Best Dinosaur Toys For 4 Year Olds


Here is the thing about buying dinosaur toys for 4 year olds: everybody loves dinosaurs including adults, so there is every chance all folks would want to be part of the fun when they see the toy.

No thanks to blockbuster movies like Jurassic Park and Jurassic World, these prehistoric animals are a big hit always. So when you go to get a dinosaur toy for your 4 year old, nick the temptation to buy one you feel is more suitable for you.

Dinosaur toys are great because of their educational and developmental values. They are also great for pretend role plays helping kids to hone their creativity, imagination and much more.

That said, the following review is a collection of the best dinosaur toys for 4 year olds. You would find a great many toys, many of them absolute gems you likely had no idea existed.

Criteria Used for Selecting the Best Dinosaur Toys for 4 year olds

There are so many cool dinosaur toys perfect for 4 year olds that selecting one out of the lot can be a frustrating exercise. But by a process of elimination based on variables listed below, we were able to come with this list.

Attention to details – the design of the toys is a great pointer to how much work and effort was invested before the product was released to the public.

Most dinosaur pieces are inherently educational as they point to a time in history before humans. In this respect, the toys must be an accurate replica of the real animal. The various body parts must be accurately depicted in their correct proportions or dimensions.

Dinosaur pieces that ignored this were cast aside no matter how beautiful or awesome they were.

Aesthetics – it is a given that toys for kids must be very colorful to catch the attention of kids. However, there is a limit to how much color can be splattered on a piece without distorting its real physical attributes.

That said, the finishing must be stunning and breathtaking because some of them are useful as decorative toys in the home. When your 4 year old is tired of playing with them, they could be arranged on the mantelpiece or somewhere conspicuous to brighten the room.

Uniqueness – there are so many dinosaur toys out there and many of them look like the next dozen toys. Toys that stood out with their uniqueness had a better chance than the common ones.

Sometimes, a single additional feature is all that was needed to make one dinosaur toy for kids stand out from others.

Reviews – customers’ reviews is one of the most important criteria in selecting any toy or product for kids. Sometimes, word of mouth from friends or families could be all that is needed to make a decision.

For us here, we reviewed hundreds of online reviews from real users. Only toys with the highest average ratings passed our vetting process. So the product must have at least a hundred reviews to be considered.

Exception though was given to new dinosaur toys that haven’t been around for long. For these, 50 reviews was the minimum before they could be considered.

10 Top Dinosaur Gift Toys For 4 Year olds: Reviews

1. 3 Bees & Me Set of 4 Dinosaur Toys for Boys and Girls

This is an image of a set of 4 dinosaur toy by 3 Bees & Me.

This super-cute plastic dinosaur toy is the right gift for your 4 year old child to introduce them to the world of prehistoric animals. If you they missed out at a younger age, now is the chance to get it for them.

The brightly colored pieces are well-constructed and made from kid-friendly plastic with great attention paid to details. Your kid would not find a better starter dinosaur set.

Their bright colors make them awesome decorative pieces and you don’t have to spend too much to get them as a gift for your kid.


2. Schleich Tyrannosaurus Rex

This is an image of a T-Rex dinosaur toy by Schleich.

Schleich’s Tyrannosaurus Rex is one of the most realistic-looking T-Rex toys you can get anywhere. The awesome, life-like design is one reason this toy is so popular among parents and kids.

Your 4 year old would love you for getting this a gift this Christmas.

Made from non-toxic vinyl plastic, the whole design, including movable jaws, is historically accurate and makes a great tool for a better understanding of the fearsome T-Rex.

The sturdy, well-built toy would last a long time. It’d enhance your kid’s creative thinking and imagination.


3. Melissa & Doug Giant T-Rex Stuffed Dinosaur

This is an image of a giant T-rex stuffed toy by Melissa and Doug.

The Giant T-Rex Dinosaur is all about getting a plush, stuffed companion for your kid. With its soft, cuddly body this is one dinosaur any kid to love to have even if the fearsome T-Rex is not their favorite prehistoric animal.

The toy is sturdy and made from high-quality, non-toxic soft material. It can stand on its own feet so your kid doesn’t have to bother about holding it up all the time.

This great addition to your kid’s toy collections promotes imaginative playtime and creativity. And for such a giant, beautifully designed T-Rex, it is offered at a bargain price.


4. ZipBin 160 Dinosaur Collector Toy Box & Playset

This is an image of a 160 piece dinosaur playset by ZipBin.

ZipBin’s Dinosaur Toy Box & Playset is a cute combination toy box and play mat.

It comes as a box with a vibrant prehistoric landscape on the sides. It can hold up to 160 5″ tall dinosaur pieces. It would zip open and spread out into a play mat your kid can arrange their toy pieces on to play with.

This makes the product a convenient storage box that can be taken anywhere.

The box is strong and sturdy and comes with 2 dinosaur pieces to start your kid off on their collection. Hopefully, this is just the beginning of a collection of awesome dinosaur toys.


5. Jet Creations Inflatable 48″ Brachiosaurus Dinosaur

This is an image of a 48 inch inflatable Brachiosaurus by Jet Creations.

Inflatable toys like stuffed toys make good companions for kids. It is no different with this 48″ Brachiosaurus dinosaur. The green dinosaur with black stripes is so huge and lifelike in design it would make your 4 year old the talk of the block.

The toy was hand-painted with non-toxic water-based paints. The plastic material is of high quality making this a very durable Inflatable toy.

The full package includes a repair kit in case of a puncture which rarely occurs. Repairing the dinosaur is easy though.


6. Fisher-Price Imaginext Ultra T-Rex

This is an image of a little boy playing with a T-Rex dinosaur toy.

The 2.5 feet Imaginext T-Rex is the ultimate in dinosaur fun activities and adventures.

The predominantly blue activity T-Rex toy can be made to stand, walk, chomp with the jaws and fire all sorts of projectiles with realistic sound effects and light up LEDs in its spikes and eyes.

The power pad behind the toy prompts it to move forward four steps with sound effects. Two more power pads would raise it to its full height, make the LEDs light up and move the jaws.

Your 4 year old would have tons of imaginative play with the power button that launches ice bombs from the chest and back.


7. VTech Switch & Go Dinos Brok the Brachiosaurus

This is an image of a 2 in 1 red switch and go Brachiosaurus dinosaur by VTech.

This intricately designed dino, known as Brok, toy brings together Jurassic Park and Transformers into one toy. This would be a great gift idea this Christmas for your 4 year old if they adore the world of dinosaurs and Transformer robots.

The red, white, grey and black toy easily transforms from a dino into a vehicle making it fantastic 2 in 1 toy.

The toy features 80 sounds and phrases; LCD screen that plays dinosaur and driver animations; tail button to activate fun phrases and dinosaur facts; and a launcher to send a mini Pterodactyl into flight.

Brok is designed to shut down automatically if it is left idle for an extended period of time. There is so much more to this dino toy and you won’t be disappointed with it no matter the cost.


8. Jurassic World Indoraptor Figure

This is an image of an Indoraptor dinosaur by Jurassic World Toys.

Jurassic World’s Indoraptor toy is a stunning piece of artistic work. This toy with its life-like black scales and ferocious-looking claws would certainly fascinate your kid encouraging them to engage in a game pretend hunting for prey.

Requiring 3 AA batteries to power the movement of the mouth and legs, the toy is the real deal directly from the movie franchise.

The intricately-built toy is made from non-toxic material while its sturdy design ensures it would be with your kid for a long time. This would surely make an awesome decorative piece in your kid’s room.


9. Schleich Therizinosaurus Toy Figure

This is an image of a Therizinosaurus dinosaur toy figure by Schleich.

Like its T-Rex toy, Schleich’s Therizinosaurus is so comprehensive in design no single detail is left out. This makes it a very realistic-looking dinosaur that any 4 years old would learn a lot about what they actually looked like by studying the features on the toy.

About 8″ long from the top of the nose to the tail, the forelimbs stand out for their size. They look disproportionately large, but it is an actual reproduction of the relative size. The forelimbs on the real Therizinosaurus were about 1 meter long.

That is a fun fact for you and your kid to take along.

The toy was hand-painted with non-poisonous colors and would make a fine decorative piece and a wonderful addition to other dinosaur pieces.


10. Fisher-Price Imaginext Jurassic World T-Rex Dinosaur

This is an image of a Jurassic World T-rex dino by Fisher Price.

Fisher-Price Imaginext toys bring a lot of fun, activities, and adventures to the table. The 18″ tall Jurassic World T-Rex Dinosaur takes all of that to a new level.

The complete gift pack includes one Jurassic T-Rex, a holding base, projectile launcher, one vehicle and Owen figurine.

A marvel of engineering, the toy was designed to give your 4 year old complete control. This control comes via a handle on the back of the dinosaur.

With the handle, your kid can make T-Rex close its mouth and chomp on objects, push the dinosaur forward and much more.

The non-toxic, mostly hard plastic toy uses 3 AA batteries.



So these are the best dinosaur toys for 4 year old we felt could be worth your time and money.

As you might have noticed, the list covered a wide range of toys. However, most of them are plastic. This is important for safety reasons since plastics toys are generally non-toxic and come with soft, rounded edges.

This review should be taken as a comprehensive guide for dinosaur toys suitable for a 4 year old. In effect, if you don’t find your choice here, use this as a beacon to help you navigate the thousands of toys you would come across in your search for what you fancy.


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