Best Chemistry Set For Kids 2019

This is an image of a A+ Kids Chemistry laboratory set.

Research has shown that the best way to get kids to learn something is to make it fun. That is why educational toys are highly recommended by educationists. The same logic applies to chemistry set for kids.

Science subjects like chemistry can be overwhelming for kids at such a tender age. But when the learning process is transformed into a fun activity, you’d be surprised how fast they pick up the principles and processes underlying chemical reactions.

The key to getting them hooked is to get a chemistry kit that is easy to work with while delivering on the educational aspect. Kids wouldn’t want to waste too much time figuring out how to work with the kit. That would kill any budding enthusiasm real quick.

Much like the subject, selecting chemistry sets that successfully balance fun, excitement, and learning while being completely safe can be difficult. But, we have done the heavy lifting for you as far as getting the right kit for your kid goes.

There are 20 of these kits to choose from in this guide. The range and variety of the selected products are wide enough to ensure there would be something for you no matter your preference or budget.


20 Best Chemistry Set for Kids

Now sit back, relax and join us on a trip around 20 of the best kits children of all ages should have if they want to improve their appreciation of chemistry. All the sets below are guaranteed to deliver complete satisfaction.

1. Chem C1000 Science Experiment Kit

With 125 diverse experiments, 30 laboratory equipment plus various chemical, and 80 pages of a beautifully-illustrated color manual, there is little more you can ask from this as a complete home science kit for kids.

Best used under adult supervision for kids 10 years old and above, children can explore the world of chemistry and chemical reactions. There are so many experiments it would be easy to lose track. But with the manual, you or your kid would never get lost.

To ensure safety and to get the best of the experiments, the equipment are professional quality and are unlikely to harm anybody.This is an image of a 125 chemistry experiment set for kids.


2. Foundation Chemistry Kits by Yellow Scope

This award-winning kids chemistry set is designed to explain key concepts in science to children, especially girls, between 8 and 12 years old. There are over 19 experiments and concepts covering chemical reactions, how temperature affects stuff, and molecular motion.

Included in the kit are one high-temperature thermometer, 3 beakers, one digital timer, safety goggles, chemical reagents that can be used safely at home, and chalkboard lab mat.

With the detailed notebook that also includes interesting fun facts and quizzes outlining the experiments, hours and hours of fun awaits kids get this gift.This is an image of a beakers and bubbles chemistry set.


3. My First Mind Blowing Science Kit

My First Mind Blowing kit is an amazing collection of open-ended toys designed for kids 6 years and above to experiment, explore and construct whatever they wish. It is all down to their imagination.

The 20-piece set contains up to 11 activities including allowing kids to create an underwater volcano, color-changing volcano, pH test of household liquids, giant crystals, and many more.

Extra household items would be needed to fully explore the set. These are common items that shouldn’t be hard to get. The experiments and explorations are all safe but adult supervision is highly recommended. Don’t worry, you won’t be bored watching them do their thing. It’s going to be fun for you too.This is an image of a My First Mind Blowing science set.


4. Kids’ First Science Laboratory Kit

If you have a preschooler at home, you’d know they are naturally inquisitive with non-stop questions about everything. This science laboratory kit could be a great way to channel that curiosity.

With 10 illustrated experiment cards, your kid would have their hands and mind full getting to terms with the experiments. The pack includes 24 tools and 16-page color instruction manual on how to guide them.

The lab items inside the pack include measuring spoons, hand magnifying glass, magnetic rings, stand set, and connectors. Others are funnels, a multipurpose 14-piece screw-together system with tubes, multiple-use perforated disks, and much more.This is an image of a kid's science laboratory set.


5. Color Chemistry Experiment Sets for Kids

If you have bored kids from 7 years old at home, this could be the perfect educational science kit to get for them. The long hours would now be filled with excited laughter while learning precious STEM/STEAM principles along the way.

Developed by scientists for naturally inquisitive kids, this lab set comes with an instruction manual for experiments such as exploding volcano, tornado in a bottle, color separation and many more. There are over 50 of these experiments giving then hours and hours of fun.

All the equipment and chemicals are safe for kids to play with and the instructions are easy to understand.This is an image of a kid's Crayola chemistry set.


6. Children Science or Magic Kit

With a normal kid’s unending fascination with magic tricks, this is one kit designed to hold the attention of kids for very long. The line between magic and science can sometimes be blurry; kids would be left wondering if they are real magicians or scientific geniuses.

Suitable for 7 year olds and above, the tricks are easy to learn and master. there are 20 such tricks for children to play around and they can do this in a small cardboard theater complete with props, tickets, and flyers announcing the latest magic show in town.

And the magic? How about making water float on air; levitating objects; a box that makes objects disappeared and much more.This is an image of a Science or Magic chemistry set for kids.


7. Chemistry Lab Pad and Science Kit

With over 12 safe experiments, 50+ high-quality science tools, and experiment cards that are easy to master, this kit is made to deliver lots of scientific fun for 6 olds and above. It’s considered one of the best science kits for teens too.

The experiments are real and there is a checklist to keep track of everything they are doing while a logbook keeps it all organized. At their disposal are test tubes, goggles, Petri dishes, pipette, syringe, and many more to be combined with several common household items.

To motivate them, there is a beautifully-designed bonus certificate of excellence you could award to your star scientist on completion of the experiments.This is an image of a chemistry laboratory pad set for kids.


8. Beginner Microscope for Kids

It won’t be too hard for any kid to get excited over this beginner microscope. After all, we all love discovering new things we normally can’t see but can be exposed by a microscope.

It comes in a beautiful carrying case made of hard ABS plastic. That is an extra thing to get excited about as the case makes it portable. Inside though are neatly arranged accessories (up to 52 of them) including forceps, shrimp eggs, 10 prepared slides and more. Essentially, your kid can start being a scientist immediately the case is opened.

The microscope is real and comes with several great features. It is made from high-quality, stain-resistant metal frame making it a very durable piece just like the carrying case.This is an image of a kid's microscope kit with carrying box.


9. Magic Chemistry Lab School Bus

A magic school bus that is also a chemistry lab can only deliver unique types of fun and experiments. The bus is where all the magic is hidden.

Adapted from the popular series and books for kids featuring clever Ms. Frizzle, children can get recreate the experience learning about volcanoes, slime, surface tension, bubbles, acids, bases, chromatography experiments, create bouncy balls, produce a rainbow made from milk, and much more.

This home experiment kit comes packed with science components, 51 colorfully-illustrated experiment cards, and a logbook to keep records.This is an image of a The Magic School Bus chemistry laboratory kit.


10. Organic Chemistry Model Kit

If the desire is for your kid to have a strong foundation in molecular biology and research, starting them off with a gift like this would be a very smart move. All they have to do is build 3D molecular models. Sounds easy and dull?

With 239 pieces, there are endless ways in which the pieces can be coupled together to create the structure of molecules. It’s also a great advanced science and chemistry learning kit.

The balls, representing atoms, are color-coded to international standards to help show the real structure and geometry of compounds.

With the included instructional guide, it is easy to identify the atoms and the various connectors.This is an image of a 239 piece molecular kit for kids.


11. Happy Atoms Molecular Modeling Set

This is another fun science gift to teach kids how to build thousands of 3D molecules using plastic atom pieces that connect easily with other atoms using magnets.

One of the best science kits for 10 year olds and teenagers, it features a detailed instruction manual for 150 molecules. There is also a digital version of the kit. Kids could download the app and use it to discover what molecule they had built.

The set comes packaged in a beautiful box; it includes a white drawstring storage bag and contains 16 of the most common elements in existence.This is an image of a magnetic molecular kit for kids.


12. Chemistry Lab and Kitchen Experiments

Allow Nancy to take your kid on a journey of chemistry and Kitchen experiments. She deserves your trust with several decades working as a science educationist in some of the most prestigious universities in the country behind her.

The journal and kit provide basic chemistry foundation, expose kids to the fundamentals of conducting fun and safe experiments while encouraging science-based discovery and exploration.

The pack contains Nancy’s 22-paged journal providing hands-on science lessons and a variety of fun experiments, 4 test tubes and rack, graduated cylinder, goggles, dropper, stirring rod, and funnel.This is an image of an Educational Insights chemistry and kitchen experiments kit.


13. Kids First Chemistry and Science Kit by Thames and Kosmos

This kit not only guides children on how to perform experiments, but they also get to know the principles and chemistry behind such things as building a test tube rack out of plaster.

They would have fun discovering the effects of the invisible gas known as carbon dioxide and the tangible effects it has on things around them. Other fun experiments include dissolving shells and extinguishing candles with fizzy gases made from acids and bases and much more.

The pack comes with filters, test tubes, pipettes, beakers, measuring spoons. Together with several household items found in the bathroom and kitchen, and a 48-page guide, there is no limit to the amount of discovery even if there are just 21 experiments in the manual.This is an image of a 48 page chemistry experiment kit.


14. Periodic Table Learning Kit

You know it is chemistry when you see a periodic table. If you want to know how interesting and fun a periodic table can be, simply add 4 colorful posters, 118 colorful flashcards with images, and 200 exercises practice book. Alternatively, get this gift for your kid.

If learning the periodic table was a chore, this set would make it and the learning of chemistry fun and exciting. You could learn from it too.

To avoid damage from spills and excessive handling, all the paper items are laminated to make them resistant to water and tear. And you would be doing a lot of good too to the wider community as some of the money from the purchase is invested in vocational education to less privileged children.This is an image of a periodic table kit for kids.


15. Barbie Fundamental Chemistry Experiments

This first thing you’d notice about this chemistry experiments set is the beautiful, mainly pink carrying case. Straight away, you get that it’s the perfect science kit for your little girl especially if she is between 4 and 8 years old.

Inside the case is a 16-page manual explained in a format that is both fun and easy to comprehend. The kids would be able to make crystal feather, a volcano erupt in a test tube, pink glittery slime, and much more.

They’d have safe lab equipment such as test tube, pipettes, measuring cups, and all the chemicals needed to work with. There are also beautiful stickers to customize the carrying case.This is an image of a Barbie chemistry kit.


16. DIY Slime Kit

Who says playing with slime can’t be much fun? When your kids start making super cool slime with this kit, you might find yourself rethinking everything you know about slime.

This DIY pack allows children to create alien-like matter using the chemicals inside and guide. The guide contains over 10 recipes to make slime that glowing the dark, colorless goo slime, slime that glitters, and even those that change colors and much more.

The pack comes with all the ingredients needed to create all these amazing stuff. They also get to know the science behind all the experiments thereby expanding their knowledge of basic science.This is an image of a glow in the dark slime set.


17. Mega Crystal Growing Lab by National Geographic

How are crystal rocks made in nature? In the lab though, according to this cool National Geographic kit, you need just four steps to grow a crystal rock in the water. And kids can even create up to 8 different colored crystals easily in no time at all.

It sounds impossible, but with the included illustrated guide book, and light-weight display stand, it is literally child’s play. While they are having the time of their lives growing colored stones, the real facts behind crystal rock formation would be learned by them.

Suitable for 8 years old and above, the pack also comes with 5 real gemstones, crystal growing powders, seed rocks, growing chambers, and magnifying glass.This is an image of a colorful grow crystals.


18. Kids Chemistry Junior Experiments by Playz

8 year olds and above would have an exciting time exploring the crucial chemical principles underlying fizzy science with this lab kit by Playz. With 32 experiments using over 16 real science tools, and a 36 page guide, your kid would begin analyzing, creating, and thinking like a scientist before you know it.

They would learn how to make homemade fire extinguisher, crystals, invisible link, magic tricks, and chemicals that change colors and fizz.

That might seem quite a lot to take in but the guide is so colorful and exciting to read with pictures and lots of relevant information making it fun and super easy to grasp the relevant information.This is an image of a A+ Kids Chemistry laboratory set.


19. Chem C500 Kit by Thames and Kosmos

Looking at the variety of 28 experiments in this kit, it might seem like a step too much for a 10 year old.  But like all the sets in this guide, apparently complicated chemical reactions are made to look easy with the 48-page manual with simple instructions and colorful illustrations.

The C500 focuses on reactions between solids, liquids, and gases. You kid would easily make disappearing ink, generate foams from ordinary-looking liquids, and investigate electrochemical reactions using the included lab tools and chemicals.

You might need to purchase some items for some of the experiments though. But most of the extra items can be found in your kitchen or bathroom.This is an image of a C500 chemistry set for kids.


20. Ooze Labs Chemistry Station by Thames and Kosmos

With 57 pieces of real science tools and 16 pages of simple instructions, 6 year olds and above would have tons of fun as they perform 20 awesome but safe scientific experiments right at home.

Watch or be part of the excitement as they make slime that glows, colorful chromatography, oozing bubbles, fizzy reactions with liquids, and much more.

Inside the pack are everything kids need to set up their laboratory at home. These include beakers, test tubes, flask, Petri dish, funnel, stand for equipment, plastic station base, experiment cards, several non-hazardous chemicals, and many more.This is an image of a chemistry station experiment set for kids.

Buying Considerations when Choosing Chemistry Kits for Kids

It is a very noble thought to want your kids to know more about chemical reactions and their impact on everyday life. It’s one way for children to discover a whole new world.

However, choosing the kit to buy is not simply picking the first colorful pack you see. Some vital factors must be considered first. some of them are explained below.

Age of the kid – The kid (or kids) to use the items is the most important factor. You must endeavor to get only items that are appropriate for the kid’s age.

No matter how interesting some of the products, it must not be too complicated or too simple for younger or older kids respectively. The best way to get this right is to check the age range on the pack. In most cases, it is boldly written.

Safety – If you are too busy to be around or have an adult to supervise the kids, you should forget the idea of getting the kits for them.

Though the chemistry gifts come with only safe chemicals and equipment, they require adult supervision. Kids being kids, they might likely cross some dangerous lines out of curiosity. The presence of an adult is to make sure that doesn’t happen.

Instructions manual – A science kit for children without a manual or instruction booklet is not worth the investment. Then again, the manual must not read like a boring school book. It needs to be written in a fun, easy-to-read-and-understand style.

That means, lots of colorful illustrations and simple language.


Best Buy Overall

Magic holds a great fascination to both children and adults. We can never get enough of magic tricks especially if there is a chance we get to see new tricks. And that is what kids get with the Science or Magic set by Thames and Kosmos.

Making a subject as tedious as chemistry fun is something that must be applauded. Instantly, your kids would be able to recreate some of the magic they saw and even perform new and exciting ones right inside the house.

This is an image of a Science or Magic chemistry set for kids.


Best Budget Pick

One issue with budget buys is this: to keep the price low, quality and features tend to be compromised.  However, Nancy B’s Chemistry Lab and Kitchen Experiments by Educational Insights is a budget product with the quality and features of a premium item.

To be fair, all the budget products in this guide are top quality. But this one is simply a cut above the rest. The manual is written in a breezy fun style, the experiments are awesome and you get more than enough lab tools to carry out the experiments.

This is an image of an Educational Insights chemistry and kitchen experiments kit.


Where to Buy Chemistry Sets?

These sets can be found in several reputable online shops. But make sure you read the reviews before picking any of the products. Better yet, simply pick and order for any of the products in this guide to ensure your purchase is the best.

Offline, you can get these gifts in malls and big stores. Simply head to the section selling toys for kids to make your choice. Make sure you pick products from manufacturers with a history of making quality products though.


What Kind of Experiments are in Chemistry Kits?

The experiments you get depends on the product. Normally, the more money you spend on a product, the more likely you would get more experiments.

The experiments involve using safe chemicals to create chemical reactions. These are non-hazardous reactions with end-products that are unlikely to cause any harm.

In many cases, household items found in the bathroom and Kitchen are used to complete the reagents needed for some tasks.


What are the Best at Home Chemistry Sets for Boys?

All the products in this guide were designed so that kids have fun with them at home.

That said, except for a couple like Yellow Scope’s Foundation Chemistry kit and the Barbie Fundamental Chemistry Experiments Sets by Thames and Kosmos, boys would absolutely adore any of the other kits in this review.