50 Best Educational Toys for 5 Year Olds

two kids reading from a wall chart

Selecting the appropriate educational toys for 5 year olds is not an easy thing to do. The challenge is in phases; first, you want something perfect for their age, then you want something that won’t bore them; a cool educational gift, that is also popular for both 5 year old boys and girls, you want them to learn and have fun at the same time.

Getting a toy that fits the bill might be quite challenging. Not to worry though, we’ve compiled a comprehensive list of the best educational toys for 5 years olds in this article.

The preschooler age is a crucial learning stage for kids. But most parents are usually too busy to attend to their child’s mental developmental need, which is why you should explore every possible option to stimulate your child mentally, and one of the best options is through the use of toys.

At the age of 5, your kid should enjoy learning arithmetic, vocabulary, and logic without hassle. Educational toys are toys used to develop the cognitive and motor skills of a child while they have fun. Some of the popular educational toys for a 5 years old include science kits, building toys, Geographical location toys, creative arts toys, and others.

Cool, Educational, Learning Toys Gifts For 5 Year Olds Boys & Girls.

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#1. Munchkin Mozart Magic Cube

Music is an art that will always thrill young ones. Now learning the art of using sounds to make beautiful musical master class while also playing a game with toys will make your ward understand musical notes.

This inspiring magic cube comes with creativity and fun for your children. Children can choose from varieties of instruments and this comes with a light that will also flash different colors.


The Mozart magic cube adds to the education of your child and helps them understand colors/musical notes. It helps the kid to get familiar with various musical instruments like the piano, harp, violin, French horn, and flute.


This educational teaches how to combine sounds and create the 8 Mozart legend

Comes with various lights on the side and changes with the tempo of the music

It includes various instruments such as Piano, Flute, French horn, Harp and Violin

Good for building composing talents in kids

Attached to the toy is a volume control to minimize the noise


If handled roughly, it breaks

This is an image of a musical and interactive magic cube for kids.


#2. Scientific Explorer My First Mind Blowing Science Kit

This mind-blowing and meticulously made toy is one to have as this will easily give your very curious minded child the first hint about science. It will teach basic chemical reactions, simple scientific calculations.

Parents are however advised to monitor their children while they work with this unique toy because of the basic and simple chemicals that come with the toy. This is a toy that is best for children age 5 and above.


It is an introduction to basic scientific tools that will prepare your child for the real scientific job. Also, the box comes with science, technology, engineering and mathematics principles.


The 20 piece kit helps your kid to learn the basics of science and the use of science tools

It comes with supplies such as cotton swabs, 3 test tubes, stands, plastic cup, measuring scoops and activity guide

Attached to the kit are chemicals – Red cabbage powder, citric acid, baking soda, 3 color tablets, a crosslinked polyacrylate copolymer, vegetable oil, corn starch


It contains marble – not suitable for children under 5 years.

This is an image of a Mind Blowing science kit for kids.


#3. Educational Insights Teachable Touchables Texture Squares

Education is one of the key ingredients of life, it will help anyone achieve a thing they planned to achieve, that’s one of the reasons it is important for parents to start with their children at a very young age.

Children who engage themselves with this game will become very sound in perception, vocabulary.

The game is filled with series of shapes ranging from squares to rectangle with slippery textures, smooth, scratchy amongst many others.


The education of perception will be an added advantage for any child because it raises awareness to surroundings and management of emotions between humans.


This game will help interactive skills and make it better.

It increases your kid’s tactile skills

It improves your child’s vocabulary skills and awareness skills

The toy comes with 20 pillows and patches and activity guide

Comes with handy pillows, perfect for your kid’s hand.


Choking hazard

This is an image of a Teachable Touchables texture squares for kids.


#4. Kids Magnetic dart board

This gamepad has the same feature as the normal dartboard, however, there’s a slight difference and that being the magnetic hold for darts built into the board. That makes it a safe piece for the children and also stands as a safety mechanism for the board.

Overtime, this game has proven to enhance coordination of both the hands and the players involved. This would spell fun for your child and at the same time enhance educational development.


The score counting will improve simple mathematical calculations like addition and subtraction. Social skills are part of the developments that come with the game for the child.


Provides all the fun of dart with enclosed magnets to hold the darts in place.

Strong and last long, no matter how it is handled

Help kids with coordination skills and encourages sportsmanship


Not very sturdy hence it requires a nail when attaching to the wall

This is an image of a dark magnetic dart board for kids.


#5. DROGRACE Children’s Camera

Kids will always love to remember what they did with their young age as this would help them have bragging rights over their friends about their achievements when they were younger.

This little children camera is well designed and brings with itself features that have different color modes. The camera is well sophisticated to produce high definition pictures.

The products always come with a warranty should there be damage by the kids.


This little camera toy will help your child keep a diary and also remember golden moments attached to their young age and in the process teach them the process of the art of photography.


The camera is non-toxic, 1.77″ LCD screen design with a perfect mini video camera

Other features of the camera are CMOS image sensor, featuring professional HD 1080P/30fps videos and 5MP photos, built-in 6 different Frame Photo Modes and 7 Color Video Modes

It has a waterproof case hence you can take pictures and videos while swimming, skating and biking

Lasting batteries (1.5 hours continuous recording time)


It does not come with an SD card

This is an image of a pink waterproof action camera for kids.


#6. LEGO Chain Reactions Craft Kit

Chain reactions are something that everyone likes to relish, this includes what kids and adults feel when this reaction is activated.

This game Encourage creativity in your child by getting them this chain reaction Lego kit. It does not only keep kids occupied, but it also put their hands and mind into a working mode.

This product has ten awesome machine arrangements, the reaction produced ranges from ringing bells to amusing the pet or discarding light item into the trash can.


Creativity is one of the selling points of this game as it helps the child to do well in opening their imagination.


Comes with 33 LEGO unique pieces, plastic balls, string and paper ramps

Teaches how to design and build amazing moving machines

Step by step guide

LEGO kits and Contraption kits

LEGO Chain Reactions Craft Kit


#7. Light-up Terrarium Kit

This type of game isn’t what we come across every day, getting this for your kids might require some help from you to get the idea of the terrarium box.

This was born out of the idea of growing a garden in a jar. This kit comes with various copies that could be found in a typical natural garden. Different layers of soil as well as flowers that can be arranged as the child pleases.

The box is programmed to glow during dark times, as the cover comes with a cover with led-light that can be easily recharged using the micro USB cable that comes with the kit.

This kit is for parents that have the love of environment at heart and want their children to know more about it.


It helps to discover the beauty of nature

Comes with a rechargeable light to give your garden beauty at night

Step by step instruction to make your kid independent

Fascinates kids and aid learning


Choking hazard (not suitable for kids below 5 years)

This is an image of a Light-up Terrarium Set for kids.


#8. LeapFrog My Own Leaptop

Learning is what humans do every day, no matter how small the knowledge is or what turn of the direction the learning is gotten from. The basic thing is the continual growth of human through learning. This is why games and toys like My Own Leaptop, is a great educational tool for your child. This game helps the child to easily memorize alphabets, spell and many more.

This game has a lot of features that will allow your child to mimic different roles, especially as a mum or dad. Which affords the child a sense of responsibility that will allow them to send emails and learn many more role that an adult plays in their lives.


This will build their social skills and also strengthen the child emotionally and mentally for the future.


Helps to learn and spell your name

Gives you roles and teaches you how to email your friends

Alphabet and vocabulary learning made easy

Teaches computer literacy


Has to be handled with care

This is an image of a green My Own Leaptop for kids.


#9. Educational Insights GeoSafari Jr. Talking Microscope

This is great for visuals and proper identification of animals in the wildlife, plants and household materials.

This very insightful package comes with slides and with over a hundred questions and facts.

This is a game of look, concentrate and learn, a prerecorded voice of Bindi Irwin known as the wildlife warrior will guide the kids as they play the game while they can also view slides under the inbuilt lenses so as to learn visually.


Parents are advised to get their children this product because of the intensity of memory training that comes with it. The system also comes in three different languages which can also train your child in another language if he or she is interested.


Comes with 100 facts and quiz questions about animals, plant and the household

Dual eyepiece for easy viewing

Bindi Irwin (Wildlife warrior from Australia zoo) voice included

Speaks in several languages (English, French and German)


Choking hazard (not suitable for kids below 5 years)

This is an image of a GeoSafari Jr. Talking Microscope for kids.


#10. Vstarner Stacking Cups 

Here is one of those games that will enhance early childhood learning and increase the cognitive perception of a child’s surrounding.

This environmentally friendly product is safe to use and it is free from toxic materials like PVC, BPA and Bisphenol that could momentarily harm the children.

The product is stacked with cups, animal fun set and many other attractive materials like small balls that can be used to train the child’s throwing ability. All you have to do is ask the child to throw the small balls at the small cups so as to measure the child’s accuracy.


It helps the child’s development by helping the brain, the child’s coordination and how the child interacts generally. Overall this improves knowledge and a child’s overall ability.


Promotes the development of your child’s brain, hand-eye coordination and also improve knowledge

Risk-free (Non-toxic materials)

Used as a fun bath toy

Teaches your child accuracy and helps them to recognize colors


Requires supervision by an adult when kids are playing with the toy

This is an image of a colorful stacking cups bath toys for kids.  


#11. Playskool Play Favorites Busy Poppin’ Pals

I want my child to know and understand shapes, then this is the one for you, it will reward your child with varieties of animals and shapes.

This toy comes in a less sophisticated brown package that is easy to handle and understand for your child’s development. This box will enhance your child’s motor skills and knack for exploration and discovery.

The beauty of this box is – it can be played while on the move, thanks to the hands-on carrier attached to the game box.


Every discovery made by your child will be gifted with powerful color critters that will also enhance the color identification for your child at the early stages.


Introduces your kid to different shapes and animals

Colorful critters to thrill your child

Comes with a playschool play busy poppin’ pals


The knobs are a little too hard for babies

This is an image of an animal popping toy for kids.


#12. Rolimate 15 Key Notes Chromatic Glockenspiel Xylophone Toys

Giving your child an early training in musical instruments will help them feel appreciated and also give them a sense of challenge to learn new things.

Having your child learn music making, with this box, is enough to raise the feeling of achievement in your child.

The multicolored note bars are very important in the making of musical notes, they are also good for the recognition of colors. This wooden xylophone is a very important tool for your child that loves music.

It will build the foundation and knowledge for the child to succeed in a musical field later in the future.


Durable and affordable

Multi-colored tone bars for musical note learning

It encourages early music making


The toy is not very loud

This is an image of a colorful wooden glockenspiel xylophone for kids.


#13. BATTOP Wooden Activity Cube Deluxe

Children can play bead maze, rotate the bell, Recognize clock, Alphanumeric, and Characters, Learn to carry out simple arithmetic calculations. This is a perfect way to educate your children with toys.

Imagine how helpful it will be when your child has the mental capacity to solve problems and can begin to solve some house or academics problems on their own. These will relief you off stress as a parent and that will even increase your own productivity and rest time.


Parents can contribute to the progress of their child by making good use of this educational toy to recognize shapes, colors and develop fine motor, hand-eye coordination, and problem solving skills.


Good for sensory stimulation and brain development

Promotes parent-child interaction

Educative, fun and safe to use

Offers different fun games: Bead Maze, Rotate the bell, Recognize clock, Alphanumeric, and Characters, Learn to arithmetic


It requires supervision in the care of kids

This is an image of a colorful wooden activity cube for kids.


#14. Mushroom Garden

The attractive appearance of this toy is one of a kind! Its colorful appearance has a way of bringing kids to fall in love with it instantly. The audiovisual effects are also top notch because it is able to interact with the children nonstop.

The moment the device is turned on, the audio speaks to the children to come and play and learn in the garden. This makes it a very sweet device for learning. It has music mode, it speaks out numbers and letters.

If you decide to switch to the game mode, the device has a lot of energizing game play that is just best for the children.


It encourages several qualities in kids like hand and eye co-ordination, creativity and imagination, logical thinking, motor functions, concentration, problem solving and dexterity


Educational toy for learning numbers, colors and music

It improves the memory of kids

Intrigues kid and aid pattern recognition


Needs to be handled with care

This is an image of an interactive mushroom garden toy for kids.


#15. BettRoom Wooden Educational Preschool Toddler Toys 

The level of a man’s education determines how far he will go, that’s why education has been taking as a very important thing in the world of humans.

However, education can be difficult when the proper foundation is not given to an individual that is why early education is best for your child.

This powerful sorting toy is a great way to start your child’s education process. Getting this for your child will be an added advantage to you and your child on a long run so don’t hesitate.


It is good for counting, and identifying shapes, colors and rewards the child with proper eye coordination and imaginative prowess.


Promotes physical and intellectual development

Helps learn shapes, colors and counting

Safe to use in door (Non-toxic)

Since the blocks are detachable, your kid’s creativity level increases


Must be used under adults supervision

This is an image of a wooden geometric stacking board for kids.


#16. Melissa & Doug See & Spell Wooden Educational Toy

Learning new words just became better with this really astounding product. It has over 50 highly colorful wooden letters that are arranged in ways that will help the kids to generate new words and in turn memorize them for an adequate learning process. While playing this game the sight is being developed coupled with vocabulary building and swift motor skill development.

This powerful toy makes everything called learning so easy and at the same time the children get to have fun while learning.


The puzzle board increases your child’s awareness and attention to detail that will now and later be useful in the child’s development.


Comes in a compact storage case

Increases spelling, sight-reading vocabulary and fine motor skills

Three letter and four letters word made easy


Choking hazard

This is an image of a wooden see and spell learning toy for kids.


#17. IQ Challenge – 7 Pcs Kids Educational Toys for 5 Year Olds

Intelligence is the first needed tool to navigate through life, it guides and it helps to solve problems. That is why this extraordinary brain game is important to the development of your kids.

This is one of the best toys anyone can do good to reward their child with as it wields a great deal of power that will enhance fast brain development and cognitive abilities.


This amazing game will challenge and widen the scope of your child’s intellectual development to allow for fluid creativity, mental strength, mind sharpening, quantitative reasoning, and verbal reasoning.


Sharpens a child mind to develop problem-solving capacity and mental stamina

Comes with a step by step guide

Contains 7 amazing IQ toys

Good design for maximum durability and safety


Quite challenging (Even for an adult)

This is an image of an IQ challenge game set for kids.


#18. Magnetic Blocks Building Set for Kids

This creativity enhancer is a typical example of what a child needs to develop CREATIVITY. Catch an endless fun and build dreams with our Magnetic tiles for boys and girls.

You can create 3D structures with a variety of shapes. Easy to build house, towers, animals, rockets, and cars. The box is known to have vast amount pieces to choose from which all will play a major role in a child’s development.

Don’t miss out on this life making and changing toy for your kids as you will not regret it because of its profoundness.


Creativity will become an ordinary process for your child as soon as you get these toys.


Comes with a 64 pieces set of magnet squares, triangles, other shapes in rainbow colors, 2 cars and Ferries Wheel.

Gives your kid learning time instead of phone addiction

The smooth round edges of the magnet make it impossible to harm kids


Choking hazard

This is an image of a 70 piece magnetic tiles building toy set.


#19. Tinkertoy Little Constructor’s Building Set

Forge the interest of your child right from childhood into their career. This amazing educational toy promotes building skills and also give your child confidence in themselves.

The toy comes with 84 vibrant and chunky plastic pieces. Each package includes iconic spools and rods that can snap and bend to make rounded and cornered shapes. The flexibility of the toy makes it possible for the child to build whatever their imagination desires.

This is a game of imaginations, builds creativity and enhances problem solving skills that will help your child navigate through life positively.


Children are readily innovative and they all have wide imaginations but this game will be an icing on a cake as it will help them harness the power of imaginations.


Comes with 11 building ideas to jump start the interest of your kid

Step to step instruction manual for easy navigation

It increases the bond between parent and child – Your building memories will never be forgotten

The building does not fall apart, it stays together for as long as possible


Choking hazard

This is an image of an 84 piece constructor's building kit.


#20. Mathlink Cubes

To increase your child’s cognitive behavior towards calculations this would be a very important toy to create a solid foundation.

Children pick up learning faster when they are learning with their toys, to them, they are having fun. Meanwhile, they are learning all the way.

This particular game will readily increase your child’s mathematical skills and awareness.


The fun and the challenge that comes with the game make it a suitable game for a mathematical foundation for kids.


First kit to count to 100

Master math skills by grouping and numbering in tens

The cubes come with a geometric shape cutout


Kids should be monitored while using it.

This is an image of a set of 100 colorful cubes for kids.


#21. Lucky Ducks Game

This matching game is profoundly unique for building kids memory and it also helps them have more concentration level.

Concentration can be a basic challenge for children as they are easily distracted by lots of things, this game would help the kid focused with the easy to understand game play.

This is a game that comes with a lot of benefits for your child’s concentration and educational development.


This educational game is perfect for learning how to match objects and at the same time give a strong hold to a child’s colour identification and names of shapes.


Find a match while the game moves

Develops color matching skills and memory skills

Encourages family time – Can be played by 2-4 players


Choking hazard

This is an image of a Lucky Duck matching and memory kids game.


#22. Educational Insights PlayBrix Pirate Adventure

Adventure is the seat of knowledge because you get to have lots of experience that will sharpen your decision making and your analytical prowess.

This game is one of a kind and it will help your child to have a feeling of adventure that will make sure he or she grows communication, engineering, and social skills. It is also very useful in the building of vocabulary for your ward. The most attractive of all is the creative enhancer that comes with the gameplay; this will undoubtedly make your child grow faster than peers.


Children who play this game have shown a high level of intelligence and accurate decision making process, buying it for your kid would mean a great investment.


Features colorful patterns and themed art

Your kid can also dress like a pirate with the hat and other pirate costumes

Supports STEM learning

The blocks last for long

Enhances designing and building skills


A little bit tasking

This is an image of a pirate themed art designed for kids.


#23. VTech 3-in-1 Race and Learn

Children are ever going to be overly thrilled with racing games and the action that comes with it. This game’s racing is categorized into three, jet, car and motorcycle.

This beautifully made game comes with number learning, spellings, shapes amongst others. It comes with a dynamic super action racing sound that will sync the kids mind into the game which will in turn increase concentration towards the educational concepts attached to the game.

The game is also blessed with real life driving simulation that will really draw the kid into the feeling of amazement while also learning at the same time.


Features motorcycle race, car race and jet race

Teaches letters, spelling, numbers and shapes

Simulated driving experience to thrill the kids

Comes with nine courses


The screen is not colored

This is an image of a race and learn toy for kids.


#24. Educational Insights the Sneaky, Snacky Squirrel Game

The forest noise is becoming dim, no more excitement from the forest as your forest pals are beginning to starve; your help is highly needed so that the forest can come alive again.

This game will also enhance your child’s mathematical skills. It is easy to learn and also easy to understand.

As a parent you will do well to get this for your ward as the pace at which this would help them academically will even make you proud.


This game of adventure let your child learn colours, high social skill learning, attention to detail and encourage strategic thinking.


Teaches kids about color

Develops matching skills, strategic thinking, and fine motor skills

Comes with a colorful tree-shaped game board, Squirrel Squeezer, 20 colored acorns, 1 game spinner and 4 logs

Attached to the game is a step by step instructional guide


Choking hazard

This is an image of a squirrel board game for kids.


#25. Gloween Water Doodle Mat, Kids Toys Aqua Drawing Mat

You want to improve your child’s creative awareness and perception to the drawing of objects? Try out this water doodle mat.

It does not come with any form of ink and paint that may be an issue for you as a parent when the child start messing it up, this just comes with a very clean water that will be used as a tool to stimulate your child’s imaginations to drawing.

This product works in a way that will amaze the kid as the water when in contact with the mat will immediately glow and start displaying once the magic pen also comes in contact.


The Gloween water Doodle is an ideal tool for creative imagination and drawings.


Big enough for 2-4 kids – Encourages friendship

No mess is made while using the toy

Inspires kids creativity and imagination

Warranty guaranteed


Sometimes the figure drawn might appear clear

This is an image of a water drawing mat by Gloween designed for kids.


#26. Take a Part Construction Vehicle Set

Kids who have a knack for buildings are a real deal because they will use anything they find to start their mini construction. These set of kids are naturally gifted to be innovative so there’s need for you as a parent to build on this natural building instincts by helping your child to learn the basics of building.

This truck comes in a 3 in 1 pack with cement mixer and digger included. The construction vehicle is readily packed so as to help your child begin his learning process immediately.

The kids can deconstruct the tools and reassemble them and it will also help them get their hands dirty so a little monitoring might be needed.


This educational toy develops your child’s brain and refines their motor skills.


Comes with enough assembling tool for construction

Increases your child coordination skills

Gives your child productive hours

Promotes independence in your child


If broken it might not be easy to repair

This is an image of a pack of 3 educational vehicle set for kids.


#28. Compact Waterproof Travel Binoculars

Children are fond of having adventures and making themselves enjoy the feeling no matter how it comes their way.

This super safety travel binocular gives the children some great feeling that comes with viewing things from afar, it is intelligently made and has a unique safety method.


Good for learning visuals and understanding different colors


Produces good optical image with crisp colors that will help your child know and recognize colors

The product is well built to withstand scratch and fall from children

Easy to use and has a sharp focus that can view objects from 100 yards away

This product can be made to adapt to the eye distance gap for each child which makes it unique.


Sometimes adjustment can be a problem

This is an image of an orange waterproof travel binoculars for kids.


#28. i-Poster My World Interactive Map

This is a very unique interactive toy that will teach your kids about the world map. It will also increase your child’s awareness of geographic learning while also helping them to train their memory.

Your child will have learned problem solving skills, concentration, the science of the earth and how to answer questions.


Problem solving skills is a very useful life tool, which makes this product highly recommended


Helps the child to recognize country flags

Fast paced response to questions will be learned

Very durable and easy to use

The product has over 1,000 facts that your child can learn from


Sometimes trying to activate some countries and flags becomes a problem

This is an image of an i-post interactive world map for kids.


#29. SONi 40 PCS Kitchen Toys

Learning and understanding the kitchen utensils and knowing more about fruits just got better for your kids. This toy will prepare the child’s mind towards understanding the rules of kitchen and getting familiar with kitchen tools.

This will build basic social skills, interactive skills, language development, and building trusts and friendship. This also helps the kid to understand creativity and imaginary play.


A great toy for social development and creativity of your child


It is made of environmentally friendly materials with round edge that will give optimum safety to your kids.

Durable product with easy to assess storage box


Pieces can easily be misplaced due to storage facility flexibility.

This is an image of a 40 Piece cutting toy playset for kids.


#30. Piano keyboard for kids. Music Instrument for Kids

This is a very important tool that will help your child grow and fall in love with music. It is highly educative and brings about inspiration for your child.

The piano has record & playback function, professional and suitable for beginner to practice. Equipped with an external microphone.

Kids can learn to play the piano and can also learn to sing. The product allows kids to learn and play at the same time, let your child fall in love with music.


The product is highly recommended because of the power of music on young ones, it helps them to learn how to play piano and sing at the same time.


Allows your child to learn all the musical keys and notes

The plastic are environmental friendly and durable with nontoxic materials used

The keys are crisp and sleek


The volume is set at the highest by default which means it can’t be controlled

This is an image of a portable piano keyboard for kids.


#31. Gifted Learning Flash Cards

Preparing your child’s mind for a series of test and examination practices is one of the best ways to increase your child’s learning ability.

Flashcard toys will help your child’s ability in improving short and long-term memory, visual memory, verbal memory, IQ development, paraphrasing and most importantly school preparedness.


This product will familiarize your child with best ways to answer questions on CogAT, OLSAT, WISC, ERB, AABL, InView, Woodcock-Johnson and more.


It features bright fun characters that help the child grow more and also builds the parent-child relationship.

Should the flash cards get stained or dirty, they can be easily cleaned and ready to use again.

Trains memory and enhances its effectiveness


Cards can easily be misplaced

This is an image of a focus and memory flash cards for kids.


#32. K’NEX Education – Kid K’NEX Group Building Set

The K’NEX Education Kid K’NEX Group Building Set contains 131 big, soft, and chunky pieces that boast vibrant colors and high-quality construction. These pieces include 10 vibrant and hypnotic eyes as well as a pair of ears that can also be used as wings. The parts can snap and bend to make rounded and cornered configurations. Let your children mix and match them to build whatever they imagine!


Best for mathematics cognitive building and problem solving skills, Superb set for your kids.


This helps to build the child’s mind and brain towards preschool learning

The toy is flexible to assemble and can be easily cleaned

Increases creativity and curiosity of any child


Games can become really challenging and hard to crack for kids

This is an image of a 131 piece K'NEX educational building set for kids.


#33. Douyye Wooden Toys Figures

This wooden toy figures is a great tool for learning and helps to build kids building skills. It can inspire children’s imagination as well as promote their physical and intellectual development.

It is perfectly sized for toddlers’ hands; it is also a fantastic choice as a travel toy.

This product is a typical example of a great gift for children and school kids. It produces double fun for the kids and also enhances learning.


Reduces boredom and allows your child to get carried away with the series of learning substance available.


Good for cognition and motor skills

Enhances creativity

Has a learning box that helps to improve memory


Numbers and letters could easily get lost

This is an image of a wooden toy figures for kids.


#34. Pumpkin Felt Jigsaw Puzzle for Toddlers

This puzzle pumpkin game is good for little ones! All of the puzzles have double sided meaning one color felt is on one side and there is colored foam on the opposite side.

This will help make it easier for kids to put it together and make it more fun as they can do whichever side or color they like. The foam also makes the puzzles “snap together” nicely.


Widens your child memory. The toy is easy to use and durable with effective gameplay.


Good for puzzle and picture identification

It is pretty easy to use and has a definitive gameplay

A durable toy for children


Pieces can get missing with carelessness

This is an image of a pumpkin jigsaw puzzle for kids.


#35. Toysery Dancing Butterfly Musical Toy for Kids

A great musical product that toggles switch and turntable rotation, it is accompanied by a snail pattern. What a lovely instrument to develop children’s listening ability and bright colors that will readily stimulate baby’s vision.

This butterfly product is made with different musical keys and this is able to switch to different music to enhance kid’s musical learning.


Music is an art that brings soothing relief to anyone, which makes it a great toy for children.


Helps to get a child’s attention and keep them busy from disturbing

The game toggle helps to increase the child’s self-confidence


Requires batteries that could be a problem to the use as batteries could easily get drained.

This is an image of a dancing butterfly toy for kids.


#36. Interactive Educational Human Anatomy Talking Toy

A groundbreaking educational tool that teaches children about body parts. It is a very good tool for biological science as it will help the child to know the basic anatomy of the body.

It comes with a puzzle that will increase memory function and visual memory function.


It is good for the child’s memory

Increases visual recognition and helps in general learning of basic anatomy


Choking hazard

This is an image of an interactive i-Poster human anatomy game for kids.


#37. Discovery Kids 2-in-1 World Globe 

Fully detailed world globe. The Discovery Kids 2-in-1 Globe Light features a fully detailed world globe with geographic and political boundaries and features.

The globe sits at a natural tilt and rotates on its base just like a full globe you would find in a library or study. Great toy and very relevant to teaching kids about geography and political geography.


This is a very good tool for basic geographical learning and other educational development.


Works well at night as it begins to glow when there is low light

Has a decorative feature as it can be used in children’s room, bathroom etc.


Looks cheaply made

This is an image of a 2 in 1 globe LED light for kids.


#39.Educational Toys – Spell Educational Alphabet Letter + Card Toy Set

Best for learning spellings and develops a child’s intelligence. This is a very good toy for children under age 6. This can help develop cognitive ability and build a child’s memory.

This educational toy come with the 26 letters of the alphabet and it can be used to form all forms of words in the English language, this makes it a perfect toy for learning and educational development.


Intelligence building is the perfect slogan for this product which makes it suitable for your child’s development.


Suitable for rigid learning

Good for spellings and word formation

It is also good for concentration


The alphabets are so small and can be mixed up

This is an image of an educational spelling card game for kids.


#39. Hisoul Desktop Games Toy Kids Board Game Desktop

This is one of those beautiful action games that builds skills. This Board Game Helps Children to enhance their Hand & Eye Coordination & Strategic Thinking Skills.

The intellectual skill that comes as a package to this game makes it top notch and it also one of those board games to recommend for educational development.


Team work is one of the ability to have as any human, for a child to learn this at the early stage would only have a positive impact.


It helps a child to practice the power of deep and effective thinking

It is filled with action and it is user friendly

It is a game that enhances family bonding


Requires two players which may become a challenge for a single child

This is an image of a interactive desktop board game for kids.


#40. Brackitz Pulley Set for Kids | Educational Construction Set

A game with unlimited contraptions and endless possibilities. This game comes with sets of 77 pieces and directions for 8 contraptions-from a moving draw ridge to a 4-foot flying zip line to a bucket escalator.

With pulleys, axes, hubs, and crank, engineers of all ages will have fun building simple machines that haul, lift and slide.

This is a super game with super fun and learning process.


Without a doubt this will improve creativity and innovation for your kids, the improvement that comes with solving problem is also an added advantage.


Sweet collections of toys to play with

Has been approved to be very safe for children

Good for learning and building of 3D structures

Good for improving technological innovations and science knowledge


This game can sometimes seem too advanced for some children

This is an image of a little girl playing with a pulley playset for kids.


#41. 24 Dinosaur Toys – Colorful Educational Set

You want your child to have the feeling of the Jurassic world adventure in real time? This is your best bet. The large interactive educational mat guides your child as he/she learns about dinosaurs.

The kids will have fun learning about flying dinos and huge beasts such as Apatosaurus, Raptor, Diplodoctus, Spinosaurus, Ankylosaurus and Baronyx all animals from prehistory.


Good for building emotional skills

Social skills will be improved with the help of this game.

It can also build team work spirit


Might sometimes feel too clumsy

This is an image of a dinosaur figures for kids.


#42. Learning Tablet + Magnetic Drawing Pad by Boxiki Kids

If you don’t like toys littering your house then a single toy is enough. This learning tablet has ABC learning games, number learning, musical learning, and a drawing pad.

Your child can be occupied for the whole day having fun and learning at the same time. Teach your child the basics of English with fun and improve their visual and comprehension learning.


The toy develops early learning skills and promotes creativity and critical learning


Four fun learning process in one.

Fantastic designs can be made with the magnetic shapes

Best distraction for car trips airplane travels


Choking hazard (not suitable for kids below 3years)

This is an image of an educational magnetic drawing pad for kids.


#43. Skoolzy Peg Board Set

Skoolz peg board is an attractive toy with clear educational values. The pegs can be used for counting, sorting, patterning and building fine motor skills.

Imagine having your kid sit with it for 3hours – The time is not just for fun but for learning. The toy comes with one peg board, 30 pegs, one skoolzy tote and a downloadable guide.

With this toy you can increase your child’s basic math skills such as counting, adding, subtraction and graphing.


The best Montessori based toy that builds fine motor skills and keeps your child busy for as long as possible.


Color recognition toy

Sorting and stacking challenge

Visual motor skills development – sensory toy for autistic children

Comes with a drawstring bag for easy storage


The plastic peg has barbs which can hurt while grasping

This is an image of a colorful peg board set for kids.


#44.  Jigsaw Puzzles,Interactive Educational Children Learning Toys 

Only few people have a problem-solving skill and most of them developed it from childhood.

Ability to proffer solution to almost every problem is an attribute that everyone desires and a very good way to acquire this attribute is by playing puzzles. The toy is beautifully made hence it fascinates your kid and also teaches them to recognize letters.


This wooden puzzle toy will improve your child’s workmanship spirit, exercise his memory and also transform his thinking abilities.


Good material and safe for children’s use

Stimulate the Childs imagination with its bright color graphic blocks

Improves thinking ability, assembly ability and memory


The blocks are very small

This is an image of a wooden jigzaw puzzle for kids.


#45. Dinosaur Toys STEM Building Toys

Dinosaur toy teaches your child about real dinosaurs living in the Jurassic world. This introduces your child to basic physics and engineering concepts.

Boost your child confidence as they solve the puzzle and build their own dinosaurs. The box comes with 3 buildable dinosaurs, 3 screw drivers and a step by step instructional guide.


Boost your kid creative mind and keep their hands busy.


Encourages teamwork and social skills

Develops problem solving skills

Perfect birthday or Christmas gift


Choking hazard

This is an image of a 3 pack dinosaur building playset for kids.


#46. Doctor Toys Stethoscope, Injections Nurse Pretend Play Kit for Kids

Are you a doctor or do you want your child to be one? Purchase this beautiful kit and simulate doctor-patient role in your home. The 30 piece toy doctor kits comprise of a Stethoscope, Blood pressure meter, Thermometer, Syringe, Otoscope, Reflex hammer, Scissors and many more, Nurse clothing and a doctor’s clothing. Give your child the imagination and the thirst of an outstanding profession.


Increases kids’ aspiration to excel and become a doctor


Comes in a hassle-free case for holidays and travels

Helps children learn about the body

Sparks children imagination


Choking hazard

This is an image of a 30 piece doctor play kit for kids.


#47. Classic Wooden Educational Toy with 36 Letter and Number Tiles

Abacus is one of the oldest method used for calculations in mathematics yet it is the best way to get familiar with numbers. The toy features 36 colorful double-sided tiles.

This toy does not only help with calculations but also have alphabets, therefore, your child can learn two things at a time.

The spinning tiles also have illustrations such as an apple, fish, key, moon, grapes, tie, and house. Your children will play learn and explore.


Teaches letter, number, color, and pattern recognition hence your child fine motor skill is improved


Comes with both letter and number tiles

Cool illustrations and words to build your Childs vocabulary

This is an image of a letter and number abacus for kids.


#48. Primo Toys Swarmy Swamp Adventure Pack Educational Coding Toy

Teaching a 5 year old kid programming could be scary but playing with cubetto could be fun. When your child plays with the toy he will not only have fun but digest the basic of coding.

This educational toy teaches about algorithm, debugging and other functions through storytelling and hands-on-play


Increases intelligence quotient and while away time with productive change


Learn programming with fun

Choose from several options everyday

Comes with a storybook and a map

This is an image of an educational Swarmy Swamp coding toy for kids.



#49Milliard Car Rug Road Play Mat

This is not just educating but also practical. The colorful mat is a map that a 5 year old child can play on. The map which consist of community life, colors and numbers is a play toy to stimulate imaginations in kids.

You can teach your child traffic rules and safety with this mat. The foamy comfy mat is for education, fun and comfort. This mat colorful locations include construction site, gas station, hospital, police station, fire station, post office, farmers market, school house, bakery, park and home.


Teaches your child traffic rules and increases their social life


Memory foam to make your child comfy

Mat stays in place of any surface with the non-slip backing attached

Learning numbers and color in a comfy zone


It is not washable

This is an image of a jumbo road play rug for kids.


#50. Drawing Stencils Set for Kids – Perfect Creativity Kit & Travel Activity

Art is Life – Life is Art. One of the best gift you can give your child is the ability to express him/herself in drawing. You can teach your child different shapes of geometry and alphabet with this toy.

Also, attached to the toy is over 300 templates, you can’t go out of drawing.


Teach your child valuable life skills and harness their potentials.


Enhance your child’s artistic potentials

Easy to pack and carry anywhere

Comes with large stencils, paper, colored pencils, sharpener, pen and case

This is an image of a 54 piece stencil art set for kids.



As much as we try to imbibe knowledge in our kids at the early stage of their lives let’s not forget the fun part. Of course! This is an educational toy but do not forget it’s still a toy hence let them play and enjoy it.

Also, most of this toys are interesting to adults as well. Therefore join your kids and have fun together. The memories they will have from this will be cherished forever.

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