Best Dinosaur Toys For 5 Year Olds 2019


By the age of 5 kids are already in grade school or just a few months short of starting. Therefore, if you are getting dinosaur toys for your 5 year old, your choice should reflect the fact the child is no longer a toddler.

Since almost everybody loves dinosaurs, there is no reason your son won’t be thrilled with any dinosaur present. The choice though must be the right age for your kid with all the attendant benefits expected of the toy or toys.

We are taking mostly educational and mental benefits here. Dinosaur toys that encourage lots of thinking and physical exercises would also be super cool. Following are the factors we considered in selecting the best dinosaur toys for 5 year olds. 

Criteria for Selecting Dinosaur Toys for 5 year olds

As stated earlier, toys for this age group must reflect the fact kids are now in grade school or about to start.

The toys in this review come with many features and were selected for their ability to enhance the kid’s educational development. That is, in addition to the fun they’d add to your kid’s life

Below are the most important factors we considered before including a dinosaur toy in our review list.

Quality of Materials – At five, kids can put a lot of stress on toys with their boundless energy. So the toys had to be made of very sturdy materials to withstand the wear and tear they would be subjected to.

For instance, the board games had to be made with thick, durable cardboard materials and preferably glossed over with paint varnish. This makes it impossible for the material to be soaked when water spills on them.

Safety – since there is little chance of 5 year olds swallowing and choking on small toy pieces, toys with small pieces only made the cut if they were made with non-toxic material.

This applies both to the colors used and the base material.

For instance, we made sure all the plastic toys that made it to the list were PVC and BPA-free. These can be harmful even to adults.

Engaging – 5 year olds can quickly lose interest in any toy if they are bland and commonplace. The toys that made the grade were all engaging; the sort of toy any kid would spend hours with or come back to play with again and again.

Historical accuracy – Dinosaur toys, apart from the fun they bring, are some of the best educational tools for kids because of their historical significance.

In that respect, the toy pieces must accurately depict the real-life animal with great attention paid to details. This way, the child is not misled about how dinosaurs looked physically.

Reviews – Product reviews by buyers or parents are some of the best ways of accurately judging a particular toy. These are parents that bought the toys and are giving informed opinions about their purchases.

Only toys that got high average ratings from users scaled through our selection process. Dinosaur toys with less than 3 stars and few reviews were discarded as not good enough.

Preference was given to 4+ stars ratings with over a hundred reviews.

Top 10 Realistic Educational Dinosaurs Toys For 5 Year old

1. ToyVelt 50 Piece Dinosaur Playset

 50 Piece Dinosaur Playset

ToyVelt’s Dinosaur Playset is all about recreating a prehistory landscape and the animals that roamed the earth. This is a visually stunning gift that’d definitely keep your 5 year old kid busy for long as they use their imagination to create the idyllic environment.

The set comes with 20 realistic dinosaurs, 29 trees and rocks, a beautifully illustrated map and a playmat on which to design the landscape.

This highly educational dino gift would also encourage you and the family to bond together as you all collaborate to move the brightly colored pieces around the landscape.


2. WolVol Perfect Dinosaur Storage Carrier

This Christmas, gift your 5 year old a toy dino storage/carrier with a difference. This unique gift item any 5 year old with lots of small toy gifts would really adore.

The sturdy, dinosaur-shaped carrier has wheels so a child can even ride on it. It also has a convenient handle at the top so it can be moved around easily.

The dinosaur carrier is intricately-designed and painted in attractive lime-green and ash colors. The big storage vault has sliding ramps kids can use to play with the small cars.


3. WowWee Roboraptor X-Robot Dinosaur Toy

Roboraptor X-Robot Dinosaur Toy

Give your kid the power to control their own dinosaur with WowWee’s Roboraptor X.

The 32″ dinosaur is impressively designed with advanced sensors that easily respond to commands from the remote control. Its fluid bi-pedal walking and the movement of the body, in general, is so amazing and is sure to captivate anybody especially 5 year olds.

Some of the features include an autonomous roaming mode, visual sonic guard model, and three personality modes: hunter, cautious and playful.

You can also join in the fun by giving yourself control of the toy through an app on your smartphone. The app sends signals through an IR dongle that comes with the package.


4. Jurassic World Super Colossal T-Rex Dinosaur

At 3 feet, the Super Colossal T-Rex Dinosaur from Jurassic World Toys is one of the biggest dinosaur toys. The detailed design is so realistic it could scare your 5 year old at first.

But kids would most likely fall in love with it as they go hunting for prey together. The T-Rex, with its articulated limbs, can swallow up to 20 mini action dinosaurs through its wide movable jaws.

You would need to buy the mini dinosaurs separately though. The swallowed prey can be released via an opening on the tummy of the toy.


5. Hacktoys Jurassic Dinosaur Bubble Gun Shooter Light Up Blower

Get unlimited fun with your kid with the Dinosaur Bubble Shooter Gun. This is a wet and bubbly kind of fun that is suitable for the back garden or a day at the beach.

The brightly-colored toy comes with 3 AA batteries, two bubble solutions, and the main bubble shooter.

Designed to develop hand-eye coordination, it features colorful LED lights when shots are fired and a handle your 5 year old would find easy to hold.

This is one toy your kid would love to carry around and use everywhere they are allowed to be naughty.


6. 100 Piece Jurassic Dinosaur and Cave Man Prehistoric Playset

This playset is the perfect combination of fun, creative design and educational toy for your 5 year old.

The complete set includes over 40 different dinosaur species, 12 cavemen, trees, two wooden bridges, and other items to design a complete prehistory landscape with a touch of modernity.

Your kid’s canvass is a large playmat decorated with various landscape features.

There is so much to do and learn with this toy gift item; and when the kid is done for the day, all the pieces can be packed in the large, sturdy storage box.


7. DinoBryte T-Rex LED Headlamp


Add extra excitement into camping day with this T-Rex LED Headlamp. This is something your kid would want to use as they go exploring during imaginative play or at summer camp.

It can add fun to reading at night when it can be used as a lamp. The headlamp comes with an adjustable strap and it makes roaring sounds when the lamp is turned on.

The bright LED light is powered by 3 AAA batteries and comes with a protective lens to focus the light and protect the LED light.


8. Melissa & Doug 4-in-1 Wooden Jigsaw Puzzles

Develop your kid’s problem-solving skills with the beautiful, brightly-colored dinosaur jigsaw puzzles from Melissa & Dough.

This is a four-puzzle game that involves putting the pieces together of four species of dinosaurs: Triceratops, Apatosaurus, Stegosaurus, and T-Rex.

The puzzle set is made from sturdy wood and come packaged in a strong wooden box for storage. This makes it an easy puzzle set that can be taken anywhere with the kid.

Puzzle gifts are awesome for young ones as they promote problem-solving skills and develop hand-eye coordination.


9. Animal Planet’s 40+ Set of Big Dinosaur Pieces

Take imaginative playtime another level with the big dinosaur pieces from Animal Planet.

The set contains over 40 pieces of carefully designed dinosaur pieces of different sizes, shapes, and colors. Also included are forest trees, rock pools, and landscape pieces to allow your kid to put their creativity to good use.

Having fun recreating prehistoric landscape with this set doesn’t have to end at home. The complete can be conveniently taken anywhere in the plastic storage tub.


10. Peaceful Kingdom Dinosaur Escape Game

Improve your kid’s social and interactive skills by getting them this Dinosaur Escape game that involves helping three dinosaurs escape a volcano that is about to erupt.

Suitable for 2 or more kids, the game is played by rolling a dice and moving the dinosaurs across the colorful board away from the volcano.

Though a game of chance, it also requires a bit of skills to win. And there are several aspects of the game that is explained in the instructions manual.

The complete set comes with one board game, 3 dinosaur movers, one die, twelve fern tokens, 5 volcano puzzle pieces, volcano stand and of course the instructions booklet.



These are the top dinosaur toys for 5 year olds we came up with from the hundreds we looked at. All of them, one way or the other, would teach your kid about the world and our history. This is in addition to developing some important core skills.

The simple dinosaur figurines are timeless and can be part of the household for several years. While the technologically advanced toy sets bring exciting and fun play to the table in addition to other benefits.

If you are confused about a gift for a 5 year old, simply opt for any of the toys reviewed here. They are guaranteed to be a hit with any kid.


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