Best Art Easel For 2, 3, 4 Year Olds


Encouraging a child’s artistic side is one of the best ways of helping kids develop into well-rounded adults. What better way to do that than with an age-appropriate art easel for kids. This article is a review of the best easel for 2 year olds, as well as 3 and 4 year olds kids.

It should never be about pushing your kid into becoming the next Picasso or modernist artist. That should not even be a consideration here.

It should all be about allowing kids to be kids. An art easel should be just one of the many things they do as part of their development. If they end up taking to arts, that is a bonus.

Criteria Used in Choosing the Best Art Easel for 2, 3, and 4 year olds

In choosing the best art easels for 2, 3, and 4 year olds, it was understood that there could be an overlap of the age-appropriate products. So, the underlying concept behind some of the easels was that children grow up so the easels must be flexible enough to accommodate that.

That said, the products that made the list passed a stiff screening process. The common factors that determined the top easels are

Recommended age – the manufacturers recommended age was considered first of all. But most importantly, the reviews from parents played a bigger role in making sure the products match the recommended age group.

From the reviews, it is easy to find out if the manufacturers tried to appeal to a wider market by false advertising. For instance, the reviews can expose a product for being very inappropriate for a certain age group by being either too small or too complicated as the case might be.

Basic features – the best art easels for kids must have some basic like a storage area for art supplies, made with durable material, should be easy to assemble and store, etc.

For 2 and 3 year olds, the easels must have at least one dry-erase surface. These surfaces are great since they allow kids to do their thing without making too much mess. And they are easy to clean after the kids are done playing.

Shoddily designed art easels did not make the cut

Safety consideration – it is important that easels must be stable. Some of them had wobbly legs that required only a slight touch to topple over.

Easels like these are not safe for kids.

Also, the materials used in making them must be certified non-toxic to kids.

Cost – this was an important factor in picking out the best easels for kids. There are so many good products to choose from that in many cases, it came down to which one offered more value for money.

The cheaper products carried the day most of the time. However, it must be pointed out that the price variable was a last resort.

Top 10 Art Easels For Kids, 2 Year Olds, 3 Year Olds & 4 Year Olds

Top Art Easels For 2 year old

1. Steps2 This is an image of a Art Easel by Step2 for toddlers.

Step2’s Art Easel Kids Desk is a versatile easel and desk combination your young budding 2 year old artist would find really useful.

Perfect for two kids, it features a dry easel board with a clip for the artists to hang their works; a desk and sturdy stool attached to the easel; and a flippable desktop functioning as a storage area for art supplies.

The all plastic, colorful easel is the perfect work and fun station for your 2 year old to create their masterpieces.


2. Amagoing Kids 3 in 1 Double-sided Wooden Easel

This is an image of a wooden magnetic easel by Amagoing.

This wooden easel is just the art station your kid needs to tap into their inner art master. It is colorful, sturdy and has many features to hold the interest of any 2 years old for a long time.

The 3 in 1 wooden easel features a magnetic whiteboard for dry erase markers and magnetic accessories; an easily adjustable double-sided panel; a storage tray to conveniently store art supplies; a paper roll; and an adjustable height.

The easel is well-made and designed to inspire your kid’s drawing potential while developing the ability to focus and be patient.

The cost might be a little steep, but it would be worth it as the easel is designed to grow with your kid.


3. US Art Supply Flip-Over Children’s Art Easel with Chalkboard

This is an image of a double sided art easel for toddlers.

Children’s Art Easel from US Art Supply is a versatile, easy-to-assemble easel your 2 year old would absolutely adore. It is double-sided easel featuring one dry-erase board and a chalkboard

Other features include a paper roll and dispenser; 3 large storage bags; 5 drip paint bottle containers; a box of chalk; and an eraser for the chalkboard.

With its adjustable legs and wood shelf for storing painting supplies, this art easel would likely be part of your kid’s life for several years.

Better yet, if you are on a budget, the price is relatively modest making it a bargain purchase.


Best Art Easel for 3 Year olds

1. Elk & Bear Double Sided Magnetic Whiteboard Painting Easel

This is an image of a double sided magnetic easel by Elk and Bear.

The Double-sided Magnetic easel from Elk & Bear is specifically targeted at 3 year olds and older. It stands out as one of the top-rated art easels for this age group on online stores.

Standing at the perfect height for 3 year olds, it features dry-erase magnetic chalkboard; dry-erase pen and chalk; a wood tray for paint sets and other art supplies; and magnetic letters among others.

It is designed with a handle at the top for easy movement. Added to that, it can be folded quite easily for storage.

The magnetic letters would aid the development of your kid’s writing and reading skills. And your kid’s social skills would be enhanced by the double-sided feature as it encourages them to use the easel with a friend.

2. Step2 Pink easel For Two

This is an image of two young girls using a double sided pink easel.

Step2’s Pink Easel for Two is an all plastic easel for kids especially 3 year olds who are just starting out on their artistic journey. This would open up the joys of using an easel for artistic expression.

The easel comes with 77 foam magnetic letters, signs and numbers to be used on the magnetic surfaces. Both surfaces also spot a large magnetic clip each for kids to hang their craft papers when they want to draw or paint.

Suspended between the four legs is a deep tray to hold art supplies and some of the pieces.

The easel is easy to assemble and storage is made easier by the foldable design.

3. Hape All-in-one Wooden Kid’s Art easel

This is an image of an all in one art easel by Hape.

Hape’s All-in-one wooden easel is the sort of easel you’d get for your 3 year old if you want them to have a long career as an artist. The easel is sturdy, well-made, beautiful and has fully height-adjustable painting and drawing panels to keep up with the child’s increase in height.

The easel features a whiteboard, paper roll, blackboard on one side and a magnetic whiteboard on the other side. It also includes 3 paint pots and 1 replaceable paper roll.

The magnetic whiteboard allows kids to attach fridge magnets and craft paper to paint or draw whatever they wish.

The wood material is non-toxic and of high quality. This would surely be part of your kid’s life for a long time.

Best Art easel for 4 year olds

1. Melissa & Dough Deluxe Standing Art Easel

This is an image of a wooden art easel by Melissa and Dough.

The development of your child’s creative and social skill is what the Melissa & Dough Deluxe Standing Art Easel is all about. It is a two-sided easel that provides two surfaces for your child to have fun with either alone or with a friend.

Very colorful and beautiful made, the wooden easel has a built-in paper roll for painting and drawing with any of paints, markers or crayons depending on your child’s preferences.

The easel is adjustable to match your child’s growth and it is sturdy enough to last a long time without needing a replacement.

Though assembly it may be a bit difficult, it can easily be folded for storage.

2. KidKraft 62043.0 Storage Easel

This is an image of a storage easel by KidKraft.

KidKraft’s Storage easel has everything your 3 year old would need to commence a young career in creative drawings and paintings. The easel is double-sided with a paper roll built at the top.

Attached to the legs of the easel are three storage bins conveniently placed to hold art supplies like paint and color containers, chalks, brushes, and pencils. Furthermore, there are two storage trays near the surfaces to help organize art supplies that are currently in use.

You might find putting it together a tad difficult but that is offset by the fact that you’d purchased a great gift made of quality materials for your kid.

3. Melissa & Dough Magnetic Tabletop Art Easel

This is an image of a wooden tabletop easel by Melissa and Doug.

If you desire a compact, very portable, sturdy art easel for your 3 year old, the Melissa & Dough Magnetic Tabletop Art Easel is your best bet. The double-sided surface provides variety in a chalkboard and a dry-erase board.

It is designed with an attachment at the top for a fresh roll of paper to be accessible at any time. Your kid can draw and paint as much as they like, a fresh paper is just an arm’s length away.

The easel comes with a fifty-foot roll of paper, a dry erase marker, an eraser, five colored chalks, and 36 alphabets and numerical magnets.

The package allows your child to write out their letters and numbers together with alongside the magnetic pieces. And of course, there is the option of drawing with the five colored chalks while at it.

4. Arkmiido Double-sided Kids Easel

This is an image of a double sided whiteboard and chalkboard easel by Arkmiido.

Arkmiido’s Kids Easel is an awesome art easel designed to provide your kid with hours of creative activity and fun.

It is a double-sided easel; one side a chalkboard and the other a dry-erase magnetic board to provide variety for your kid. The dual surface means a playmate can come over to join in the fun of creating masterpieces.

The easel is adjustable to different heights making it an investment that is bound to remain useful for many years as the child grows up.

It comes with wide storage frame, 52 colorful magnets, a math set, 4 painting cups, 4 magnets and much more.

Made with non-toxic materials, the sturdy easel is easy to assemble and doesn’t take up much space.



So these are the top art easels for kids between ages 2 and 4. The review included products from popular brands as well as relatively unknown brands. This goes to show that if you look well enough, you’d find hidden gold nuggets in so many products competing for your attention.

Talking about finding hidden nuggets, you’d do well to dig deeper if the art easel you want for your kid is not on our list. It takes only a few minutes of your time and it would be worth it.

However, we guarantee you’re unlikely to come across products that would score high in our criteria. Notwithstanding that though, trust your instincts and make your kid happy with any art easel that captures your imagination.

Just make sure to read the reviews from users before heading to check out.

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