50 Best Educational Toys for 3 Year Olds

Wooden Activity Cube Bead Maze

Getting the right educational toys for 3 year olds can be quite frustrating for parents since there are several toys option to choose from. It is, important to get toys that are appropriate for their development as you get your child ready for preschool, get them to have fun and be entertained learning new things.

Tested and reviewed by mothers, here is a detailed review of the best educational toys for 3 year olds as recommended by moms. The list comprises of cool toys and amazing 3 year old gift ideas, that are well designed for their development.

From Building toys to developmental toys and dozens of learning toys for 3 year olds, you will find something suitable for your boy or girl child.

Considerations In Getting Learning Toys For 3 Year Olds

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Toys for 3 year olds should be selected with careful consideration of many factors when thinking of what to get a 3 year old boy or girl, the following factors should be greatly considered:

Safety: While the age three is a big difference as compared to one and two, it still does not negate the fact that they are still kids. And appropriate measure should be taken to ensure their safety.

Preschool learning toys should not have many small parts that can be easily swallowed by kids. In selecting good gifts for 3 year olds, the material from which they’re made of is equally important.

Popular toys for kids around this age are usually made of non-toxic materials because 3 year olds are notorious for putting things in their mouth.

Purpose: There must be a purpose behind your choice of toy. What are you trying to achieve? Make them happy? More active? Get them to pick interest in something? Or simply build their mental skills, the least of reasons for getting presents for 3 year old boy or girl is almost endless. The most important thing is to make sure that each present is contributing positively to their overall growth.

Age: They’re 3, and as such cool toys for 3 year olds would be designed with this in mind. Getting a toy that does not befit their age would either make the experience boring for them or over complicated. While it is good to challenge their mental capability, you want to make sure they have fun as well. Top toys for 3 year olds are simple, not overly complicated and they don’t outgrow the child easily.

Gender: When next you’re thinking of birthday gifts for 3 year old daughter or Christmas gifts for 3 year old girl, always consider the color as a priority. If the color is not bright and flashy, most kids; especially girls won’t find it attractive.

As for boys; best gifts for 3 year old boy are usually something that moves; it’s great for engaging their imagination.

Award Winning Educational Toys Gift For Building Creativity and Learning For 3 Years Olds.

#1. Drawing Stencils Set for Kids

Building your child’s creativity from a young age can be more fun than you can imagine with this drawing stencil set. This kit contains fifty-four pieces of stencils with over three hundred shapes which would help in alphabet recognition and writing as well as geometry.

Traveling or going on picnics can never be boring with this portable set; it contains twenty-five sheets of paper with ten colored pencils, one sharpener, a three color pen (which is a bonus) and sixteen stencils all in a case to ensure that everything is stored and safe for future use.

This kit is not only educational but can also be used for fun decorations. This kit is made from BPA-free nontoxic plastics and the stencils are absolutely washable.

This is an image of a drawing stencils art set for kids.


#2. Jumbo Nuts & Bolts

Mental exercise is an important part of every child’s upbringing; this is a known fact but let’s not forget physical exercise as well.

Improving your child’s physical skills can always be combined with fun time. Jumbo nuts and bolts set helps improve coordination through the use of the motor muscles to screw and unscrew the bolts. It not only exercises the hands but also the eyes and helps improve your child’s creativity.

Going back to the fun part; this set contains thirty-two pieces of nuts and bolts with four different colors and shapes which can be used to create different patterns and also for color recognition.

This is an image of a colorful jumbo nuts and bolts for kids.


#3. Lincoln Logs Lake Union Lodge

There are several educational toys but Lincoln Logs Lake Union Lodge is one educational toy every child should have.

It improves every child’s creative skills through building from imagination. This toy channels every child’s imagination into reality as the child puts together the logs to create different buildings.

This set contains eighty-eight pieces of authentic maple wood with a perfect stained finish. Each log has indentations which makes fitting them together easy and fun.

In this set you get a figure of a mill worker, eighty-eight pieces of maple wood logs, plastic roof pieces and a sturdy box for easy storage.

Lincoln Logs Lake Union Lodge provides high quality wood for the Forest Stewardship Council and tested plastic to meet very highly safety and quality standards to ensure your child’s continued safety.

It is a fun game for quality parent-child time that comes with step by step instructions for building different structures and once you get the hang of it, you put your imagination to work which improves your child’s motor skills, eye and hand coordination and an early introduction to problem solving skills.

This is an image of a Lake Union Lodge by Lincon Logs designed for kids.


#4. Wooden Toys, Beads Maze Roller Coaster 

This is an uncommon toy set which combines several forms of toys in one to provide an overall package for learning and playing.

It is a fruit set, abacus roller coaster and a maze for different fun games. This wooden toy helps your child improve on mathematical skills, helps to learn more about shapes, introduces different colors for color recognition and different shapes recognition.

Getting this toy for your child is one of the best decisions you could make. There is absolutely no fuss about setting it up as it comes ready to use and it provides beads for counting as your child gets older and I ready to learn more skills.

It is a wonderful toy that every child should have to improve creativity and is made with high quality products to ensure your child’s safety and durability of the toy.

This is an image of an educational beads maze roller coaster for toddlers.


#5. Chinatera Wooden Magnetic Apple Tree Shape of Math Puzzle

An apple has evolved from being just a fruit that children love to being one of the first words learnt by every child. Chinatera provides this educational wooden magnetic apple tree for children as an educational tool as well as a fun game to occupy your child’s time in a creative way.

The full package contains fifteen wooden apples, one wooden tree and one wooden chassis made with child-safe and durable materials.

This set helps your child to improve on mathematical skills, solve puzzles and have fun. It contains small objects and should be used with adult supervision. It is very easy to use; it sticks easily because of the magnets and is not difficult to remove.

This is a bright and fun toy sure to catch every child’s eye.

This is an image of a wooden magnetic apple tree puzzle for kids.


#6. Magformers Neon 

One of the common toys over time are building blocks which never gets old. Magformers neon set creates a whole new learning and fun experience for building blocks with the magformers neon light magnetic building blocks kit.

This set can be used to create several 3D patterns that would light up once you add the LED lights. With this kit you get twenty-six pieces of magformers neon building blocks which come in two shapes; squares and triangles, and a rechargeable LED light that comes with its own power cord.

This toy is very easy to use, each block has Neodymium rare-earth magnets for easy connection, you also get a step by step idea booklet in case you get stuck.

This is an image of a neon colored magformers designed for kids.


#7. Nature Bound NB535 Bug Catcher with Habitat Bucket

Every child has the curiosity of a scientist in them trying to explore and understand their surroundings, so best be ready to answer thousands of questions. A child drawn to nature, who keeps trying to understand bugs can get messy and bitten, so the best way to avoid this is to create a safe environment for your child’s exploration.

The Nature Bound NB535 Bug Catcher Exploration Set provides your child an avenue for exploring bugs in a safe way. This ten pieces’ exploration set includes; a capture jug, three-part habitat. tweezers, bug tongs, net, powerful magnifying glass, feeder pipette and an illustrated booklet.

With this set, the bug is caught using the net or tweezers and put in the capture jug thereby avoiding contact, it can then be studied up close with the magnifying glass and the colorful illustrated booklet is there to teach children while they play.

This is an image of a 7 piece bug catcher set for kids.


#8. Piano keyboard for kids, Keyboard Piano

In every child is a musician. This piano keyboard for kids provides your child with a variety of sounds for a fun musical experience.

Your child can learn how to play as well as go on tours right at home with this beautiful toy. The Piano features thirty-seven large keys for exploring the built in sounds which go beyond just the piano but also has trumpets, saxophones, violin and several other instruments; It has buttons for drums and animal sounds; a microphone for singing along to any of the songs and a song book for learning how to play melodies.

The thirty-seven key also have one hundred and twenty-eight tones and rhythms for a fun music experience.

It Is made with nontoxic ABS plastic which has high wear resistance and is durable. The best part is, it comes with a ninety days’ warranty and a sixty days’ return period without questions.

This is an image of a blue 37 keys piano keyboard with microphone for kids.


#9. LuaLua Baby Toys 

The LuaLua baby toy is a five in one puzzle with great educational opportunities for your child.

It features puzzle beads to promote problem solving skills, different shapes for a shapes matching game, a rotating clock for early introduction to time telling and insects for recognition and differentiation.

The beads can be easily held by small hands to exercise gripping and is made with high quality wood which meets with the FDA quality inspection and certification.

This toy provides a fun parent-child time for guiding and observing your child’s cognitive skills, gripping skills and hand-eye coordination.

It is designed to last long with its high quality wood which is corrosion resistance with a fine polish finish to keep it shiny and hold your child’s attention.

This toy also has a twenty-four hours after sale service, a thirty days’ return period without reason and a ninety days’ warranty to ensure you get the best return on money spent.

This is an image of an educational wooden bead maze and shape sorter cube for kids.


#10. Magic Water Drawing Mat

It is usually advisable to let your child begin writing as early as possible. This is usually in form of scribbling or doodling. However, because of a child’s enthusiasm, getting several papers, pens and pencils to satisfy your child’s creative scribbling can be quite cumbersome.

The best way to avoid all that paper, is to get you child a toy which would provide an all in one scribbling material.

The Magic Water Drawing Mat provides your child with a fun learning experience, it expresses your child’s creativity and imagination with its magic pen which uses water instead of ink and seven colored drawing mat which erases easily after a while once the water dries off. It can be easily folded and packed for use at home or when traveling.

This set features a light weight drawing mat, magic pen and two cartoon seals.

This is an image of a 7 colored drawing mat for kids.


#11. Playfoam

Promoting your child’s creativity through the use of play foams is a new and tidy way of mixing education and fun.

Trying out your child’s creative and artistic imaginations doesn’t have to be a messy business anymore. The play foam avoids the mess of mixing water and colors or using other sticky stuff that can easily turn into a major mess.

This play foam set provides a carrying case with eight different colors of play foam stashed separately in the case.

It can be easily squashed and shaped by little hands to form different sculptures and several objects to aid learning. The nonstick technology of the foam makes it easy to separate and store back in its case for another use without spoiling the foam or getting mixed colors.

This set features eight play foams of different colors, nine storage compartments, four built in shape molds and a translucent carrying case for easy use when traveling and for storing it away at home.

This is an image of a colorful squashy playfoam for kids.


#12. Melissa & Doug Beginner Wooden Pattern Blocks

If you are searching for a toy that enhances your child’s color recognition, eye-hand coordination, counting, pattern recognition and shape recognition that covers an all-round educational experience for your child, you don’t need to buy several toys for that. The Melissa & Doug Beginner Wooden Pattern Blocks is designed to help your child design several colorful pictures with five different shapes of wooden blocks.

The set contains; five two-sided boards with ten recessed designs that can be easily filled with tiles to get the colorful picture or create a whole new design to improve your child’s creativity; thirty tiles with different shapes (circles, oval, rectangles, squares and triangles) and colors (blue, green, red, purple and yellow) and a wooden storage box for keeping the items safe.

This set is designed to help your kids enjoy a full childhood experience and also have fun while at it.

This is an image of an educational wooden blocks for kids.


#13. VTech KidiBeats Drum Set

Knowing your child’s interest from a very young age can sometimes be quite challenging, the best way to narrow it down would usually be to try out different things.

The VTech KidiBeats Drum Set is a unique toy which is not all about the drums but also includes cymbals with in-built melodies, letters, numbers and follow along songs. Get your child busy on the drum set creating sounds in different styles.

This drum set features pop, dance or even rock to introduce your child to different music genres while learning letters and still enjoy a good dance while at it.

This is an image of a KidiBeats drum set for kids.


#14. LeapFrog My Own Leaptop

Getting your kids off your computer most of the time can sometimes be difficult. The best solution is to get a computer perfect for your kid.

The LeapFrog My Own Leaptop, is a type of computer for kids which combines education and games to occupy your child’s time.

This Leaptop features an ABC mode which teaches your child the letter, the sound of the letter and a word from the letter; music mode with sixteen melodies and songs; games mode with letters and animal games and the message mode that enables your child send and receive mails within the Leaptop.

This is an image of a pink My Own Leaptop for kids.


#15. Educational Insights Design & Drill BrightWorks

Educational Insights Design & Drill BrightWorks provides your child with a toy which promotes focus on tasks and creativity. This eighty pieces set comes with a drill which is a child friendly working drill and real translucent colored bolt for creating different designs that light up.

This drill set comes with a guide for creating 12 patterns then your child can go on to create a unique design.

Once the bolts are drilled in using the power drill, turn on the sound activation mode and watch your design sparkle in the dark which also responds to music.

This set requires three AAA and three AA batteries.

This is an image of a light up drill toy for kids.


#16. NextX Mushrooms nail

Puzzles are a good way of improving your child’s creative thinking, motor skills, eye-hand coordination and problem solving skills.

NextX Mushrooms nail is designed to improve all of these skills, with forty-six buttons which are used to fill up the available patterns to form a picture. It also improves your child’s matching skills and help promote color recognition.

This set includes a nail board for fitting the nails, ten different pictures, forty-six chunky buttons and a wide tray for storage, guaranteed to give your child a fun and educational experience.

This is also a toy which can be used over a long period of time as it is made with high quality non-toxic ABS plastic which meets the American Toys Standard.

This is an image of a blue Pegboard Puzzles for kids.


#17. Jumbo Nuts and Bolts Set with Toy Storage

The Jumbo Nuts and Bolts set is a toy good for your child, either male or female. It is a colorful set designed to catch every child’s attention and keep them busy for a long time.

This set includes; twenty – four pieces of nuts and bolts made from non-toxic ABS plastic which can be used anywhere including in the bath and is dishwasher safe; shapes – hexagon, square and the plus sign; colors blue, green, orange, purple, red and yellow; one pattern card and a Kids Korner backpack.

This set is also useful for learning how to sort according to colors, counting and improving basic mathematical skills.

This is an image of a jumbo rainbow colored nuts and bolts for kids.


#18. OPO compact Binoculars

Introducing your child to the beauty of nature is always fun especially with a child’s exuberant curiosity and excitement to soak in new knowledge. The OPO compact binoculars enables your child to observe and explore distant places while learning about nature.

When going outdoor with your kids, along with your personal gadgets, you can equip your kid with a unique binocular which is easy to use and manipulate and is designed to fit perfectly in their little hands.

The OPO Binoculars is compact and lightweight, provides a clear range view of eight times magnification, the eye piece is surrounded by safe rubber to protect your child’s eyes and extra coating to protect the lens. The best part is you have a sixty days’ return window either for replacement or refund.

This is an image of a blue compact binoculars for kids.


#19. VTech Touch and Learn Activity Desk Deluxe

The VTech Touch and Learn Activity Desk Deluxe is a special multipurpose desk for your child’s educational development. It is no ordinary desk; it is a space saving desk which can be transformed into a chalk board or an easel with storage space for supplies.

This desk features over one hundred vocabulary words, twenty songs and melodies and a toy telephone to give you child a fun office experience.

This toy requires four AA batteries to operate and has extension packages like; nursery rhymes, math essays, animals, bugs and critters and several others which can be bought separately to increase fun and educational activities.

This is an image of a touch and learn activity desk for toddlers.


#20. LeapFrog LeapPad3 Kids’ Learning Tablet.

This is a fun tablet for children between three and nine years old. It is a fun filled and educational library which covers important and basic subjects like math, creativity, science and reading. It includes over one thousand titles which are educator-approved. It is a Wi-Fi learning tablet with Kid-safe web access, has a fast quad-core processor, compact and mobile for small hands.

The full package includes an AC adapter, USB cord, the tablet and a parental guide which enables you to personalize the access to suit each child and is built to be sturdy and strong to withstand dropping so as to reduce damage and prolong use, it is also rechargeable with several games and apps to keep your child busy for a long time.

This is an image of a green learning tablet for kids.


#21. Mag-Genius Award Winning Building Magnet Tiles Blocks

Looking for the perfect building blocks set for your child, the Mag-Genius Award Winning Building Magnet Tiles Blocks is suitable for children three years and above. This set features thirteen different shapes with one hundred and eighty building blocks, an additional fifteen pieces are added to the set as bonus with two magnetic cars with wheels.

The Mag-Genius building blocks set enables your child to build not only two dimensional but three dimensional structures for making your child’s imaginations a reality.

This is a toy perfect for parent-child fun time and improves your child’s motor skills, ability to create patterns, and also shape recognition.

 This is an image of a colorful magnetic tiles for kids.


#22. BettRoom Wooden Educational Preschool Toddler Toys

This is another wonderful block set for your child. It improves every child’s sorting ability, provides an avenue for teaching shapes and colors to your child and also improves your child’s building skills.

This set is suitable for kids from ages one to five and contains twenty pieces of detachable blocks made from high quality non-toxic materials. This set has been analyzed and certified by the Children’s Product Certification which ensures it safety for child use.

This is a must have toy for every family and should be used under adult supervision for maximum learning experience, it also has a three months return period.

This is an image of an educational geometric board blocks for kids.


#23. LeapFrog Scribble and Write

LeapFrog provides another educational toy for children. This is a scribble and write toy which introduces every child to early writing. It uses a light technology which gives step by step guidance on how to draw uppercase and lowercase letters just by following the light.

The scribble and write is a good way to prepare your child for school, it introduces your child to alphabets A to Z and also numbers one to ten. It has different levels to ensure a steady progress and provides a feedback instantly. This toy is very portable for use when away from home, it is also easy to use and fun for every child.

This package comes with one LeapFrog Scribble and Write and a parental Guidance with batteries for trying it out which should be replaced before continued use.

This is an image of a green scribble and write tablet for toddlers.


#24. Magnetic Blocks STEM Toys Set

Toys are a good way to keep children away from staring at a screen for long hours. This magnetic block set provides the perfect opportunity to keep your child occupied in an educative environment. It helps promote your child’s creativity and construction ability with bright neon colored magnetic blocks designed to be compatible with other magnetic blocks to ensure continued usage of old sets.

This set comes in several shape; rectangles, squares, triangles, diamond, trapezoids, pentagon, hexagon, semi-circle and many more, it also comes with a wheel set all making up one hundred and two pieces, a booklet for guidance and a warranty card.

This is an image of an educational magnetic blocks for kids.


#25. Little Tikes Totsports Easy Hit Golf Set

Who says sports cannot begin at a very early age. Preparing your child for sports can prove a little difficult because of the lack of fit of sport equipment. However, for sports like golf, there is absolutely no need to worry because Little Tikes Totsports provides your child with an Easy Hit Golf Set to introduce your child to professional golf playing for kids.

This golf set includes; three golf balls and two golf clubs, a cart holder and cart driver. It is made from heavy weight plastic to ensure durability and continued use for outdoor fun. It also improves your child’s coordination skills.

This is an image of an easy hit golf set for kids.


#26. Wooden Educational Shape Color Sorting Puzzles 

Joyin Shape Color Sorting Puzzles is another blocks toy for every child. This toy is a four in one wooden puzzle designed to entertain and educate your child.

This set prepares each child for school by introducing them early to color recognition, shapes recognition and number counting. The puzzle game also improves sorting skills, counting skills with eye-hand coordination.

This is a perfect wooden puzzle toy for both boys and girls perfect for children between the ages of eighteen months and three years. It provides good quality parent-child time and is made to fit perfectly in every child’s hand with a smooth finish to avoid injury.

This is an image of a colorful stacking block for toddlers.


#27. VTech Doc McStuffins Talk and Trace Clipboard

This is a toy which provides an all-round educational coverage for children. The VTech Doc McStuffins Talk and Trace Clipboard does not only cover tracing for children it combines numbers, letters, health topics and encouraging messages to provide the perfect learning toy for every child. This Disney Doc McStuffin’s electronic clipboard has over thirty melodies and sounds with four different learning activities. It comes with three detachable stencils to improve tracing and writing skills and an opportunity to improve your child’s imagination.

This electronic magnetic clipboard requires two triple-A batteries, the batteries included are for demo and should be replaced before continued use.

This is an image of a purple talk and trace clipboard for kids.


#28. Wooden Activity Cube Bead Maze

Multi-purpose is a word that is used when several activities are combined into one toy. BATTOP 8 in 1 Wooden Activity Cube Bead Maze Multi-Purpose Educational Toys is the perfect definition of a multipurpose toy.

It combines eight different activities for your child’s educational development which improves color recognition, problem solving skills, shapes recognition, motor skills, clock and time knowledge, counting skills and sorting skills. The activities include; clock recognition, numerical flip board game, bead maze, shape sorting, counting beads, rainbow gear, maze and flying chess.

This package includes; one activity cube, four blocks, two dices and sixteen flying pieces which have a replacement and refund guarantee.

This is an image of a colorful multifunction activity cube for kids.


#29. Construction Worker Costume Role Play Kit Set

This is a play kit that can be used for different purposes. It is suitable for house play as well as a costume party for your child.

There are several careers that a child would want to try out before choosing one to settle with in the future, this set enables you to create a play along environment for your child for an introduction into the engineering world.

This kit contains a saw, pliers, screwdriver, hat, tool belt, hammer and a real nylon vest to form a complete costume. It is absolutely machine washable and the other equipment can be wiped clean to ensure your child’s safety at all times.

This is an image of a yellow engineering costume play kit for kids.


#30. Colored Stackable Pegs and Peg Board Set 

Tudddler brightly colored premium pegs are educational toy patterns which are designed to create a toy for spending quality time with your kids and an environment for observing your child improve on color recognition, matching and sorting, eye-hand coordination, adding, subtracting, counting and patterning.

This set contains a green square board with twenty-five holes for inserting the pegs, made from EVA foam which is soft, compact and designed to last; thirty pegs in different colors (blue, green, orange, purple, red and yellow) with a hole on each peg for playing a stacking game; one draw string back pack for storing the items, one patterned card to create a pattern and an eBook.

This is an image of a colorful stackable peg board set for kids.


#31. Design & Drill Activity Center

Educational Insights Design & Drill Activity Center is a toy appropriate for children between the age of three and six. It is designed to give every child a fun, learning and practical experience in engineering. It features a sturdy box which can be drilled and filled with bolts to form creative designs and improve on problem solving skills.

This activity center includes; a reversible power drill, a combination wrench, three drill bits; flathead, Philips and socket with one hundred and twenty chunky plastic bolts in five different colors.

It is built tough to withstand children’s usage with non-toxic materials, requires three AA batteries and comes with twenty colorful patterns to create artistic designs.

This is an image of an educational drill activity center for kids.


#32. Soyee Magnetic Blocks 

Soyee magnetic blocks is another building block sets that makes the list as an educational toy for promoting your child’s motor skills, pattern recognition, problem solving, decision making, creative thinking and several other development benefits.

This magnetic blocks set is suitable for both boys and girls from the age of three and above. It is a continuous set which can never lose its usability made with high quality ABS plastic, it stills become useful even as your child gets older and is ready for more complicated tasks.

This set comes with sixteen magnetic blocks in squares and triangles, a storage bag and an idea book.

This is an image of a colorful magnetic blocks for kids.


#33. Just Smarty Electronic Interactive Alphabet Wall Chart

Several toys are usually kept away after playtime for safe keeping, this educational toy however, is a wall chart which can be put on a wall easily visible to your kids for the perfect learning experience.

The Just Smarty Electronic Interactive Alphabet Wall Chart is beautifully designed to fit perfectly in your child’s room or a play room and ensures a fun experience while learning word association, numbers, alphabets and quizzes.

It also features musicals for fun sing and dance along games. This is an absolute must have without the stress of keeping the toys out of reach. It can be used to prepare your child for preschool.

It is an electronic wall chart which automatically shuts off after a while to preserve the batteries.

This is an image of two kids using the alphabet wall chart.


#34. Color Matching Mosaic Pegboard

If you have still not decided on the pegs to get for your kids, AMOSTING Color Matching Mosaic Pegboard is another educational toy to make our list.

The Amosting Mushrooms are designed to fit perfectly in every child’s little hand, perfect for counting and creating several designs either from their imaginations or from the pictures provided to aid their creative thinking.

This package provides you with forty-six different colors of Mushroom Nails, a color matching mosaic pegboard, ten pictures of different educational items like frogs, trees and houses and one storage tray for keeping all items safe for future use.

This is an image of a color matching pegboard for toddlers.


#35. GeoSafari Jr. My First Microscope

In every child is the curiosity of a researcher and scientist. The Educational Insights GeoSafari Jr. My First Microscope is an early introduction into the scientific world of observing items up close.

This microscope is designed to suit every child three and above with the different magnification levels. It starts at 2.5 times to as large as 8 times magnification depending on the child’s understanding of the object being observed. This microscope features two extra-large focus eye pieces which means there is no need to close one eyes thereby promoting the ease of use for every child; an easy to turn knob for changing levels of magnification and LED light to make objects brighter for easy viewing.

The GeoSafari Microscope requires three AAA batteries which doesn’t come with the package.

This is an image of a GeoSafari Jr. microscope for toddlers.


#36. Ubetoone Aqua Magic Mat

This is another toy which helps you save several stationeries needed for your child to start practicing writing. Ubetoone Water Drawing Mat provides the perfect doodling toy for every child in creating colorful designs without the use of pencils or markers.

This package features; one drawing mat with six colors large enough to fit several kid and made with polyester to ensure it doesn’t get spoilt by the water; one magic brush; a magic pen which should be filled with water to begin the creative designs; eight drawing molds; a user’s manual and a drawing book.

The drawing mat can be easily folded and cleaned with a wet rag.

This is an image of a doodle water mat for kids.


#37. Magnetic Drawing Board Mini Travel Doodle

Magnetic drawing board is another must have for children to start their writing and drawing skills early without stocking up on cumbersome stationeries. It is the perfect board for kid from three and above that can be used at home and anywhere else for continued educational fun.

The Magnetic Drawing board is made with nontoxic ABS plastic with a drawing area of four different colors (blue, green, red and yellow). It also comes with the different shapes stamper in flower, love and circle; a slider eraser and one pen.

This drawing board is light weight and can be carried by every child and also durable for continued use.

Erasable Writing Sketch Colorful Pad


#38. Outdoor Exploration Set

Family outdoor trips are always fun family time with an opportunity for kids to explore their environment and learn new things. The outdoor exploration set is good for kids between the age of three and twelve for exploring and entertainment during every trip.

This exploration set features; a compass for learning to find directions and reading maps; an LED flashlight that can be easily recharged just by pressing the handle (no batteries required); a magnifier glass for an up close view of several items; a whistle; one binoculars with an objective lens and four times magnification and a bright colored backpack for keeping all items safe throughout the interesting journey.

This is an image of an explorer kit for kids.


#39. Wondertoys Wooden Shape Sorting

Another educational toy to make our list is the Wondertoys Wooden Shape Sorting Clock perfect for building your child’s educational development.

This is a wooden colorful clock with twelve different blocks that tell the time, which are also removable and can be used for shape and color recognition, teaching time telling, numbers and an all-round mind and body coordination skill.

It has been designed with nontoxic paint and is child safe, the blocks are also big enough to prevent any form of choking hazard.

Another bonus is the one hundred percent risk free guarantee to ensure you get your money’s worth.

This is an image of a wooden shape color sorting clock for toddlers.


#40. Idoot Magnetic Building Educational Construction Set.

Idoot also presents another wonderful magnetic tiles for your child’s educational fun. These magnetic tiles are suitable for travels and home use to keep your child continually entertained at all times. They are perfectly designed to fit in small hands and are suitable for boy and girls from age three to twelve.

These colorful tiles are very easy to carry around and good for quality parent-child time. All magnetic tiles are made with nontoxic ABS food grade plastic and a storage bag for easy cleaning.

The package includes; fifty-six pieces on triangles and quadrangles with two different colors on each magnetic tiles; one booklet to guide you and one storage bag.

This is an image of a colorful building tiles for kids.


#41.  Educational Construction  Building Blocks 

ETI Toys provides you with one hundred and one construction building blocks set suitable for boys and girls. This is another toy which mixes education with fun to form a perfect environment for your child’s development. It helps build eye-hand coordination, increases creativity, enhances problem solving skills, helps build motor skills and improves logical thinking.

This educational set can be used to create several engineering constructions like helicopters, robots and several other creative designs. It is STEM (science, technology, engineering and math) supported and comes with an eighty paged instructional eBook with twelve different designs. This set provides you with a one hundred percent money-back guarantee.

This is an image of a construction engineering building set for kids.


#42. Lewo Wooden Educational Toys Magnetic Art

Lewo Wooden Educational Toys Magnetic Art Easel is another wonderful toy for you kids, it provides you with a double sided board for different purposes. This animal puzzle game is recommended for children of three years and above.

It improves your child’s knowledge of animals with over one hundred magnetic puzzle pieces. The white board comes with a protective film which should be removed before use and several pieces of puzzles which can be put together to form several colorful patterns. On the other side of the white board is a chalk board for writing and illustrating.

The wooden box lid can be removed and stood up in the box for fun games, it also comes with three pieces’ chalk set, a chalk eraser, a dry easel marker with an eraser on the end and an idea booklet for different creative designs.

This is an image of an Educational wooden magnetic easel for kids.


#43. Wooden Beads Maze Roller Coaster

This is another beautifully designed educational toy. The toy features a roller coaster, an abacus and colorful wooden beads for your child’s entertainment and education.

Wooden Beads Maze Roller Coaster Educational Toys is designed to improve every child’s creative and recognition abilities. It has a bead maze game, an abacus game and a maze game which enhances eye-hand coordination and color differentiation. It abacus is used for introducing children to early counting and basic mathematical techniques preparing them for preschool.

It also has a fruit set for fruits recognition and is made with high quality safe wood designed for durability and fun.

This is an image of an educational beads maze roller coaster toy for kids.


#44. Star Right Magnetic Letters and Numbers

Star Right Magnetic Letters and Numbers with Dry-Erase Easel is another beautifully colored set, complete with numbers and letters for your child’s educational development.

This is a dry easel set that should be used with the supervision of an adult in learning letters, numbers and forming words and little sentences for little sharp minds.

The package includes; one magnetic board – this is a magnetic board designed for the letters and numbers to stick on, it is a thin, easily foldable board that can be used and stored away at any time; a marker board for easy writing and three packs containing the upper case letter, lower case letters and numbers and symbols.

Some of these items are quite small and should be closely monitored to avoid choking hazard.

This is an image of a magnetic letters and numbers with easel for kids.


#45. Ratchets for Kids Building Toys

This is another wonderful building construction set suitable for age three and above. It is a STEM supported construction set with different varieties to ensure your kids never run out of required tools when constructing imagined structures.

This set includes one hundred and one pieces of classic building blocks set which includes; nuts, bolts, walls, wheels, and ratchet. It also comes with a Tuff Tote Travel Tub with handle and clasps foe easy storage and mobility.

An inspirational guide is included to help create beautiful structures and a one hundred percent money back guarantee is provided if you are not satisfied with your product.

This is an image of a colorful construction building set for kids.


#46. ALEX Toys Little Hands String A Farm

Guiding your kids to create artistic designs can never be difficult with the several toys available for educational development. The ALEX Toys Little Hands String A Farm is an art set which prepares your child for preschool.

This set is good for parent-child fun time, suitable for children above three years. Supervise your kids as they thread a cotton lace through different shapes of wooden beads to form a beautiful sequence and improve counting skills.

This set includes a cotton lace, one wooden, a stopper and twelve wooden beads designed to develop fine motor skills and entertain your kids while creating a string collection.

This is an image of a String A Farm toy for toddlers.


#47. Play22 Building Toys Set 

Play22 Building Toys for kids is a STEM supported educational construction toy which builds every child’s social development, creative designs and fine motor skills. This building set can be used to create different structures and objects like cars, machines robots and many other items from your child’s imaginations.

The set includes one hundred and sixty-five blocks of different shapes (squares, triangles, rectangles), it also contains different types of connectors (small, medium, long and extra-long) and wheels.

Your child’s safety is important, this set is made with BPA free, nontoxic materials and can be cleaned easily at all times for a fun and educating experience.

This is an image of a 165 pieces building blocks for kids.


#48. Kidzlane Color Matching Egg Set 

Getting toys that your child can easily connect with is very important in choosing educational toy. Kidzlane Color Matching Egg Set provides a fun toy for every child which is perfect for an early introduction to basic math.

This Matching Egg Set contains twelve beautifully colored eggs that can be split in two to reveal numbers, pegs and holes and more colors. It helps your kids develop and improve on motor skills as they continually split the eggs and put them back together. It also introduces children to numbers and can be used for counting.

It comes with a sturdy storage case for safe keeping and is made with safe child friendly materials.

This is an image of a color and number matching egg set for kids.


#49. VTech Little Apps Tablet.

VTech Little Apps Tablet is a wonderful device for every child, introducing them into the fast changing technological world of today. This is a tablet suitable for children between the age two and five with several games and apps for learning and fun.

The VTech kids tablet features; letter buttons, piano keyboard, and a color changing screen. This tablet can be used to teach your kids numbering, counting, alphabets and improves matching skills. There is also a pretend camera and a child friendly interface for easy use.

It is a very educational device with twelve different learning levels and an interactive interface with Cody the Smart Cub.

This is an image of a pink little apps tablet for kids.

#50. Magnetic Blocks

This is the last on our list for educational toys which promotes learning and is perfect for keeping your kids entertained.

This is a STEM supported magnet building blocks tiles set that comes in vibrant rainbow colors perfect for catching your child’s fancy. It helps your child develop fine motor skills and improves creativity through building of different models for fun games.

This set contains twenty-four pieces of nontoxic ABS plastic blocks with high power magnets to make fitting them together easy and fun. It consists of eight magnetic triangle and quadrangles, eight number tiles (nonmagnetic) one idea booklet and one bag for storing the blocks safely.

This is an image of a 24-piece magnetic blocks set for kids.



The above list covers a variety of educational toys from different makers which are great for your child’s development. Selecting one or a combination of these is sure to create a happy child-happy parent experience which is what every parent hopes for.

Why Educational Toys Are The Best Toys For 3 Year Old Boys & Girls

In coming up with 3 year old gift ideas, the effect such gift would have on their education is very important. Research has shown over time that kids have tremendous ability to learn a lot of things as they grow.

Giving them the opportunity to learn at such an early age using 3 year old learning games and puzzles is a good way to improve their mental capability. Problem solving skills, social interaction as well as cognitive and executive function abilities are developed at this stage as well.

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