50 Best Educational Toys For 1 Year Old.

Fisher-Price Laugh & Learn Around The Town Learning Table

At 1, kids are no longer babies. They have just recently transitioned to toddlers. The best educational toys for 1 year old will positively influence this transition.

They want to use their new-found ability to explore everything. This is the stage their independence begins to show as they learn things along the way.

Learning toys for 1 year old can help increase the scope of learning and they make a perfect first birthday gift ideas. That is why kids’ education specialists and therapists always recommend getting good toys for 1 year old.

Toys have many important functions. Primarily, toys keep the kid busy in a non-harmful way. Most importantly, though, the toys aid the educational and mental development of kids. However, choosing the right toys for your 1 year old can be daunting.

It is not just that said toy must be fun and hold the interest of the kid for as long as possible, they must also be educational and safe to play with without too much supervision. So as a parent, you must consider the following before purchasing educational toys for 1 year olds.

Safety: The toys must be safe in every respect. The type and quality of materials used are very important. Non-toxic, plastic materials are the best. This is to prevent any harm to the kid when they inadvertently chew on the toys.

The smart choice is to get soft plastics material. That way, they won’t be injured if they fall on the toys. Besides, since kids would use the toys to hit stuff, plastic materials ensure nothing would be destroyed when it happens.

Colorful: Bright colors are always best. Bright colors have a way of attracting the kid’s attention. You want the kid to feel like playing with the toys all the time.

Award Winning, Learning, Educational and Developmental Toys for 1 Year Olds.

Table of Contents

#1. Stack and Count Cups

Stack and Count Cups are nesting eight cups of varying sizes and colors. Made from Non-toxic plastic, the colors are bright enough to hold a babies attention for a long time. These are not just nesting cups for children to stack up though. Underneath the cups are numbers for kids to learn basic counting. The numbers correspond to the size of each cup.

The fun does not end with stacking and counting the cups. In the bathtub, kids can fill the cups with water and watch it drain out the bottom through the clever holes drilled at the base.

All these make the Stack and Count Cup ideal for the development of the kid’s maths skills, hand-eye coordination, and motor control.


  • The cups are very light; easy to carry around
  • Lots of bright colors
  • The basic toy that can be used out of the box immediately
  • It is safe to wash them in a dishwasher
  • Plastic can withstand lots of banging from the kid
  • Easy to maintain.


  • Some parents might find the cups too small for kids
  • Stacking cups top-side up can be difficult

Thisis an image of a colorful stack up cups for kids.


#2. My Busy Town

My Busy town is an engaging activity cube made of solid wood and decorated with bright colors using non-toxic paint. The base of the toy is sturdy enough to withstand stress from an excited toddler. This is more than just a regular brightly painter cube.

There are five sides packed with fun including bead puzzles, racing car rollers, peek-a-boo, various animals and alphabet tiles. My Busy Town was designed with the kid’s visual and tactile development in mind.

The alphabet tiles and animals ensure the educational development of the kid is taken care of while they have fun. It’s a great learning toys for 1 year old.


  • Paint is non-toxic and water-based
  • Wood is solid and does not chip
  • Already assembled from the factory
  • Though made of wood, there are no sharp corners


  • Has too many parts and can’t be dismantled easily without damaging it.
  • Non-toxic paint is low quality and comes off easily.
  • Topples over easily

This is an image of a My Busy Town Activity Cube.


#3. Top Bright Baby Educational Wooden Bead Maze Shape Sorter

Top Bright’s Baby Educational Wooden Bead Maze shape sorter is a five-in-1 wooden and plastic toy designed with several bright colors to hold a kid’s attending. The five sides available for fun are packed with variety.

There are shape sorters, spinning gears, simple bead maze, learning clock, etc. There is so much for the lid to explore with this toy. The paints used are non-metal and non-toxic making it safe for your kid to play with.

The combination of colors, design, and shapes makes it an excellent toy for a child’s educational and cognitive development.


  • The product is already assembled
  • Non-toxic water-based paint used
  • Can have fun with it in so many ways
  • Can be stored as a nice cube due to the inward-folding top


  • Some parts are small enough for kids to choke on
  • Parts can’t be replaced if lost or damaged.

This is an image of an educational activity cube for kids.


#4. Sassy Wonder Wheel and Activity center

Sassy Wonder Wheel and Activity Center is a kiddy toy suitable for kids from 8 months up. Brightly colored, the spinning wheel comes with cascading beads and sounds to hold your baby’s attention for a long time. It has a suction cup at the base which can stick to flat surfaces like tables and the sides of a chair.

The combined effect of spinning wheel, sounds, and cascading beads aid the development of motor skills, sense of adventure, and hand-eye coordination.

This toy is excellent for providing a solid foundation for learning and educational development in kids. It will make a great first birthday gift ideas for girls especially.


  • Made with durable plastic material
  • You could take it with the kid to a restaurant for a family dinner
  • No need for arduous assembling. Can be used immediately after unpacking


  • The suction cups at the base might not work as it was intended
  • It is not loud. Kids might find that a little boring.

This is an image of a Wonder Wheel by Sassy designed for kids.


#5. Wolvol Baby Musical Activity Cube and Play Center

Wolvol Baby Musical Activity Cube and Play Center is a durable plastic toy with lots of educational benefits for your kid. There is a working microphone a kid can use for singing and training the vocal cords. Hand-eye coordination can be developed with the steering wheel and motor functions. Children can learn various songs that are activated with push-buttons. It has a little alarm that plays cute songs to wake the little baby up when it is time for a meal. This a great educational toy that would keep the kid occupied for a long time Pros

  • So many activities to occupy kids with
  • Also suitable as educational toys for older kids
  • Comes with popular classic songs the family can sing along to
  • It doesn’t come apart easily for a toy with so many parts


  • There is no volume control for the sounds
  • You might find the size a little underwhelming at that price
  • Buttons are a bit stiff

This is an image of an educational musical toy cube for kids.


#6. Premium Bead Maze Activity Cube

Premium Bead Maze Activity Cube is an engaging, fun and educational toy suitable for 1 year olds. The wooden base is lightweight and has suction cups to attach to flat surfaces so it can’t be moved about needlessly. The maze is designed like a roller coaster for kids to move the colorful plastic shapes around it. The colors and shapes aid kids appreciate and recognize shape and colors. Maze and puzzle games like this are known to help the mental and educational development of kids. Pros

  • Easy to set-up
  • Durable and easy to maintain
  • Good wood material that doesn’t splinter
  • Lightweight; toddler can lift and move it easily


  • The suction cup at the base might not work properly
  • Kids could get bored after a few days

This is an image of a wood and wire bead maze for kids.


#7. Joyin 4-in-1 Wooden Educational Shape/Color Sorting Puzzle

As the name suggests, Joyin’s 4-in-1 puzzle is four differently-designed puzzles made of wood. The pieces are brightly colored to hold the attention of even naturally hyperactive kids. The wooden material and paint are non-toxic while the pieces are big enough to prevent swallowing. The surfaces are smooth and don’t splint thereby reducing the risk of injury. Regularly playing with this wooden puzzle enhances and develops the kid’s counting and sorting skills and the ability to recognize colors and shapes. Pros

  • 90-day money-back guarantee
  • Ready for use immediately it is removed from the package
  • Surfaces of wood are smooth with little chance of splinter formation
  • Well-made with non-toxic material
  • Older kids would enjoy playing with it.


  • Low-quality paint that comes off easily
  • The pieces are rather small for 1-year-olds

This is an image of a 4 in 1 wooden educational stacking block for toddler.


#8. Premium Wooden Shape Sorter Toy

Premium Shape Sorter is a classic puzzle toy for kids. Like all the best puzzle toys, it aids problem-solving and mental development in kids. The surface of the non-toxic wood material is smooth and is hard to splint which is an important safety consideration for kids. There are several shapes and colors to be sorted out enabling the kid to learn colors and shapes Pros

  • No need for any complicated assembling before kids can start playing with it
  • 30-day money back guarantee
  • Warranty is up to 5 years.
  • Very strong and durable and paint is excellent quality


  • The lid can’t be latched so pieces fall out easily when the box is rotated
  • There are sharp edges on the box; can cause injury
  • Number of shapes might be overwhelming for a 1-year-old

This is an image of a colorful wooden shape sorter toy for kids.


#9. PlayMonster Mirari Pop! Pop! Piano

PlayMonster Mirari Piano is an educational toy with sounds and music to keep kids engaged for hours on end. The mini-piano is made from a durable, non-toxic material that can withstand the stress that comes with striking the keys repeatedly. Sensory and emotional development is nurtured via hands/eyes exploration and music respectively. The toy is simple to operate. Hit the keys and musical notes are produced. To add to the fun, colored stars pop out colored tubes. The clear dome over the piano serves to guide the stars back into the tubes. Pros

  • Has an ‘off’ switch to mute the sounds
  • A very entertaining toy
  • Comes with 3 replaceable AA batteries


  • The plastic dome can come off exposing the small plastic pieces which are a choking hazard.
  • Not very sturdy. Comes apart after falling
  • Noise can drive adults crazy

This is an image of a Mirari Pop! Pop! Piano toy for kids.


#10. Fisher-Price Rock-a-Stack Blocks Bundle

Fisher-Price’s Rock-a-Stack Blocks Bundle is a colorful plastic 2-in-1 toy that lets kids stack plastic bundles and fill a square bucket with blocks of different sizes and colors. The fun is in doing it over and over again and figuring the right sequence to stack the five rings. The toy invites kids to give the finished stack a push and topple the bucket to empty the blocks. It is such a simple, basic toy that appeals to kids’ curiosity and sense of adventure. Pros

  • Excellent for developing hand-eye coordination and problem-solving skills
  • Baby’s basic counting abilities are developed
  • Kids learn basic colors and shapes
  • Paints used are unleaded and are of good quality


  • Shape-sorter lid comes off easily
  • The plastic material is of low quality
  • Could do with brighter colors

This is an image of a Rock-a-Stack and Block bundle for kids.


11. Hape Pound and Tap Bench with Slide-out Xylophone

Early musical education for 1-year-olds is guaranteed with Hape’s Pound and Tap Bench. This wooden and very colorful toy is a musical curiosity for kids. Hitting the ball with the wooden hammer allows the brightly-painted to roll down the incline creating different sound and notes on the Xylophone below. Also, kids can slide out to xylophone from the contraption to create their own sounds and melodies. Pros

  • Excellent for learning musical notes
  • It is easy to assemble and dismantle
  • The choking risk is almost zero due to the absence of small pieces
  • Smooth wood surface with little risk of splinters
  • No sharp edges to cause injury
  • Paint is durable and water-based


  • Hammer’s head is rather small
  • Balls can be hard to push through the holes.
  • Could be made more functional by using real musical tones on the Xylophone

This is an image of a pound and tap bench musical toy for kids.


#12. Playskool Play Favorites Busy Poppin’ Pals

Playskool’s Play Favorites Busy Poppin’ Pals is a colorful, mostly plastic toy that introduces the child to the world of cause and effects in a fun and engaging way. Different animals pop up when a lever, beeper, key or switch is either pulled, pressed, turned or flick respectively. The fun is unending as the kid gets to learn about shapes, colors, and animals. Pros

  • Packaging is simple and stress-free
  • Good for the development of motor functions in kid
  • Made mostly of non-toxic plastic material with round edges for safety
  • Colors are from quality paint


  • Some of the buttons might not work as expected
  • The lack of sounds is a bit weird for popping characters

This is an image of an animal pop up toy by Playskool for kids.


#13. Mega Bloks 80-Piece Big Building Bag (classic)

Mega Bloks 80-Piece Big Building Bag (classic) is a pack of very colorful building blocks of different colors and shapes. 80 pieces mean endless possibilities for kids. As an educational toy, it helps develop color and shape appreciation while encouraging the use of the hands creatively. This is one nice toy to help develop a child’s imagination as they build, destroy and rebuild something new. Pros

  • Re-usable storage bag ensures cleanup and storage are easy.
  • Made with good quality plastic material.
  • Very bright colors and paint doesn’t chip off easily
  • Older kids would find it interesting too
  • Large pieces: can’t get lost easily


  • Some blocks might not fit properly
  • Figures on the packaging can’t be built with the blocks

This is an image of a classic 80 piece building blocks for kids.


#14. VTech Sit-to-Stand Ultimate Alphabet train

VTech’s Sit-to-Stand Ultimate Alphabet Train is a brightly colored toy set that could be any of three things: a floor toy, your baby’s first walker or your kid’s debut experience with a train wagon. The full package also includes alphabet blocks, a storybook, a clock, and gears. This is a great toy to develop motor skills while coming to terms with basic numbers, alphabets, colors, and shapes. A kid can learn so much from this feature-rich toy. Pros

  • Colorful and exciting enough to catch a kid’s attention immediately
  • Nice melodies and songs in storybook
  • The train can count alphabet pieces dropped in the chute making it easier for kids to learn to count
  • Designed to be your child’s toy up to the age of three
  • Numerous songs, phrases, and melodies included


  • Included batteries are just for demo
  • Smaller than expected
  • Can move only forward and backward in a straight line.
  • Light and topples over easily

This is an image of a Ultimate Alphabet Train by Vtech designed for kids.


#15. 5-Layer Ball Drop and Roll Swirling Tower

The 5-Layer Ball Drop and Swirling Tower is basically a ‘tower and falling balls’ toy. But the transparent balls and tower are brightly-colored that, combined with the sounds coming from the plastic pieces inside the ball, make for an enchanting play time for kids. This could be perfect as the kid’s first educational toy because of its simplicity. The movement and sounds aid in the development of motor and cognitive skills. The kid learns to identify primary colors too. Pros

  • It is easy to assemble or dismantle
  • Made from high-quality PVC material
  • There are no tiny pieces eliminating choking concerns
  • The toy is packaged excellently
  • Good customer service


  • Could be made with sturdier plastic
  • Comes apart rather easily. But can be fixed easily though
  • Information and instructions on the box are not well written

This is an image of a 5 Layer Ball Drop and Roll Swirling Tower by Cooltoys for babies.


#16. Discovering Music Activity Table

With the Discovering Music Activity Table, your 1-year-old gets to play with a toy that’d teach them to learn music, languages, and numbers. The toy can be laid flat on the ground or transformed into a three-legged toddler table by the easily-attachable legs Apart from numbers, the piano keys are painted with bright colors in keeping with the general beauty of the toy. Pros

  • Easy to assemble
  • Made from non-toxic plastic material
  • Enough activity to keep kids engrossed for a long time
  • Enhances motor and cognitive skills
  • Encourages creativity in kids


  • Too light and easily topples when legs are attached
  • Legs cannot come off once attached
  • Sturdier plastic could be used for the legs

This is an image of a Discovering Music Activity Table designed for babies.


#17. VTech Turn and Learn Driver

VTech’s Turn and Learn Driver is a great early education toy that packs lots of fun in the basic models. Watch your kid showcase their driving skills with the wheels while been introduced to different animals and brightly-colored lights activated by pressing some buttons. There is added fun in the funny sounds and music that are activated by a lever. There are over 60 songs, melodies and basic phrases bundled in the toy. Pros

  • Also suitable for older kids.
  • Great entertaining sounds and music
  • Easy to assemble once you understand the instruction manual
  • Nice, quality paint. Doesn’t chip off easily
  • Good for the development of hand-eye coordination


  • Included batteries are for demo purposes only
  • Might be too small for an average 1-year-old
  • Instructions manual could be simplified

This is an image of a Turn and Learn Driver by Vtech designed for kids.


#18. Lalababy 26 PCs Alphabet Letters Cards

Nothing reeks good old fashioned educational toys for kids than the Alphabet/Letters cards by Lalababy. It is a 26-card toy, competently designed with bright colors. Each card represents a letter of the alphabet with corresponding images: like ‘A’ is for ‘Apple’, and so on. Kids cans play around with the cards all day due to the bright colors and the soft materials the cards are made with. Pros

  • Made from soft, non-toxic, soft cotton material.
  • It is resilient and durable
  • Handbag for storage is of excellent quality
  • Encourages parent-child interaction
  • Develops cognitive skills


  • Chinese characters on the flip side might be confusing for kids

This is an image of a 26 Letters Cloth Card by Lalababy for babies.


#19. Melissa & Dough First Bead Maze

The Melissa & Dough First Bead Maze is a wooden, soft wire plastic bead maze toy that is as colorful as it is well-made. Kids play with it by sliding brightly colored wires across twisted wires set between two solid wooden bases. In the process, cognitive skills, motor skills, and colors and shapes recognition are developed in the kid. There are suction cups at the base of the wood to attach it to table tops or some convenient flat surface. Pros

  • Lightweight and easy to carry around by the kid
  • Beautifully designed and polished quality wood eliminates the possibility of splinters
  • Colors are bright and attractive
  • Very easy to assemble
  • Very safe for kids as there are no sharp edges on wood and wire


  • Smaller than you would expect a Maze for a 1-year-old to be
  • The suction cups could be made better
  • Some kids might consider it uninteresting after a short while

This is an image of a colorful bead maze by Mellissa and Dough designed for babies.


#20. Fat Brain Toys Dimpl

Toys Dimpl from fat Brain doesn’t pretend to be anything else apart from a simple toy. But the benefits for the kid override the simplicity by a long shot. The design is simple: five round silicone bubbles embedded into a frame made of plastic. The action is completely concentrated on the bubbles. Pushing firmly on each one pops them out on the other side forming a dimple on the upside. The bubbles are soft and pleasing to touch with very attractive bright colors. Pros

  • Very nice packaging in a box
  • Develops sensory perception and motor skills
  • It is light. Kids can carry it along
  • The plastic frame is of high quality and durable
  • Bubbles are made from very harmless, non-toxic silicone
  • Doesn’t require assembling


  • Can’t use it on a flat surface. Silicone won’t pop on the other side
  • Not enough activity to occupy a kid for long

This is an image of a colorful silicone bubbles by Fat Brain Toys for kids.


#21. Fisher-Price Stack and Explore Blocks

Stack and Explore Blocks from Fisher-Price is a nesting toy of five blocks made with plastic material. It is a simple toy designed to introduce kids to counting, color appreciation and recognition of animals. All the kid has to do is stack the five blocks from the biggest to the smallest. If they can nail it, it should develop fine motor skills, self-confidence, problem-solving and hand-eye coordination. Pros

  • Simple enough game and doesn’t require complicated unpacking or assembling
  • Kids understand the concept quickly enough
  • Colors are bright and attractive
  • Quality, non-toxic paint used on the products.


  • Kids could lose interest in the toy pretty fast
  • Kids might find unnesting a bit hard due to the relatively large bottom blocks
  • The small size might come as a surprise

This is an image of a Stack and Explore Blocks by Fisher Price designed for babies.


#22. Baby Einstein Take Along Tunes Musical Toy

Baby Einstein Take Along Tunes musical toy is a colorful toy designed to enhance musical appreciation and consequently, developing the auditory senses. Shaped like table-top office phone, the colorful toy is all about music and sounds that can be selected by the child via a large button on the toy. There are 7 classical melodies to choose from. This should be fun for the kid and you if you love classical music. Pros

  • It is not complicated for kids to get a hang on.
  • There is a volume control to regulate the sound
  • Very light. Kids can move around with it easily
  • Adults would enjoy the music too
  • Durable, cute and well-designed


  • The single button takes the fun-factor several notches down
  • Music button has a poor quality paper sticker on it
  • Needs additional features

This is an image of a Take Along Tunes Musical Toy by Baby Einstein designed for babies.


#23. Fisher-Price Laugh & Learn Around The Town Learning Table.

Laugh & Learn Around the Town is a colorful, mostly plastic musical table that packs lots of features to keep toddlers busy for a long time. Some of the fun features include an interactive fun button that released phone phrases when pressed, nine flashing lights and over a hundred songs and tunes. The toy can hold the interest of the kid for years with a Smart Stages technology that adds 3 levels of play as the baby gets older. It can be used flat or have legs added to it. Pros

  • Lots of exciting features that would come in handy in the kid’s development
  • Different levels to teach kids different skills as they get older
  • Great educational toy for color recognition, numbers, and simple phrases
  • 3 batteries included
  • Quality plastic with awesome colors
  • Paint used is safe for the kid.
  • Easily attachable and detachable legs


  • Some words in stage two are in Spanish
  • Stronger plastic legs would have been better
  • It is very light. Moves easily when kids stand up to lean on it.

This is an image of a Laugh & Learn Learning Table by Fisher Price designed for babies.


#24. BettRoom Wooden Toddler Toys

The Wooden Toddler Toys by BettRoom would teach your kid how to put pegs in their right holes in a manner of speaking. The toy is made with a wooden base with different keys attached to hold about four different shapes. Kids should quickly figure out where to stack the shapes which are also a made of wood. There 16 of such shapes; all of them brightly painted. This toy addresses the basic requirement of an educational toy: it is bright, not heavy and develops some important motor skills and creativity in kids. Pros

  • It comes with a 3 months money-back guarantee
  • The wood is solid and doesn’t splinter easily
  • Great as a first learning toy for 1 year olds
  • The wood and paint are both non-toxic making them safe for kids
  • The absence of sharp edges is a plus


  • They are smaller than expected
  • Kids can quickly out-grow this toy

This is an image of a colorful wooden shapes blocks designed for kids.


#25. Funkeys Lights and Sounds Toy

Funkeys Lights and Sounds toy keys is what you get for your kid if they love playing with your car keys. The kid would hardly know the difference. However, the kid would know their keys are way cooler considering the brighter colors and fun car sounds coming out at the press of any of the buttons on the fob. They are made with non-toxic material so pose no health risks when your kid inevitably chews on them. These are excellent for the development of hand-eye coordination, and coming to grips with some basic primary colors. Pros

  • Comes with 2 AAA batteries
  • Easy to take with you anywhere
  • Made with a non-toxic material; safe for chewing
  • Metal parts are thick and durable


  • Metals could be a hazard with kids
  • The motor sounds can be awful for some adults as well as kids

This is an image of a toy car keys with lights & sounds designed for kids.


26. MooToys ‘Doggy Spinner’ Push and Spin Dog

The roulette table concept is revised in the ‘Doggy Spinner’ by MooToys. Pushing down the puppy’s head would set the colored balls in the clear plastic enclosure spinning wildly. This could be fun as you and your child take turns guessing where the balls would drop. And with the fun comes the development of the baby’s visual and motors skills and an appreciation of cause and effects. It needs to be pointed out that the overall design and color combination is really awesome. Pros

  • Simple and easy to setup
  • It is sturdy and doesn’t malfunction easily
  • Quality non-toxic paints used
  • There are no sharp edges


  • It might not hold the baby’s interest for too long
  • Balls make irritating, clanking noise when the top is pushed

This is an image of a Doggy Spinner by MooToys designed for kids.


#27. VTech Lil’ Critters Roll and Discover Ball

Lil’ Critters Roll and Discover ball is not just a well-designed sphere with fancy animals and colors to push around; it is just the basic concept. Embedded in the stuffed softball is a motion sensor that triggers phrases and sounds when activated by movement. It also has a star-shaped button that, when pressed, introduces animals and numbers. Kids would learn about animals, numbers, colors and some basic phrases while playing with it. The toy is excellent for developing motor skills and tactile senses. Pros

  • It is soft and pleasing to an infant’s hands
  • Quality material used in making the stuffed ball
  • Easy to use and almost maintenance-free
  • It is durable
  • Pushes kids to exercise as they chase after the ball
  • You can play ‘throw and catch’ with your kid.


  • The hard plastic speaker should have been embedded inside the ball
  • There is no switchboard volume control for the sound
  • The included 2 AAA batteries are just for demo purposes. You need to buy new ones

This is an image of a Lil' Critters Roll and Discover Ball by Vtech designed for kids.


#28. Vatos Baby Educational Toy Tablet

Vatos educational toy tablet for babies has everything to set your toddler on the path of learning numbers, alphabets, animals and colors. Shaped like a tablet device, the plastic toy is made even more attractive with bright colors. It produces animal sounds when an animal button is pressed. Other sounds include music and various sound effects and flashing lights. The kiddy tablet helps to develop finer motor skills and aids sensory development. Pros

  • The design is smooth and ergonomic. Perfect for small hands
  • The absence of sharp edges makes it very safe for kids
  • The product is easy to assemble and use
  • Durable and sturdy


  • Batteries are not included
  • The noise could be irritating the grownups after repeated use

This is an image of a red learning tablet by Vatos designed for kids.


#29. Fisher-Price Spin n Surprise Lion

Fisher-Price’s Spin n Surprise Lion toy is a nice spin on the classic jack-in-the-box toy. At first glance, it is a simple plastic box with a roller close to the base on one side. The roller and all sides of the box are designed with beautiful colors and animals. Kids would be tempted to spin the roller. That is where the fun and surprise begins. Spinning it produces some playful tunes and sounds. Then comes the surprise. The top of the box snaps open and out pops and lion with a spinning mane! That should be a lot of fun! Pros

  • Important for the development of motor skills
  • It promotes creativity in kids
  • Kids become aware of numbers, animals and colors
  • It durable, safe and has no sharp edges
  • Easy for kids to figure it out


  • Kids might lose interest in it very quickly
  • Spinning the wheel to get the lion out is hard on some models

This is an image of a Spin 'n Surprise Lion baby toy.


#30. VTech Learn and Spin Aquarium

The Learn and Spin Aquarium toy by VTech is an underwater journey of visual delights. The plastic toy aquarium is a designed like an upturned bowl with a water spout on top. Inside the aquarium are sea animals such as starfish, fish, and crab. To complete the aquarium feeling, there are plastic sea plants. All these are painted in bright colors to mimic the coral reefs of some Island paradise. The fun starts when the water spout is pushed. The aquarium spins, happy sounds are created by the animals as they twirl in the aquarium with colorful lights flashing. Pros

  • A fun way to introduce numbers, colors and sea animals to kids.
  • Helps the development of fine motor skills and cognitive senses
  • 2 AA batteries included
  • Sturdy and durable.
  • Safe for kids to use with little chance of injury


  • The kid might get easily bored with just pushing plunger and buttons
  • Songs might be a bit irritating to adults

This is an image of a Learn and Spin Aquarium by Vtech designed for 1 year old kids.


#31. Melissa & Dough Deluxe Chomp and Alligator Wooden Push Toy

This wooden push toy/walker appeal to one of a toddler’s greatest desires: the need to master the art of walking. It’s a brightly painted wooden walker that features three alligators, wheels decorated with fishes, ladybug beads and a spinning butterfly. Ideally, when pushed by your kid, the three alligators take turns chomping, while the fishes on the wheels simulate swimming as they spin around. The wooden support across the handle has a brightly-painted butterfly and ladybug beads that kids can playfully slide across while pushing the walker. Pros

  • Encourages walking and development of fine motor skills
  • Promotes hand-eye coordination while introducing kids to colors and animals.
  • Sturdy, well-made from good wood with little chance of splinters
  • The paints used are safe and non-toxic
  • Comes with screwdrivers and detailed instructions for assembling


  • It is more of a push-toy than a walker since it topples over easily
  • Assembling could be hard for some people
  • Might not move well on carpets because of low-ground clearance
  • Adults might find the noise irritating sometimes

This is an image of a chomp and clack alligator wooden push toy designed for kids.


#32. Cloth Book Baby Soft Book

The Cloth Book Baby Soft Book is not your typical toy. It is a book made with soft material that can do a lot of things including keeping your kid fascinated for a long time. All parts of the book are soft including the pages. The pages are decorated with bright colors and include fun stuff like mirrors, peek-a-boo flap and a variety of sounds. Apart from the educational benefits when you read the book to your kid, it encourages bonding between you and the kid. Pros

  • Comes in a nice package and it’s easy to carry around
  • It is durable and made with quality material
  • 1-month money-back guarantee
  • The covers are non-toxic and safe
  • Would stimulate reading and communication skills in kids


  • Needs cleaning regularly
  • Sounds from the animals could be improved

This is an image of an interactive cloth book for babies.


#33. Fisher-Price Brilliant Basics Stack and Roll Cups

Fisher-Price’s stack and roll cups is a simple, basic toy. It is a collection of 10 cups of different colors and sizes. These are designed for stacking, nesting and snapping together into a ball. There is a jingle ball with a smiley face on it. The sound from the jingle ball adds to the fun when the kid is playing. The jingle bell is a nice touch. Stack and nest toys are brilliant for developing counting skills and appreciation of colors. And because kids need to figure new ways to snap the cups into balls, creativity and problem-solving skills would be enhanced in the child. Pros

  • Simple, basic and easy to figure out
  • Made from good quality plastics that are non-toxic
  • There is no risk of choking because of the absence of small parts
  • Easy to maintain and durable


  • Not enough activities to hold kids’ interest for long
  • Can be hard to unsnap the balls or dismantle the stack/nest; frustrating for kids
  • The stacking tower gets unstable and topples over easily the higher the cups are stacked

This is an image of a colorful stack & roll cups by Fisher Price for babies.


#34. Playkidz Super Durable Pound A Ball

Pound A Ball toy by Playkidz is an all-plastic affair that would appeal to your child instincts to hit things and just to see what happens. The multi-level, multi-colored toy is designed to resemble an undulating slider with four balls of different colors at the top. The cute small hammer is used to pound the balls at the top until they fall through the hole and slide to the bottom. This could be fun as the kid would love to repeatedly hit the balls and observe as make their way to the bottom. Pros

  • It is light and can be moved quite easily by the kid
  • Introduces the kid to various colors
  • Develops fine motor skills and coordination between eye and hand
  • It is easy to assemble
  • Made with non-toxic plastic


  • The small size can be underwhelming
  • It is very unstable; topples over quite easily
  • No replacements balls sold for damaged or missing balls

This is an image of a pound a ball toy for toddlers.


#35. VTech Musical Rhymes Book

As the name suggests, this VTech toy is a book with music. Your kid gets to play, read and listen to musical rhymes. Apart from being brightly painted with fun and educational stuff, the pages of the book are big and easy to turn and it comes with 6 nursery rhymes that are all-time classics. The toy/book is shaped like a piano with five colorful piano buttons that emit sounds when pressed. As far as the sounds go, there are six songs: one for each page in the book. Pros

  • The toy is well-made with good packaging
  • Non-toxic material used in manufacturing. Kids can chew without coming to harm
  • It is soft and nice to touch or hold
  • Enough activities to hold the kid’s attention for long
  • Encourages interaction/bonding between you and the kid


  • False advertising: contains just 6 songs and not 40 as stated in the packaging
  • There is no volume control
  • The quality of the sound could be improved

This is an image of a musical rhymes book by VTech fior babies.


#36. Deluxe Toy Workshop Playset

Deluxe Toy Workshop is meant to replicate an actual workshop with tools like hammer, screwdriver, wrench, and screw are included. Like a real workshop, it has so many features it would take a long time for your kid to go through them. Unlike adult’s workstation, this is all about the fun with music, light and sounds to call the name of each shape and number. Watch your kid learn the name of each shape when they get the shape-sorter puzzle right. The toy plays music and calls out the name of the shape. There is so much more to this toy. What are definitely guaranteed from this colorful workstation are lots of fun. Pros

  • Kids would not get bored easily
  • Made from high-quality non-toxic plastic material
  • Develops fine motor skills and sensory perception in kids
  • Very well-designed with no sharp edges
  • Has a volume control to mute the sounds
  • Has a pull-over drawer for storing the pieces
  • 2 AAA batteries included


  • Missing or damaged parts cannot be replaced
  • It is very small for a normal-sized toddler

This is an image of an interactive sounds & lights workshop playset for kids..


#37. Sassy Fishy Fascination Station

Fishy Fascination station is a colorful, plastic Ferris wheel toy. Attached to the spinning wheel is a clear cylinder with beads inside, plastic fish and what looks like a flat plastic bowl with fishes painted on it. The concept is simple. Batting the wheel would get it spinning encouraging the baby to reach out and bat some more. The beads make some noise to further fascinate the kid. Attached to the base is a suction cup to attach the toy to clean flat surfaces. Pros

  • Playing with it should strengthen hand-eye coordination
  • The top half of the toy can be detached from the suction cup
  • The plastic material is non-toxic making it a safe toy for kids
  • Excellent design and works flawlessly most of the time


  • Suction cup doesn’t work as well as expected: might not stick to some surfaces.
  • The fish is heavier than the other spinners. It is always at the bottom of the Ferris wheel

This is an image of a fishy fascination station suction cup toy by Sassy for babies.


#38. VTech Pull & Learn Car Carrier

A toy truck with motion sensors, smart driver’s seat, and CB radio is what VTech is offering with the Pull and Learn car carrier. Basically, this is a truck to transport smaller vehicles, but there is added excitement with fun phrases and the CB radio with buttons that can activate colors, numbers, and music. The Smart feature recognizes characters strapped into the driver’s seat while the proximity sensor recognizes the smaller vehicle as they pass by the truck. It acknowledges this with fun phrases. Pros

  • There is so much to get through. It is hardly boring
  • Excellently-designed pieces with good finishing
  • Introduces children to basic colors, numbers, and animals in a fun way
  • There are no sharp edges making it a very safe toy truck for toddlers
  • The pieces were made using non-toxic plastic material
  • 2 AA batteries included


  • Backdoor tends to fall down in some models
  • It is weird that the included phone doesn’t make any sound
  • There is no pull string attached to the truck

This is an image of a Pull & Learn Car Carrier Toy by Vtech designed for kids.


#39. Click N’ Play Value Pack of 200 Crush-Proof Plastic Play Balls

You would never know how much fun kids can have with so many balls until you buy something like this plastic play balls by Click N’ Play. There are 100 balls of 5 different colors in this pack to keep your kid busy. You can add the balls to the kid’s play area, throw them in a bathtub, filled a ball pit with them or use in jumping castles. It is even more fun if other kids are around. However, this could be the perfect bonding toy as you play ‘catch’ or any game your imaginative toddler can come up with. The balls come in five soft colors: light pink, hot pink, purple, pearl white and turquoise. Pros

  • Keeps kids active for long as they chase the ball around
  • Helps in the development of motor skills
  • Exposes kids to colors and develops their counting skills
  • Plastic balls are very durable and non-toxic
  • Comes in a cool, mesh bag with a zip to hold the balls in.


  • Far smaller than advertised
  • Contains 100 balls not 200 as advertised
  • The balls are not crush-proof as advertised

This is an image of a colorful pit balls by Click N' Play designed for babies.


#40. Sassy Developmental Bumpy Ball

Sassy Developmental Bumpy Ball is not your regular ball with fancy pieces sticking out of it even if it appears that way. All the pieces attached to the ball are made from different materials to improve the kid’s sensitivity to different surfaces. The pieces are also made of very bright contrasting colors and bold patterns to improve focus and vision. Motor skills are developed as the kid constantly grasps the attractive, colorful bumps on the ball. There is so much more for kids to benefit from the ball while also having fun with the rattling sounds made by the beads. Pros

  • It is a very durable toy
  • It can be used or enjoyed by older children.
  • Made with high-grade polyester and foam
  • Assembling is not required: simply unpack and start using


  • Kids are likely to become bored with it easily
  • Not easy to clean when it gets dirty

This is an image of a developmental bumpy ball designed for kids.


#41. Manhattan Toy Winkle Rattle and Sensory Teether Toy

Winkle Rattle and Sensory Teether toy is an amazing maze of continuous circular rings attached to a central cube. There are so many colors and mazy rings it’s no wonder kids simply can let go. The center cube contains beads that rattle with a gentle noise anytime it is moved. Teething kids can chew on the plastic loops safely as they are made from non-toxic, BPA-free material. This is a simple toy with so many developmental benefits. Kids would be exposed to different colors that aid sensory perception. Fine motors skills are enhanced as they learn to track the loops by turning their necks. Pros

  • Lightweight and easy for kids to grasp and carry around
  • Made with durable plastic material with great attention to details
  • Older kids would find it useful too
  • Comes in a great package
  • No assembling issues. It is used straight out of the box


  • The plastic loops are not really soft. Kids won’t enjoy chewing on them
  • Kids get bored with it pretty fast
  • Doesn’t come with instructions manual for parents

This is an image of a rattle and sensory teether toy for babies.


#42. Oball Shaker

Oball Shaker is a toy with two spheres attached to both ends of a transparent plastic tube. Inside the tube are several multi-colored beads that rattle with a pleasant sound when given a shake. Expect your kid to immediately grab the toy and proceed to give it a good shake over and over again once you hand the toy over to them becoming quickly fascinated by the dazzling colors rattling in the tube. This is a good toy to introduce kids to colors and at the same time help develop their fine motor skills and enhance hand-eye coordination. Pros

  • Easy to maintain and durable
  • Safe plastic material used so babies can chew on the Oballs
  • They are easy to grasp and don’t slip out easily
  • The sound is not too loud


  • Small size might be disappointing
  • Balls are too large to be chewed by teething kids
  • You won’t like it if you love your toys to rattle with a loud noise

This is an image of an oball shaker for babies.


#43. Playskool Explore N’ Grow Busy Ball Popper

Explore N’ Grow Busy Ball Popper is designed to have your toddler embarking on a kiddy adventure in no time at all. There is a spiral track where kids can drop a ball after pressing the inviting smiley-faced button to open the hatch. The kid can watch the ball spiral down to the bottom where a surprise awaits them. The ball pops back up at the top! The toy comes with five colorful balls for variety. Added fun can be had from 8 songs and some fun sound effects. Apart from developing the motor skills and aids them in understanding cause and effect, this is a good introduction to color recognition for kids. Pros

  • It is an all-plastic toy made with non-toxic material
  • Comes in excellent packaging
  • Fine design with great attention to detail
  • Paints used are non-toxic making the toy harmless to kids
  • Balls are soft and light so little risk of injury when they pop back up


  • No volume control
  • Loud sounds; some adults would this find irritating
  • Uses up too much battery juice in a short time

This is an image of an explore ball popper by Playskool for babies.


#44. Playz Rocket Ship Astronaut Kid’s Play Tent, Tunnel and Ball Pit

This is a 3-in-1 interconnected toy set. The toy comes bundled in a zipper case containing one castle play tent, a ball pit with hoops, and a crawl tunnel for kids to move between the ball pit and the tent. The rocket-shaped tent is big enough for toddlers to jump and play comfortably in. And when they get tired of being astronauts in the tent, they can crawl through the tunnel to the ball pit for a different sort of fun with colored balls and hoops. Educational toys don’t come any better with these STEM-themed pieces. Pros

  • There are lots of stuff to keep your toddler occupied
  • Excellent packaging
  • Well-made with quality materials
  • Materials used are non-toxic
  • Can be used by older kids
  • The pieces can be used independently as separate toys


  • Material for the rocket ship tent and ball pit rips easily
  • Hard to fit the ball pit back into the carrying case
  • Poor customer service

This is an image of a 3-piece rocket ship play tent for kids.


#45. Playkidz Pretend Play Kids Cleaning Set

Playkidz’s pretend cleaning set toy for kids is a cleaning set alright. It contains the usual cleaning pieces you’d expect to find in any home. There is the broom, mop, brush, dustpan and cleaning agent for kids to pretend at cleaning the home with. And because kids love copying their parents, these colorful, multi-colored cleaning set would be put to good use! But then, it is fun for the kids all the way. However, you have to make sure to choose the correct model so that the right size is shipped to you. Pros

  • No-frills easy-to-use cleaning set
  • Gives kids a sense of accomplishments and develops self-confidence
  • Safe non-toxic plastic pieces
  • Money-back guarantee


  • Some of the pieces in the cleaning set easily get broken
  • The mop is too tiny and was not well-made

This is an image of a pretend play cleaning set for kids.


#46. Click N’ Play Bath Foam Letters and Numbers with Mesh Bag

Bath Foam Letters and Numbers from Click N’ Play is all about adding lots of fun for the kid at bath time. The 36 foam pieces come packaged in a nice mesh bag. Strings connect the mesh bag to a couple of suction cups. The suction cups should attach to the wall making it the ideal place to store the pieces after bath time. The pieces float in water and can also be attached to the sides of the bathtub. Kids would easily learn letters and numbers with the sticky pieces. Pros

  • Materials used for making them are non-toxic and safe
  • Excellent as first learning toy for kids
  • Foam material is durable and holds up well in water


  • Numbers pieces should have been done with different colors from alphabet pieces for easy identification
  • Some pieces might be missing.
  • Bag is rather small. Fitting the pieces back inside is hard

This is an image of a bath foam letters and numbers for kids.


#47. Go and Grow Lil’ Rollin’ Giraffe Ride-on

Kids love friendly looking animals and this toy is all that plus they can take a ride on by scooting along in the floor. The ride on the brightly-colored toy giraffe is made safer by the big wheels and the wheel guard. Your problem might be getting your kid to take a break. Pros

  • It enhances coordination in the kid as well as the development of motor skills and ability to maintain balance
  • Much attention was paid to making sure riding is very safe for kids
  • Made with non-toxic material
  • It is sturdy and durable
  • The paints used are non-toxic and don’t chip easily
  • Easy to assemble if you are comfortable with tools


  • The toy is very light which makes it likely to tip over
  • Handlebar has a limited turning radius
  • Children can run over their toes easily if they decide to scoot backward

This is an image of a little boy riding on a giraffe rid on toy.


#48. Toyk’s Music Goose Toys With LED Light

Get your kid a funny and friendly companion with this multipurpose, battery-powered toy from Toyk. This goose can sing to entertain and takes exception to being held by the neck with a cry of ‘don’t catch me’. It never stops moving, only backing away from obstacles to move in the opposite direction. And while it is on the move, there are bright flashing lights and sounds from the goose to further keep your kid enthralled. This engaging toy would help develop your kid’s motor skills as they move around with it and teach them to recognize sounds and colors. Pros

  • It comes in an excellent package
  • ABS plastic material is non-toxic and safe for kids
  • Well-designed toy with attractive colors
  • Paint is non-toxic and gloss doesn’t wear off easily


  • Batteries not included
  • Rap music can be disconcerting for kids
  • There is no volume control

This is an image of a music goose toy for kids.


#49.  VTech Spin and Learn Color Yellow Flashlight

VTech’s Spin and Learn Color Flashlight is just the toy to brighten a toddler’s life and also enjoy the developmental benefits of playing with the toy. There all dials, colorful buttons and, of course, lights; all these combine to produce over 50 songs, funny sounds, flashing lights, and fun phrases. This could be the perfect learning toy as the sounds teach kids basic numbers and songs. The all plastic flashlight toy could be your toddler’s best buddy as the many exciting features keeps them engrossed. Pros

  • Great, simple functional design with attractive colors
  • Nice selection of sing-along songs
  • Plastic and paint used are both non-toxic making it very safe for kids
  • Injury risk reduced by absence of sharp edges
  • Easy to operate and durable
  • Batteries included


  • No option to stop the sound once a button is touched
  • Not a real flashlight. Lights flickers constantly
  • Adults might find the constant noise irritating

This is an image of a yellow spin and learn color flashlight designed for kids.


#50. Musical Turtle Toy

This Musical Turtle Toy looks so cool your kid would fall in love with it immediately even if it doesn’t do anything. Fortunately, it does so much more apart from looking cute. The turtle can move and plays music and sound at the touch of the buttons embedded on the body. The top of the turtle is a screen to flash numbers and alphabets. Touching the ‘ABC’ button will make the turtle repeat the letters in English while the letters flash on the screen. Touching the ‘123’ button generates the same reaction. There are also dedicated buttons to make the toy move and interesting to patterns display on the screen. This one of the most comprehensive educational fun toy you would ever buy for your kid. Pros

  • Well made with several interesting and fun features
  • There is a volume control to regulate the sound
  • Risk of injury minimized with the absence of sharp edges
  • Non-toxic plastic material used in making the turtle
  • A durable toy that can be used for a long time


  • Speaking voice has a Chinese accent and is hard to understand
  • Batteries are not included

This is an image of a yellow musical turtle toy for babies.


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