Best Building Toys For 5 Year Olds


Building toys for 5 year olds seem like the logical thing to get as a present get for kids of that age. Because at the age of 5, kids love toys that require focus and creative imaginative play.

They are now able to use their fingers and hands better to move and manipulate objects. Buildings toys provide them with several sets of challenges to use the new-found dexterity of their hands and fingers.

As a parent, the challenge is to get the appropriate building toys that have the most important criteria of fun, developmental benefits, and education. There are so many building toys that promise a lot of that but actually fail to deliver.

This review of the best building toys for 5 year olds is to ensure your job of getting the best for your kid is less stressful with a 100% chance of getting it right at the first attempt.

Selecting Building Toys for 5 years old kids

Like most highly sought-after toys, the sheer number and variety of building toys for 5 year olds on display can be confusing for parents. This confusion could lead to frustration and ultimately selecting any toy to get it over with.

Yes, the task of picking one toy from several hundred can be an excruciating pain in the brain. But, with our selection criteria, we were able to come up with a list guaranteed to give your kid the best building experience.

The following are the factors that determined our list of the best building toys for 5 year olds

Quality of toys – Many of the toys that we looked at were of very good quality. But we went a step further to look at the reputation of the manufacturers. We made sure only toy companies with a long reputation of making quality products had a chance of making it to our final ten products.

The quality of the toys also looked at durability, materials used, finishing, and health and safety concerns of the toys.

Benefits to kids – It is obvious that the primary aim of building toys is for kids to have fun. The secondary or collateral benefits are also very important. These are the developmental and educational benefits of the toys.

STEM-based toys that provide science and technology benefits were high on the list of educational benefits. Additionally, toys that require extreme levels of focus and concentration were considered too hot to ignore.

At this age, kids need all the help they can get to hone their ability to focus, concentrate and think logically. They would need all that to make a success of grade school.

Activity guide – The best building toys, at first glance, tend to be a collection of pieces of shapes, sizes and colors. They won’t make sense to a 5 year old that was just given one as a present.

Activity guides are the best starting points. Most packs come with one. But the best ones take time to create detailed activity guides with colorful illustrations.

These are easy to understand for parents and kids. If the guide is top-notch, the kid should start having fun in no time at all.

Reviews – Reviews from parents of different backgrounds can reveal more about a toy than evaluating a single toy. Reviews provide a wide range of opinions from the absolutely dissatisfied to the completely bowled-over parent.

We selected toys with more positive average reviews than negative. The starting point was toy sets with an average of 4 stars out of 5 ratings.

10 Best Building Toys For 5 Year Olds In 2019

1. Melissa & Dough Standard Unit Solid-Wood Building Blocks

This is an image of a 60 piece solid wood blocks by Melissa and Dough.

Wooden building toys are a big hit with the kids and they don’t come any better than this set for 5 year olds from Melissa & Dough.

Made from high-quality solid wood, each piece of this 60-piece set is carefully smooth-sanded to give them a natural finishing. This would inspire hands-on imaginative play in your kid.

The blocks are precisely cut with smooth round edges and come packaged in a sturdy wooden crate for convenient storage. Your kid can build just about anything they wished as long as they can imagine it.

This is quite a fun way to pass the time while also helping to develop, problem-solving skills, gross motors skills, creativity.


2. Learning Resources Deluxe Building Gears Set

This is an image of a colorful deluxe gears building set for kids.

Set your kid’s creative gears spinning smoothly with this 100-piece, plastic building set comprising gears, cranks, connectors, and interlocking base plates. The set is so versatile it is a challenge to build the same thing twice.

The STEM-based set would introduce your kid to sorting, counting, grouping, designing, constructing, etc. The kid would also be introduced to the science and physics of spinning gear motions.

The colorful pieces connect easily to the square bases and to each other in multiple ways to create almost anything your kid’s creativity can come up with.

The pack comes with an activity guide to introduce the kid to the basics. The designs get complex as your kid gets better and older.

3. Crazy Forts Purple 69 Pieces Building Set

This is an image of a purple geometrical balls for kids.

This is one building set your kid would love to share with friends. They can build amazing structures with the set, drop a sheet over it and just like that, they have their own house to crawl into.

The 69 pieces in the pack feature 25 geometrically precise solid plastic balls and 44 reinforced sticks.

Building a structure with this set might be a little complicated at first. But where is the fun in building something so easy for a 5 year old. However, there is an instruction manual to guide them through the initial stages.

By simply following the instructions carefully, your kid would be okay after a while. Once both you and your kid get the hang of it, you would have tons of fun building, dismantling and re-building all types of structures.


4. Tinkertoy 30 Model Super Building Set

This is an image of a Tinkertoy building set.

This exciting building toy would probably become your kid’s go-to toy by the time they are through learning the ropes. With 200 pieces in the pack, there is no limit to what your kid can build.

The building set features rods, spools, washers, end caps, an instructional manual with 30 building ideas, and a storage box to safely put away the pieces when they are not in use.

The pieces are easy to put together and dismantle; some of the rods and connectors are flexible enough to bend to a desired shape giving kids more options.


5. VATOS Stem Building Blocks Toy for Kids

This is an image of a block and screw building set by Vatos.

Your kid would absolutely adore this building set if they are love building things from the ground up. It is a STEM-related toy designed to improve kid’s problem-solving skills, creativity, hand-eye coordination, logical thinking, and motor skills.

The set features 555 pieces comprising a3-way screw tool, hand screwer, electric screwdriver, and wrench. It also comes with 10 designs of cars, trucks, robots, and workshop in the excellently illustrated instructions manually.

Kids can design and build just about anything from cars to robots. And with so many pieces, they don’t have to dismantle a structure before starting a new one.

This would make a great gift item for birthday, Christmas or any time you think your kid deserves a present.


6. CMS Magnetics 156 Pc Magnetic Brain Building Toy

This is an image of a colorful magnetic building toy by CMS Magnetics.

The Magnetic Brain Building toy is a fun way to introduce your kid to the science of magnets and 3D shapes. You could also join in the fun as the sheer number of pieces makes it possible to have an amazing number of variations and combinations.

The set features 96 magnetic sticks and 60 pieces of ½” non-magnetic steel balls. The magnetic sticks come in different colors making it possible to create unique designs and patterns.

With so many pieces kids can build cars, trucks, and an unlimited number of geometric shapes including replicas of molecules. Basically, the building possibilities for your kid are endless.


7. Kid K’Nex Build A Bunch Construction Educational Toy

This is an image of a 66 pieces build a bunch building set by K'nex.

Build a Bunch is a construction toy comprising 66 pieces made of colorful plastic. The soft and chunky plastic connectors and rods are easily stacked, plugged and snapped together to create awesome objects.

With the 66 pieces, kids can build at least 30 different models of buildings, airplane, bugs, animal, train, sea creatures and much more. You would want to see what your kid can come up with next with these versatile pieces.

To start kids off on a sound footing, an instructions manual is included for 30 construction ideas. After that, they can build as many models as they can imagine.

The STEM-based building toy is made of non-toxic material and is stored in an easy-to-open, portable box.


8. Right Track Toys 100 Pc Wood Building Block Set

This is an image of a 100 piece colorful wooden building blocks set.

This wood building block set made from 100% pure wood get your kid occupied for hours while helping to develop their imagination and creativity.

The set features 100 pieces in 14 different shapes and sizes; each one with an exquisitely smooth finish that would not splinter easily. The wooden pieces are all BPA and lead-free ensuring that your kid is safe while stacking the blocks and giving life to the intricate concepts.

The pieces come in a carrying bag and tub for easy storage when the kid is tired of playing with them. The carrying bag also makes this set easily portable.


9. Mondo Bloxx 40 Piece Brick Block Building Set

This is an image of a colorful brick blocks by Mondo Bloxx.

This is a basic building toy that kids surprisingly love playing with considering it is just a bunch of rectangular blocks designed to look like bricks.

The set features 10 red, 14 blue and 16 green, relatively big blocks. The red blocks are twice as big as the other bricks.

The sizes of the blocks allow kids to build big structures that can be as tall as a 5 year old. The shapes of the blocks give room for really creative thinking on the part of the kids to come up with unique things to build.

Your kid would enjoy building huge structures only to dismantle them and start all over with a new design.

The bricks are made of thick, non-toxic cardboard material and are light enough for kids to carry easily.


10. Jasonwell Magnetic Building Tiles

This is an image of a 108 piece colorful magnetic tiles blocks set by Jasonwell.

This awesome 108-piece building set would allow your kid to build anything from a Ferris wheel, windmill, vehicles, monster trucks, and much more depending on the creativity and imagination of your kid.

The pieces are made of high-end ABS plastic material with the magnets firmly encased within the plastics making the pieces safe and healthy for kids to play with.

The building set features 24 squares, 22 triangles, 2 hexagons, 26 alphabet cards, 8 components for making a Ferris wheel, and 2 wheels. These are enough pieces with variety for kids to construct whatever they can think of.

The pieces are easy to clean with water and soak. Surely a great holiday present for kids.



The above building toys for 5 year olds are just the present to get for your kid if you’d love then to learn the basics of building things up from scratch.

They’d learn that by arranging pieces in different ways; many new structures can be created. Developing creativity and imaginative thinking doesn’t get any better than that.

To give you more options, we made sure we selected toys from a broad category. So if you don’t like wooden building toys, you can opt for plastics or strong cardboard pieces.

Anyone you pick from the reviewed products to purchase as a gift for your 5 year old is guaranteed to deliver all the benefits expected from a building toy.


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