Best Kids Umbrellas

This is an image of a red ladybug umbrella for kids by Kidorable .

Buying kids umbrella can be more challenging than getting one for an adult. You’d know how challenging that is if you’ve ever bought one before. The difficulty is not related to finding them, they everywhere; it’s getting one with the right specifications.

What makes this a daunting task is the accepted idea we buy only the best things for kids. Add that to the fact that some kids are hard to please, you begin to understand the level of difficulty involved.

First, the umbrella has to be pretty to get them to like it. Then you have to make sure ‘pretty’ is not the only thing going for it. It needs to be lightweight, well-designed, and able to withstand the rigors of being used if you don’t want to go looking for a replacement soon after buying it.

If you came here because you want to avoid the frustration of looking for the perfect umbrella for kids, your search is over. But we’ve gone even further by bringing you not one but fifteen; you now have the chance to choose from a wide selection of great products. We are sure you’ll find the exact umbrella that matches your kid’s high standards.


15 Best Kids Umbrellas

You can now sit back, relax and take a look at the umbrellas we selected after several hours of painstaking research. All the products have one common denominator: no matter the design, you are getting your money’s worth.

1. Clear Bubble Umbrella

This cute umbrella is designed with a single thought in mind: clear umbrellas don’t have to come in plain and uninteresting design; they can also be as stylish as the best while providing complete protection from the rain.

With a canopy size of 42″ to ensure maximum protection even in windy conditions, it is equipped with a steel shaft for durability and a curved plastic handle that even toddlers would find it easy to grasp. To keep kids and their little hands safe, it also comes with rounded tips and pinch-proof closure respectively.

And when it gets dirty, simply use a damp cloth to get it back to its pristine state again.This is an image of a kid's clear bubble umbrella with colorful dots by Totes.


2. Dinosaur Umbrella

Sometimes, umbrellas don’t have to be only about protection from the elements. The design can inspire kids to aspire to something greater than themselves. With this umbrella, the kid’s imagination would surely be fired up thinking of an amazing world full of cute dinosaurs they can ride on to explore the world together. Exciting pretend-play doesn’t have to end because they are walking in the rain.

The green nylon dinosaur-themed umbrella comes with an easy-to-grip handle, a Velcro strap for convenient storage and safety caps on the tips to protect their tender faces.

Strong enough to withstand heavy windy rains, it is big enough for older kids while toddlers can use it comfortably due to its lightweight.This is an image of a green dinosaur umbrella for kids by Kidorable.


3. Western Chief Character Umbrella

When it comes to the basics of what we expect from kiddy umbrellas, this Western Chief umbrella ticks all the important boxes and much more.

With its steel frame, you are sure you won’t be heading to the stores to get a replacement for a damaged umbrella anytime soon. The plastic inner frame and safety caps on the tips, on the other hand, provide more than enough protection to ensure no harm comes to the kid.

It is the beautiful nighttime city skyline and bat design that would bring lots of smiles on their faces. ‘If Batman had more sense, this should be his umbrella on a rainy day’ they’d think.This is an image of a batman everlasting character umbrella for kids by Western Chief.


4. Pop Up Shark Umbrella

This shark-themed umbrella would make a perfect birthday gift if your kid loves shark stories. Even if they don’t, you could get them curious about this impressive sea animal. And you know how kids never let go once they become fixated on something? So be ready to answer all the shark questions coming your way.

Designed to look like a shark, complete with a fin and tail jutting off the top of the canopy, the 22″ X 27″ inch umbrella is perfectly sized to protect your kid from the elements. The easy open and close mechanism ensures that your kid wouldn’t have to wait for you to do the honors.

It is made from 100% polyester making it completely waterproof. It also comes with a curved handle so kids can hold it easily. The curved handle also makes it great for hanging on a wall. Talk about convenient storage!This is an image of a pop up shark kid's umbrella by Stephen Joseph.


5. Ladybug Umbrella

This adorable ladybug umbrella would make a perfect birthday present for a little girl. She would love the white pop up eyes at the top of the canopy that should inspire some creative role-playing as an avid explorer of nature and attract admiring glances from everybody.

Like all the best kid-friendly umbrellas, this one is lightweight and with the small handle, it is easy to grip. The tips of the frame are protected by rounded safety caps offering protection to kids’ faces

Made from high-quality nylon, it is equipped with a push-button closure that is easy to use, Velcro strap for quick storage, and huge red and black polka dot design making it attractive, easily firing up the imagination of the kid’s at the same time.This is an image of a red ladybug umbrella for kids by Kidorable .


6. Clear Kids Bubble Umbrella by Totes

With this umbrella in the grip of your kid, there would be no awkward bumps into people or obstacles. The path ahead would be clear as if they are not holding something.

The umbrella handles the basics excellently; the bubble design means it has a large canopy capable of protecting their faces even with gusts of wind coming at an angle.

With a canopy size of 42″ when extended, the 32″ long umbrella is easy to hold and comes equipped with a steel shaft to ensure durability while in the curved plastic handle, kids have an item that is designed with an eye for convenience: they won’t get easily tired of holding it or accidentally drop it.

It stands at 25 inches when closed making it perfect for kids to walk around with when they are not using it as a shelter against the rain or hot sun.This is an image of a clear umbrella for kids by Totes.


7. Hipsterkid Rainbow Umbrella

This is not just an umbrella to protect your kid from rain and sun (sure, it does all that excellently), it is a great fashion accessory that makes a bold fashion statement. The colorful design means your kid would love to flaunt it at any given opportunity. Waiting for the rains to fall wouldn’t cut it; they’d be impatient to use it. A trip to a crowded beach on a sunny day would suddenly feel like the most important event; you see, any excuse to show off their new umbrella.

The unit is designed with bottonless release making it easy to open. Closing it is just as easy; simply snap it close. The handle is made from smooth matte rubber to ensure a pleasant grip; and for protection, the tips are rounded and covered by rubber caps.This is an image of a rainbow kid's umbrella by FCTRY.


8. Pink Ballerina Umbrella

This umbrella would make a perfect gift for a cute girl especially if she loves ballet and has aspirations of becoming a famous dancer someday.

The two shades of pink with purple pop-out ribbon bow on the canopy and purple frills along the edges would always remind her not to forget her beautiful dream. Before that day though, the umbrella would inspire creative pretend-play with varying fantasy themes involving beautiful princesses.

The 4″ high and 4″ wide umbrella can be used by older kids and even toddlers due to its lightweight. The push-button closure makes it easy to use while the Velcro strap ensures easy storage. And the safety of kids is guaranteed by the rubber caps covering the tips.This is an image of a pink ballet dancers print umbrella for kids by Kidorable .


9. Frog Umbrella

Some lucky kid, with a huge smile on their face, would feel like they are walking on air while holding this green umbrella designed to look like an adorable smiling frog. If people, including total strangers, stop to pat or smile at your kid, it’s not just because they are cute, the umbrella invites them to do that. How can you not be happy looking at it?

The umbrella is not just about cuteness though. Made from 100% child-safe nylon, it comes with a Velcro strap ensuring it is easy and convenient to store. It also features an easy-to-push button release and rounded plastic caps over the tips of the rips to address concerns.

This umbrella is going to be perfect as a back-to-school or birthday gift for your kid. Their beaming smile would tell you all you need to know about how delighted they are with it.This is an image of a green frog kid's umbrella by Kidorable.


10. Animal Print Umbrella

If your toddler kid keeps disturbing you for an umbrella to play with, this animal print affair would be an amazing choice. In design and functionalities, it comes with everything to ensure they have fun and are safe at the same time.

For instance, the small size makes it perfect for little hands and the rounded tips ensure you don’t have to worry about the ends poking into their eyes. The open and close mechanism is a simple friction design that slides smoothly over the shaft so their little fingers won’t get pinched. Even little toddlers can work it without assistance.

And the rounded hook handle combined with the lightweight makes it easy for them to carry around. They’d easily stop a gust of wind tearing it away from their grip when using it as shelter from light rain.This is an image of an animal print umbrella for kids by RainStoppers.



11. Zoo Pop Up Umbrella

This is another excellent umbrella kids from Stephen Joseph. This time though, it comes with a colorful zoo animal theme with two animal ears at the top of the canopy. Kids that love zoo animals would absolutely adore this umbrella.

The colorful animal design aside, it is a fully functional umbrella measuring about 27″ x 22″, making it a great size for kids to make use of it all by themselves no matter the weather condition. It is equipped with an easy open and close mechanism without any buttons that might likely prick a kid’s little fingers. The curved, blue handle makes for very convenient storage by hanging on a wall hook.

With the 3D animal print on the 100% polyester fabric, a kid’s imagination would be encouraged to think big coming up with fantastic stories to bring the animals to life.This is an image of a zoo animals print umbrella by Stephen and Joseph.


12. Clear Birdcage Umbrella

If you want a stylish kids clear umbrella for your little girl that looks more like a fashion accessory than anything else, look no further than this bubble umbrella. Your little girl would be feeling every inch the princess she is, taking a leisurely walk on the ground of her estate in the country.

From the cute birdcage pattern on the fabric, thickened canopy, and unique bubble shape to the cute soft handle and large 52″ canopy, everything about this umbrella oozes beauty and class.

But it is not all about the aesthetics though; it comes with premium features that make it a top of the line umbrella connoisseurs would appreciate. These include the pinch-proof button, windproof fiberglass ribs, stainless steel shift, and anti-rust aluminum central pole all combine to making it lightweight and durable.This is an image of a clear bubble birdcage umbrella with white leather handle by Kung Fu Smith.


13. Dinosaur Printed Umbrella by Hatley

This printed umbrella would be perfect for the dinosaur lover of the family. Though the mainly blue umbrella is recommended for boys, little girls would not mind taking it out for a stroll.

The fabric is designed with different species of dinosaurs of different colors on a blue background. Many of the dinosaurs look like they are about to jump out of the fabric. This is sure going to light up the imagination of the kid as they weave colorful stories about each dinosaur.

And when it starts raining cars and dogs, you are safe in the knowledge that they would be adequately protected. As well as being made from durable polyester material to withstand the elements, it is perfectly sized making it easy for small hands to hold and operate. It also comes with a wooden handle to give it that all-time classic umbrella appearance.This is an image of a blue umbrella with dinosaur print for boys by Hatley.


14. Butterfly Umbrella by Babalu

Don’t be surprised if your kid spends quite a considerable time running their little fingers over the butterfly print as if willing to insect to come alive and flutter around. That reaction is quite common with kids seeing this umbrella for the first time. The 3D design with the two wings jutting from the canopy adds to the lifelike feeling.

Made from high-quality 100% nylon, the pink umbrella comes with an opening and closing process that any kid can master easily. And since it is also a no-pinch umbrella, kids’ little fingers are safe from injury.

You would also love the size. It is big enough to completely protect kids against driving rain while protection from the sun is guaranteed by the thick fabric.This is an image of a pink umbrella with butterfly print by Babalu.



15. Disney Girls Umbrella

This umbrella is definitely the sort of gift you’d want to get for your girl if she is a huge fan of Disney princesses. The fabric is printed with many of Disney’s favorite heroines. Even the heart-shaped handle is designed with similar pictures. With just this umbrella, some lucky little girl would be living in fantasy land for a long time, with or without rain.

As well as being very pretty, the umbrella comes with important safety features so your little girl can use it without getting any injury. There are the plastic safety caps covering all the tips to prevent injury if it accidentally pokes her eyes or skin; while opening or closing it is easy so it won’t pinch her little fingers.

Made from 100% polyester material, it is equipped with a steel frame making it strong and durable; nylon cord and Velcro closure strap so she can carry it around conveniently or easily store it respectively.This is an image of a pink kid\s umbrella with Disney Princess characters.


Considerations When Choosing Umbrellas for Kids

If you are armed with an awesome buyer’s guide like this, choosing the best childrens umbrellas should be pretty much straightforward. To cover all bases though, there are a few more things you need to consider to get the perfect umbrella for your kid.

These factors, all things being equal, would quickly help you isolate a single umbrella from a bunch of competing products.


A good place to start is from the kid. Think of the things that interest them the most. For instance, if they love watching TV shows or movies involving dinosaurs, the smart move is to get one with a dinosaur design. They would be absolutely delighted with it.

You must also give serious thought to why you are buying it; what purpose is it meant to serve? If you want to give it to them as a fashion accessory, any colorful umbrella that complements some of the clothes they have would do just fine. But if it is to be used for protection against inclement weather, then you have to go beyond the aesthetics.

Clear or transparent bubble umbrellas offer the best protection against rain. With their wide canopy that sometimes extends below the child’s shoulder blades, they won’t have to worry about continually tilting the umbrella in windy rains coming at constantly changing angles. While the clear fabric of the canopy ensures they can see the road ahead clearly.

If it’s just for play, and you bet kids can find a lot of ways to play with umbrellas, get something like color changing umbrellas. Products like this offer something that is fun and exciting even while indoors.

Finally, the design of any kids umbrella is very vital. Apart from the fact that children would want their umbrellas to come in vivid colors, you want to make sure the product ticks the following boxes too:


Make sure the tips are rounded. Better yet, since the rips are likely made of metal, the tips must be covered by rubber caps. This prevents injury when the tips accidentally poke their skin or eyes.


Steel central shafts are the best. They are strong and resistant to rust. That makes the product durable


Handles come in various shapes and sizes. Kids umbrellas must be small enough so they don’t get tired easily while holding it. Your first choice should be U-shaped handles. Apart from being easy to hold, it is convenient for hanging the umbrella on the wall with a nail providing an easy storage option.

Release button

No matter the design of the button, avoid release buttons that are stiff and would require considerable pressure to open or close. Kids should be able to do that without hassles.


Best Buy

We know you’d be really curious to find out which one we picked as the best kid umbrella of the lot. Without going into too many details on how we arrived at our choice, let’s just say it wasn’t an easy decision considering the quality of products on display.

It finally came down to the Shark Umbrella. The 3D design is something children would be attracted to quite easily. Beyond that, we love the color scheme that is in line with what you’d expect from a picture of a shark swimming in the ocean. We also love it that the canopy is very large making it a very practical umbrella.

This is an image of a pop up shark kid's umbrella by Stephen Joseph.


Best Budget

With so little to choose between the products in terms of price variability, it was really difficult coming up with a budget purchase that stood out. But just because it is cheaper than the rest and comes with a unique canopy designer, we picked the Clear Kid bubble umbrella by Totes.

It is also a very practical and lightweight umbrella so kids could hold it easily. But it is the clear, transparent canopy that gives it a unique look. Kids would almost believe they are in a real bubble with the absence of any markings on the fabric.

This is an image of a clear umbrella for kids by Totes.


Where to Buy Umbrellas for Kids?

Almost all regular markets, shops, and malls sell these umbrellas. But you need to be careful when purchasing because some adult umbrellas come with designs and colors similar to kid’s.

It is best to err on the side of caution if you are unsure by asking the sales staff to point you in direction of the right item. Also, stick to reputable stores because they tend to stock only quality umbrellas.

You can also get these umbrellas from many online stores. Before picking a product though, make sure it has good reviews from people who had bought it for their kid.


How Much are Umbrellas for Kids?

The prices of umbrellas depend largely on the shape, size, complexity, and even the pedigree of the manufacturer. The good news is, you don’t have to break the bank to get the very best.

Prices range from as low as a little under $10 to a little over $20. Though you could get good products at the low end of the price scale, it is recommended that you don’t go below the midway point of the price range.