Best Balance Bikes for Toddlers

this is an image of a boy on a balance bike riding it through puddles

Using balance bikes to train kids on how to ride can be exhilarating or terrifying depending on the kid. But, they are, by a long shot, some of the best and safest ways for toddlers and kids to learn how to ride before transitioning to regular bikes.

As a parent though, you might find yourself in a fix when trying to filter all the information you get when it is time to get one for your kid. What bike is the best for your kid? What are the things to look for when buying one? It this awesome-looking bike worth the money? what about that budget bike that looks like a bargain?

These are just a few of the questions that would be bugging you as you try to narrow your options to a manageable ‘shortlist’.

But we understand that all you are looking for is clarity on how to choose the best balance bike for your kid. With that in mind, we carefully researched and selected the very best from hundreds of products. This is to ensure your path to a suitable learning bike for your kid is straight, smooth, and not so long that you become distracted.


22 Best Balance Bikes for Toddlers

Below are 22 kids’ balance bikes that survived our rigorous evaluation from a pool of several dozen. A deliberate effort was put into making sure the variety in price tag was broad. This is simply to show that you can get awesome products at whatever price with the right information at your disposal and, of course, accommodate everybody’s budget.

1. Strider 12 Sport

Strider’s bikes are famous for making it possible for toddlers to also enjoy the thrill of learning to ride safely. They have a pedigree based on quality and amazing variety for toddlers of all ages.

Weighing just 6.7 lbs, the ride comes with mini-grips making it easy for small hands to grasp and take complete control of the bike. And to ensure it stays with your kid throughout their toddler years, the handlebar and seat are height-adjustable.

Toddlers between the ages of 18 months and 5 years would love the freedom, power, and responsibility that comes with riding this steel-framed push bike that is also equipped with no-maintenance, never-flat tires.This is an image of toddler's sport balance bike in green color


2. Red All-Terrain Bike by Radio Flyer

This red bike by Radio Flyer would be perfect for toddlers of all ages. The pedal-free rode allows them to get the best riding experience while allowing them to focus on how to balance on a bike.

The sturdy steel frame bike is equipped with features that make it a great beginner bike for kids. For instance, it comes with air tires that hug the surface ensuring a smooth ride on all surfaces. It is also equipped with comfortable seats and ergonomic handles that can be adjusted to grow with your kid.

Kids would love ringing the bell for additional fun as they zoom past amused folks.This is an image of toddler's terrain balance bike by Radio flyer in red color


3. Y Velo Balance Bike Toddler

With a large, three-wheel design including a unique dual double-width rear wheel and higher ground clearance, this Velo bike is designed for convenient and smooth riding experience even on uneven surfaces. Toddlers who are not so great at maintaining balance would love the stability provided by the large tires.

Recommended for toddlers between 18 months and 4 years, the bike is strong and sturdy enough to hold up to 45 lbs. It is equipped with a height-adjustable seat and handlebar making it compatible with the physical developments of a growing toddler.This is an image of toddler's balance bike in black and pink colors


4. Retrospec Cub Kids Bike

This toddler balance bike carries an air of invincibility around it due to a design concept that gives it a rugged look. The lightweight bike comes with a steel step-through frame making it practically indestructible. And with the no-air tires, it requires almost zero maintenance to keep it performing at optimal levels.

The bike is designed to grow with your kid no thanks to the adjustable seat and handlebar. Your kid is going to have all the exercise they need as they push the bike forward with their legs.

This is an image of toddler's no pedal bike balance in yellow and white colors


5. Diwenhouse Toddler Training Bike

Diwenhouse toddler’s bike is a complete riding kit that comes with a bike, helmet, bicycle pump, and protective pads for the knees and elbows. Not that your kid would be involved in any nasty accidents, but kids being kids, falls would happen from time to time and the pads would prevent any nasty scrapes or bruises.

The blue bike is equipped with features we have come to expect from kids push bikes. Both the seat and handlebar are height-adjustable so the bike grows with them. It also comes with anti-slip and friction resistance wheels for a smooth and safe ride on all surfaces.

Recommended for kids up to 6 six years old, the frame is made from high-quality, anti-rust aluminum for stable and durable use. And with the bell, kids would have fun ringing people out of their path.This is an image of toddler's balance bike with inflatable wheels and protections in blue colors


6. Blue Bixe Training Bike for Toddlers

Almost perfect in design, this Bixe training provides a smooth and easy riding experience for toddlers as young as 18 months to kids up to 9 years old. The large wheels and sturdy, large frame combined seamlessly as an awesome push bike to ease the transition to regular bikes.

The very affordable bike is lightweight and comes with a height-adjustable seat from as low as 11″ from the ground to a maximum height of 17″. The handlebars adjust to a maximum height if 24″ starting from a low of 20″.

Your kid should be ready to ride almost immediately as each bike comes partially assembled. You only have to slide the handlebars and seats, tighten them with a wrench, and they are good to go.This is an image of toddler's aluminum balance bike in blue and white colors


7. Blue Lightweight Bike by TheCroco

TheCroco’s bike is another amazing option for safe bike riding for kids. The bike is offered in two options: the basic and premium versions.

Whatever option you pick, your kid is guaranteed a safe, smooth, riding experience with comfortable height-adjustable seat and handlebars, steel frame to ensure their safety and durability, and sturdy wide tires for a smooth and stable ride on all types of surfaces.

If your budget allows it (small price disparity), we recommend the lighter premium version making it easier for kids to control. The premium version is also easier to set up and comes with a frame made from the highest quality aluminum. It’s an excellent bicycle for 2 year old girls and boys.

This is an image of toddler's lightweight balance bike in blue color


8. Strider 12 Classic Bike

Strider continues their dominance of the push bikes for kids niche with this product that standouts out for its resemblance to classic bicycles. This stripped-down version comes with all the features kids learning how to ride and balance on a bike would appreciate.

Equipped with durable no-flat tires, sturdy frame, adjustable seat rests, and perfectly-sized handlebars, it provides one of the best platforms for transitioning from striding to all-out coasting so kids can master their balancing and handling skills.

The footrests are perfectly placed so they can hang their feet while in the gliding mode especially downhill. Though it comes without a brake, there is a rear brake mount so a brake can be added when it becomes necessary.This is an image of toddler's classic balance bike in red color


9. Pink Joystar Push Bike

This versatile rider would make a perfect gift for a little girl 18 months – 5 years old. The step-through design comes complete with footrests, quick release adjustable seats, and adjustable handlebars.

Teaching little ones how to ride with this bike is fun and very easy. The design concept makes it easy for kids to find their center of gravity especially while coasting or gliding. This ensures that in no time at all, they’ll be confident enough to ride unaided.

It is also outfitted with puncture-proof EVA polymer foam tire ensuring that only minimal maintenance is required.This is an image toddler's push bike in pink color


10. Balance Training Bike by My First Bike

If you want your kid to be the first to learn how to ride among their peers, My First Bike’s training bike is what you are looking for to help them along. Perfectly sized with comfortable seats and padded handlebars, it comes with two front wheels to enhance stability and safety while the kid training.

For better maneuverability and safety even in tight spaces, the wheel is designed to give the bike a turning radius of about 135 degrees; while the soft rubber tires and steel unibody frame with a weight capacity of up to 100 lbs ensure stress-free maintenance and durability respectively.

Recommended for toddlers between 12 and 24 months, the seats and handlebars are height adjustable so the bike can grow with your kid. Even kids up to 4 years can enjoy the smooth and safe experience this bike promises.This is an image of toddler's balance bike with height seat and 3 wheels in pink color


11. Schwinn Kids Training Bike

Though this Schwinn bike is great for toddlers and children up to 4 years, the pink color makes it an excellent first bike for a girl within that age range. But with a DMX-themed design, we are sure little boys wouldn’t mind taking it for a spin either indoors or outdoors.

Kids would find it extremely easy to steer no thanks to the ball-bearing headset and ergonomic chrome-finished handlebars. And talking about the handlebars, together with the comfortable seats, they are easy to adjust to match the growth of your kid in years to come.

Equipped with air-filled, 12″ wheels for comfortable rides on different surfaces, the back comes already assembled so they could start having fun immediately.This is an image of toddler's balance bike wheels in pink color


12. SmarTrike 2 in 1 Bike

For kids as young as two, a great way of learning how to ride a bicycle doesn’t come any easier than with this pushbike from SmarTrike. With its unique frame design, it offers two options of raising the seat height to match a kid’s growth: simply flip the frame or adjust the seat height or for high or low-balance options depending on the kid’s progress.

Other notable features of the lightweight bike include the dual-component seat for a comfortable ride, adjustable handlebars, maintenance-free wheels made from rubber, and handlebars of just the right size for their small hands.This is an image of toddler's Balance bike in black and blue colors


13. Gomo Toddler Training Bike

This push bike by Gomo is another awesome option in the budget category. Like most of the bike in this guide, it is designed with a lot of room for adjustments to sync with the kid’s physical development.

Unlike most budget bikes, it comes with a longer wheelbase giving more wiggle room for the rider and to accommodate growth. The design includes a footrest that can be tucked away neatly only to be brought out by riders when needed.

This would make a great learning bike for your little girl. However, the foam tires provide little cushioning and less traction on some surfaces.This is an image of toddler's training bike in pink and blue colors


14. Bammax Baby Bike

The innovative design of this Bammax bike makes it ideal not just as a training bike but also as a walker for kids who are just learning to walk. The ergonomically-designed padded leather seat is perfectly situated at just the right height from the floor while the steel frame provides the strongest foundation for safety and durability.

The bike is easy to assemble and comes with two rear and front wheels respectively for stability. And the widened, anti-slip EVA wheels would ensure a smooth, safe, and comfortable riding experience even on slippery surfaces.

The handles are small enough for babies to grasp for easy control of the bike; while the 135° steering limit ensures great maneuverability without sacrificing safety.

This bike would be an ideal present for nephews and grandkids at baby showers, first birthday, Christmas or any other occasion.This is an image of toddler's balance in black and blue colors


15. Aceger Sports Bike

Aceger’s kids’ bike is not only nice to look at, but it is also pretty functional. It features a braking system for the rear wheel. The brake’s cable runs Inside the blue-painted steel frame to the back wheel. It’s handy for teaching kids how to use the brake system at an early age.

Too much time won’t be spent on setting it up as it comes about three-quarters assembled. Simply add the seat, wheels, and handlebar and it is ready. You’d get the instruction manual and the tools needed for assembling when you purchase it.

Other notable features include the comfortable adjustable seats with clamp, puncture-resistant EVA tires, adjustable handlebars with anti-slip padding, and precise wheel-bearing design.This is an image of toddler's no pedal balance bike in green color


16. XJD 3 in 1 Bike

This XJD bike is a flexible and unique ride-on toy that would surely delight any kid lucky to have it. With its comfortable seats, soft handle grips, and EVA non-slip foam tires, toddlers are assured of safety and reliability at all times.

You would love the 3-ride modes of this bike: the two-wheel balance mode with one of the rear wheels folded; 3-wheel sliding mode for babies who are learning how to balance; and the pedal option so babies can learn how to pedal and steer while maintaining balance.

And with the adjustable seat and handlebar, the steel frame is designed to grow with your kid until they can use bigger and regular bikes.This is an image of toddler's 3 wheels toddler bike in black and pink colors


17. Enkeeo 12 Sport Bike

Enkeeo, to all intent and purposes, is the budget version of the Strider 12 bike reviewed above. But take nothing away from it when it comes to its utility as a bike for kids to use until they are old enough for regular bicycles.

Considering it can support a weight of up to 110 lbs, it is clear the bike was designed with a toddler’s growth spurt in mind. In any case, kids can use it until they are 6 years from the age of 2.

Constructed from anti-rust carbon steel, it features puncture-proof EVA Foam tires, height-adjustable seats while the contour saddle seat and soft handlebar grips ensure safety and comfort while riding.This is an image of toddler's sport balance bike in black color


18. Chillafish Bunzi Kids Bike

With a frame that can be switched between 2-wheel mode and 3-wheel riding mode in just a few seconds, the Bunzi is one of the best training rides for kids between 1 and 3 years.

Changing between riding modes doesn’t require the use of tools; so also is adjusting the seats to grow with the kid.

The bike is built from lightweight high-quality ABS plastic with easy-carry handles to make transporting and storage very convenient. And if the kid is set for a long adventure, he can store supplies like food in the storage box built into the seat.This is an image of toddler's balance tricycle in green and white colors


19. Cruzee Ultralite Bike

At just 4.4 lbs, the Cruzee delivers on its promises as one of the lightest bikes specifically designed for toddlers learning how to ride. The 2-wheel bike owes that weight to the rust-free anodized aluminum used in constricting the frame. Kids find this bike much easier to control and carry than other models.

To accommodate the growth of the kid, both seat and handlebar are adjustable. While the comfort of the kid is guaranteed by the wide seat, fat-free composite tires, sealed bearings that require no maintenance, and low profile axle bolts that protect riders from painful ankle strikes.This is an image of Toddler's sports balance bike in bmue and white colors


20. Banana Bike LT V4

Folks who have bought earlier versions of the Banana Bike would appreciate the several upgrades in this new version. This version is lighter (at 6.4 lbs, certainly not the lightest in this review) with more comfortable seats, safer grips with cushioned bar-ends, and a quick-release clamp for easy adjustment of the seat and handlebar.

The tires were also upgraded to better puncture-proof EVA wheels with improved traction and better axle setup for faster spinning durable bearings.

Made from premium materials to ensure durability, it is equipped for with better twin-bearing headset for smooth steering, and a secure handlebar locking clamp.

this is an image of a banana bike


21. Beiens Toddler Bike

With its super-thick, cushioned wide seats and 12″ pneumatic tires, this rugged balancing bike is the ultimate in cruising comfort. Kids would get a lot of joy controlling this bike due to its lightweight; a consequence of the aluminum alloy frame.

The seat can be adjusted from a low position of 13′ from the ground up to about 17″ ensuring there is adequate support for toddlers of all ages. Older toddlers would love riding it even on rough or bumpy terrain; the pneumatic mechanism of the wheels acting as perfect shock absorbers.

Other fantastic features worth noting include the puncture-proof, high-elastic EVA polymer tires; height-adjustable handlebar; and easy assembly.This is an image of toddler's no pedal bicycle in blue and white colors


22. LBLA Baby Bike

In terms of design and functionalities, the baby bike by LBLA looks like the Bammax bike reviewed above. Like Bammax’s bike, this is an awesome training bike for 1 year olds who are just learning to walk. It helps them to develop balance while also promoting body coordination and self-confidence.

This bike, though, provides a cheaper alternative to Bammax. But you get almost similar attributes in terms of efficiency and quality. The frames are made from sturdy steel for durability while the 4 wheels are enclosed for the protection of the baby.

Setting it up is quite easy as it comes almost fully assembled. You only have to install the front wheels and handlebar to get it ready. In any case, it comes with an instructions manual showing how it is done.This is an image of toddler's walker balance bike in gray and blue colors



Buying Considerations When Choosing a Balance Bike

The natural reaction after going through kids balance bike reviews like this one is to rush out and get one. But there are a few more things to consider before investing money in a bike for toddlers.

In the first place, you need to consider the amount of space you have. If you live an apartment where space is at a premium, getting one for your kid wouldn’t be such a great idea.

But if you live close to a public park, that shouldn’t be a problem since you could always take them there to play and learn with the bike.

Which brings us nicely to the next important consideration: adult supervision.

Though these bikes are generally safe for kids, an adult must be around to supervise them. Toddlers easily get carried away and might to try out some new stunts before becoming really good at riding.

So even if you have a large apartment with enough space for riding, the bike would be practically useless if you are not around supervising them. It should be made clear that supervision is not limited to adults only. Teenage siblings or older could also be good minders.

Another factor to weigh before buying one is to make sure you have enough money to buy vital accessories like helmets and protective pads for the knees and elbows.

Whether you like it or not, accidents and falls do occur when learning how to ride. Remember when you first rode a bike as a kid and the bruises you got?

Safety accessories would lessen the severity of the injuries. In most cases, if the kid is using the recommended safety accessories, they are only likely to feel shaken after a fall. They should be okay to continue riding after a while.


Best Buy

When you have 22 training bikes for kids with quality as the common denominator, it is never going to be easy elevating one above the rest. But since we are talking best value for money, the toddler bike by Diwenhouse ticked many important boxes to claim that spot.

We were impressed that this is a package deal of a complete riding kit. Apart from the bike, you also get accessories like helmet, protective pads, and a pump to inflate the tires. Instead of having to buy all these things separately, you get them all at a price that is even less than what is needed to purchase some of the bikes in this review.

This is an image of toddler's balance bike with inflatable wheels and protections in blue colors


Best Budget Pick

Folks that have bought the Banana bikes before only have good things to say about them. So when the makers decided to come out with this budget version, people’s expectations were high.

The LT V4 didn’t disappoint. It packed most of the features found in the more expensive products without sacrificing quality in any way. Several upgrades were even added to the earlier version such as better axle setup, smoother headset, secure locking clamp for the handlebar and much more.


this is an image of a banana bike


Where to Buy Balance Bike for Toddlers?

These bikes can be found in most sporting goods stores. They can also be found in the sports section of malls or even the toys section in some cases.

If you don’t have the time to head to the nearest mall, a simple online search would point you in the right direction. Several stores have an online presence where you could place an order and have it delivered to you.

But, make sure you use only reputable outlets. These are the places you are likely to find quality push bikes for toddlers.


What are Balance Bikes for Toddlers?

They are small bikes for kids with no pedals that are specifically adapted to suit small bodies and hands. Generally, they are two-wheeled (some come with two rear and two front wheels, or three wheels with either the front or back having two wheels) bikes with a low center of gravity. They are used for teaching kids how to ride and balance on a bike before transitioning to regular and bigger bikes

Also known as a glider bike, movement is controlled by the kid pushing the bike with their feet. When kids feel more confident, they can be trained to glide by lifting their feet off the ground after attaining a decent speed.