Best Beyblade Burst Evolution

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Beyblade toys are inspired by the anime of the same name, which is the second season of the original Manga “Beyblade burst”. It sees the main Protagonist “Valt Aoi” climb in ranks to become the number one blader in the world.

If you are on here looking up the best Beyblades Evolution inspired Toys, you must already know what it means to be a blader. You might have all the skill in the world, maybe even good enough that you would rival “Valt Aoi” himself, but a blader is only as good as his gear, in this case, the Beyblade burst spin tops, launchers, and beystadium.

To ensure that you become the ultimate Beyblading champion, we have compiled a list of the strongest Beyblade burst evolution toys, to ensure that you become the best Beyblader the world would ever see.


Considerations When Buying Beyblade Burst Evolution Beyblades

We have done some rigorous and extensive testing on the following Beyblade toys and more, we have asked fellow bladers to share their experiences using their favorite Beyblade burst evolution games and from the information gathered compiled the list below, we have put the following into consideration.


The goal of the Beyblade games is to re-enact the powerful battles in the anime and manga with the help of powerful spinning tops. You would not be able to win any battles if you end up purchasing toys of inferior quality.

To make sure you have a fighting chance, we tested the toys on this list to ensure they hold up to certain standards, from our research we made sure to only include in this list Beyblade toys that are made from quality, durable, non-toxic materials.


We know you want to win, but we also know you would like to win in style. It gives a certain level of confidence when you have the nicest looking Beyblade burst evolution beys, it instills fear in the opponents. And in war, you need all the help you can get. 


They basically come in two types. Ripcord and String launchers.

The more common type of launcher is the Ripcord launcher. String launchers produce more fun and effect more spin on the Beyblade battle spin tops.

To find out more about launchers that will suit your game and other gear, check here.


Rules of the Game

If you have read the manga series or seen the anime on television, and are interested in becoming a beyblader and have no idea how to start, what gear to buy or what the rules are. Then you are in luck, as we have written down the most common rules for you to read.

  • The game is played with at least two players
  • With each player allowed to use up to three Beyblades during each match
  • Players can customize their Beyblades with parts, as long as it is allowed in the game
  • Once the match starts, players can not make changes to their Beyblades
  • Players can only enter one Beyblade for each battle in the match.
  • In the Metal saga series and Beyblade, the first player to collect 1 point wins
  • In the Burst, Burst Turbo and Evolution series, the first player to 2 or 3 points, depending on the house rules, wins.


How Are You Awarded Points?

  • One point is won when the opponent’s Beyblade stops spinning
  • You win a point if the opponent’s Beyblade is trapped at the edge of the beystadium
  • A point is won if the opponent’s Beyblade is thrown out of the beystadium
  • You win two points when your opponent’s Beyblade bursts.


20 Best Beyblade Burst Evolution Toys

We will now present our comprehensive list of 20 of the best Beyblades in this popular range. You are sure to find something here you will love!

1. Storm Battle Set

Our first Beyblade evolution review is an Amazon exclusive. Included in the package are two right spin tops Beyblade Switch strikes:

  •  Genesis Valtryek V3 DR26 TA11 right spin top
  •  Satomb S3 DR38 TD08 right spin top

The burst switch strikes can burst into its components during a battle to give you an advantage. Also included in the package are 2 Beyblade strike launchers, a plastic Beyblade star storm beystadium for awesome battles.

For kids ages 8 and above, interested in joining and growing in the ranks in the beyblading world, buying this toy would be a great way to start.


This is an image of a Star Storm battle set by Beyblade.


2. Switchstrike Battle Tower

Hey beybladers, are you looking to take your Beyblade duels to another level? There’s no better way than with the purchase of this Beyblade set that comes with a beautiful beystadium with not one but two levels.

With the two leveled Beyblade burst evolution stadium, you have the option to launch four Beyblade switchstrike battle spin tops at the same time.

Also included in the set are two right spin launchers and two switchstrike battle tops:

  • Strike valtryek V3
  • Noctemis N3

Beyblade switchstrike battle tower is for kids ages 8 and above, it is highly customizable and allows kids to collect different pieces for the ultimate battle experience.


This is an image of a Switchstrike Battle Tower beystadium.


3. Doomscizor D3 

The Beyblade switchstrike starter pack is for new beybladers that are just learning the ropes, and looking to become beyblading champions. Included in the pack is the attack type switchstrike Doomscizor D3 DR32 TA12 right-spin top.

The Doomscizor battle top has a special attack feature, which is to burst into pieces in battle and can only be activated by collision from the right side of the blade.

Purchasing this beginner pack would require that you buy a beystadium at your convenience. But if you already have one, buy this starter pack and start your battles.

This toy is ideal for kids ages 8 and above, it builds up their confidence and allows them socialize more with children their age group.

This is an image of a Doomscizor D3 by Beyblade.


4. Spryzen S2 

The Beyblade rip fire starter pack comes equipped with a balance type right spin rip fire Spryzen S2 top. The Spryzen top can burst into pieces during a battle and is equipped with a special light feature.

In the Beyblade pack are Beyblade spin launcher and instructions on how to use the components.

The purchase of this Beyblade pack would be incomplete without the purchase of the beystadium to go with. This is an ideal toy for new and budding beybladers.

This is an interesting toy for your children ages 8 and above to have fun, compete, learn and socialize with children in the same age group as them.


This is an image of a Rip Fire Spryzen by Beyblade.


5. Balkesh B3 

This durably made toy would be excellent in a battle with friends and family. Battle with your Beyblade switchstrike in a beystadium to be bought separately.

The switchstrike when tested extensively worked amazingly in both offense and defense. If you are looking to purchase a reliable, sturdy starter pack.

This has to be the toy for you, buy other Beyblade switchstrike pieces to build your arsenal and battle your way to the top.

This beautifully made toy is the perfect gift for children who like to have fun and socialize with friends, it encourages confidence and ingenuity in kids.

This is an image of a Balkesh beyblade.


6. Jinnius J3

If you believe the best offense is the best defense, then this defense type battle spintop is the battle piece you need to collect. The switchstrike pack is the ultimate Beyblade switchstrike battle set.

This battle piece is for kids ages 8 and above. Included in the pack are the SwitchStrike Jinnius J3 DR35 TD09 right-spin top with balance support and battle-activated shields as special features.

Also included in the battle pack is a Beyblade SwitchStrike right/left-spin launcher and instructions on how to use the set.

To compete and battle with this beautiful battle pack, you would need to purchase an equally beautiful beystadium to battle with friends and family.

Not suitable for children below the age of 7, as it has tiny components that can be dangerous when swallowed.

This is an image of a Jinnius J3 Beyblade starter pack.


7. Surtr S2 and Odax O2 Dual Pack

Are you a Beyblade looking to fortify and strengthen your forces? Then these dual pack is what you would need to do just that. With the attack type Beyblade spin top Surtr S2 D06 TA04 and the stamina type Beyblade spin top Odax O2 D12 TS02– stamina type.

With both battle pieces being able to burst into pieces during the battle to give more attack and defense options.

Not included in the pack are Beyblade SwitchStrike launchers and a beystadium to do battle. For your ultimate battle experience, you would need to purchase the launcher and the battle stadium with the Surtr S2 and Odax O2 dual pack.

Do you have that son or daughter, nephew or niece that you would like to surprise with an engaging toy that would help developmentally and help socialize with other children their age? If yeah, add this to cart today.

This is an image of a Surtr S2 and Odax O2 beyblade dual pack.


8. Genesis Valtryek V3 Starter Pack

This ultimate Beyblade switchstrike battle pack is a must-have for new beybladers looking to create an impression. If you are interested in owning one of the strongest burst switchstrike evolution pieces, then this is your chance.

The battle set package contains one Burst SwitchStrike Genesis Valtryek V3 DR26 TA11 right spin top, with the special ability to burst into pieces during a battle and give extra attack and defense options.

Other unique features of the battle spin top are spring blade attack and also in battle tip change. Included in the package is the durable, efficient Burst SwitchStrike right/left spin launcher.

Slow your horses would-be beyblader. Before you can venture out to do battle, you would need to purchase a beystadium alongside this starter battle pack.


This is an image of a Genesis Valtryek V3 Beyblade starter pack.


9. Betromoth B2

Are you a Beyblade looking to replace your battle spin top, or are you purchasing to collect more spin tops and strengthen your forces? Then this balance type switchstrike spin top is just what you have been looking for.

The Beyblader right-spin top Betromoth B2 can burst into pieces during the battle to stun your opponents. As an advantage, components are interchangeable with a couple of burst tops but not with rip fire tops.

This purchase would only include the Beyblade switchstrike battle spin top. It does not come with the Burst SwitchStrike launcher or a beystadium and would need to be secured before any battle can be done.

The Betromoth B2 spin top is the perfect toy for kids above 8 looking to grow in confidence, and hang out with friends their own age. It is suitable for both indoor and outdoor events.

This is an image of a Betromoth B2 beyblade.


10. Diomedes

This classic beyblade switchstrike burst starter pack is perfect for beybladers looking to climb up the ladder in the beyblading world. If you have ever thought to enroll in a Beyblade tournament and win, then you would need to purchase this legendary switchstrike battle pack.

Included in the package of this battle pack is one attack type Beyblade right-spin top Diomedes, which can explode into pieces during battle. Also included is the Beyblade Burst spin launcher. 

Alongside the purchase of the Diomedes battle toy pack, you would need to buy a beystadium to host your duels.

This battle set is highly customizable, with many pieces being interchangeable with most Beyblade toys.

If you want your children of ages 8 and above to rule the beyblading world, socialize with their peers, grow in confidence as they rack up wins and compete in beyblading competitions. Then this is the perfect beautiful toy to buy.


This is an image of a Diomedes beyblade starter pack.


11. Single Top Pack Valtryek V2

This is a beautiful balance type spin top. The Valtryek V2 right-spin top is state of the art, made from durable battle-ready material, you are sure to win a lot of battles with this one.

The Beyblade switchstrike Burst right-spin top Valtryek V2 can burst in pieces during a battle, an interesting feature sure to help your game. Its components can be interchanged with pieces from other burst tops.

The single top pack valtryek V2 does not include the Beyblade spin launcher, which would be required, and the beystadium in which the battles would be had.

If you want your kid of ages 8 and above to have the most fun that can be had, then this is the perfect gift.


This is an image of a Valtryek V2 beyblade.


12. Wyvron W3 Starter Pack

The Burst Wyvron W3 is a defense type battle spin top. It also can explode into different pieces during a battle, an exciting feature that might be the difference between winning and losing.

This battle spin top has special features like the spinning ring and the rollerball movement. Included in the package is the SwitchStrike right/left-spin launcher.

The Wyvron W3 battle starter battle pack is ideal for kids ages 8 and above to have fun with their friends and gain some confidence while doing so.

This is an image of a Wyvron W3 beyblade starter pack.


13. Caynox C3 Starter Pack

Winning is an easy self-confidence boost, which is a big deal for many that’s why you need to switch up your striking powers with Burst SwitchStrike tops. SwitchStrike features affect the way tops behave to help bladers customize the course of the battle as the first blader to get 3 points wins.

Caynox C3 Battle spin tops can “burst” into pieces when battling but at varying times. Battles just got more intriguing with the SwitchStrike Caynox spin top–stamina type battle features, which are spring-loaded blades & ball bearing rotation. The good news is, it is up for grabs for kids age 8 and above.


This is an image of a Caynox C3 beyblade starter pack.


14. Valtryek Remote Control Kit

You’ve felt the euphoria of winning, it time to Seize more battle control with the Beyblade Digital Control Kit. All that is needed is to digitally connect the Bluetooth wireless technology to the Beyblade app, position a smart device on the Battle Platform and prepare to launch an attack with the Command Launcher.

Take charge of the battle by instigating command all through Bluetooth wireless technology. The Bluetooth wireless technology enabled Performance Top features exciting light-up effects that activate during the battle, includes the Battle Platform, right/left-spin Command Launcher and Bluetooth wireless technology enabled top.

Connect all 3 for an epic Beyblade match-up wherever you can find a Burst Beystadium. Don’t forget, Beyblade battle toys are for kids ages 8 and above.


This is an image of a Genesis Valtryek V3 with remote control by Beyblade.


15. Xcalius and Yegdrion Dual Pack

Face off against an opponent with Beyblade switchstrike Burst tops. These tops can “burst” into their components resulting in 2 points for the other player but the first blader to reach 3 points wins. Both of these battle Burst tops’ components are interchangeable with most Burst tops except Rip Fire tops with over 15,000 combinations.

All you have to do is collect, customize and compete. You can also scan code on Beyblade battle spin tops’ Energy Layers to unlock them and mix and match with other components in the Beyblade app. Let the battle begin!

The Xcalius and Yegdrion dual pack is not suitable for children under the age of 3, as they both contain really small parts that can be dangerous when swallowed by kids.

This is an image of a Xcalius X2 and Yegdrion Y2 dual pack by beyblade.


16. 12 Piece Manzy Starter Pack

Spinning blades might feel or look the same but not with the Beyblades’ Metal Fusion with 3 Launchers set. This perfect gift for kids or family games comes with 12 aesthetically appealing spinning tops and 3 launchers.

The spinning tops all possess special attack abilities and show longevity in battle. This set also affords the opportunity to engage in individual challenge battle mode featuring obstacle challenge, duel battle mode to exhibit skillful strategy and team battle mode to show teamwork and coordinated attack.

As expected, this collection is durable, fun to use, and has the perfect balance for attack and defense.

This durably made toy would be an excellent gift idea for children above the age of 8, children that like to socialize with friends and can be used either indoors or outdoor.



17. Istros and Gaianon Dual Pack

The Istros and Gaianon burst tops bring a whole new level of adventure into your child’s life. The tops can dismantle into pieces to which grants the opponent points. The Beyblade components can be combined to form so many combinations and increase the fun factor for your child. Also, the various combinations which can be achieved make team matches all the more possible and improves your child’s collaboration skills.

Beyblade tops are suitable for children aged 8 and above. With a multitude of customizable parts, the game could easily turn into a fun collective activity for your kid. Beyblade evolution comes in two balance and stamina type which require Beyblade launchers. Please note it is not for children younger than 3 because of choking hazards due to small parts.


This is an image of a Istros I2 and Gaianon G2 beyblades dual pack.


18. Wyvron Rip Fire Starter Pack

Collecting weapons for a Beyblade battle? Best believe that Beyblade Rip Fire Starter Pack Wyvron W2 is one piece you want to have in your collection because it is one of the best  toys in the series.

One amazing characteristic of this piece is that it has the burst action of the Beyblade spin tops and adds an amazing light-up effect when it ‘bursts’.

You can unlock and form a coalition of the Wild Wyron, Vertical, and Orbit – all of which are Beyblade components – on the app, by scanning the code on the Beyblade rip fire tops’ energy layers.


This is an image of a Rip Fire Wyvron W2 beyblade starter pack.


19. Spryzen S2

Season 2 of the animation, Beyblade Evolution, takes the competition global as Valt evolves his skills on the path to BeyMastery. Face off against an opponent with Beyblade battle tops inspired by the animation.

These tops can “burst” into pieces resulting in 2 points for the other player (burst rates vary) but the first blader to reach 3 points wins. This Beyblade battle-ready top’s components are interchangeable with most Burst spin tops except Burst Rip Fire tops with over 15,000 combinations.

Other features include 1 Beyblade right-spin top consisting of Burst, Energy Layer – Spryzen S2, Forge Disc – D04 and Performance Tip – TA06.


This is an image of a Spryzen S2 beyblade.


20. Turbo Slingshock Rail Rush Battle Set

For a complete set needed to engage in a Beyblade battle, this BEYBLADE Turbo Slingshock Rail Rush Battle Set comes with 2 right/left-spin launchers, a slingshot Rail Rush Beystadium, and right spinning battle tops.

The spinning tops come in two varieties – the Z Achilles A4 which is the balance type and Wonder Valtryek V4 which is the attack type – both of which can be used in any evolution game.

The Beyburst slingshot tech allows you to rush into a head-to-head battle with the dual rail system that comes with it. With this, an attack can be varied in the Beyblade burst evolution arena by launching in any desired section of the arena.

The Turbo slingshot Set is a beautiful colorful toy that would be appreciated by most children ages 8 and above, it allows for interesting, immersive battle experience. It is durable and sure to see your child win most battles and grow in confidence.



Overall Best Buy

Deciding which of the above-listed battle toys is the strongest and ultimate battle-winning gear might be a tricky one. That is why we helped make that decision.

We put them to the test, pitting them against each other, seeing which one took down the most battle spin tops and at the same time considered with which we had the most fun wins.

It was unanimously decided that the best choice was the Switchstrike battle tower. It is made from durable, non-toxic materials and comes with a battle beystadium with two levels, allowing more kids to have fun and enjoy playing together at the same time.


Best Budget Buy

Our best budget toy does not necessarily mean it is cheap. But rather answers the question “What toy can I get the most out of my money?”

For you, we have selected the 12 piece Manzy starter pack. Included in the package are 12 battle spin tops, 2 battle spin top launchers, 1 handle, 12 stickers, 3 pull tape, and 1 gyro storage toolbox.

This certainly is money well spent – it’s the best budget Beyblades burst evolution.


What is the Best Beyblade Toy?

There is no such thing as the “best” Beyblade evolution toy. It all depends on what your kid wants, the color and the level of customizability. Also considered is the battle spin top type, with an attack, defense, stamina, and balance types to choose from.


Who Makes the Beyblade Toys?

Beyblade toys are inspired by the Beyblade manga series and were originally released in 1999 by the Takara Tomy company. However, Hasbro began to sell the Beyblade toys internationally in 2002, still produced and licensed by the Takara company.


Where to Watch Beyblade Burst Evolution?

This is a popular anime suitable for both kids and adults alike. And as such is available on most streaming channels. You would need to subscribe to Amazon, Netflix or any other streaming platform to watch the series.