this colorful design studio. If your kid likes plant and flowers thrill them with this cute toy and see them smile as they drill the plates and make garden worthy patterns.

This educational toy not only improves your kid problem-solving skills but it also help them build confidence themselves.

The case comes with a flower board, power drill, 60 fun colored bolts, 6 designer plates, Philips bit, flower bit and butterfly clasp all in a handy pack.


Develops construction skills and fine motor skills

Increases hand-eye coordination

Portable and can be moved easily


The required battery is not included

This is an image of a pink flower power studio for little girls.


#12. LeapFrog Interactive Learning System

You can have it all with the LeapStart learning system – from counting to problem solving and learning to read while having fun. This toy comes with 25 books, an interactive stylus for songs, jokes, question and challenges.

All you have to do is tap the pages with the stylus and your question, joke or song comes up. Since the library is designed to grow with the child, learning is grouped into levels and there are new topics and exciting things to learn in every level.

I love level two most where phonics and critical thinking is taught. This toy just brought the classroom to your home in a fun loving way.  With this toy you will encourage early learning and communication skills in your child.


Encourages reading habit

Awesome stories for the kids


It has a limited storage

This is an image of a LeapStart interactive book for kids.


#13. Take a Part Car Assemble Toy with Electric Drill & Tools.

Another hand-eye coordination educational toy. The Tevelo take apart and electric tool set is a cool toy for your mechanic loving child. The toy gives your child the thrill of assembling and disassembling a car with a drill and real bolts and screws.

The toy also comes with a flat head screwdriver, hammer, clamps and other engineering tool giving your child the feel of an engineer. In addition, when your child plays with this toy his fine motor skills will improve which will result in a neat handwriting.


Develops problem solving skills

Enhances fine motor skills

Promote parent-child interaction

This is an image of a racing car building toy for kids.


#14. Kids Bowling Play Set

Iplay bowling balls are balls made of foam used to knock off the pins from their stand. This educational toy improve a child’s motor skills and color recognition.

The pins and balls are made with beautiful colors and numbers for the kid to read along while playing. iLearn Kids Bowling Play Set is among the few educational toys that encourages communication skills as it is suitable for more than one child. The toy is made of solid PU material hence it is very light to lift and soft to touch.


Encourages social skills

Increases fine finger and motor skills


Not suitable for outdoor games

This is an image of a colorful bowling playset for kids.


#15. Educational Insights GeoSafari Jr. Original Talking Microscope

GeoSafari Jr. Talking Microscope is a glorified microscope perfect for kids with the love of science. This beautifully made microscope is used to view 12 slides of biology specimens.

You’ve just gotten the right tool to fascinate your child and boost their love for biology. The microscope keeps kid busy for a very long time as they view the beautiful specimens through their microscope.

In addition, the microscope kit has a provision for quiz mode and fact mode, all you have to do is click it and hear cool facts and answers to your questions.


Increases your child knowledge of biology

Reduces screen time


Required battery not included

Sometimes the slide is not packaged with the pack

This is an image of a GeoSafari Jr. interactive microscope for kids.


#16. Luwint Portable Pocket Pirate Monocular Telescope

With this telescope you can make a pirate out of your child. The Luwint Portable Pocket Pirate Monocular Telescope is a simple toy to harness the imagination of your kid.

This toy can be used to learn how to use a telescope, it can be used to explore nature and can also be used for Halloween costumes.

The objective lens diameter of the telescope is 30mm hence there is no need to focus. Also, it has a retractable monocular therefore your child can see objects from a far distance.


It promotes visual development

Lightweight (Easy to carry)


The magnifying glass will break if handled roughly

This is an image of a blue and green monocular pocket telescope for kids.


#17. Walkie Talkies for Kids

Charlie! Whiskey! Tango! Mayday! Expect all this after purchasing this adventurous toy for your kid. You and your kid can pretend to be soldiers, cops or firefighters with this real walkie talkie, the mood in the house will be lightened up.

Also, apart from indoor games this toy can also be used for outdoor games. The walkie talkie can be used at a 2 mile range and has 3 channels for communication hence you can reach your kid while they play outside.

This educational toy comes with two walkie talkies and one user manual. The toy features Good sound quality, Battery saving function, Low Battery Indicator and lcd backlit display.


Builds communication skills

Strengthens teamwork

This is an image of a long range camouflage walkie talkie for kids.



#18. Kids Drill Screw Driver Tool Set

Skoolzy drills encourages parent to imbibe the fun drill toys into their child artwork from cradle. Your kid can create a design or follow the template in the guide to build beautiful things.

With toys like this, your child’s hand-eye coordination skills increases and their imagination widens. The pack comes with a Toy drill, 3 Drill bits, Hand screwdriver, Mushroom nail, nut, screw, Engineering block, Storage container and a booklet. Let your child have fun by creating arts, crafts and puzzles.


Improves fine motor skills

Triggers creativity

This is an image of a construction tool set for kids.


#19. ALEX Discover Ready, Set, School

At the age of six your child should be able to read ABC’s and 123’s correctly but might not be able to tie his shoelace correctly.

Therefore the Alex discover set is gracing our list of educational toy for 6 years old majorly because of this activity. The kit comes with a step by step illustrated instruction for tying the shoe lace and other activities.

With this kit your kid can learn all the basics of kindergarten in your home without hassle. Packed in the kit is a wipe away marker, 8 stackable finger crayons, safety scissors, 2 stencil shapes, 15 activity work sheets, 179 stickers, shoe tying activity with the shoelace.


Encourages self-independence

Promotes fine motor skills


Some packs come with the incomplete item

This is an image of a Ready, Set School building set for kids.


#20. Kids Smart Watch

Kids smart watch is one of a kind as it comprises of educational games, clock for learning time, smart camera for taking pictures, a recorder, calculator even an alarm. You just made your child’s day with this awesome toy.

The games in this smart watch are games that can boost your child thinking ability like puzzle and solitaire. The touch screen of the watch is very sensitive therefore your child catches fun while learning for the whole day.

Also, the battery of the watch last for 5-7days therefore there is no cause for alarm. Just sit back and watch your child learn how to count time, play intelligent games and schedule his day with the alarm.


Boost kid independent ability

Teaches kid to value time

Promotes self confidence


It is not water proof

This is an image of a blue smart watch for kids.


#21. Gloween Water Doodle Mat

This is not just a mat but an artwork for your curious and creative kid. The water doodle mat captures the attention of kids for hours.

Since the mat does not require any ink or paint there is no need to fear kid causing any mess. As the magic pen is been stroke on the mat, colors will magically appear on the mat. You can’t imagine how intrigued your kid will be!

Moreover, this mat encourages social interactions hence 3-5 kids can use it at a time. You can also have some family time with this mat and create all sort of designs or just follow the 22 template designs attached.


Encourages social interactions

Inspires kid creativity


Sometimes water drips from the pen

This is an image of a water drawing mat for kids.


#22. CatchStar Wack A Mole Mouse 

CatchStar Wack A Mole is an educational toy that helps your child reflexes and hand-eye coordination. The game is quite simple, just whack a mole and score points although it could be a little difficult when the speed increases.

Make a champion out of your child by beating 36 levels and getting the highest point but once you make six mistakes the game is over.

Wack a mole is a very interesting game that helps develop both psychological skills and physical skills. With this toy you can teach your child how to be a good listener, improve his concentration and reaction time.


Improves decision making

Boost reflexes


Battery not included

This is an image of a musical wack a mole game with toy hammer for kids.


#23. Take a Part Construction Vehicle Set 

Engineering toys could be an addiction for kids if channeled right. This educational toy gets your child focus throughout the day, you just see them building and building.

When their imagination is not satisfied, they pull it apart and start building again. With this toy you can boost your child social skills, develop their brains and encourage creativity.

The toy comes fully assembled in a pack containing 1 Dump truck, 1 Excavator, 1 Crane Truck, 1 Electric Drill, 1 Screw Driver, 5 Decals and 3 Different Sized Drill Pieces.


Improves motor skills

Encourages social skills

Promotes visual spatial skills


Broken parts are not repairable

This is an image of a pack of 3 educational vehicle set for kids.


#24. I SPY Eagle Eye Game

I SPY Eagle Eye Game is a very competitive educational game that requires 2 – 4 people to play it. The game rules are simple – pick a card and spot it item on the game board, once you find it, ring the bell! The person that spots the highest number of item is the winner.

The game requires you to be fast and furious because there is only one matching pair therefore you have to be the one with the eagle eye.


Encourages family time

Promotes social interaction

Enhance visual inspection


Not enough cards to make the fun last very long

This is an image of an  eagle eye spy game for kids.


#25. Casio SA76 44 mini Sized Keys 100 Tones

Casio mini keyboard is a classic instrument designed for little fingers. Make music easy for your child with this awesome synthesizer, learn piano, guitars, saxophones and even drums with this educational piece.

The keyboard is colorful and bright with big buttons to make it easy and fun for kids. Also, the keyboard comes with 10 built-in songs and 50 rhythm patterns you can play along with.


Easy to read notes

Improves music education


It does not include an adapter

This is an image of a 44 key mini piano keyboard for kids.


#26. Magnetic Building Blocks Tiles

The Mibote magnetic toy is a unique magnet toy which is different from the common magnetic toys on market. It comes with a magnetic stick and ball that can be used to create lot of shapes, geometric figures, cars, bridges and animals.

If you are out of ideas you can always check the guide and see lot of things to build. This toy is fun to have for kids however, the toy also have educational benefits – it teaches the basic principle of magnetism, geometry and architecture.


Improves problem solving skills

Develops imagination and math skills


Choking hazard

This is an image of a 110 piece colorful building tiles for kids.


#27. DIY 12 Headband Kit 

Looking for something girlish for your little girl? Checkout this DIY educational toy!

The kit comes with 12 ribbon covered headbands in an assortment of colors, color coordinate grosgrain and satin ribbon, partially finish hair bows and accent bows, rhinestones, craft glue and instructional guide.

Give your daughter a chance to be creative and watch as she blend colors together to make beautiful hair bands.

P.S: Parents please wear the headband made by your kid to encourage them and boost their confidence.


Promotes independence

Inspires creativity


The glue might not be sufficient

This is an image of a headband kit for little girls.


#28. My World Interactive Map

This interactive poster is the perfect combination of fun and education. The educational toy features map of countries with flag, population, languages spoken, landmarks, facts and questions about the globe.

The interesting part is the touch and play – all your kid have to do is touch the desired country and it starts talking about the country, flag, population and other details.

Also, you have the option of clicking the facts button and listen to over 1000 educational facts and question. This beautiful toy gives your kid knowledge about geography, environment and earth science.


Problem solving skills

Increases concentration skill


You have to press some countries extra hard to give the facts

This is an image of an i-post interactive world map for kids.


#29. Educational Insights Magic Moves Electronic Wand

This fun filled educational toy is a bam for kids. The magic wand instructs the kids on what to do and they perform the actions.

For example, wiggle like a worm, stomp like a dinosaur, swoop like an eagle and lots of fun commands. The wand has over 90 fun commands and 26 musical tunes.

With this toy, your kids can exercise their body and improve their listening skills.


Helps motor skills

Brings out liveliness in kids

Promotes creativity

Encourages physical activity


Some commands are hard to understand

This is an image of a magic moves wand for kids.


#30. Take Apart Toys Car

This funny looking take apart toy is a very popular among kids as they enjoy disassembling and putting the pieces together. In doing this their creative and manipulative skills increases and this skills can be channeled to a productive part of their life.

The kit comes with 109 pieces which includes a helicopter, a motorcycle, an off-road vehicle, a F1 racing car, a fighter plane, a drilling car, wrench and other assembly tools.


Promotes dexterity

Improves cognitive skills


No instructional guide for kids

This is an image of a toy vehicle kit for kids.


#31. Incredible 2-In-1 Planetarium Space Projector

Give your child the NASA experience. This educational toy is broadly scientific. Satisfy the exploring thirst of your child with this discovery toy has he checks through 72 amazing slides of the universe.

Upon purchasing this toy be ready to answer lot of curious questions from your child about the planet.

In addition, the toy has two projector modes – stationary and moving. The moving modes project moving stars and they are so beautiful. For best experience, the projector should be used in a dark room.


Improves cognitive skills

Increases kids curiosity


Batteries not included

This is an image of a rotating planetarium projector for kids.


#32. Letters Numbers Shapes and Colors Magnets Set 

XL Wooden Magnetic Board is an educational toy for learning shapes, numbers, colors and math skills. You can also build words with this toy by using the magnets or chalk.

Learn while having fun, the kit also comes with a colorful worksheet designed in levels for 20 different tasks. Challenge your kid with this educational toy and see their cognitive ability increase.


Develops visual perception

Build fine motor skills


The magnets are not strong

This is an image of a letter. number, shape, color and animal magnetic set for kids.


#33. Construction Engineering Robot 

Gili are known for their educational construction toys. You can disassemble and assemble this toy to your desired character.

The user manual shows how you can build an excavator and a robot but you can choose to be creative and build something different.

Your kids will understand the basics of engineering and mechanics with this toy. This toy helps your children use their spare time for creative and productive things


Develops children love for science

Promote problem solving skills

Inspires creativity

This is an image of a RC excavator toy truck for kids.


#34. Educational Insights Sprout & Grow Window

Educational Insights sprouts and grow is a perfect educational project toy for kids at home and in school. This toy is very practical and interesting as well.

The pack comes with a transparent window, seed packets, enriched soil and an instructional manual. The manual will guide you on how to set up the window and how to plant your first seed.

Also, there is a chart in the manual for your kid to record his observations and track the growth of the plant. With this pack you can teach your child the basics of botany and they can watch plants come alive.


Promotes observation and pruning skills

Offer hands-on learning about Botany

Enhances cause and effect reasoning


The viewing window is made of plastic hence can be destroyed by little gardeners

This is an image of a sprout and grow transparent planter for kids.


#35. ELECTRIC Toy DRILL Building Blocks Set

Building games encourages fine motor skills in kids and the Mega Builders Kids Robotic Kit does not fall short of that. The massive 552 pieces can be used to build several things including 10 different models displayed in the manual.

Your child can have fun while building Motorcycle, Plane, Bulldover, Forklift Truck and Robots as well as others. Stimulate your child’s thinking and design possibilities


Promotes dexterity

Improves fine motor skills

This is an image of a mega robotic building kit for kids.


#36. Flexzion Abacus Arithmetic Toy

Flexzion Abacus Arithmetic Toy is a simple math toy to develop children math skills while having fun. The toy is arranged in an orderly manner to aid easy calculations.

You can learn simple arithmetic like addition. Subtraction, multiplication and division using this educational toy. The toy is not limited to just 6 year old alone, your child can pass it on to his younger ones.


Promotes visual learning

Enhances fine motor skill


The toy damages quickly when handled roughly

This is an image of a soroban style abacus for kids.


#37.  Creative Construction Educational Engineering Erector Set

Whirligig STEM toy is an educational toy that encourages logical thinking in kids. That moment they are trying to figure it out on their own is a very special moment.

The pack comes with 106 pieces and 10 wheels therefore your child can build anything he/she imagines. From dinosaur to swing to airplane – just think and build.


Encourages social development

Enhances teamwork

Promotes creativity

This is an image of two kids playing with the 106 piece building blocks.


#38. The Incredible Math Games Book

Behold a toy in form of a book. This educational toy is very unique as it hold lot of fun yet instills the basics of engineering concept in your kid.

The toy comes with games like Zip to Zero, Shape Stepper, Math Maze, Times Tables Tug-of-War and more. It just keep getting better! Practice math and play at the same time.

This book has an assortment of games that emphasize geometry, number sense, and operations. Parent can also join and play the difficult one like finding the fraction of the shapes.


Teaches the basics of math

Stimulate cause and effect learning

Develops critical thinking


Too hard for kids below 6 year old

This is an image of the incredible math games children's book.


#39. The Learning Journey Match It

How many three letters word can your child spell correctly? With the learning journey spelling becomes fun. This colorful spelling puzzles are designed in a way to catch your child interest and help his reading skills.

The child can learn spelling independently because only the correct pieces fit together but parent can also decide to join in the game to make it interesting. Expand your kid’s vocabulary today and boost their confidence.


Builds children vocabulary

Encourages independence

Boost self esteem


The puzzles are not well arranged in the storage pack hence they are mumbled together

This is an image of a 3 letter words puzzle game for kids.


#40. TINKERTOY 30 Model Super Building Set

Tinkertoy super building set is an interactive toy that explores the creative mind of kids. The set contains 200 colored classic parts to be put together and this includes spools, flags, washers, rods, and end caps.

Bring out the engineer in your child has they build lot of beautiful structures like houses, bicycles, plane, robots and more.

More so, the toy comes with an instructional guide with 30 building ideas, therefore, your child cannot run out of construction ideas.


The toy comes in a convenient storage hence, it’s easy to travel with.

Enhances kid fine motor skills

The product snaps and stays together for a long time

This is an image of a colorful and interactive Tinkertoy for kids.


#41. Dancing Bear Rock & Mineral Collection Activity Kit

Are you ready for some adventure? A bit of geology lesson from dancing bear and mineral collection. This kit is a collection of over 150 rocks and minerals, clean gravel, 2 easy-to-break crystal-filled geodes, fossilized shark teeth, arrowheads, and a color educational identification sheet.

Right in your room, you can go for a rock hunt! With this kit you can teach your kid how to find and identify rocks, gems and minerals.

There are over 30 different types of mineral treasures in the kit therefore your kid can also learn how to identify colors.


Provides hands-on learning about geology

Encourages social interaction

Includes polished rocks and minerals


The rocks are a bit difficult to identify

This is an image of a rock and mineral activity kit for kids.


#42. Children’s Drums Beginners Musical Instruments

Does your child like hitting spoons together or making sounds with different objects? Then it’s about time you reply his musical call with a drumming set.

This classic drum enhances your child flexibility and coordination through drumming and pedaling. The drum is designed specifically for kids and fit perfectly with their size.

With the help of this drum you can stimulate your kid brain development and prepare him for a great future musically.


Enhances flexibility

Promotes hand-eye coordination

Improves kid sensitivity to music

This is an image of a blue beginner's drum set for kids.


#43. Wood Lacing Sneaker

Melissa and Doug are very popular within the occupational therapy community for their wonderful educational toys. The wood lacing sneaker is a wooden shoe designed for little kids to learn how to lace.

The shoe is colorful and attractive and comes with an instructional guide of different ways you can lace a shoe. Just place the shoe in front of your kid and show them the manual – you will be surprised they will sort it out themselves.

It is important your kid have one of this to inspire the “can do” spirit in them and also master lacing.


Good for Autistic kids

Good for mastering shoe lacing and tying skill


Kid have to be careful around it so that it won’t fall on their leg

This is an image of a a deluxe wooden lacing shoe for kids.


#44. Star Night Light Projector Rotating Star Lights

Elmchee Star Night Light Projector is a toy made for the night unlike other toys that can be used during the day. This toy functions well in the absence of light and helps children sleep well.

The toy comes with 5 projection films (Starry sky, solar system, happy birthday, under the sea and full moon) that comforts kids.

You and your child can project colorful stars on your ceiling and watch as the light changes slowly till you fall asleep. The rotation effect, light effect and the films shown develops your child imagination and sensory abilities.


Develops child sensory abilities

Helps kid fall asleep softly

A good visual impact for kids


The light blinks too fast

This is an image of a star projector lamp for kids.


#45. Brackitz Pulley Set for Kids

Imagination meets creativity! Brackitz pulley is distinguished from other construction toys for their pulley set.

The set contains 77 pieces and directions for 8 contraptions with pulleys, axes, hubs, hook, crank and string. This is the perfect educational toy for learning mechanics and other engineering basic principles.

With this imaginative toy, your kid can design and assemble any 3D structure either at home or in the classroom.


Builds engineering foundation

Encourages problem solving skills

Promotes creative and imaginative thinking

This is an image of a young girl playing with a pulley toy set.


#46. Educational Insights Design & Drill Power Tool Workshop

The activity guide of this educational toy holds several images to build hence your kid can recreate the patterns while you watch.

Educational Insights drill power tool helps build the imagination of your kid and coordination skills. The pack includes 100 bolts, 20 Fun Bolts in 5 shapes, 2 bits, wrench, hand screwdriver, electronic drill and screwdriver, activity board, and instructional guide.


Helps improve kid handwriting

Encourages creative thinking


Requires battery but not included in the pack

This is an image of a design and drill construction tool kit for kids.


#47. Mini Explorer Light-up Terrarium Kit for Kids

Give your kid the chance to layer the soil of his garden with this beautiful light up terrarium kit. This educational toy is a miniature garden inside a container displaying the beauty of nature.

Let your child groom the garden during the day and watch it glow at night with the LED light attached to the lid.

The terrarium kit comes with a Terrarium jar (4″x6″), light-up jar lid, Micro-USB charging cable, soil, blue sand, river rocks, wheatgrass and chia seeds, small bunny and mushroom miniatures, removable stickers for decoration, spray bottle, and wooden stick to aid in planting the seeds.


Step by step instructional guide

Educates kids about nature

Rechargeable LED light

This is an image of a mini terrarium kit for kids.


#48. Guidecraft Mirror Blocks Set 

Guidecraft mirror blocks set is a unique toy for stacking. This particular sensory blocks encourages exploration of environment.

The pack comes with a set of 10 mirror blocks containing hardwood frames with rounded corners. When this toy is in use it help enhance the visual perception of kid and increases social interaction.

If you already have some blocks at home and you add this mirror block to them, it gives the game another dimension and increases the fun.


Non slippery blocks (comfortable for kids)

Promotes fine motor skills

This is an image of a 10 piece mirror stacking blocks for kids.


#49. SmartGames IQ Puzzler Pro

Smart games produced this special game which is truly for smart brains. This educational toy has 120 challenges in three playing mode. The puzzle games catches the attention of both adults and children as there are levels that needs the intervention of adults.

However, the game has just five levels: Starter, Junior, Expert, Master and Wizard.  With the IQ puzzle you can keep your children quiet during doctor visits, car rides or church service as the toy comes in a compact case that can be carried around easily.


Teaches patience

Improves cognitive skills

Improves concentration

This is an image of a portable IQ puzzle game for kids.


#50. Sphero SPRK+ STEAM Educational Robot

A high tech educational toy from Sphero! The box comes with a robot and gadgets to write simple commands for your robot. That is, you can combine simple codes like roll, flip, spin and color change for your robot.

Wow right! The toy teaches programming on the go – you will see the code written been put to effect right away. Set your child on the programming path right from childhood and see their skill level increase tremendously.

The robot has programmable sensors (Motor encoders, Gyroscope, Accelerometer), waterproof, 60 minute battery life and it’s scratch resistant.


Nurtures beginners love for programming

Connects via Bluetooth

Teaches the basic of coding


Sometimes the robot does not maintain connection with devices

This is an image of a Sprk+ educational robot for kids.



Picking an educational toy for  6 year olds might look dicey because you don’t want to pick a toy that will not make your child develop, also you want to pick something they would fancy enough to play with all the time.  Hopefully, these selections will help guide your choice.


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