Best Baby Dolls for Toddlers

this is an image of a toddler girl playing with a baby doll in a crib

For toddlers, dolls provide some of the best and most classic options for exciting pretend-play. As well as the immense fun kids derive in pretend-play, dolls’ soft bodies are excellent in offering comfort and companionship.

Due to the popularity of dolls among kids, the market is full to the brim with a vast array of the dolls. This makes choosing the best baby dolls for toddlers a task that only the very patient can undertake with some degree of success.

However, with so many dolls on offer, it is quite easy to choose mediocre and unsuitable toddler girl dolls.

That is why we’ve taken the time to create this guide so you don’t have to regret the choice of doll for your baby. After all, only the best is good enough for them.


15 Best Toddler Dolls

The next section reviews 15 dolls that are guaranteed to please any toddler. Each doll that made it here passed an evaluation process involving dozens of dolls so that your options are limited to the very best ones only.

1. 12″ Melissa & Doug Jenna Doll

Melissa & Doug’s cute Jenna Doll kicks off this guide on best toddlers baby dolls you are likely to find anywhere. Melissa & Doug are famous for making top-notch items for children for over 3 decades. That accumulated expertise from years of experience is obvious in the quality of Jenna and other dolls made by them.

This sweet doll comes in a pretty pink outfit making it perfect for a little girl. Also part of the doll’s outfit is a matching hat and a pacifier that little ones would identify easily with.

At 12″ high, it is the ideal size for toddlers 18 months and above to play with. And with a design that includes a soft body, eyes that open and close, sweet baby cheeks, and ability suck her thump, it is one of the best toddler baby dolls that look real. Kids would love caring, hugging, cuddling, and rocking it to sleep.This is an image of kid's Melissa & Doug Mine to Love doll


2. Luke & Lucy Doll

Up next is another offering from Melissa & Doug’s range of quality toddler baby dolls. Here, your kid is going to get the experience of taking care of a boy and girl twin dolls. The dolls are kitted in interchangeable outfits of soft rompers and caps.

With eyes that open and close and the included pacifiers, the dolls would be perfect as a first doll for kids from 18 months up to 5 years old to help develop their emotional, social, and nurturing skills.This is an image of kid's twins luke lucy dolls


3. Baby Stella

Manhattan Toy’s Baby Stella doll is one to love easily perhaps for the open-arm design that feels like an invitation for a sweet, cuddly hug. Considering Baby Stella’s ultra-soft body, some lucky kid would be doing a lot of hugging and cuddling.

At 12″ high, the peach-colored doll would be perfect for kids from 12 months old. It comes with a baby-perfect removable dress, magnetic pacifier, embroidered baby features, and the kind of plump tummy you expect on a healthy baby.This is an image of kid's soft baby doll in pink color


4. La Baby

If you are looking for dolls for 3 year olds and older, look no further than this awesome 16″  boy doll by JC Toys. ‘It looks so real’ is the first thought that would cross your mind the first time you see it. That, together with the cheerful smile, soft huggable body are some of the reasons kids would have blast playing with it.

The doll is light enough for even younger children to hold and carry. It comes with a pacifier and a removable and washable outfit (including a hat) so you can get it looking as good as new when it gets dirty.This is an image of kid's Purple Washable Soft Baby Doll in purple color


5. Marsha Mello by Kindi Kids

Marsha Mello is one of a group of fun-loving dolls thrilling kids on YouTube. The multicolored rainbow outfit on the adorable Marsha Mello would inspire hours of entertaining pretend-play for any child lucky to have her.

Marsha is dressed like the diva she is with pastel swirls and rainbow curls to match her dress and shoes. Kids would be enthralled by the brilliant blue eyes and long eyelashes that promise all shades of exciting play.

10″ high Marsha Mello is designed with a head that can bobble and wobble, and a mouth that can simulate biting the included cake when pushed into her mouth. She can also simulate walking clumsily like real toddlers.This is an image of kid's Snack Time Friends in colorful colors


6. Brianna by Melissa & Doug

At 12″ high, Melissa & Doug’s Brianna is a very solid option when it comes to baby dolls for 2 year old and up. Like many of the dolls from this company, the doll comes with a removable outfit, eyes that open and close, and sweet baby cheeks. The dog can also suck her thumb or the included pacifier like real babies.

And with the wipe-clean arms, sweet smell, and soft huggable body, toddlers would experience the full range of emotions that comes with caring for babies.This is an image of kid's Melissa & Doug Mine to Love Brianna in white and pink colors


7. La Baby Boutique

Baby boy dolls for toddlers don’t come any better than JC Toys’ La Baby Boutique. Like the La Baby doll reviewed earlier, this cute doll is designed to look very realistic. It is also very soft and huggable and comes with a removable pink outfit that includes a matching hat, and a matching baby blanket.

However, Boutique is just 11″ tall making it an excellent baby doll for 1 year old and younger. At this size and a weight of about 12 ounces, babies should find it easy to carry, hug, or cuddle.This is an image of kid's soft play doll in white and pink colors


8. Baby Stella Boy

Stella Boy is the male version of the Stella line of dolls by Manhattan Toy. It is similarly peach-colored with a tuft of fleece hair on its head. The embroidered designs leave no one in doubt this a baby boy. So if you are looking for sweet male baby dolls for 1 year old and older, this would be a great option.

The soft, huggable toy with inviting wide open arms, comes with a striped blue and white onesie outfit with a dinosaur design across the front. The onesie is easy to remove and put back on thanks to the fabric hook and loop closure. Also included in the pack is a dinosaur-themed magnetic pacifier kids would love removing and attaching to the doll’s mouth.This is an image of kid's toy stella boy soft first baby doll


9. My First Dolly by Gund

When in the future your kid is gushing non-stop about ‘My first baby doll’, that is because the bond that develops between children and their first doll is always special. That could explain why Gund invested time and careful craftsmanship to ensure this 13″, very huggable brunette doll is one of the best first baby dolls for 1 year olds.

The plush doll is very adorable in an embroidered pink shirt with polka dot sleeves and lace accents. And with the brown hair, brown eyes, and floppy pink hat with flowery decoration, falling in and staying in love with this soft doll is instant and quite easy respectively.This is an image of kid's My First Dolly Stuffed Brunette Doll Plush in pink color


10. Baby Boy Peanut Doll by Adora

With soft cuddly body, fresh baby powder-scented vinyl, adorable face, blond hair, and bright blue eyes, Adora’s Baby Boy Peanut doll is simply perfect for little ones to play with.

The 11″ toy comes in a removable soft blue, gray, and white polka dot onesie with a matching baby blue hat. To complete the picture of a healthy, cute baby, it also comes with a white baby bottle. The doll can also suck its thumb while the movable limbs would surely aid more pretend-play activities and the development of motor skills.This is an image of kid's sweet baby boy in blue color


11. Baby Doll Set With Car Seat

With a car seat, other accessories, as well a cute 12″ doll, this would be an excellent baby doll for 2 yr old and up to hold, cuddle and play with.

Featuring a booster seat backpack so the doll can be strapped in,  your kid can take their doll wherever they want. This makes it a portable and excellent travel doll set. The set also includes a toy rattle, a diaper bag, and  2 feeding bottles,

The realistic-looking doll is dressed in a pink and grey outfit with a matching hat. It is easy to imagine the number of fun ways toddlers can play with this set which can only be good for the development of their imagination and other cognitive skills.This is an image of kid's Baby Doll Car Seat with Toy Accessories in pink color


12. Mine To Love Jordan

From Melissa & Doug’s ‘Mine To Love’ line of dolls comes Jordan. For toddlers, love for the 12″ doll would be immediate. Dressed in a loose-fitting, removable ballet leotard and matching cap, the doll’s adorable eyes can open and close to enhance the realistic design.

Perfect for little ones 18 months and up, it comes with a magnetic pacifier and is capable of sucking its thumb. And with eyes that close gently to stimulate sleep when it is rocked to sleep, kids would love playing the role of a caring adult with baby Jordan.This is an image of kid's ;ine to love jordan in blue color


13. Cabbage Patch Newborn Girl Doll

Cabbage Patch Kids range of dolls would feel like having a real newborn infant when you order one. It even comes with a name, birth date, and unique adoption/birth announcement certificate taking pretend-play play for kids to new and exciting levels.

At 9″, it is the perfect size for toddlers to feel like they have a new infant baby to nurture as a real adult would. That newborn feel is enhanced by the included purple stripe swaddle blanket, the thumb-sucking feature, and a patented baby scent unique to Cabbage Patch dolls.This is an image of kid's Newborn Baby Doll Girl in pink and purple color


14. 6-Piece Doll Set

This set of sweet dolls allows you to give your kid some of the cutest doll companions ever. And you bet they’d never stop loving their new babies. The set comprises 6 cultural-diverse dolls with plush, super soft bodies. The diversity is great for encouraging cultural inclusion at a tender age. This, in turn, would nurture confidence, social skills, and empathy.

With easy-to-remove sack dresses, kids would have fun dressing and undressing the dolls. Each 10″ doll also comes with a matching cap that is permanently affixed. The dolls are neatly organized in a 12″ take-along basket for convenient storage and portability.This is an image of kid's Basket of Babies Creative Minds


15. Berenguer Boutique Doll

JC Toys’ Berenguer Boutique is not only one of the most realistic-looking dolls, but it also comes with all the qualities and features you’d want an infant to have. These include a bottle for feeding, a baby rattle to play with, as well as two outfits, a matching hat, and baby shoes.

At 15″ high, toddler dolls for kids 2 years and above don’t come any better. Kids won’t get enough of cuddling and hugging the doll due to its soft body, lifelike design with smooth realistic skin, and eyes that close when it is rocked. And with clothes that can be removed easily, expect play/care time to include changing the clothes as often as possible.This is an image of toddler's doll set in colorful colors


Buying Considerations

In most cases, toddlers would accept just about any doll given to them. Naturally, though, you’d want only the best for them. So when faced with hundreds of options on the shelves, the tips below should help bail you out.


As with most things in life, you get what you pay for more often than not. The smart move is to avoid low-priced discount items when purchasing dolls. These tend to be low-quality dolls.

What you don’t want are dolls that don’t hold up well to expected rough handling by toddlers. It’s always frustrating to see a doll fall apart shortly after your kid has fallen in love with it.  Even repairing the damage is no guarantee that the doll would last.

So it’s best not to think much about price tags when choosing dolls for your kid.


Toddlers are still exploring everything around them. One fallout of this limitless curiosity is the tendency to put things in their mouths. So you must avoid dolls with small parts. These are choking hazards that must be avoided.

Also, ensure that only non-toxic materials are used in making the dolls. Water-based paints and BPA-free plastics are some of the things you have to look out for. These are safe for children to play with.

The pack or the manufacturer’s website are two places you could check to see the materials used.


Obviously, you want your kid to have the time of their lives playing with their dolls. With that in mind, dolls with baby-related accessories are so much fun; and the more the better.

Accessories to look out for include feeding items, pacifier, clothes, rattlers, etc.


Generally, dolls are designed to be eye-catching. The stiff competition among doll makers to produce the best and most attractive dolls is to the benefit of buying parents and kids.

That said, you must consider the size of the doll vis-a-vis the kid’s development. For instance, the smaller kids would find the bigger 15″+ dolls rather unwieldy to play with comfortably.


Best Buy

It’s hard to look past JC Toys’ 15″ Berenguer Boutique doll. Like all awesome dolls, it is so cute and soft kids can’t help falling in love with it. The life-like design is so uncanny you’d be forgiven to think it’s a real baby at first.

As well as the design and quality, we were impressed by the accessories included in this pack. Toddlers would have things like a pair of shoes, pacifier, a rattle, bottle, and other feeding accessories for a more immersive role-playing  experience.This is an image of toddler's doll set in colorful colors



Best Budget

If you are looking for a relatively cheaper doll that delivers everything in terms of features and quality, Melissa & Doug’s Jenna is exactly what you need.

You’d be impressed by the quality and realistic design, eyes that open/shut, removable clothes, and ultra-soft body kids would love cuddling and hugging.This is an image of kid's Melissa & Doug Mine to Love doll


Best Realistic Baby Doll For Toddler Who Has New Baby Arriving

Kids like it best when their role-playing perfectly mirrors adult routines or activities. If a new baby is arriving, they’d love their dolls looking as much as possible as their new sibling so they can proudly simulate the adults taking care of the baby.

Though many realistic dolls make the grade, Cabbage Patch kids’ 9″ Newborn Girl Doll, the 12″ Jenna Doll by Melissa & Doll would be best if the baby arriving is a girl. For baby boys, the 11″ La Baby Boutique by JC Toys would be awesome.

These dolls are just the right sizes and ‘realistic’ doesn’t get any better.


What Is The Size Of A Toddler Doll?

The sizes depend on the design of the dolls and the range is as varied as there are dolls. On average, though, the sizes range from 11 – 16 inches. The size you pick would depend on the physical development of your kid.