Best Barbie Toys 2020

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Barbie is a much loved family toy brand that many girls across the world have grown up enjoying and with over 60 years of production this popular brand is as well-loved today as it has ever been. The reason that Barbie has managed to stay in the spotlight of the toy world is due to the careful modernization of the dolls and accessories that have kept the brand fashionable and appealing to young kids.

There are a wide range of Barbie dolls and play sets, which ensure that there will be a themed toy that is appealing to the interests of all kids. This also allows kids to build up their own Barbie world, so they can get the maximum enjoyment out of these great toys. Barbie toys are inspiring to young kids and help encourage them to achieve their dreams and this has been highlighted by the success of the Barbie Career toy range.

Everyone knows the name Barbie, making these toys sought after collectible items by many toy collectors with many dolls becoming cherished family toys that are lovingly passed down through generations. However, the main aim of the Barbie brand is to produce toys that are appealing to young kids and that will create endless play opportunities.


20 Best Barbie Games and Toys of 2020

To help narrow down your search for the perfect Barbie toy we have produced a list of the top 20 new Barbie toys that we think that all kids will love. These toys have features that are appealing to young kids and are perfect for creating play that does not involve screens.

1. Barbie Careers Farm Vet Doll and Playset

All adventurous young girls will love this fantastic toy from the Barbie Careers range, which will provide role play inspiration to all kids. This Barbie Farm Vet Playset is one of the latest Barbie toys that is proving to be popular with all kids who love animals.

This exciting set comes complete with a Farm Vet Barbie, Farm treatment area and a variety of accessorizes to make this the perfect Barbie playset for hours of fun and excitement. Kids will enjoy the cute collection of young animals included for Barbie to care for, with her stethoscope, medicine bottle, feeding bottle, syringe and 4 removable casts that are ready for any unwell animals. After being treated there is a handy stable to house the calf, lamb, pony and goat and a cool nest box for the hen and chicks. This is the perfect Barbie toy set for all young kids to explore and enjoy, making this a highly recommended toy from the much loved Barbie Careers range.



This is an image of a Barbie vet doll playset.


2. Barbie Dreamhouse Playset

If you are looking for amazing Barbie toys for girls who love dolls, then this Barbie Dream House is perfect. Suitable for all kids over the age of 3 years old, everyone will enjoy playing with this exciting toy house with 7 fabulous rooms over 3 stories and over 70 lovely accessorizes.

Kids will really like dreaming up games that enable them to enjoy the great features of this special Barbie house. Barbie can travel in the working elevator, cook in the kitchen with real sizzling sounds and flame lighting or relax in front of the television where a smartphone can be added to play a movie. There are endless exciting features for kids to explore, making this one of the best Barbie sets available to buy. The only downside to this amazing toy is that there are no dolls included with the set, so to get maximum use from this Barbie doll house then other toys would need to be purchased.


This is an image of a 3 storey Barbie Dreamhouse.


3. Frida Kahlo Doll

This next Barbie toy is an extra special toy from the Barbie Inspiring Women Series, so  this lovely Frida Kahlo Doll is sure to become one of the most popular Barbie dolls for modern girls. The doll is based on the inspirational feminist icon Frida Kahlo, who battled to achieve her ambition of becoming a fine artist, showing all kids that they can be successful in following their own dreams.

The fabulous Barbie girl comes with a stand so the doll can be displayed and a certificate of authenticity. This really is a special toy that kids will treasure. Frida wears her own unique style of Barbie clothes too, to ensure she stands out from others.


This is an image of a Frida Kahlo Barbie doll.


4. Barbie Careers Baby Doctor Playset

This is another great Barbie careers playset that we know all young kids will enjoy. Doctor Barbie has 2 babies to care for and fortunately she has all the equipment that she could possibly need to make sure that both babies are looked after. With 2 cots, mobile, towels, health chart, bottle and stethoscope, young kids will adore role playing doctor with this lovely Barbie doll. Barbie also looks the part with her green scrubs and white medical shoes.

This lovely career Barbie set is suitable for all kids over the age of 3 years old and will provide many hours of entertainment. It is also the perfect toy to encourage kids to enjoy imaginative play and to ignite interest into their learning and development. This Barbie Doctor Playset is definitely one of the most popular Barbies available to buy.


This is an image of a doctor with baby patients barbie doll playset.


5. Barbie Glam Pool

As one of the smaller Barbie games available, this Barbie Glam Pool Set is great for adding to your kids existing Barbie collection and while this may be a simple set it certainly still has character and plenty of exciting play opportunities. Kids will have so much fun with the exciting water slide and there are even 2 pool side chairs for Barbie to relax in while drinking a smoothie.

This is one of the top cool Barbies toys that will be enjoyed by all kids, which allows them to create many fun holiday adventures for Barbie. The only thing this set does not include are the Barbie dolls but these can be purchased separately so that this amazing pool set can be enjoyed with maximum excitement.


This is an image of a glam pool playset with barbie dolls.


6. Barbie Pop-Up Camper

This is one of the best new Barbie Playsets that has to be included within the top 20 Barbie toys for kids as this fantastic Barbie Camper has many exciting features to show. There are also many great accessorizes included in this set from fire pit with toasting marshmallows, water slide, hammock to incredible third floor diner, providing endless play inspiration.

Kids will adore the fact that this camper is the tallest one yet with a spectacular amount of detail that even adults will be impressed with. The front of the camper converts into a bathroom, the back is a spacious bedroom and the second floor lounge area with a television that provides the ultimate luxurious feel. This is the perfect Barbie playset to compliment any Barbie collection.


This is an image of a pop up camper vehicle with barbie dolls.


7. Holiday Barbie Doll

If you are looking for the best Barbie doll to give over the holiday season then this beautiful Holiday Barbie is the perfect option. We love Barbie’s stunning red dress with silver sparkling detail, so it will surely appeal to kids too. The doll has lovely extra features with red nail varnish, silver earrings and perfectly styled hair, making this a doll that all fashion loving girls will enjoy.

This is a toy for slightly older kids, as it is suitable for kids over the age of 6 years old/ It makes either a lovely toy or is the most beautiful doll that can be displayed and treasured for years. It is a truly elegant Barbie that is the perfect addition to every kids Barbie collection.


This is an image of a blonde holiday barbie doll wearing a red gown.


8. Barbie 60th Anniversary Doll

Barbie have brought out a very special doll to celebrate their 60th anniversary, which every Barbie fan will love. This Barbie 60th Anniversary Doll is one of the best unique Barbie gifts available that will be treasured by every young girl.

All girls will love the stunning white sparkling ball gown that the doll is wearing, making this the perfect doll to have proudly on display. This special Barbie also has many lovely additional features including; attractive black mules, gold hoop earrings and she is wearing her hair in a classic Barbie ponytail that everyone will recognize. Every Barbie lover young or older will cherish this beautiful Barbie doll toy and as a collectible item this is certain to be the perfect Barbie gift.


This is an image of a blode barbie doll wearing a white diamond inspired gown.


9. Barbie and Ken Doll Pack

This Barbie and Ken Doll Pack is one of our top Barbie toys, as this is the perfect set to start of any young kids Barbie collection that as a standalone toy will provide many hours of fun. Alternatively, this is also a brilliant Barbie set to combine with other Barbie products that will enable kids to create their own Barbie world.

Young kids will enjoy that both Barbie and Ken dolls are included in the one set, providing more opportunities for imaginative play. For added appeal each doll comes with modern attractive clothing that kids will love. Ken has blue pants, a collared shirt and bright orange shoes while Barbie is wearing a pink top, black and white skirt with back shoes. These wonderful dolls are suitable for kids over the age of 3 years old, so this great Barbie doll set will quickly become your kid’s favorite toy.


This is an image of a ken and barbie dolls.


10. Barbie Flipping Fun Gymnast Playset

For an exciting Barbie playset that will occupy all kids for hours you should consider this Barbie Flipping Fun Gymnast Playset. It is definitely one of the best selling Barbie doll playsets available that all kids over 3 years of age will enjoy.

The set comes with a Barbie gymnast coach, a toddler student and balance beam with launch area and landing mat. With this great playset the student doll can practice perfecting her flips and landings with the aid of the magnet technology in the landing mat. Coach Barbie can make sure that her student comes in first place every time. This is an inspirational playset that kids will have loads of fun with, making it the perfect gift idea.


This is an image of a gymnast barbie dolls playset.


11. Barbie Deluxe Styling Head

This a toy with a difference that has to be included as one of the best Barbies, as it is the ideal role play toy. The Barbie Deluxe Styling Head will encourage kids to express themselves through styling Barbie’s hair and along with the exciting hair Barbie toy accessories included, makes this toy one of the top Barbie glam sets.

Everyone will love that Barbies hair can be styled over and over again for long lasting fun. This 25 piece set even has great hair clips that can be customized by kids by using the shiny gems that are also included in the set. Barbie’s hair can also be colored with the fantastic color change chalk for added excitement. This great Barbie Styling Head is not just about the hair styles, as kids can enjoy changing the color of Barbie’s nails with the applicator brush, meaning that there is endless fun to be had from playing styling with this Barbie Deluxe Styling Head.


This is an image of a Barbie color & style styling blonde hair head.


12. Barbie Careers Astronaut and Space Scientist Doll

This is another great toy from the inspirational Careers series that kids will love. The brilliant Astronaut and Space Scientist Doll Set is great value as it includes 2 dolls, which is great for kids to share and as one of the new Barbie items it is sure to quickly gain popularity. These 2 dolls are perfect for showing people working together to create great things, making this the ideal inspirational Barbie set to give to younger children.

With one doll wearing a space suit with gloves and helmet, so she is ready to take off into space, and the other Scientist Barbie staying on firm ground with her lab coat, googles and laptop, showing that together they will discover amazing things in space. If your kid has an interest in space or is inquisitive about the outdoors then this is the Barbie set for them.


This is an image of an astronaut and scientist barbie dolls set.



13. Barbie Magic Transforming Mermaid Doll

Young girls love mermaids, so this fantastic Barbie Magic Transforming Doll is definitely going to be a huge hit with all kids. This brilliant toy is also one of the top Barbies due to the exciting Mermaid features that this doll includes, making this attractive doll the perfect addition to every playset.

Mermaid Barbie can transform from a mermaid into a person once she reaches dry land. The transformation is easy as the tail fins pull up to form Barbies sundress, creating endless role play opportunities from playing with this lovely Barbie playset. There is even Barbie’s dolphin friend included in the set and for added excitement there are many other dolls and accessorizes that can be collected, so kids can make up their own unique playset.


This is an image of a mermaid barbie doll.


14. Barbie Dreamtopia Rainbow Cove 7 Doll Gift Set

As one of the favorite Barbie sharing sets this Barbie Dreamtopia Rainbow Cove 7 Doll Gift set will be a much loved toy that is enjoyed between friends. Unlike other Barbie sets this Rainbow Cove doll set comes with 7 small Barbies, making this the ideal toy set for taking traveling, as they are easy to transport and kids will still get plenty of enjoyment from them.

Each of the lovely dolls in this fabulous set represent one of the colors of the rainbow, from red through to indigo. With matching outfits, shoes and hair these dolls really do stand out and there are endless games that kids can play with this brilliant doll gift set. This is a great Barbie toys set that is perfect for every young girl.


This is an image of a rainbow colored Chelsea barbie dolls.


15. Barbie Daisy Travel Doll

This Barbie Daisy Travel Doll is an essential Barbie for all kids who enjoy traveling and it makes the perfect travel companion that will keep all kids occupied. With the highlight of this wonderful set being the cool Barbie accessories that are included, this toy is sure to provide endless imaginative play and quickly become a much loved playset.

This curvy Barbie is ready to go traveling with her cool sunglasses, purple top and denim pants, she even has a cat traveling companion. She has brought with her a trendy purple and silver suitcase and guitar and 9 exciting accessories. Kids will love that they can pack the suitcase and use the great travel accessories during every exciting adventure. All kids over the age of 3 years old will love playing with this fantastic Barbie travel set.


This is an image of a Daisy travel barbie doll.


16. Mattel Barbie DreamHorse and Doll

Barbie have produced many different horse models in the past but this Barbie toy horse is definitely the best yet. With over 30 interactive features, including being able to walk forwards and turn 360 degrees, every Barbie fan will want to add this fantastic horse set into their collection.

The doll can groom her dream horse before going riding, where she can be clipped into the saddle and for ultimate entertainment the horse can play 3 different songs and even dance along. When petted the horse will nuzzle your hand, it will also neigh and nod or shake its head in response to questions. As the most interactive Barbie horse available this amazing toy set has to be included in our top 20 Barbies.


This is an image of a Barbie doll with her dreamhorse doll.


17. Barbie Spaghetti Chef Doll Playset

Does your kid love Barbie and cooking? Then this is the perfect doll set for them that will provide hours of fun. This spaghetti chef doll set comes with amazing Barbie kitchen accessories that enable kids to create exciting pasta dishes and bring them to life.

Kids will love that they can create realistic spaghetti from dough with the brilliant spaghetti maker that will create hours of fun. After, they can use the exciting kitchen accessories to cook the pasta with the Barbie chef doll. Barbie comes with a chef top and apron so is ready for endless cooking fun. This is a creative and exciting Barbie set that is great for role play.


This is an image of as chef barbie doll play set.


18. Barbie Happy Birthday Doll

If your Barbie loving kid is celebrating a birthday then this Barbie Happy Birthday Doll is the perfect gift idea to really make their Birthday special. This wonderful Barbie set even comes with a present accessory for added excitement.

Barbie is wearing a wonderful glittery pink party dress so is ready for party games and fun. Kids will love the pink accessories that are included, with the pink hairband, attractive pink necklace and pink ribbon belt, making these the perfect addition for every Birthday Party. This may be a simple Barbie doll set but it will hold special memories for every kid, making it a special gift that will be greatly enjoyed.


This is an image of a barbie wearing a glittery pink dress.


19. Barbie Ballet Instructor Playset

All young girls love dancing, so this Barbie Ballet Instructor Playset is the perfect toy for them. The set combines big and little Barbie toys for additional excitement, allowing new features to be added to this great playset.

The Barbie dance coach is wearing a black body suit with pink tutu, tights and shoes, so really looks the part. She even has all the essential dance accessories, including dance bag and water bottle. The young student wears an appealing pink outfit with pink tutu and she can dance her way across the platform into first position every time. Kids will love that they can get the student doll to dance meaning that this inspiring set will allow kids to bring their dreams to life.


This is an image of a ballet instructor and student barbie dolls.


20. Barbie and Sisters Winter Getaway

Unlike most other Barbie sets this Barbie and Sisters Winter Getaway Playset features Barbie with her 3 sisters for added excitement. So this great 4 doll playset features Barbie, Chelsea, Skipper and Stacey, providing a fun mix of big Barbies through to smaller Barbies.

For this fun family set the sisters are ready for winter, as they are all dressed in their warm clothes, which includes hats and scarves, meaning that they are ready to enjoy some winter sports fun. This set can really bring all kids imagination alive, as there are boarding accessories included, along with a toboggan. This wonderful winter Barbie set will create many new role play opportunities and will be enjoyed by all kids.


This is an image of a Barbie dolls wearing winter clothes.


Best Overall Buy

Our best overall buy is the Barbie Pop-Up Camper as it is the best of the Barbie toy sets to compliment any Barbie toy doll collection. This is a fun playset that all kids will enjoy playing with as the Barbie dream camper comes with many great accessories and has some great play features. Kids will love the cool hammock and fire pit and enjoy exploring all of the different rooms that are featured in this amazing camper set. Your kid will not be disappointed with this fantastic Barbie playset.

This is an image of a pop up camper vehicle with barbie dolls.


Best Budget Buy

If you’re looking for cheap Barbie toys, don’t worry as we have another excellent top pick. The Barbie Daisy Travel Doll is our best budget buy as kids do not need an existing Barbie doll collection to enjoy this lovely toy. The set comes with a glamorous doll who is ready to go traveling and explore new places. There is an impressive selection of travel accessories included in this set and kids will get great enjoyment from packing the appealing purple and silver suitcase. This is the perfect toy for kids to take traveling.

This is an image of a Daisy travel barbie doll.


Who Makes Barbie Dolls and Playsets?

Barbie is made by the toy company Mattel Inc. and as one of the most popular kids dolls produced they are sold by many toy retailers both in store and online, making them easy to source. Mattel have produced a stunning range of Barbies toys and playsets for a number of years and have kept this well-loved brand modern and appealing to kids.


Where Can I Find out More Information About Barbie?

Barbie toy dolls have been produced for over 60 years and still remain as popular as ever with young children, so if you want to investigate the history behind the Barbie brand then you should visit Mattel’s Barbie website, which will provide you with all the information you need to know. This website is also great for researching the latest dolls and playsets, so will help you pick the next amazing gift for your kid.


Do I Need Batteries?

Generally, most dolls and playsets will not require batteries to work, making them a great alternative to screen time. However, there will be the occasional Barbie that does require batteries to get the full play effect, such as the interactive horse from the Dreamhorse playset. Often these batteries are included with the toy.


Can I Get Cool Barbie Accessories to Go With These Sets?

Yes of course there are plenty of additional accessories for kids to choose from and the playsets and dolls can be combined together to form a Barbie play world that is unique for your kid. Many of these toys come with a great selection of accessories but there are always plenty of fun items that can be added to your Barbie set if you are looking for something in particular.