50 Best Educational Toys For 2 Year Olds.

VTech Zoo Jamz Guitar

By age two, kids are already actively mobile. They want to explore everything. This imperative to explore imposes the need to move around constantly.

The toys you get for your kids should reflect this. Mobile toys are great at this stage. However, any toy that comes with a lot of features would be awesome too.

Since kids are developing fast and are very impressionable, the toys must be educational. They learn fast at this stage of their lives because their minds are able to absorb a lot.

Most toy makers tag their products with an age appropriate recommendation; so it should not be too hard to choose the toys that best fit your kid.

However, the most important consideration before choosing any toy is the safety of the child. This should incorporate:

  • Making sure non-toxic material were used to make the toy
  • How attractive the toy is; kids love bright colors
  • Making sure there are no small pieces the child could swallow and risk choking and,
  • The durability of the toy

Most of the time, you won’t go wrong if you put the above factors into consideration before finally making a choice.

That said, here is a rundown of 50 educational toys for your 2 year old to help ease the pain of searching for that perfect playmate.

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Table of Contents


#1. Leapfrog Fridge Pink Phonics Magnetic Letter Set

The Fridge Phonics Magnetic Letter Set by Leapfrog is an exceptional educational toy that can sing, and speak any of the 26 alphabets.

All the items including the school bus can stick to a fridge via the magnet embedded in the plastic material. You get it to speak by pressing any alphabet in school bus window.

The bus would repeat the alphabet when it is pressed once and say a word that begins with the alphabet when it is pressed twice.

There are also features for classic children sing-along songs that combine to aid in the development of motor skills and early alphabet learning.


  • Made with non-toxic plastic material
  • There are several interesting features to keep children busy
  • Suitable for older kids too
  • There are no sharp edges on the pieces: risk of injury is reduced
  • Quality non-toxic paint used; glossy surface would last long
  • Well-made and durable


  • Included AAA batteries are for demonstration only
  • The sound quality is not very good
  • Just two songs; more songs should have been added
  • It comes in pink and yellow color only.

This is an image of a fridge magnetic letter set for toddlers.


#2. Bees & Me Bath Toys for Boys and Girls

Anything that would make kids look forward to bath time is a good thing, right? That is exactly what Bath Toys for Boys and Girls from Bees & Me does. Your kid would surely have fun while taking a bath in the tub.

The toy is actually four distinct boats of different colors. All of the boats are nicely painted with bright colors and numbers on the side.

This is a fun way for kids to learn about colors and at the same time honing their motor skills and creativity.


  • The boats are made with BPA-free material making them safe for kids
  • They are waterproof
  • Small enough for kids to grasp them easily
  • There are no sharp edges on the boats; this minimizes the likelihood of injury
  • 60-day money back guarantee


  • Though advertised as waterproof, water can actually find a way into some of the toys
  • Very difficult to drain off the water that gets in
  • Some of the magnets are defective

This is an image of a magnet boat bath toy for toddlers.


#3. Numbers Colors Shapes (First 100)

Give your child a shot at serious learning with this board book. This toy is more a book than anything else, but with a difference.

The 26 pages are made from tough cardboard material to prevent fraying easily.

There are 100 vibrant words, pictures and numbers to go through. It is a great way for 2 year olds  to learn their first words, letters, and shapes.


  • The covers are padded with a soft material; pleasant for kids to hold.
  • Develops the tactile senses of kids and color appreciation.
  • Made from non-toxic material
  • Small enough for kids to hold comfortably


  • Some parents might find the small size disappointing
  • The binding on the book is a bit shoddy

This is an image of a First 100 color pictures board book for toddlers.


#4. VTech Alphabet Apple

VTech’s Alphabet Apple is an interactive toy that would take your kid on an exciting journey of basic words associated with alphabets accompanied by music and flashing lights.

Also, there is a cute worm to moderate games and a clock with movable hands.

There is so much to this learning toy apart from the 29 songs and melodies. Obviously, a toy like this aids the development of the kid’s fine motor skills, hand-eye coordination, and cause and effect.


  • Works well most of the time.
  • Batteries are included
  • So many features; kids won’t get tired easily
  • Simple, yet durable design
  • Made from non-toxic material
  • Safe for kids to play with unsupervised


  • Power button should have been hidden
  • Some of the features are unnecessarily too elaborate
  • Drains battery fast

This is an image of an alphabet apple by Vtech for kids.


#5. PlanToys Roller

This roller from PlanToys is a very simple toy. It doesn’t do much, but the little bit does is done efficiently.

It is made from wood of rubber trees that no longer produce latex.

Kids simply roll the toy on the floor and the little ball trapped inside the roller make noises that ought to fascinate the kid.

The movement of the roller encourages the development of gross motor skills as your child chases after it. Color appreciation is encouraged too with the bright colors on the toy.


  • Simple, uncomplicated toy that doesn’t need assembling
  • The material used is safe and environmentally friendly
  • The wood is smooth and won’t develop splinters to harm the kid
  • Non-toxic, water-based paint on the product
  • Very durable


  • Kids tend to become bored with it after a short time
  • The small size might dismay many parents

This is an image of a wooden roller for toddlers.


#6. Push and Pull Lawn Mower Toy

The Push and Pull Lawn Mower is one toy that would definitely get kids on their feet as they simulate mowing the lawn around the house.

This push and pull toy is colorful with blocks cleverly fixed to the wheels to sound like an engine when your kid pushes or pulls it.

It a fun way for the toddler to develop motor skills, balance, and coordination.


  • It is a very simple, easy-to-use toy
  • Made with non-toxic and child-safe materials
  • There are no sharp edges to constituted an injury risk
  • Very well-made toy with bright colors
  • It is easy to assemble


  • Might come apart under stress from toddler’s weight
  • A T-handle would have been better
  • Could be bit small for 2 year old

This is an image of a push  and pull lawn mower toy for toddlers.


#7. Alex Tops Discover Button Art

Alex Toys’ Discover Button Art is a sort of picture puzzle. There are about 50 buttons of different colors your kid has to match and snap to the picture board to complete the pictures.

This simple puzzle is designed to develop hand-eye coordination, learn colors, and different animals. There are 10 pictures to match and snap including a truck, house, frog, and a tree.

It comes with two storage trays to easily gather and store the pieces when your kid is tired.


  • It is a simple game and quite easy to understand
  • It is a great way to introduce toddlers to picture puzzles, colors, and numbers.
  • The pieces are made from non-toxic material
  • The paint doesn’t chip easily and is harmless to chew on.


  • The tray for storage is not well-constructed; hard to fit in all the pieces
  • The buttons are not enough to complete some of the pictures
  • The lid should come with a latch to keep the pieces inside

 This is an image of a button art activity toy set for kids.


#8. Leapfrog Scoop & Learn Ice Cream Cart

Awaken the entrepreneurial skill in your child with Leapfrog’s Scoop and Learn Ice Cream cart toy.

This toy could double as a walker as your kid pushes it along accompanied by exciting music. The cart functions as a number tutor too when the syrup is poured or the coin button is pushed. The cart counts to ten and invite the kid to count along

And not to forget the four flavors of ice cream that can be made by the cart with three syrups and toppings.


  • An exciting, fun concept for a toddler toy
  • So many interesting features to get the kid occupied
  • Beautifully made with no sharp edges that could harm the kid
  • 3 batteries included
  • Non-toxic plastic material and paint used in the product


  • Not very stable, easily topples over
  • It needs high-level balancing skill to keep the ice cream in the cone

This is an image of a  scoop and learn ice cream toy cart for toddlers.


#9. PlanToys Preschool Walk N Roll, Push and Pull

This toy would appeal to a toddler still basking in the joy that walking independently brings. This would be a good companion to go exploring the mysterious parts of the apartment.

Thankfully, the small wooden balls inside the wheel make a bit of noise so you can get a fair idea when your kid is when they embark on their grand adventure.

This is an all-wood toy that would develop the gross and fine motor skills of your child and exposing them to some basic color-appreciation.


  • It is simple to assemble
  • The toy is constructed from safe natural wood
  • There are no sharp edges that could pose injury risks
  • Good customer service


  • The sounds the balls make might be too loud
  • Could fall apart easily if a big 2 year old leans on it
  • Some of the products are shipped without the T-handle

This is an image of a push and roll for preschoolers.


#10.  Hape Shake and Match Toddler Wooden Shape Sorter

Hape’s shape sorter is a wooden, colorfully-designed puzzle game that uses an ingenious elastic band to dismantle an already sorted game.

This is a great game for kids to develop problem-solving skills via color and shape awareness.

To add further interest to the game, each shape contains plastic beads that make a rattling noise when it is shaken.


  • The shape sorter is constructed with non-toxic materials
  • The wooden shapes are easy to grasp by kids
  • The colors are exciting and non-toxic
  • It is easy to maintain


  • The edges of the plywood are not smooth; risk of splinters
  • The elastic band might not work as expected; making the shapes hard to pull out of their holes
  • Might be too easy for some kids

This is an image of a  wooden shape sorter toy for toddlers.


#11. Leapfrog My Own Laptop

My Own Laptop is specifically designed as a learning laptop for kids. The feature-rich plastic computer is an interactive toy that enables kids to pretend at working on a laptop like you.

There is even ‘Scout’ the kid can exchange emails with.

Other features include 26 animations, a screen to display characters, 4 learning modes, games, and 16 classic kiddy songs and melodies.

The toy can be programmed to help your kid spell out their name.


  • Excellent as an early learning toy while having fun
  • Addresses all the skill necessary for a kid’s development
  • Easy to set-up
  • Light enough for kids to carry around
  • Safe, non-toxic material used to make it


  • The display is rather dim; no backlight
  • Narrow viewing angle on the display with a poor resolution
  • Can’t actually customize it like the older models
  • X is not for ‘ox’. Leapfrog got that wrong.

This is an image of a green My Own Leaptop for kids.


#12. Melissa & Dough Beginner Wooden Pattern Blocks Educational Toy

This M&D toy is all about handing the initiative to your kid. The wooden puzzle game lets your toddler create their own designs or complete the pictures on the sides of the toy.

There are 10 designs to work on with 30 colored tiles. Playing with the toy should help develop motor skills, problem-solving skills, cognitive senses, and concentration.


  • Excellent early learning toy for shapes and colors
  • The wooden parts are made from non-toxic material
  • It is easy to set up and can be stored away easily in the box
  • There are no sharp edges to harm your kid


  • This might be too easy for a 2 year old
  • The box should have come with a lid. The pieces fall out easily

This is an image of an educational wooden blocks for kids.


#13. VTech Busy Learners Activity Cube

This VTech’s cube is appropriately tagged ‘Busy’. The cube would keep your kid busy alright.

The 2 AAA battery-powered cube is a well-designed, colorful cube with lots of features all designed to mix fun with learning.

There are 4 buttons that call out names of animals and make animal noises. A sensor activates fun sounds when the box is moved to attract the child.

Busy Learners Activity cube comes with 25 songs and melodies with flashing lights to fascinate the kid some more.


  • Made with BPA-free plastic making it safe for the kid to play with
  • The batteries are included
  • Not set-up worries as it comes fully assembled
  • It has a volume control
  • Beautifully designed with rounded edges posing no injury risk


  • The high-pitched songs hardly ever stop playing; it can be irritating
  • Could be a bit too small for some 2 year olds.

This is an image of a  baby playing with a busy learners activity cube.


#14. My First Brain Quest

My First Brain Quest is a straight-forward questions and answers game using a deck of card you have to play with your kid.

There are 350 questions in all which aims to build your child’s word skill, making them more knowledgeable and at the same time encouraging the bond between you and your kid.

The cards are colorful and contain queries that should interest any 2- year- old. The cards also have suggestions on how to approach certain questions if you get stumped along the way.


  • It improves the vocabulary of the kid
  • It helps in the development of speech
  • It is sturdy and easy to maintain
  • The cards were made with non toxic material making them safe for kids


  • Some of the questions are just too easy for a 2 year old
  • Some kids would get bored easily.

This is an image of a My First Brain Quest children's book.


#15. Teach My Toddler Learning Kit

This learning kit is a comprehensive way to give your toddler a decisive head start in learning the basics.

The kit is divided into four easy to learn and teach sections using 68 pieces: the sections are colors, alphabets, numbers, and shapes.  In other words, everything your child needs to learn at this stage of their development.

Inside the package are 55 flashcards, 4 board books, 7 puzzles, and 4 posters.


  • Encourages bonding between parent and kid
  • Prepares the kid for pre-school
  • Aids in the appreciation of colors
  • Develops counting skills in toddlers
  • Easy to understand toy with nice packaging
  • Pieces were made from non-toxic materials


  • Some of the pieces are very small.
  • Adult supervision is required all the time
  • Colors are not very bright

This is an image of a learning kit for toddlers.


#16. The Learning Journey My first Match it! – Head and Tails

This is a colorful puzzle card game featuring 15 animals the kid needs to match to complete. All the kid has to do is simply match the tail to the body of the animal to complete the puzzle.

A simple game no doubt but with many important educational benefits.

Teaches the kid problem-solving in a fun way while helping to improve focus, boost self-confidence, and self-esteem.


  • The pieces are nicely designed and colorful
  • The packaging is great
  • Promotes the conversational and social skills of the child
  • The product is safe and poses no health hazard to the kid


  • The pieces are rather thin. Need to be thicker for durability and easy grasping
  • The matching parts don’t stick together. They fall apart once you pick them up.
  • The game can only be played on a flat surface

This is an image of a 15 self correcting matching puzzle for toddlers.


#17. VTech KidiBeats Drum Set

Unleash the artist in your child with the VTech all plastic KidiBeats Drum Set.

The music set has three drum set of different sizes and cymbal all attached to the stand. The drums and cymbal all produce different sounds when struck by the colorful drumsticks.

There are 9 melodies for players to play along with. Integrated into the set are 4 modes of play including numbers and letters.

This is an exciting way to develop your kid’s motor skills while learning numbers, alphabets and songs.


  • The drum set is well-designed and easy to assemble
  • Interesting enough to keep your kid busy for a long time
  • Improves hand-eye coordination
  • There are no sharp edges throughout the drum set


  • Included batteries are just for demo
  • It is rather tiny for some 2 year olds

This is an image of a KidiBeats drum set for toddlers.


#18. Sesame Street Elmo’s On The Go Letters

Elmo’s On The Go Letters brings your kid’s favorite Sesame Street characters in an Elmo carrying case.

There are 26 colorful letters nestled in their own little niche. The letters can only snap into their own specific niche. The images on the letters have names that start with the letter.

Kids can also form their own words in the space provided.


  • Comes in a nice bag for easy storage and portability
  • The pieces are very colorful and well-made
  • It is durable
  • Made from non-toxic plastic materials
  • It doesn’t need any assembling


  • Kids tend to lose interest in it very quickly
  • The letters are hard to take out
  • Some of the letters are very difficult to snap in

This is an image of a 12 inch musical red Elmo toy for toddlers.


#19. Just Smarty Electronic Interactive Alphabet Wall Chart

Just Smarty’s wall chart for kids is an interactive great learning and fun tool with lots of features for kids to enjoy.

Simply hang it on the wall after inserting the batteries and the kid is good to go. Your child would learn alphabets and words associated with them, numbers and fun quizzes.

To ramp up the fun, there are several classic songs your kid can sing along to.


  • Bright, colorful design; it can double as a wall poster
  • Helps toddlers develop new skills needed for preschool
  • Very intuitive and easy to use
  • Shuts off automatically when it is idle to preserve battery
  • Material and colors used are safe and pose no health risks to kids
  • Comes with a volume control


  • The material used is not durable
  • The speaker symbol beside each letter is not necessary

This is an image of two kids reading from a wall chart.


#20. VTech Smart Shots Sports Center

The Smart Shots Sports Center by VTech in basically two games for the price of one: a soccer game and basketball.

The basketball ring, with net, is attached to the crossbar of the soccer net. Also on top of the net is a screen to display the scores accompanied by animations, sounds, and funny phrases. A purple lever on the side resets the sure to zero.

This is a super fun educational toy to teach numbers, songs, and colors while helping to develop the baby’s fine and gross motor skills


  • Easy to unpack and setup; good packaging
  • The plastic material is safe for the baby to play with
  • The absence of sharp edges reduces the risk of injury
  • Paints and color are water-based and non-toxic
  • Sturdy and durable


  • Batteries are not included
  • Might be too small for some 2 year olds
  • Tips over easily

This is an image of a smart shots sports center for toddlers.


#21. Push and Go Toy Trucks Construction Vehicles Toy Set

Wideland’s toys are a set of brightly-colored toy trucks powered by ‘friction’. The toy set comprises a cement truck, farm tractor, bulldozer, and dump truck.

Some of the trucks like the cement mixer simulate the real thing. The mixer at the back of the cement mixer does rotate before discharging its content

There are so many ways kids can have fun with this toy set while developing their motor skills and appreciation of colors.


  • They are made of high quality, non-toxic, sturdy, plastic material
  • ‘Friction-powered’; you don’t need batteries to make them move
  • They are easy to assemble
  • Can simulate real trucks


  • You might find them smaller than expected

This is an image of a push and go toy trucks for toddlers.


#22. Melissa & Dough Deluxe Pounding Bench Wooden Toy with Mallet

Every toddler’s dream to take things apart with force is realized in the Deluxe Pounding Bench. It is a wooden toy complete with a cute little mallet to pound with.

The wooden table has 8 non-removable pegs drilled into the bench. The pegs go up and down when your child pounds on them.

A peekaboo twist is added to the fun when the pegs come back up through their holes. It simple, yet engrossing fun for children.


  • Sturdy design and durable
  • The wood surface is smooth with little possibility of splinters
  • Develops fine and gross motor skills
  • The kid would learn colors and numbers by counting the pegs
  • Google for the development of hand-eye coordination


  • Kids could get bored easily.
  • Pegs can get loose after a while
  • Too easy to hammer the pegs through the holes

This is an image of a colorful deluxe wooden pounding bench toy with mallet designed for toddlers.


#23. PlanToys Dancing Alligator

The Dancing Alligator is a pull toy that should encourage your kid to move around and develop their gross motor skills.

Entirely made of wood, except the wheels that are covered by rubber for traction, the toy makes a clacking sound while being pulled by the child.

The green and yellow colors are a fine choice of colors for such a cute toy.


  • The toy is made from non-toxic natural organic wood
  • High-quality water-based paint used; unlikely to chip off or fade
  • Injury risked is almost non-existence as there are no sharp edges
  • It is a sturdy and durable toy


  • Some adults may find the sound too loud
  • Don’t work as expected on tiled floors
  • Wider wheels would be nice so it doesn’t tip over easily

 This is an image of a wooden dancing alligator for toddlers.


#24. Piece Dinosaur Figures

Introduce your child to the world of prehistory dinosaurs with Boley’s 12-piece Dinosaur figures presented in brightly colored plastic material.

There are 12 dinosaurs in each set the kids could have fun playing with.

This is a great way to challenge a child’s imagination and creativity as they figure out new and exciting ways to interact with the pieces.


  • Comes in an easy-to-carry plastic container for easy storage
  • Great customer service
  • The pieces are made from high-quality, non-toxic plastic


  • Poor finishing of the pieces
  • The fact there are two of each dinosaur could be disappointing

This is an image of a toy dinosaur figures for kids.


#25.  VTech Pink Little Apps Tablet

The Pink Little Apps Tablet from VTech introduces your child to the concept of digital gadgets.

The all-plastic toy features a screen that changes color, letter buttons and numbered piano keyboards.

It also features progressive learning levels of 12 learning activities including counting, alphabets, etc. The toy has an interactive feature where your kid can hang out with Cody the Smart Cub in the tablet.


  • It has a volume control
  • It shuts off automatically when it is ideal for a while
  • Non-toxic quality plastic material
  • There are no sharp edges
  • Develops motor skills and promotes early stage learning


  • Some of the games are hard for 2 year olds
  • Then the screen is not bright
  • Included batteries are for demo only.

This is an image of a pink little apps tablet for toddlers.


#26. Peg Board Stacking Toddler Toys

Kid’s Korner Peg Board Stacking toy is an interactive puzzle game to give kids fair grasp of the basics with added features making it a truly captivating puzzle game.

The game comes with 36 shape pegs of different colors for kids to peg and stack on the green foam board. This develops creativity and imagination as kids can create unique shapes while stacking.

More fun is added with Mr. Kuddles, the interactive voice that teaches kids colors, shapes, numbers and many more


  • Enhances creativity and imagination in kids
  • An excellent pre-school learning aid
  • Made from safe materials
  • Comes in a nice bag which can be used for storage
  • Develops motor skills


  • Design flaw in using hard plastic with sharp points. Could hurt when stepped on
  • Kids might find it hard to stack the pegs
  • Instructions on how to use are too lengthy

This is an image of an educational peg board stacking toy for kids.


#27. Whale Island Bathtub Toys

This sleek, alien ship-themed Bathtub toys will turn your baby’s bath-time into one of the favorite time of the day.

The battery-powered toy is very colorful with a fountain that can suspend a ball with its spout. There is a power switch and a lever to change the direction of the water fountain.

A mesh bag is also included in the package to store the toy and pieces safely until the next time.


  • Aids the development of hand-eye coordination and motor skills
  • The design concept is unique with many fun features
  • Made from non-toxic plastic material
  • Great customer service
  • Sturdy and durable


  • Batteries are not included
  • Consumes a lot of power. Battery drains fast
  • The battery compartment is not waterproof

This is an image of a whale island bathtub toy for toddlers.


#28. Leapfrog Count Along Cash Register

Turn your kid into a cashier with Leapfrog’s interactive Count Along Cash Register.

The most exciting feature is Spunky. It is an interactive voice that can count and sing. There are 50 fun phrases and songs for Spunky to thrill your kid with.

The toy set includes 8 food pieces, 10 coins, and a credit card.


  • The kid would learn counting, colors, and numbers
  • Enhances hand-eye coordination and motor skills
  • Made from non-toxic plastic making it safe for your kid
  • Injury risk eliminated by the absence of sharp edges on the pieces


  • Included batteries are for demo only
  • The tray must be closed before coins are inserted to avoid jamming the register

This is an image of a green count along register for toddlers.


#29. Lukat Early Educational Locomotive Train Toy

Lukat’s locomotive train for kids has everything a toddler would need in a train set and more. With the toy, your baby would have lots of fun singing and egging the train to go faster.

The set comes with a locomotive wagon, three colorful balls and flashing colors when it is on the move.

Feeding the balls fast into the chimney would make the locomotive move faster while producing locomotive sounds at the same time. The train can automatically change direction if hits an obstacle.


  • Good for the development of motor skills, hand-eye coordination, and cognitive ability
  • Good early learning toy for colors and numbers
  • It is durable
  • Made from non-toxic plastic
  • No sharp edges to pose an injury risk to the baby


  • Batteries are not included
  • The various game modes can be hard to understand
  • Drains batteries fast

This is an image of a little boy  playing with an educational drop and go train truck.


30. VTech Touch and Learn Activity Desk Deluxe

VTech’s Touch and Learn Activity Desk is a colorful, interactive, many-featured activity station that can be transformed into a chalkboard for a different kind of fun and learning.

As an activity desk, kids can learn words, songs, melodies and pretend to make calls. It is transformed into a chalkboard by lifting the top of the activity desk.

The kid can now doodle on the board. The underside can be turned into storage space for art supplies and so on.


  • The paint used is non-toxic; gloss would not fade easily
  • The 2-in-1 concept adds a new twist to an activity board
  • Works well as a learning toy
  • There are enough features to keep kids occupied
  • Made from non-toxic plastic material
  • Injury risk is minimized with the absence of sharp edges in the design


  • Batteries are not included
  • Chalkboard could hurt kid’s fingers when it is slammed down
  • Drains battery fast

This is an image of a touch and learn activity desk for toddlers.


#31. Bees and Me Buddies in a Bag

Buddies in a Bag is the sort of toy you buy for your toddler if you need a quiet moment to rest and gather your thoughts while you child plays close by.

The toy contains over 50 interlocking pieces your kid can arrange in any number of ways honing their creativity while they are at it. The sheer array of variety and the concentration needed would make you think your child wasn’t there.

The pieces represent different animals.


  • Playing with the pieces enhances creativity and develops motor skills
  • It is a good way to teach kids colors and counting
  • The pieces are made from non-toxic materials
  • Comes with a draw-string bag for easy storage and portability
  • Risk of injury is minimal as there are no sharp edges
  • 60-day money-back guarantee


  • Not very easy to build
  • Kids might become frustrated with the game


This is an image of a colorful buddies in bag toys for kids.


#32. Skoolzy Color Sorting Butterfly Counting Montessori Toys

This Skoolzy’s toy is all about counting, sorting and learning about colors. There are so many pieces in the package you are assured your child’s be busy for a long, long time.

It is a package of 54 butterfly counters in various colors, 7 matching flower petals, 8 double-sided cards, and a butterfly tong catcher

That seems like a hard play to understand but the helpful ebook has detailed instructions on how to sort and arrange the flowers and butterfly pieces

However, most of the work depends on the creativity and imagination of the kid.


  • A good early learning toy for numbers, counting, and colors
  • Develops motor skills, imagination, and creativity
  • Enough pieces to engage kids for a long time
  • The backpack makes it convenient to store and portability
  • They are durable and made from non-toxic plastic material


  • The strap on the backpack is not very strong
  • Some pieces could easily her missing
  • The concept might be a bit hard for a 2-year-old to grasp

This is an image of a colorful butterfly counting montessori toy for toddlers.


#33. VTech Drop and Go Dump Truck

Drop and Go Dump truck is a brilliantly-colored bright toy truck to aid the development of motor skills, learning of colors and cognitive abilities.

Your kid would have fun with not just pulling or pushing the truck, but also with watching him the colored balls rumble when they are dropped in the back of the truck.

There are also three buttons embedded on the side of the truck that play melodies, fun phrases, and acts as a teaching aid when pressed.


  • The truck is really fun even for older kids
  • Quality non-toxic paint was used. Chipping or fading is not an issue
  • Made from non-toxic plastic material
  • Sturdy design; would last long


  • Included batteries are for demo only
  • There are just a few songs and phrases
  • Kids’ hands can get stuck where the balls are dropped

This is an image of a yellow drop and go truck for toddlers.


34. First 100 Animals Board Book

First 100 Animals is a fun book to take your child on a journey of animal discovery.

The bright, colorful animals on each card are designed to hold your child’s attention while they learn the names of each of the animals.

Toys/kiddy books like these encourage you to bond with your kid as you weave a story about each animal.


  • Easy-to-use and understand learning toy
  • Kids wouldn’t find it hard to hold the cards
  • The materials used for making the book are non-toxic
  • Pages are padded and soft to touch
  • Enhances tactile senses and hand-eye coordination


  • Pages are not saliva/water-proof
  • Some animals are repeated with different names; might be confusing for the kid
  • The book is very small

This is an image of a First 100 Animals children's board book.


#35. VTech Go! Go! Smart Wheels Spinning Spiral Tower Playset

Smart Wheels Spinning Tower is a magical interactive race track on 4 levels and 2 courses.

To be built by the kid to enhance creativity, the set comes with a gas station and car wash. The colored tracks can be interchanged according to the whims of the kid.

Sensors on the tracks activate fun phrases when the van speeds past certain points.


  • Batteries are included
  • Beautifully designed
  • Develops motor skills and kids learn colors, letters, words, and numbers
  • The plastic material is safe and non-toxic


  • Could be difficult to assemble
  • Not very sturdy

This is an image of a Smart Wheels Spinning Spiral Tower Playset for toddlers.


#36. iPlay, iLearn Kids Bowling Play Set

The Kids Bowling Playset is your child’s own personal bowling alley. It is a fun way to play with kids while learning colors and numbers.

There are 10 bowling pins and 2 balls all beautifully designed with various colors to look like the real thing; except that these are made from durable foam material for safe bowling.

The set comes with a zippered carrying case for easy storage and transportation.


  • An exciting game to get kids having the time of their lives
  • Well-designed and with bright colors; gloss won’t fade easily
  • Made from non-toxic materials
  • Good for the development of gross motor skills while they learn colors and numbers
  • No sharp edges to cause injury to kids


  • Could be smaller than you would expect
  • Strong toddlers could rip the foam material easily

This is an image of a 10 pins bowling play set for toddlers.


#37. Leapfrog Musical Rainbow Tea Set

Get your kid to organize a tea party for family or friends with the Musical Rainbow tea set from Leapfrog.

Beautifully-designed in dazzling colors, the set contains 1 teapot, 2 tea cups and 6 slices of cakes on a cake plate made of plastic material.

The teapot can light up in six colors, play 7 songs, teach the kid colors and make gurgling sounds to simulate water been poured into a cup.


  • The batteries are included
  • Made from non-toxic plastic material
  • Develops motors skills and good earning learning toy for colors and songs
  • Injury hazard is minimized with the absence of sharp edges on the pieces
  • Non-toxic quality paint used. It won’t fade easily


  • It has no switch to kill the sound
  • Songs could be annoying to adults
  • The holes at the bottom of the teacups are unnecessary

This is an image of a musical rainbow tea set for toddlers.


#38. NimNik Wooden Shape Sorting Cube

NimNik’s shape sorter is a classic cube-shape puzzle game made from wood. It comes with 13 brightly-colored blocks that are easy to handle by toddlers.

Like all shape-sorter games, the kid simply has to fit the blocks in their proper holes in the wooden cube. Then remove them and start all over again.

For variety, your kid could play with the blocks by stacking them or arranging them into different shapes.


  • Comes in a great package and very easy to set up and play
  • Enhances child’s problem-solving skills
  • Develops fine motor skills
  • Good early-learning toy for colors, shapes, and numbers
  • Wood’s surface is smooth and won’t splinter easily
  • Durable and sturdy


  • The lid of the cube does not latch. Keeps opening
  • Pieces are small enough to constitute a choking hazard
  • Some of the shapes, the triangle especially, might not fit

This is an image of a classic wooden shape sorting cube for toddlers.


#39. SGILE Baby Drum Musical Toy

Unlock your child’s musical gift with SGILE’s musical drum set for toddlers.

The drum set Roy is shaped like a piano with 6 blue piano keys, and various buttons that produce trumpet, tambourine, saxophone, and guitar sounds when pressed.

The set is sleek and shaped like a typical gamepad for video games. This, though, is strictly a musical and learning toy.


  • 30-day money-back guarantee
  • The set is made from high-quality non-toxic plastic
  • Good early learning toy that teaches colors, shapes, and sounds
  • Develops fine motor skills
  • Vibrant colors to catch the child’s attention
  • Safe to play with without adult supervision


  • Volume control doesn’t really turn down the sound
  • Smaller than you would expect
  • The sound could be irritating to some adults

This is an image of a musical drum toy for toddlers.


#40. Lil’ Critters Mosaic Beads

The Lil’ Critters Mosaic Beads is a cute little soft toy for your baby to cuddle, feel the love and learn a thing or two.

Made from different soft fabric and plastic materials, the interactive doll can sing and talk when the square bead is squeezed or the triangle pressed.

The words or phrases would teach your kid shapes, numbers, and letters.


  • The different fabric materials develop tactile awareness in kids
  • Made from non-toxic fabrics and plastics
  • The constant holding of the toy enhances motor skills
  • It is very easy to use straight out of the box


  • Included batteries are only for demo purposes
  • Numbers stop at just three
  • Could be a bit too small for a 2 year old

This is an image of a Moosical beads for babies.


#41. Roger Priddy’s Simple First Words Let’s Talk

Roger Priddy well-known passion for educational toys is displayed in this colorful board book.

Made of rough cardboard, the book is a 10-page colorful illustration of different kinds of pictures. Kids learn to match words with letters as the book repeats the words matching the pictures.

This is a fun way for a 2 year old to learn their first words.


  • Simple to understand and operate
  • Good for kid’s early education and learning new words
  • Illustrations and pictures are bright and attractive
  • Good packaging
  • Durable; hard for kids to rip the pages


  • Not enough features/words to hold a kid’s interest for long
  • The layout of the pages could be made better
  • The audio is just average

This is an image of a Simple First Words Let's Talk children's board book.


#42. Kidoozie My First Purse

This beautiful fun toy from Kidoozie would be the perfect toy to give your kid if she is keen on looking like mum.

It is a colorfully toy for role play. A good opportunity to see how much your kid has been observing you.

The package comes with a purple bag, toy cell phone, pair of keys, wallet, toy lipstick, unbreakable mirror, and a debit card. Now, sit back and watch your kit up for a shopping trip.


  • It is a simple toy and it is easy to use
  • Nurtures a sense of adventure in kids
  • Visually stimulating with pretty colors
  • Developers fine motor skills and cognitive senses
  • Mirror is unbreakable
  • Materials are safe and non-toxic


  • Kids would find the bag and wallet hard to open
  • A few interactive features would have been nice especially on the cell phone
  • For girls only

This is an image of an educational My First Purse for little girls.


#43. VTech Zoo Jamz Guitar

The Zoo Jamz Guitar is an interactive toy for aspiring rock stars. Though your kid’s mentor in the world of music would be the lovely voices of zoo animals.

The interactive guitar toy comes with several buttons to activate flashing lights and different sounds and songs from animals like zebra, giraffe, and lion.

There are eight classic kid songs to sing along to. Your kid could even create a band by bringing all the animals to sing together with the touch of a button!


  • Beautifully made with several attractive colors
  • The guitar is made from non-toxic material
  • The absence of sharp edges means kids are safe from injury
  • Develops gross motor skills
  • Has a volume control


  • The music is off-key
  • Included batteries are for demo only
  • The audio quality is not good enough

This is an image of a yellow Zoo Jamz guitar for kids.


#44. VATOS 6 Pack Toddler Free Wheel Car Toys

Kids love cars and your toddler would simply love these cute cars from VATOS. There are 6 of them in the pack; each a different color.

They are all ‘push and move’ cars. Simply give any of the toys a little push, and by the friction mechanism, would move for a long distance. That would encourage your kid to chase after them, in effect developing motor skills with the exercise.


  • No need for batteries to get them moving
  • Sleek design with no sharp edges to hurt the kid
  • Made from non-toxic plastic
  • The toys are durable
  • Quality glossy paint would not fade quickly
  • Enhances hand-eye coordination; and learning of colors


  • Some toddlers might find them too small
  • Too basic to be much fun; boring after a while

This is an image of a colorful toy cars for toddlers.


#45. Boley 12-Piece Toddler Zoo & Safari Animals

Bring the zoo right home to the kid with Boley’s 12-Piece toys comprising a lion, cheetah, zebra, elephant, hippo, giraffe, monkey, penguin, Tiger, koala and crocodile. Two parrots are also included

All the animals are brightly-colored that the kid would find attractive. There are endless ways your toddler would play with them including staging a safari indoors.

This calls into action the child’s ability to be creative and imaginative. They would have lots of fun.


  • Comes with a handy, clear plastic bucket for easy storage
  • Expose kids to a knowledge of various animals
  • Encourages visual perception as they take in the colors
  • Develops fine motor skills and organizational aptitude
  • The pieces are made from non-toxic materials and paints
  • They are very durable


  • Duplication of pieces would leave you with less than 12 different animals
  • Has an off-putting smell out of the package

This is an image of a 12 piece zoo animal bucket for toddlers.


#46. Leapfrog Spin & Sing Alphabet Zoo

Let your kid learn animals representing all letters of the alphabet with this unique spinning ball designed to look like a Ferris wheel.

Each spin of the wheel introduces new songs and alphabets representing the animals where the wheel stops. There are several other buttons that produce sounds, flashing lights, and fun phrases when they are pressed.

All in all, a nice colorful toy for kids to learn names of animals, alphabets and several baby songs.


  • Good for the development of fine motor skills
  • Durable non-toxic plastic material
  • Excellent early stage learning toy
  • Good non-toxic, water-based paint used; would not chip easily
  • Enough features to keep the child occupied for long periods


  • The spinning ball is rather heavy for the base; so it topples over easily
  • Some adults would find the singing voice irritating

This is an image of a spin and sing alphabet animal names for toddlers.


#47. Hape Dancing Butterflies Push and Pull

The Dancing Butterflies toy by Hape is a simple concept toy that would delight any kid. It could double as a single-stick walker with dancing butterflies to add fun to walking.

Made from wood and plastic, the toy is designed to make butterflies flutter in a circle when it is pulled or pushed. Beautiful, colorful flowers are placed beneath the butterflies making the toy more attractive.

The toy helps the development of the child’s natural abilities like motor skills, cognitive abilities, and balance.


  • The colors used on the toys are water-based, making them safe for kids
  • The toy is made with natural safe wood material
  • Good early stage learning toy for colors
  • There are no sharp edges to harm the kid


  • The toy does not roll well on tiled or smooth surfaces
  • It might be a little small near some 2 year olds
  • Wheels could be designed better

This is an image of a push and pull dancing butterflies for toddlers.


#48. VTech Baby’s Learning Laptop Toy

Baby’s Learning Laptop from VTech is an interactive toy that is almost a perfect learning center laced with fun. The colorful laptop has an unusual futuristic spaceship design.

There are 9 large keys; all of them very attractive. Pressing any button lights up the keyboard accompanied by songs, melodies and fun phrases.

There is also mouse to complete the feeling of a real laptop.


  • Good early learning toy for children
  • Develops motor skills and appreciation of colors
  • Batteries are included
  • There are no sharp edges to hurt the child
  • Beautifully painted with water-based colors


  • The top doesn’t latch properly. It slams shut easily
  • Limited interactivity and not enough songs as advertised
  • You might hate the electronic singing voice

This is an image of a learning laptop toy for toddlers.


#49. Baby Loovi Educational Bath Toys

Bath toys perform a simple yet important service; make bath time fun time.

Baby Loovi’s Bath Toys are all in as far as making bath time fun while making sure your kid learns a thing a two.

The pack contains 16 brightly-colored pieces that float and a storage bag to pack and store the pieces until the next bath time.

The pieces are carved to represent animals. So your kid gets to learn about various animals while taking a bath. The pieces also stick to objects when they are wet. The baby can unleash their creativity with this feature.


  • Toys are made from non-toxic material making them safe for the baby
  • They are all waterproof
  • Children learn the names of animals which improves their vocabulary
  • It encourages creativity in kids


  • Cheap plastic material used in making the pieces
  • Some 2 year olds would get bored easily
  • The puzzle part is not challenging enough

Educational Bath Toys Boys Girls


#50. Leapfrog Melody The Musical Turtle

Kids love cute toy turtles. Add the interactive feature and watch how children would be all over the toy seemingly unable to get enough.

Leapfrog’s turtle toy dishes music and fun in spades. There are 10 different activities that encourage kids to find and identify numbers and colors. It also encourages the development of memory by promoting kids to repeat patterns.

There are 8 songs to entertain the kid and so much more. All these you get by pressing the 10 buttons on the colorful turtle.


  • Comes with pre-installed batteries
  • Made from non-toxic plastic material
  • It is very interactive; would keep the kid busy for a long time
  • Develops motor skills, cognitive senses, and intuitive memory
  • Quality glossy paint that would not fade or chip quickly


  • Might be a bit too advanced for a 2 year old
  • The sound is too loud.
  • A bit on the small side

This is an image of Melody the musical turtle for kids.


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