50 Best Educational Toys For 4 year Olds.

math game for toddler

Getting the appropriate toy gift for my 4 years old is always a struggle.

I know most parents deal with the same issue, and often are times, I want something with a blend of everything, I want them to learn how to be creative, I want something educational, and also want them to have fun at the same time.

It’s an apparent struggle that I deal with whenever I want to get them a present.

This is what this post is all about, a compilation of 50 educational toy gifts for 4 year olds. I have written this with the hope that it will make the process easy for parents out there.

Children develop at a different pace, but many more than average learn so much between the age of 4 which contributes significantly to what they become and unsurprisingly.

Many essential skills, values, and system build up are learned, harnessed and developed at this point in a human’s life as several changes begin to occur physically, mentally and socially.

It’s a known fact though that children learn so much more from Play, Art and fun things that they do if any other means is deployed. This is why I take cognizance of my kids’ play environment, tools, toys, and all playthings.

Educational Toys Gift For 4 Year Olds.

Table of Contents

The educational toys for 4 year olds reviewed in this section are perfect as birthday or christmas present for both boys and girls.

#1. Friendly Working Drill Toy

Bolts, nuts, washers, screwdriver, and the driller are not the first things that come to mind as play materials for your kids but children love to play with them, and interestingly they are great for their sensory experience and development of mathematical concepts.

This friendly working drill toy covers for that, helping you keep your tools away from your kid yet release him/ her into creativity with a colorful, lightweight plastic driller, a wrench, a screwdriver, with three different color bits, an activity board, 20 different pattern cards and 120 bolts in 5 different colors.

The toy is designed such that your kid drills the bolt into the board with the color and pattern card ensuring enough brain boosting simulation and connection and the toy generally helping to strengthen the eye-hand coordination, problem-solving and pattern identification skill.

This is an image of an educational drill activity center for kids.


#2. Amosting Color Matching Mosaic Pegboard

This color matching mosaic pegboard comes with ten buttons images of distinct kids relatable things (like a house, umbrella, tree, and animals), 46 colorful buttons of about five different colors and a storage tray that conveniently holds all the pieces.

The pegboard is artistic with the bright colors of the images and the buttons calling the attention and arousing the curiosity of your kid, and with the texture of the plastic materials, your baby will find it comfortable to play with.

This toy is designed in such a way that it harnesses and brings to life the creative side of your kid helping in the development of your baby’s eye-hand coordination and fine motor skills. Your child is sure to learn recognition and classification of colors and shapes.

This is an image of a color matching peg board with small colorful pegs designed for kids.


#3. Magnetic Block Stem

It’s beautiful when you and your 4 year old kid saw a particular thing (a fish, a robot, a car, a house, etc.) and he goes in and after a while comes out with a version of his/hers built from a toy like this. The joy on his face says it all; he feels accomplished. This implies the growth of his imaginative and creative abilities.

This magnetic block stem is an educational toy designed to assist your kids with logical thinking and help to nurture their modeling and perception abilities. Teamwork could also be fostered if more than one play at a time.

The toy is a 24 – piece of 8 triangles and 8 square shaped high-quality ABS plastic materials with ultrasonic welding with round edge design which makes the toy nontoxic, robust, durable and most especially safe for your kid’s little hands. The other eight pieces of the toy are nonmagnetic numbered tiles that are fixable on the magnetic blocks.

This is an image of a magnetic block of different colors for kids.


#4. Electronic Interactive Alphabet Wall Chart

Encouraging little kids to pay attention while learning fundamental things like the alphabet could be a bit difficult, but not anymore. This electronic alphabet wall chart is as interactive as it is attractive and engaging.

It comes with lovable kids songs like bingo, twinkle twinkle little star and many more which can be accessed at the top right corner of the chart where the volume could also be increased or decreased and holds other features like the on/off button, find letter button, find number buttons which could help quiz your little ones.

Each alphabet on the chart has a word association with bright and colorful images and a sensory button that calls it out when touched. With this educational toy, you can relax as it’s certain that your kids preschool skills, concentration, curiosity, and memory is ascertained.

This is an image of two kids reading from a wall chart.


#5. Touch and Teach Word Book

Oh my! Reading can’t be more fun.

The touch and teach word book is a twelve paged awesomely comprehensive book with sound, word, and music. This is a toy yet an educational book that helps teach your kids over 100 words that can be played in four different modes; the what’s the word? Letter fun, music time and find it quiz modes.

The pages of the book come to life with 90 unique sounds and 15 sweet melodies plus the over 100 words pronounced when touched making learning more exciting and fun for your kids while improving their vocabulary and knowledge by the association of word, pictures, and sound.

Now, your playing with your kids can even be educational!

This is an image of an orange electronic book with plastic casing.


#6. Brightly Colored Stackable Pegs And Pegboard

The variation of usage of this toy is fantastic. It could be used as a medium for creating patterns, doing basic arithmetic operations like addition and subtraction, counting and sorting, etc.

The toy pack contains 30 pegs in 6 different bright colors (5 pieces each of blue, crimson, orange, yellow, purple and mint green), a square pegboard, a drawstring backpack, a pattern card that will help your kid get started and wonderfully an eBook titled “how to raise healthier children”.

You can have an enhanced parent-child interaction through the practical usage of this toy which will also help your kids with color recognition and sorting, hand-eye coordination and the stimulation of their imaginative and creative abilities.

This is an image of a brightly colored plastic pegs and sac bag for kids.


#7. Outdoor Exploration Set

Have you got a kid who by nature seems to love to explore or you want to teach such in him/her? Look no further, as this toy is the exact one for that purpose. It’s interesting that your kid could build up a love for science and develop a fantastic adventurous ability while having exhilarating fun.

The outdoor exploration set allows that possibility, with the 4x power magnification binoculars that come with a neck string and a carrying case. Your kid would be able to focus closely on the stars, a magnifier glass to examine his favorite insect, an easily self rechargeable LED flashlight with no need of batteries to help see better in the dark, a compass to help with direction, a whistle that could be useful in sending information or call attention of parent or other kids involved in the adventure, and a bright backpack with shoulder straps to help keep all the tools together.

This is an image of a of an outdoor exploration kit for kids.


#8. Wooden Educational Preschool Toddler Toy

This wooden educational toy is great for the development of your kids motor skills and hand-eye coordination. The toy is made of wood, and the finishing touches ensure they are nontoxic or harmful to your kids.

Just like the name on the pack reads, geometric sort. It comes with a portrait board that’s used for arrangement and sorting of the smaller five differently shaped woods (polygon, square, triangle, rectangle and circle) of distinct colors with the same shape having the same color.

The toy helps your child creative ability, shape recognition, color naming and the early ability of sorting, permutations, and combinations. This is a great educational toy for 4 year olds in learning shape and sorting.

This is an image of a colorful educational wooden geometric board for kids.


#9. Drawing Stencil Set

Engaging your kids in art-ivities is possibly the best way to help develop and boost your child’s mental alertness and sensitivity. Children find it more comfortable and convenient to express themselves using artworks.

The drawing stencils set is a great medium to help improve your kids hand-eye coordination, enhance their cognitive skill and encourage their creative potentials.

The set contains 16 large stencils with 300 plus different shapes (house, butterfly, letters, animals, etc.) for kids education, 25sheets of reusable paper for free drawing, ten colored pencils, a sharpener, and three colored ballpoint pens as a bonus.

This is an image of a drawing stencils art set for kids.


#10. Brickyard Building Block Stem Toy Kit

This is an incredible toy that helps to raise the self-esteem of your kids as every completed task brings a sense of fulfillment and a can-do mentality. Their ability to reason logically and find the solution to problems improves just as their potential to imagine and create is greatly enhanced.

The kit includes an extensive, fully colored guide with 42 distinct design that unleashes your child’s creativity and set endless possibilities, six building tools, many block pieces that can allow six kids play at the same time and a storage box for easy cleanup.

The toy is designed such that it’s safe for your little kids as there are no sharp edges or pointy corners and the materials are lead-free, nontoxic and washable to help keep germs away.

This is an image of a building block toy kit for kids.


Award Winning Educational Toys Present For 4 Year Olds

#11. IQ Builder STEM Learning Toy

With 164 pieces of BPS, lead and phthalate free materials which consist of 8 big squares, 4 rectangles, 12 triangles (4 long and 8 small), 40 connecting balls, 90 different sized connectors plus another 5  connectors for the wheel and 5 wheels, your kids safety is guaranteed while they play with this toy set. To further ensure this, the materials are washable such that germs are kept away.

Its an easy to play with toy, which comes with step by step guide eBooks for a beginner, intermediary and advance; this allows the toy to grow with your kids as they can try new things per time as their creative abilities increases. It’s a toy that can be played with by more than a child which will help promote social development, bonding, and team building.

This is an image of an IQ Builder Learning Toy for kids.


#12. Super Catboy Learning Watch

After seeing those cartoons where a hero strategically draws out plans, executes them with his superpowers as an added advantage and then saves the day, your kids thought centers around how they could also become superheroes.

With this arithmetic operations improving watch, your kids could be a hero saving the day. All that’s needed is to put on the watch, pretend to transform into catboy (this could further be realistic with purchase of the catboy classic mask costume) and play four exciting game that explores shapes and early math skills like counting while trying to defeat other fun characters like Romeo, Luna girl, etc.

Other features of the watch include alarms, timers, stopwatch, faces and voices of PJ masks.

This is an image of a blue PJ Mask Catboy learning watch for kids.


#13.Wondertoys Wooden Shape Sorting Clock

This is a great learning toy for all kids places; homes, schools, play places. It’s fun and yet teaches the kid a whole lot of things including clock recognition, shape, color and numerical cognition which all raises the kids calculative ability and also exercises the brain and improve their language speaking.

It’s a very nice toy for sensory, tactile, sight learning and the development of the hand-eye coordination for the child. You can be relaxed as touching it’s safety as its made of solid wood, shaped into smooth edges, polished with a non toxic paint and are too big to choke even if put in the mouth.

This is an image of a colorful wooden shape sorting clock for kids.


#14. GeoSafari Jr. My First Microscope

There’s no better way to explain a particular thing to a 4 year old kid than to help him see it at closer length. Expounding on microorganisms, germs and the likes when teaching him to wash his hand just got easier with the “miraculous” help of GeoSafari Jr. My First Microscope.

This toy allows kids to see hidden world with ease, examining everything from little rocks to food items with no need to close an eye, encouraging science and a sense of discovery in them at an early stage.

The features of the toy includes 2 extra large eye pieces, a chunky kid sized focusing knob, LED light for enhanced viewing, non skid feet and sample tray. It should be noted that it requires the use of 3 AAA batteries.

This is an image of a GeoSafari Jr. Microscope for kids.


#15. Vtech Touch and Learn Activity Desk Deluxe

Sit, learn, create and catch fun. Yeah! Your kids can have it all in one with the activity desk. It’s an educational toy with unequal interaction with it’s every feature engaging. The desk consist of five pages with additional expansion packs that each focus on a specific curriculum including math, science, language, art and more (it should be noted that the additional expansion are sold separately).

The five pages that originally comes with the desk have more than 200 touch and learn spots with up to four learning modes on each card with number and counting, music, alphabet and letter sounds, human body and fruit, and color curriculum with a chalk board at the back of the pages. With the desk also comes a stool perfectly sized for kids.

This is an image of a touch and learn kid's activity desk.


#16. See and Spell Wooden Educational Toy

Spelling can’t be more easy and fun. The see and spell toy gives your kids the privilege of learning to spell two and three letter words with it’s “complete the puzzle to spell a word” feature. The toy consist of over 50 colorful wooden letters, 8 two sided cutout board which all fits in a compact wooden storage case.

The toy is exceptionally designed with high quality and safe for kids. Playing with a toy like this will brighten the ideas of your kids, improve their vocabulary, help their sight reading, enhance their spelling abilities and develop their motor skills.

This is an image of a wooden see and spell learning toy for kids.


#17. 110 Pieces Gear and Building Block Set

Introducing engineering concept just got beautiful and safe. Yeah. You read it correctly, safe as the washable plastic building blocks are made from non toxic, lead free materials. The multiple parts of the toy are designed such that they are easily assembled and firmly fixed even the spinning gears.

The toy is housed in a plastic storage box for easy mobility from one place to the other. The details of the toy is summarized into the 110 piece block set which includes almost 20 distinct blocks which can be put together in any way your child can imagine to build a variety of interesting models.

The kids imaginative abilities are quickened and their creativity is unlocked with every next construction pushing the kids to concrete critical thinking and teamwork.

This is an image of a 110 piece gear construction set for kids.


#18. Joyin Toy 4in1 Wooden Educational Puzzle

What an interesting skills learning puzzle toy. Compelling and engaging to your kids with its bright attention calling colorful wooden blocks which are perfectly structured (rounded and smoothed), for the protection of the hands of your kids.

It’s a recommendable toy yet tool for the development of your kids preschool learning skills such as shape and color sorting and also number counting. The toy in usage will also enhance the hand-eye coordination and imaginative abilities of your kids.

This is a toy with 4 different designs of chunky puzzle small boards with different color shaped tiles that are too big to be swallowed and non toxic.

This is an image of a 4in1 wooden educational puzzle toy for kids.


#19. Lukat STEM Toys; Building Blocks For Kids

Another blocks building toy? Yes, but with Lukat, your kids get more exciting features, first with many more pieces of blocks than you have with other block toys, actually, this toy comes with a whopping 96 pieces of construction materials and blocks.

This allows more hands to play at a time, encouraging team works and collaborations between kids and child’s independence with enough time to use up the blocks while playing alone affording the parent enough concentration and free up time.

Your kids also gets to choose what ways they want to assemble their creations with the different choices been  hand screwer, electric screwer or wrench simulations. This inadvertently increase logical thoughts and creativity. There are step-by-step instructions to build different models, including dinosaurs, a giraffe, a robot, and more.

This is an image of a 96 piece building toy for kids.


#20. Magnetic Block STEM Toy

With nice magnetic neon bright color tile pieces broken down into 32 triangles, 40 squares, 6 isosceles triangles, 2 rectangles, 2 diamonds, 2 pentagons, 2 trapezoids, 2 hexagons, 2 semi circles, 4 wheels and a further 8 components Ferris wheel set, your kids are going to stay away from the screen for a long time.

A lot can be made out of this magnetic blocks, even a Ferris wheel set! Your kids creative abilities gets augmented as they have broadened possibilities of things that could be made out of this indestructible tiles.

With every design they opt for, they get to learn building techniques, color matching, patterning, shape identification and more while building their coordination skills and critical problem solving thinking abilities.

This is an image of a neon colored magformer for kids.


Learning Educational Toys For Four Year Olds

Educational toys for 4 year olds are meant to teach them basic things such as colors, arithmetics, and new words, these set of toys are designed to make the learning experience more fun for them.

#21. Play 22 Building Toy for Kids

Oh yet another building toy with it’s unique qualities which makes it outstanding even among other building toys. It includes 165 pieces of block tiles out of which 40 are ball like, giving every created items of your kids a higher level of beautification according to their creativity.

The toy is a smart, fun bringing yet educative one designed to challenge both the physical and mental skills of your boys and/or girls, stimulating problems solving skills, unleashing imaginations and teaching spatial reasoning.

Depending on your kids, this set gives them the opportunity to build their own play toy (cars, robots, machines, etc.)

This is an image of a 165 piece building blocks set for kids.


#22. Kids Pull Back Metal Die Cast Airplanes

Role playing for kids is fun enough on its own and brings out the creative instinct of every child. A child could imaginatively fly a plane, drive a car or coordinate traffic, drawing out inference from what they are familiar with.

With this toy, you could unleash your kids heart content and sense of creativity as regards transportation, aerospace, traffic and it’s relations. Playing with it is fun and brings about a lot of imaginative play which is great for developing your kids divergent thinking.

The toy set contains 4 types of airplane set; the F-14, F-15, F-16, F-18, in different bright colors with a pull back function on each that allows the plane to race on smooth surfaces.

This is an image of a metal die cast airplanes for kids.


#23. Star Right Magnetic Letters and Numbers

Wonderful fun tool for vocabulary building and numerical skill development. With this toy, the possibilities are endless with the provision of a self standing, yet easy to fold board, 104 pieces of 26 uppercase letters, 52 lower case letters, 20 numbers and 6 mathematical operations and symbols.

With the magnetic set, your kids stay connected to both math and vocabulary through color association, shape recognition, counting and simple arithmetic operations like addition and subtraction,.

All materials used for the set are non toxic, eco-friendly and safe for your kids as they are small enough to fit comfortably into their little hands yet big enough that its safe from choking.

This is an image of a colorful magnetic letters and numbers for kids.


#24. Play Foam Shapes

Most kids learn to pronounce both the alphabet and numbers faster than they know to write them well. With the squishy, squashy play foam shapes, your kids would learn to write in the right format, practice making shapes while catching fun.

The set includes eight non sticky beautiful colored play foams brick and 13 double sided cards which kids can use to create diverse insightful gainful things. The toy provides tactile and sensory stimulation, helps develop fine motor skills and teaches proper number formations.

It should be noted that the toy must not be given to little kids below 4 years as the materials are little and could cause choke hazards.

This is an image of a shape and learn alphabet playfoam for kids.


#25. Take Apart Racing Cars

Help your kids comprehend the technique and process of how tools work by raising their curiosity level with the take apart construction toy set. This toy will delight them as they learn to use the drill to disassemble and reassemble the vehicles.

Establish and foster your kids fine finger motor skills, sensory skills and their imaginative abilities as they learn to stay focus, exercise their brains and discover each feature has different functional effect.

The set comes very handy yet full of creative fun filled play. The vehicles come with a drill and play realistic sound effects. They also have lights to really add to the fun.

This is an image of a racing car building toy set for kids.


#26. The Learning Journey; Match It

The sorting and matching games interests and engages kids so much. Its one that’s interactive, exciting, educational and full of fun. They give confidence and enhance a kid’s potential. Match it is a colorful set of 20 three letter and four letter puzzle piece set teaching a wide range of early reading skills such as letter recognition, word formation and spelling.

With the puzzle, your kids develop basic understanding of how to solve simple problems, developing important skills, memories, comprehension, math, language and science skills that will be of great help as they progress to more challenging tasks.

Such a high quality game teaches your kid cogent social skills such as communication, sharing, patience and taking turns.

This is an image of a 30 mathematics matching pairs for kids.


#27. Medoozy Arts and Craft for kids

Art and play for kids is all about fun but there are no better ways for a kid to express himself or herself beyond these two. It becomes even more entertaining and expressive when the two can be combined just like Medoozy gives to you in the Art and Craft 3D pen.

The toy stands as one of the best imagination development tools with the pack containing a cordless 3D printing pen, four 3D pen stencils, six 3D pen molds, six 3D pen emoji, one projects book, one user manual, two PCL 3D pen filament refill and one mini USB cable.

It’s a tool that’s safe in all wise for your kids and will help develop their arts, craft, modelling, painting skills, improve their creative thinking and enhance their hand-eye coordination.

This is an image of a pink 3D art and craft pen set for kids.


#28. Fat Brains Toy Teeter Popper

This is the wow toy for your kids, it’s a pure fun and entertainment activities bringing toy. The educational benefits are also numerous and exceedingly helpful to your kids.

The uniquely designed pure and authentic play item is safe and great quality. It’s actually a concave board covered with sturdy silicon suction cups at the bottom. You could choose from a variety of colors for your kid(s).

The usage of the teeter is entirely a decision of your kids. They could sit, stand, tilt, spin or even pop as no special skill is required. Continuous play with this toy would improve strength and stability, enhance balance and coordination and develop gross motor skills.

This is an image of a green teeter board for kids.


#29. Construction worker costume role play

The construction worker costume role play toy set is worth every bit of it’s cost, it can be regarded as one toy with great value. The set includes a hammer, saw, hard hat, name badge, tool belt and of course the high-visibility vest. The vest is machine washable for easy cleaning after use.

With the toy, your kids are set before a wide range of realities and are required to role play, dressing up to play a fantasy role of saving the day as a carpenter, engineer or repairer which brings him/ her a sense of accomplishment and build self esteem.

Your kids are sure to profit immensely from this, teaching them shape recognition, problem solving, social skills and help promote their creative expression, narrative thinking, independence and cooperation.

This is an image of a construction worker costumer set for kids.


#30. LeapFrog LeapReader System Learn To Read 10 Books Bundle

On the pack of the Learn to Read toy set is a comprehensive description of what your kids stand to gain from the set. The set which is believed will boost your kids vocabulary includes the LeapReader system, built in rechargeable battery, 10 Learn to Read books and a downloadable digital content bundle.

With special features like the interactive handwriting guidance, the touching of the pages with LeapReader sounding out the letters and words and even a follow up of the story been read, your child is sure to build core phonic skills, vocabulary and comprehension, learn to read and write.

The system needs no change of battery as its USB rechargeable.

This is an image of a LeapReader Pen with 10 books for kids.


Creative Toys  For 4-Year-Olds

Creativity is equally very important, the best educational toys for 4 year olds as reviewed in this article has certain amount of creativity purpose built into it.

#31. Shape Sorting Cube

Boost the confidence and self believe of your kids when it comes to facing problems and providing a solution. The shape sorting cube helps teaching your kids color and shape recognition, develop their sorting skills and hone their fine motor skills. The toy builds hand-eye coordination and manual dexterity.

The classically constructed wooden toy is in cube form having 12 distinct shape holes all around it and 12 brightly colored easy to grip shapes which fits into the hole of the same shapes on the wooden cube. It’s a toy that’s safe for the hands of your kids and the shapes are bigger than sizes that could choke your kids.

This is an image of a classic wooden activity cube for kids.


#32. Brian Flakes 500 Pieces Interlocking Plastic Disc Set.

Purchasing this interlocking plastic disc set, you deliver your kids into a world of unlimited creative possibilities as he/she gets a jar of over 500 pieces of interlock-able block discs and an idea booklet with instructions to build a brain flake ball.

The toy set is safe for your kids as the discs are BPA, lead, heavy metal, phthalate free which clicks together and can be easily taken apart. It’s a toy that will teach your kids spatial thinking and let their imaginations run wild, building the brain, improving kids coordination and dexterity, and ultimately keeping the mind and body of the kids active and great shape.

This is an image of a 500 piece colorful interlocking disc set for kids.


#33. Star Night Light Projector

Here’s a toy in a very different dimension, it’s not a play toy with activities but is one your kids would certainly love and learn from. The night light projector creates a whole new entire world before your kids that bring insight and a more in-depth understanding of the universe that’s beyond just the earth.

With the projector, your kids see a clearer more vivid and better relatable view of colorful stars, and the moon. The toy comes with 5 different projection films which rotates silently and it’s brightness can be adjustable. The experience from the use of this toy develops child’s imagination and sensory abilities.

The projector is durable and safe for kids. Its made of 100% nontoxic PVC materials and van be powered using a USB cable or a battery which though mustn’t be used at the same time.

This is an image of a star night lamp projector for kids.


#34. Mallya Piano Keyboard Toy

Are your kids’ music lovers or you are and would like to instill the same in your kids? Then there’s no better toy to give them than the Mallya piano keyboard. It’s a multifunctional electronic musical instrument that also has a microphone.

The toy is a very entertaining fun catching one that will interest and engage your kids optimally while they’ll learn through it; tone discrimination, music cognition and get to develop independent thinking abilities, hands-on abilities, and several inspirational interests.

The keyboard has 31 keys light control/ 8 percussion; flash LED light and karaoke, four musical instruments/ 22 demo songs, multiple connection options, and a microphone to project your kid’s beautiful voice.

This is an image of a pink piano keyboard toy with microphone for toddlers.


#35. Melissa & Doug ABC Puzzles

A classic picture board of 52 colorful and durable pieces; that is the 26 letters of the alphabet in upper and lowercase on one piece, and 26 items, one for each letter, on the other pieces. Like many Melissa & Doug toys, this one comes packaged in a nice wooden box which is reusable for storing the puzzle when not in use.

The picture board encourages letter, word and color recognition, promotes matching, memory, and fine motor skills. The toy is designed with high quality and safe for kids. Playing with a toy like this will brighten the minds of your kids, help their sight reading, enhance their spelling abilities and provides tactile and sensory stimulation.

This is an image of an educational alphabet puzzle for kids.


#36. Little Mechanic Tool Truck

Kids just love to know how things work, how the engine of the car looks and what makes it work, how the television set shows pictures and videos, how the refrigerator cools drink. How? How? How? That’s the sense of curiosity that comes with most kids but you can’t hand them tools to go on disassembling gadgets and machines for their own safety.

However, you can get your kid’s tool trucks toys like this to help them feel accomplished, confident about themselves and answer the how question from their little vehicle. Assembling and disassembling of different parts of the tool truck, they learn to stay focus, exercise their brains and discover each feature has a different functional effect.

The truck toy includes a vehicle, a driver; a drew driver, a wrench, a hammer, three screws, two hexagonal screws, two nails, a drill, and four other accessories. Kids hand-eye coordination improves, vision, hearing, observation, touch and exploration abilities also develop by playing with this toy.

This is an image of a plastic toy car with tools designed for kids.


#37. Self Correcting Wooden Number Puzzle

Playing with numbers can be so much fun for kids and even for older children and that brings the kids to number recognition and mastery, improves their counting abilities and generally enhance their math skills.

The self-correcting wooden number puzzle allows children to play independently with 40 pieces all store in a wooden storage box with a slide in lid making the toy easy access and also mess free with each section having only one match that fits.

It’s an excellent game for matching, sorting and even color recognition since it features colorful, familiar objects illustrating the number 1 to 20.

This is an image of an educational wooden number puzzle for kids.


#38. Toy XL Wood Magnetic Letters/Numbers/Animal Set

Designed for kids fundamental learning steps, the wooden puzzle board prepares your kids for school. It stands as one of the most massive set in the market with a wooden box that contains a white marker board, a blackboard, 105 puzzle magnet pieces of animal parts, trees and flowers, 26 alphabet letters and a question mark, 10 numbers, 6 math symbols, eraser pen, eraser, 2 chalks, a pack of smiley stickers and a booklet with puzzle models.

The toy provides your kids the chance to play five different activities able to enhance their cognitive abilities, build fine motor skills and their hand-eye coordination, develop visual perception and help them recognize numbers, letters, symbols, animals, trees and flowers.

It should be noted that the toy piece contains a magnet and must be kept away from small babies.

This is an image of an XL letters, numbers and animals magnetic toy set for kids.


#39. Mr. Pencil Scribble and Write

Your little ones will gain so much if they maximize the features of Mr. Pencil. With this toy, your kids can learn word sound and rhymes, number and number writing, counting, alphabet, shapes, and spellings.

All your kid need do is follow Mr. Pencil’s guidance by tracing out on the screen stroke by stroke the form of the upper and lower case letters, numbers and shapes. It also guides on the construction and pronunciation of early words. After correctly tracing out any number, letter or shape, a tap on the screen shows celebratory smileys jubilating.

A toy is just a singular gadget which has a screen, where the kids write and trace out whatever is required by the use of a stylus which is wired to the main device.

This is an image of a green scribble and write for kids.


#40. Shiffu Orboot

“Kids, today we go to Africa and tomorrow we’ll be in Asia.” – that could be you relating with your kids, taking them on tours of different places in the world through the help of the shiffu orboot without leaving your home.

The shiffu orboot is a globe which highlights every country and cultures in the world. The world comes to life when connected to a smartphone or tablet using the orboot App. The orboot entails a comprehensive description of cultures, inventions, monuments, weather and more of all countries with each having its own story to tell.

Help your kids to catch fun, interact and take adventure round the globe with endless knowledge acquisition to profit from.

This is an image of a kid using an educational interactive globe toy.


#41. Interlocking Engineering Tinker Construction Toy

Teach your kids life skills even in the early stages of their lives. The tinker construction toy is a great tool to introduce your kids to construction, building, and fine motor skills. With a lot of fun as they play with the toy, your kids learn to experience gravity, mechanics, designs which opens their minds and teaches them to be focused, creative and patience.

Purchasing this toy, your kids get BPA and latex-free, washable and safe 64 building blocks in eight different colors. These Montessori toys are in geometric shapes and for your kids to develop hand-eye coordination, color recognition, sorting, counting and pattern making.

This is an image of a tinker toy building set for kids.


#42. 50 Piece Dinosaur Play Set

The dinosaur universe is a fascinating one. Let your kids out of the world of only seeing everything on the screen and allow them to explore endless fun with the 50 piece dinosaur play set which features full 20 dinosaur action figures, 29 trees and rocks, and eye-catching map.

This is a top toy set for the development of your kid’s imaginative abilities, encouragement of patience, perseverance and team work.

The toy is made from BPA free nontoxic plastics made larger than pieces that could choke with the 20 walking dinosaur figures with moving jaws includes the thrilling, glorious T-rex, Triceratops and Alamosaurus.

This is an image of a 50 piece walking dinosaur playset for kids.


#43. Fat Brains Toy Hexactly

Geometry and the combinations of geometric shapes generally are the fundamental designs of most objects. It’s a basis of many architectural and engineering constructions, from housing to vehicles to different other gadgets.

Geometry is beautiful, and hexactly block pieces precisely fit and can be used to create beautiful structures when the edges are connected through their angular edges. This concept of play engages imaginative complex thinking, visual spatial acuity, creativity and inspires exploration.

The hexactly toy consists of 24 cool and colorful hexagonal building blocks in five unique styles; single hexagon and linearly combined 2 to 4 hexagons, all made out of high-quality wood that’s full safety tested.

This is an image of a colorful hexagonal building toy for kids.


#44. Jurassic World Raptor Rescue Truck

Help your child to understand the meaning of responsibility and the unexplainable joy that comes from the accomplishment of a target or goal. With the Jurassic world, the goal is to save the raptor and save the day.

The Jurassic world toy pack comprises of two mini figures; Owen and tracker, an off-road truck with quick start chassis and space at the back for the removable cage with opening gate and space for the buildable raptor.

The toy game helps young kids to understand the importance of timing, the possible consequence of lateness, helps build self-esteem and confidence.

This is an image of a Jurassic World Raptor Rescue Truck Building Set for kids.


#45. Lincoln Logs Lake Union Bridge

An exciting toy set that allows your kids to construct their version of a classy lake resort. The toy patterned after the historic wooden lodge consists of 88 pieces that are made of real maple woods stained just like the true cabin finish.

Each log has an indentation that can be connected to build cabin panels, other features of the toy include roof eaves, slats, and a plastic mill worker figure to help enrich your kid’s building and playing experience. A stepwise instruction sheet is also included with which kids can build three different structures.

Your kids enjoy an enhanced hand-eye coordination, strengthened fine motor skills, increased spatial awareness, problem-solving ability, and improved imagination level.

This is an image of a Lake Union Lodge by Lincoln Logs for kids.


#46. ThinkBox Toys Marble Run

Are you always looking out for methods and mediums to continuously improve the education and training of your kids? Every experience your kids get in the process of growth sums up to shape the adult they’ll become.

ThinkBox toys bring about fun ways that engage your kids during leisure while developing cognitive, sensory and motor skills. Kids improve on their planning, decision making, and communication abilities.

These marble runs have 126 pieces, 90 of which are the translucent pieces and 16 which are marbles. The toy has an infinite arrangement possibility, which now boils down to the kid’s creativity, coordination, and imagination. It even comes with light-up marbles which really adds to the fun.

This is an image of a 126 piece marble run building block set for kids.


#47. My Little Architect

My Little Architect is a top quality toy whose design puts first the kid’s safety, fun and means of all-round growth. This toy brings the best out of your child and raises his/her potential for the next level.

Your kids learn color and shape recognition, sorting and matching and gets to develop their hand-eye coordination and enhance their creativity.

The set includes nine different shapes in 4 distinct, attractive colors which combine effectively to unlimited fun and imagination even while in use together with other brands. The toy comes with a little adorable bag backpack.

This is an image of a 3D Magnetic Blocks building kit for kids.


#48. GeoSafari My First Telescope

Oh yes! Your kids can now explore the lunar with GeoSafari My First Telescope. The toy is built specially for growing minds and little hands. It’s an ideal tool for kids who have an interest in space and the moon.

The toy is designed such that it’s easy to use and toddler-friendly. The 10x magnification is perfect for kids sighting as they get to recognize objects clearly without any sort of confusion. The toy set includes a focus free telescope, built in diagonal mirror, lens cap, tripod for table top viewing, two large eyepieces and a nose cut out guide.

My first telescope births a mind for science and discovery in your kids, raising their level of curiosity propelling them into researches “wanting to know more” which is essential for knowledge acquisition.

This is an image of a GeoSafari Jr. telescope for kids.


#49. Jumho Counting Bears With Stacking Cups.

More and more percentage of children depends on technology for most of their daily activities, from basic math skills to catching fun during play time. Jumbo counting bears bring a change to all of that, encouraging your kids to use their minds, stay focus and improve thinking skills.

Sorting out the bears successfully encourages your kid and gives him/her a sense of accomplishment and a will to go again, with better self-belief and improve confidence level. The use of the toy would help develop your kids fine motor skills and their counting, sorting and matching abilities.

The toy is BPA, latex free and washable to keep germs away. It consists of 48 rainbow counting bears, six matching rainbow cups and a travel tote.

This is an image of a colorful jumbo counting bears with stacking cups for kids.


#50. Vtech Little App Tablet

Your kids want to do what you’re doing, say what you’re saying and act just like you. So, just like mum and dad, they could also have their tablet and join mum and dad in fun.

The features of the toy include color-changing screen, letter buttons and piano keyboard with 12 educational learning activities with progressive learning levels. Other features of the toy include an interactive interface which allows your child to interact with Cody, the smart cub.

Quite a lot can be learned from the toy tablet but I’ll mention a few; number orders, letters,  counting, matching which are all key to the developmental benefits of your kids. With the toy, musical creativity, language development, basic math skills, and imaginative play.

This is an image of a black little apps table for kids.



As parents, watching out for kids to grow and develop the best way possible, we must be very particular about what occupies the time, heart and interest of this little ones ensuring they have the right message around them always that would help them learn correctly.

We must create within this kids curiosity at this age such that they have a quest to dig and know more. It’s curiosity that begets inventions and discoveries. Parents should also promote social skills, resilience, integrity, resourcefulness, creativity, confidence, self-belief and more in their kids through every means possible, mostly in play!

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