Best Toddler Bed

this is an image of a toddlers room with toddler bed

Perhaps you happened on your infant trying to climb out of the crib recently and it suddenly dawned on you that a safer bed is needed. Most parents are usually caught unawares by this. So, bye-bye infancy and welcome to toddlerhood! And with that, comes lots of adjustments including upgrading to a bed fit for a toddler.

Fortunately, you don’t have to look hard to find what you want. On our part, we reviewed dozens of these products to pick only the best toddler beds. The aim was simple: to make the process of choosing a quality bed that provides a safe and comfortable sleeping environment for your toddler kid easy and convenient.

So if you have been searching endlessly for a great crib-to-bed product for your child, we guarantee you’d find exactly what you need here no matter your budget.


10 Best Toddler Beds

We now look at the 10 beds we selected after hours of carefully evaluating dozens of products. Our test parameters included the design, quality of materials used, assembling, and much more; this is to ensure that only the best of the best made it here.

1. Dream On Me Classic

The Classic Dream On Me toddler bed with rails kicks off this guide to the best toddler sleeping beds you can find anywhere. Made of durable wood and painted black, the sleek bed is designed specifically to ease a toddler’s transition from crib to bed.

It comes with two additional legs in the center to enhance durability while ensuring kids don’t come to any harm by a collapsing or unsteady bed. Perfect for a standard toddler bed mattress, it can accommodate kids weighing up to 50lbs

The design is unpretentious and simple in keeping with the classical theme. It features gently-arched foot and headboards, sleekly smooth and curvy beams and dual-sided safety rails, and most importantly for the kid, is designed low to the ground ensuring that getting in and out of bed is quite easy.This is an image of toddler's classic bed in black color


2. Delta Children Paw Patrol Plastic Bed

For your kid, the excitement of Paw Patrol continues right up to bedtime with this bed that has captivating designs of the adorable Chase, Rubble, Marshall, and Zuma. You bet any toddler who is in love with the TV show would always look forward to sleeping on this sturdy, safe bed. Kiddo’s active imagination would surely inspire exciting adventures with his beloved Paw Patrol dogs.

Requiring assembly, the colorful bed features attached guardrails and is designed low to the ground making it easy to climb in or out. The steel frames are made from high-quality material. The non-toxic plastic parts are also made from top-notch materials.

Like all the beds in this review, it is JPMA-certified and meets the safety standards set by all relevant regulatory authorities.

This is an image of toddler's plastic bed with paw patrol graphics in blue and red colors


3. Dream On Me 3-in-1 Convertible Bed

Next up is this bed that ‘sleek and stylish’ only just begins to describe it. But with the ability to easily transform from a kid’s bed to two toddler-sized sofas and table, ‘versatility’ is surely an apt label for it. If the continuously changing needs of your child are the main concern, this bed is what you want. Though you’d have to get the conversion kit separately, it would be worth it in the long run.

Labeled Emma by the makers, the cool, low-to-the-ground, sleigh-styled design also includes safety guardrails and rail support for toddler mattress size. As well as the 4 safety guardrails, center legs were added to reinforce stability.

Emma would make an excellent transition bed for kids who have outgrown their cribs but are not big enough for adult beds. The solid wood and the design concept adds charm to any room.This is an image of toddler's convertible toddler bed in white color


4. Padded Bed By Orbelle

With tufted gray head and footboard, crystal-like insert buttons, and crafted from solid wood with foam insert covered by ultra-soft microfiber polyester, it is easy to see why the sales pitch for this bed includes the words, ‘Fit for royalty’.  In your kid’s room, it would easily become the pièce de résistance everybody is attracted to.

Beauty and elegance aside, it is a sturdy bed with rails on both sides and center foots to enhance safety, stability, and durability. You would love that water and soap with a rag is enough to clean the light grey fabric.

Weighing just under 30 lbs, it could be considered heavy. But this works to your advantage since it can’t be pushed by a toddler leading to unforeseen accidents or damage to other property in the room.This is an image of toddler's bed with soft headboard in gray color


5. Dream On Me Austin Toddler Daybed

This espresso-colored bed for toddlers is the perfect blend of simplicity and safety. The very utilitarian bed is made from New Zealand pinewood ensuring durability is never an issue. It would be around providing a safe sleeping place for as long as it is needed. It comes with a beautifully-carved headboard along with the easily-removable guard rails around the bed to make up for the rustic look of the bed.

Perfect for a contemporary home setting, it has a weight capacity of up to 50 lbs making it suitable for kids up to 5 years. And to enhance its reputation as a very practical and safe bed, it’s designed low to the ground making entry/exit easy. This also means kids won’t be hurt badly if they accidentally fall from it. To be clear though, this should never happen if the rails are up.This is an image of toddler's bed in dark brown color


6. Delta Children Wooden Paw Patrol Bed

This toddler car bed made with sturdy wood construction is another great option for a Paw Patrol-loving kid. All the excitement and action-packed adventures of the show would now be a part of their room due in part to the colorful graphics of the show’s famous dogs, Marshall, Chase, Rubble and Zuma, and the kid’s overactive imagination.

The all-wooden design includes wooden guard rails and a low-to-the-ground profile making access in and out of the bed very easy. This also helps develops the kid’s sense of independence while keeping them safe whether sleeping or just having fun frolicking around.

Perfect for all standard crib mattresses, the JPMA-certified bed meets and in some instances, exceeds the safety standards set by ASTM and CPSC.This is an image of toddler's toddler bed with paw patrol graphics in red color


7. Davinci Elizabeth II Convertible Bed

This Davinci Elizabeth II bed is a great option if you are looking for toddler beds for boys or girls that would take them way past their toddler years. The bed can be easily transformed from a bed for little toddlers, to a day bed, and finally to a big-sized bed for larger kids. All you need are the conversion kits that are sold separately.

Designed low to the ground for easy getting in or out, the bed would be excellent if space is at a premium.This is an image of toddler's convertible toddler bed in brown color


8. 4-in-1 Convertible Crib By Graco Benton

Besides being built to last for many years of use, there is much to love about this Benton bed. It is a convertible bed with a unique 3 adjustable mattress support base heights. This ensures you can set the mattress height at a position that is convenient for you and/or the baby.

Designed with a non-toxic gray finishing to match a room’s décor, the bed can be easily transformed from a crib to a toddler’s bed, daybed, and finally to a full-sized bed complete with a headboard. For a little extra sum, you can get the conversion kit and a matching mattress.This is an image of toddler's covertible bed in brown color


9. White Delta Children Canton Toddler Crib

There is nothing pretentious about this bed for kids. It looks and feels sturdy with a low profile so toddlers can get in and out of the bed easily. The impression of safety while sleeping is enhanced by the two guardrails attached to the headboard.

The strong, all-wooden bed with a timeless design features a sleigh-style silhouette making it an excellent complement to a growing kid’s bedroom.

The easy-to-assemble bed also comes with two center legs providing further stability to the structure so it can withstand all sorts of play from the kid. And you can rest easy knowing that the bed meets all safety and health standards including for toxic substances.This is an image of toddler's bed in white color


10. Delta Children Canopy Bed

The last, and certainly not the least, is this crib from Delta Children that would be excellent if you are looking for a toddler bed for girls? With a design that includes several shades of pink, enchanting decals, cute pictures of 4 famous Disney princesses, an elegant canopy, and much more, this bed would transform any room to a fairy tale land of magic and beauty.

The bed is evocative of the stories girls love and dream about always. Sleep for your princess will be accompanied by beautiful dreams of Belle, Cinderella, Rapunzel, and Ariel spreading warmth and love over their kingdoms.

Aptly labeled a Princess toddler bed, the bed features two attached guardrails and roll-up doors for a safe sleeping environment; low-to-the-ground design for easy access to and out of the bed; and sturdy construction using high-quality plastic materials.This is an image of toddler's bed with disney princess design in pink color


Buying Considerations

Having an awesome list of the best beds for toddlers is most times not enough to pick the perfect bed for your toddler. Most parents are at a loss how they can select the most suitable item from a bunch of amazing options.

Not to worry, the tips below explain the most vital variables when deciding which bed to buy for your toddler.

Height of bed

There are no standard dimensions for the height. What is important is they should be able to climb up or come down from the bed quite easily. Also, and the soles of their feet should touch the ground when they are sitting on the edge of the bed.

However, if you are overly concerned about them rolling off the bed while sleeping, get one that is almost level with the floor, height-wise. Or you could consider placing soft rugs underneath to minimize injury risks when they fall off.


Most beds for kids transitioning from cribs require some form of assembling. If you are a DIY aficionado, you won’t have any problems putting together the bed. Otherwise, you must consider getting in touch with somebody that can do it.

That said, the assembling requirements differ with brands. Most, though, come with simple instructions on how to go about it. In some instances, you get all the necessary tools including the conversion kit. Generally, you’ll have to buy the conversion kit separately if you want to transform the baby’s crib to a suitable bed for the toddler.

Guard rails

It is mandatory, according to the regulations, for the beds have guard rails. They are usually attached at the back and front extending at least halfway across the sides of the bed.

The rails must be well secured to the frame during assembling so they can hold a baby’s weight when they lean on it. Also, the gap between the railings must not be so big for the baby to have thoughts of passing through them!

Material Used

Most beds are either made of plastic or wood. Both have pros and cons with plastics being easy to clean, colorful, and lightweight making them easy to move. Wood, on the other hand, is comparatively more durable, heavier, and is able to withstand rough use better.

Here, it could boil down to your budget and design when making a choice.

Mattress size

By design, most beds for kids transitioning from cribs will be a perfect fit for a crib mattress. But it is better not to take chances by assuming the crib mattress will be a snug fit. So double-check that the bed you are about to purchase will match the crib mattress at home.

Aside from the safety issues linked to a small mattress, the space between the toddler bed frame and the foam can be used by the kid to squirrel away stuff that should be in the waste bin. Little items he plays with can even get lost there.


Best Buy

Dream On Me have carved an impressive reputation for making all-round quality beds for toddlers. For its price point and combined with the impressive features, The Austin Toddler Daybed from the company couldn’t be ignored as an outstanding product.

It is an extremely practical bed that also serves as a daybed. Most importantly, due to the quality of materials used in making it, the kid would have a cool and safe bed until they are ready for big-sized bed; after all, it is capable of accommodating up to 50 lbs.This is an image of toddler's bed in dark brown color

Best Budget 

If the Classic model of Dream On Me’s collection of beds for toddlers was a convertible bed, it won’t be surprising if it got the ‘best toddler bed’ tag. As a budget option, it would be hard to come across a better one.

The bed features everything you want in an infant-to-toddler transition bed. It is sturdy, build low to the ground, and supports standard crib mattress. The overall sleek design too is impressive for a budget item.This is an image of toddler's classic bed in black color


When to Transition to Toddler Bed

There are no rules set in stone concerning the right time for this transition to occur. For many experts, the general rule is to make the switch when it looks like they are ready to fall out or climb over the crib.

Since kids develop at a different pace, that transition should be between 15 – 18 months if we have to put a time frame.


How to Convert a Crib to a Toddler Bed

Fortunately, this is not hard. Most convertible cribs come with instructions on how to do it. If you are handy with tools, the process would be easier than a walk in the park.

Even if DIY is not your thing, you wouldn’t have to break your back converting the crib if you follow the instructions carefully. If that doesn’t work for you, you can always turn to a neighbor, a professional handyman, or even call the shop you bought it from to send somebody over to fix it.

However, in most cases though, you’d have to purchase the conversion kit separately.


How to keep a Toddler In Bed

In the first few weeks or months after switching beds, toddlers find it hard to remain in bed for several reasons. This could be as a result of the newness and strangeness of the bed; or they simply want to explore their new-found freedom. It can be quite frustrating for parents who have to wake up and coax back to bed.

The following tips have proven effective for many long-suffering parents:

Make sure the bed is as lovely and inviting as the crib. So the toys and other stuff they are used to having around them before sleeping must be placed on the bed.

Next, communicate clearly what you expect from them. For instance, tell them that as big kids, they are expected to act like one and sleep in their new bed. Make sure you do this several hours before bedtime and not when they are groggy with sleep.

You could even decide to entice them with rewards the next morning as a further means of encouragement.

When it’s time to sleep, walk them to bed, and observe all the normal bedtime routine like nothing’s changed. Wish them goodnight and walk out without fanfare.

If they get up at night, simply walk them back to bed like it is the normal thing to do. No matter how many times they get up, don’t show how irritated or angry you are.

Patience is the key here. Your kid would eventually learn to stay in their own bed all night. It doesn’t matter how long (whether days or weeks), as long as you stay on track, you’ll reap the rewards.