Best Diaper Bag Backpack In 2019


The stars don’t have to align perfectly for you before you decide you need a diaper bag backpack. That you are a parent is enough alignment. Sooner, rather than later, you would have to start hunting for the best diaper bag backpack money can buy.

Many parents who have gone down the route of getting a diaper bag backpack have different stories to tell about their experiences. The tales are as varied as there are backpacks: some positive, some negative.

A common theme, though, is how confusing it can get to pick just one product. There are dozens of brands with hundreds of models all vying for your attention. How can you make a decent choice from so many?

It is almost like looking for a particular needle in a stack of similar needles.

This review is our modest shot at solving what is almost an impossible problem. We didn’t come up with just one needle. After a painstaking process, we present to you 13 of the best diaper bag backpacks to choose from.

The backpacks have everything to make your job easier. First though, here are a few tips to keep in mind when you decide it’s time to buy a backpack bag for your baby’s diapers and other items.

Best Diaper Bag Backpack Buying Guide

Design and Style – You have to remember it is very likely you won’t be the only one using the backpack. If you are a couple, your partner would have to take turn taking care of the baby too.

A unisex backpack is ideal in this case.

Even if you are a single parent, you must consider that the grandparents or family members would help out. The ideal backpack must appeal to all ages and sexes.

And the backpack has to be spacious without compromising the design or looking unwieldy. You need enough room inside to fit in enough pockets and carry all the baby’s and your personal stuff.

Should be easy to clean – fortunately, most manufacturers use materials that won’t give you a hard time cleaning them of dirt and stains.

Ideally, you want a backpack you can clean easily with a piece of wet cloth especially when you are not at home and something unexpected occurs that requires you clean up the backpack.

Carrying options – The best way to carry a backpack is of course via the shoulder straps. There are times, though, when you’d like to give your shoulders and back a break especially when you have been carrying it for a long time.

This is where backpacks with tote handle come in handy. Apart from the fact that they offer you a different way to carry the bag, they make it easy to carry the bag for short distances.

Stroller straps are another carrying option. You could simple latch the bag to the handles of your baby’s stroller to give your hands and shoulders a break.

Generally, you want a diaper bag backpack with multiple carrying options. You might be surprised the many ways you would find them useful.

Padded and adjustable straps – the straps are the main reasons backpacks are so convenient to carry over long distances. Make sure the backpack you choose is comfortably padded with quality foam material.

Without the padding, it could be uncomfortable supporting the load of the backpack on your shoulder. The straps would easily dig into the skin and if sustained, chaffing of the skin might be the result.

Also important is to make sure the straps are adjustable. Adjustable straps are needed to make the backpack snug and comfortable on your back.

Again, a different person using the backpack would need the backpack to be adjusted to the right length to fit their size and height. Even the thickness of the clothes you wear could be a reason to adjust the straps.

Strong and durable – If you are shopping online, the only way to know about the strength and durability of a product is through user reviews. Ensure you read the reviews to see what users are saying about the issue.

Fortunately, the products in this review all passed the ‘durable and strength’ test effortlessly. If you choose anyone, it is guaranteed you won’t be needing a replacement diaper bag backpack for many years.

The Pockets – A good diaper bag must be big enough to have as many packets as possible. Sometimes, the number of pockets can make or break the effectiveness of a diaper bag.

With enough pockets, organizing your backpack becomes easier. You won’t have to dump everything in the main compartment. The pockets are like a filing system. The pockets are the sole reason you don’t have to rummage the whole bag right to the bottom to look for something.

Deal breakers are diaper bags with not enough pockets to contain all the things you need to carry. But numerous pockets don’t necessarily mean you have yourself a winner.

Manufacturers could add as many pockets as possible to make the sales pitch sound fantastic. But are all the pockets usable? Can they do all the things they are claiming? Are they big enough to contain some bulky items?

Changing pads or mats – The best diaper bag backpacks all have integrated changing pads or mats. Parents know there is no set time for changing the baby’s diapers. It can happen anywhere and at any time.

This makes the changing pad a real bonus. The best changing pads are slightly cushioned to offer a comfortable surface for the baby the lie on. The pads should also be easy to clean either manually or with a washing machine.

Some diaper bag backpacks unfurl completely to transform into a changing pad. Others are separate entities that are folded and kept inside the bag.

No matter the design, the ideal changing pad should not take up all the space in the diaper backpack.

Color of interior linings – Many people don’t give a thought to the color of the backpack’s interior when they go shopping for one. They find out too late that the color of the linings has a great impact on how quickly some items can be located especially in poor lighting.

With lighter-colored linings, items would be much easier to locate than in backpacks with darker linings.

The obvious drawback is that lighter colors stain easier or get dirty faster. But this is a plus. Since light-colored linings reveal stains easier; and because of that, you get to know immediately when your backpack needs to be cleaned.

Backpack weight – A big factor in carrying backpacks around is how comfortable it is. Too much weight is not good. You should aim to make the backpack as light as possible.

The starting point for this is choosing a diaper bag backpack that doesn’t weigh more than 2lbs.

Avoid those fashionable all-leather backpacks. They tend to be too heavy and you would come to despise them in the long run.

Top 13 Best Diaper Bags Backpack: Review

1. Big Nation Diaper Bag Backpack

This is an image of a black diaper backpack with stroller strap by Bag Nation.

Big Nation Diaper Bag Backpack invites you to throw anything at it and see if it won’t still be classy. With 14 pockets, you would never lack for space to put all items that should go into a diaper bag.

Made from high-quality, water-resistant twirl polyester, the bag is carefully-made with non-fraying stitches, strong zippers and ergonomically padded adjustable shoulder straps to reduce the level of discomfort while carrying a loaded bag.

It also features an integrated changing mat that is big and durable; insulated bottle pocket; extendable keychain; and extra pockets to store your wipes for emergencies.

The lightweight, well-designed diaper backpack is suitable for mom and dad. You could also strap it easily to the baby’s stroller using the clever stroller strap.


2. BabyX Diaper Bag Backpack

This is an image of a large grey multifunction diaper backpack by BabyX.

This is a diaper bag backpack that doesn’t look like one. This premium backpack is modern and very trendy with its scratchproof material of heavy-duty Oxford fabric with a waterproof coating.

The spacious bag features several insulated pockets to hold multiple bottles, diapers, wallets, keys, towels, wipes, and anything that needs to be in a diaper backpack.

It has an eye-catching and fashionable grey cross-stitch design, padded adjustable straps to enhance comfort while carrying the bag and strong double tote handles if you don’t feel like hoisting the bag over your shoulders.

The interior pockets are waterproof and insulated to protect all your essentials and maintain the temperature of foods and liquids at the desired level.


3. HaloVa Diaper Bag Backpack

This is an image of a black waterproof travel diaper bag by HaloVa.

With its many features, functionality and modest cost, the HaloVa Diaper Bag backpack is considered by many to be, pound for pound, the best diaper bag backpack. No wonder it is the bestselling item in its category in most online stores including Amazon.

The multifunctional unisex diaper backpack has almost everything you’d want in a diaper backpack. And you could use it as a handbag, shopping bag, and a traveling bag.

The main compartment has ample space for your items. It also features separate insulated storage pockets and a different pocket for wet clothes. There are also pockets for water bottles, diaper, towel, etc.

The bag is made from high-quality waterproof Oxford material that is easy to clean. With the quality material used in making the bag, it is bound to serve you for a long time.


4. ECOSUSI Fully-Opened Diaper Backpack

This is an image of a grey fully opened diaper travel backpack by ECOSUSI.

A couple of things instantly catch the eye in the ECOSUSI diaper bag backpack: its unusual design and the all-grey color of the bag. Actually, it is different shades of grey. The total effect is a very stylish and modern-looking backpack.

Stylish and modern aside, the backpack has everything you’d expect from the very best diaper bags. It is spacious, has numerous insulated pockets with padded shoulder straps, tote handles, and stroller hooks.

The main compartment can be opened fully to see everything inside the bag for easy access to the items inside. There are dedicated back pockets to store items such as your keys, phone, and wallet.

The bag weighs just 1.54lb and is made from 100% water-resistant polyester. This makes it easy to clean and maintain.


5. KiddyCare Diaper Bag Backpack

This is an image of a large pink maternity bags by KiddyCare

This diaper bag backpack would stand out in a crowd with its fine blend of pink color and elegance that exudes comfort and style. Suitable for ladies, it is roomy enough to contain all the essential things needed to effortlessly feed babies, hygienically change diapers, store wet clothes, and much more.

There are 15 pockets to help organize all the items. These include 3 insulated pockets to store food and formula at the desired temperature, and 2 side pockets to give you instant access to items like wipes.

Made from high-quality cloth, the pink backpack is comfortable to carry due to the adjustable padded shoulder straps. It also has a button to lock the two upper tote handles for you to hang the bag easily.

You are guaranteed a super-quality bag that would keep the items very secured with the heavy-duty zippers that feature strong lock slots.


6. Upsimples Diaper Bag Backpack

This is an image of a pink diaper bag with USB port and stroller straps by Upsimples.

The beautiful pink and gray diaper backpack from Upsimples is a very practical backpack that takes care of your convenience and the baby’s needs effortlessly.

The backpack is made from anti-friction Oxford and nylon fabric materials and weighs less than 2lbs. The durability of the bag is ensured by the quality stitching, sturdy zippers, and strong, waterproof inner linings.

It features a USB charging port for charging your smartphone or other devices; two waterproof pockets in both the front and back pockets to store clothes and bibs; and three waterproof, insulated baby bottles to maintain the temperature of your baby’s formula and other drinks.

The easy to clean backpack has a pair of padded, wide, comfortable, and adjustable shoulder straps for carrying the bag. It also comes with two handles with a clip-on button to easily hang it over the handle of a stroller.


7. Hyblom Diaper Bag Backpack

This is an image of a 12 pockets grey diaper bag by HYBLOM.

The grey and black Hyblom Diaper Backpack is so cute nobody would believe it is a fully-equipped diaper bag until you unzip it to show them all the baby and personal items carefully packed into its main compartment and numerous pockets.

The diaper backpack is made from nylon and polyester fabric with elasticized interior storage pockets that expand for bigger and bulky items without distorting the shape of the bag.

The bag also features soft, adjustable shoulder straps, zippered pockets to keep all the items secure, and a strong tote handle to hang the backpack when you need to.

And like all the best diaper bags, it comes with a free changing pad as well as thermal, insulated bottle pockets. This stylish bag is also suitable for men who are trendy and not afraid to turn on the style.


8. Hafmall Diaper Bag Backpack

This is an image of a large black and grey nappy bag organizer with straps by Hafmall.

Hafmall Diaper bag backpack is a multifunctional diaper backpack with a simple grey and black design. This is a practical backpack that is sturdy and very reliable.

The water-resistant diaper back backpack comes with a convenient key chain to secure your keys; insulated bottle pockets to maintain the temperature of drinks and the baby’s food; and side pockets for easy access to your wipes.

Other features include two stroller straps, adjustable shoulder straps, a large main compartment, and several separate storage pockets.

The exquisite multifunctional design makes it more than suitable for traveling and shopping. And due to the durable material it was made with, you are assured of several years of service with it.


9. KeaBabies Baby Diaper Bag Backpack

This is an image of a large classic gray diaper bag backpack by KeaBabies.

KeaBabies Baby Diaper Bag Backpack is designed in keeping with the theme of gray being one of the trendiest colors as far as unisex diaper backpacks are concerned.

The backpack is made with waterproof, scratch-resistant premium Oxford fabric that is guaranteed to be with you for a long time because of its durability.

It comes with all the expected pockets strategically placed to help you organize the baby’s items easily and keep them at the desired temperature with the resilient insulation materials. The zippers are strong and smooth to keep things secured while ensuring opening the zippered compartments doesn’t become a stressful exercise.

There are the usual options for carrying the backpack: padded, adjustable shoulder straps and two tote handles to carry the bag with your hand. The tote handles come with a clip-on button to help you secure them around a stroller handle.

The interior is very spacious. It could contain items for up to three kids. And there is a large diaper changing mat to lay your baby on.


10. BabbleRoo Diaper Bag Backpack

This is an image of a large grey baby diaper backpack by BabbleRoo.

BabbleRoo’s diaper bag backpack is a multifunctional backpack that would appeal to both moms and dads. The grey neutral design makes it the perfect unisex backpack for traveling, shopping, and outings with your baby. It makes your daily routine much easier while having to keep an eye on your baby.

The bag is made from 600D waterproof polyester while the interior linings are made from 230D twirl polyester. The end result is a strong bag that is easy to clean, lightweight, and durable.

It features a built-in diaper changing mat; sturdy silver zippers; breathable air mesh foam back padding; adjustable, reinforced, cushioned shoulder straps; and 18 smart pockets and sections that include 2 insulated pockets to fit the baby’s diapers, bottles, wipes, and other items.

And if you get tired of carrying it on your shoulder, you could hang it on a stroller with the integrated dual hardware D rings. The double tote handles also provide another carrying option.


11. Mancro Backpack Diaper Bag

This is an image of a black stylish diaper bag by Mancro.

The Mancro Backpack Diaper bag is such a fashionable black diaper bag mums and dads can easily use it for other purposes like shopping and traveling.

The bag features a spacious main compartment with quality zippers to secure the items in it; a mesh pocket for diapers and clothes; and 9 extra pockets including 2 front zippered pockets for your wipes, water bottles, drinks towels, and other important baby items and accessories.

The bag is made from durable, waterproof polyester and comes with a changing pad, easy tote handle, and stroller straps to hang it to the baby’s stroller. The shoulders straps are thickly-padded with a back ergonomic design to enhance your comfort while carrying it.


12. CoolBELL Baby Diaper Backpack

This is an image of a grey baby diaper travel backpack with accessories by CoolBell.

You would love this gray cotton backpack especially if you are more of functionality than a designer backpack person. But it still packs a lot of style for something that is relatively cheap.

The shoulder strap is both adjustable and padded for comfort. Additional carrying option is found in the durable tote handle while the two stroller straps are adjustable so you can strap it to a stroller and adjust it to your preferred height.

It has a roomy main compartment with several pockets to store the baby’s diapers, water bottles, clothes, baby shoes. The 3 bottle compartments are insulated while the towel compartment is made of strong net material.

Other features found in backpack include a changing pad, hidden pockets to hide keys and side pockets that are also insulated.


13. Cateep Baby Diaper Bag Backpack

This is an image of a black diaper bag organizer by Cateep.

This is a stylish and lightweight diaper bag backpack that young, trendy parents would love to carry around. The 16-pocket bag can hold all your baby’s stuff including your 15′ laptop in one of the padded compartments.

Made from 100% high-quality polyester, it features a spacious main compartment that can hold clothes; 3 aluminum foil insulated pockets to maintain the temperature of the baby’s formula; a mesh compartment suitable for towels and diaper; two anti-microbe waterproof pockets to keep wet diapers and dirty clothes; and much more.

The adjustable shoulder straps are thickly-padded and very comfortable. The top of the bag has a strong tote handle to offer more carrying options. There are also stroller clips if you want to hang the bag to your baby’s stroller.

This is an awesome, all-round great diaper bag backpack with great strong stitching that won’t come apart easily.


The Ultimate Guide to Diaper Bag Backpack Essential Supplies

For new moms and dads, what to pack in a diaper bag can be very confusing. It is common to over-pack the bag only to discover later that you don’t need many of the items in it.

On the other hand, new parents do forget to pack many essential items. Again, the error only becomes clear when they need something urgently to complete a task. They’d find out too late that the item needed is not in the backpack or they forgot they purchase it.

Below are the most essentials supplies every parent must be sure to include in a diaper bag backpack:

Supplies for the baby

Diapers – This is rather obvious. The problem is how many diapers you need to carry along. This depends on how long you would be away from home.

Since it is better to play it safe than be sorry later, carry one diaper for every two hours. In that case, if you are going to be out for 6 hours, take along 3 diapers. You can add a couple more as a backup.

Wipes – Purchase a set that is already packaged in a travel pack to keep them moist all the time. You’d need them for almost everything from cleaning the baby’s butt, wiping your hands after changing diapers, and cleaning the changing pad.

Anytime something needs to be cleaned, wipes are the go-to item.

Changing pad – You won’t need one if your backpack has a large changing pad integrated into the design. But you’d need to get an extra one if the attached changing pad is too small for your baby.

Miniature bags/sacks – You would need these as temporary storage for soiled diapers made of cloth. Also, wet and soiled clothes go into these bags.

Note that you don’t have to put disposable diapers these bags. Simply find a place toss them away.

Baby’s rash cream and ointment – you could invest in travel-sized tubes to save space.

Pacifiers/extra bottle nappies – For hygiene and sanitary reasons, it is advisable to put them in one of the small bags before placing them in any of the backpack’s pockets.

Burp cloths – carry as many as you think are necessary. With time, you’d instinctively know how many to carry along without thinking about it for too long.

Baby’s food – this could be infant formula, baby food, pumped breast milk, etc. The food would depend on your baby’s age. Try and guess how many times you would have to feed the baby and the frequency, and then pack accordingly.

Extra clothes for the baby – There are many ways a baby can mess or soil their clothes. So, extra clothes would be necessary.

Band-Aids – These come in handy if your kid is a toddler. Toddlers have a way of getting scratches and bruises all over their bodies especially if you end up in a playground. A band-aid would make them feel better apart from keeping germs away from the cut.

Small light blanket – This would be useful for providing shade on sunny days. You could also use it to protect your kid on windy days or in draughty places such as a bank hall or restaurants.

Toys – This is to keep the baby entertained or calm. Remember to also carry along the toy straps. You don’t want to be picking them off the floor.

Snacks – These are essential if your kid is a toddler. You could feed them with the snacks if their next meal is still a few hours away. Make sure the snacks won’t ruin their appetite. Snacks like puffs and peanuts are the best in this scenario.

For the parents

As a parent, think of whatever you would need on a typical day’s outing. Items like wallet, mobile phone, keys, and extra money shouldn’t be hard to figure out. Also, include the following items in the backpack:

Hand sanitizer – to keep your hands hygienic after cleaning up the baby or doing some other stuff.

Water bottle – You would definitely need a drink later. You can fill it with your favorite juice if you want.

Snacks – That is your temporary meal until you get home

Your contact info – this comes in handy in case the bag gets missing, or got stolen and dumped somewhere.

Sunscreen – This could also be used on kids who are over 6 months old.

How to Pack a Diaper Bag Backpack

New parents find out how important it is to pack a diaper bag backpack properly after they have been through one or two minor mishaps. It can start with the frenzied rush to rummage through the backpack for wipes and cloths after your baby has thrown up all over their clothes and nearby objects.

That is when a badly-packed backpack would defeat all your attempts to get what you need in a hurry.

The same situation occurs when you need to get food for your kid after they become hysterical with hunger. Your impatient baby would not appreciate your penchant for poor organization. The loud cries would drive home that point while you are frantically searching for what you need.

To stop the above and similar mishaps from occurring, here are some simple ways to organize your diaper bag backpack.

  1. Open the diaper bag and empty it of everything inside.
  2. Before you start packing things, clean it very well
  3. Finally, start loading the bag. Follow the tips below to load the bag properly:
  4. To help you find things in a hurry, use smaller transparent bags to stash different categories of essential items before putting them in the backpack.

Since the best diaper back backpacks are divided into sections, make sure you map out different sections for separate categories. For instance, diaper change items should be in one section, feeding items in a different section; allocate another section for your personal stuff, etc.

If the baby’s food includes a formula that you have to mix yourself, measure the right amount of water into each bottle before placing them in the insulated pockets.

This makes it easier to feed the baby with formula by adding previously pre-measured formula to the water. This way, you don’t have to waste formula by making too much and you feed the baby only when you are ready.

For pumped breast milk, use pre-filled bottles to hold the milk. Then store them in a portable cooler pack to help maintain the temperature especially if you are going to be out for several hours.

Leak prevention is important – it is never a good sight to open your backpack and find some of the liquids in bottles and containers have leaked out. That is definitely going to spoil your day.

To be doubly sure leaking milk, water, or sunscreen cream doesn’t mess up your bag, pack each one in a sealed plastic bag. That is another way of saying sealed plastic bags are an absolute essential for your diaper backpack. Buy as many as possible.

Commonly asked diaper bag backpack questions and answers

What should I consider before getting a machine-washable diaper bag backpack?

It is now trendy to make high-end diaper backpacks with materials that are machine-washable. But the downside is the time it would take for the bag to dry out completely. Depending on the materials used, this could be up to 24 hours.

Clearly, in that period you won’t be able to use the backpack. To offset that, you need to schedule and plan your outings carefully. Or you can get at least an extra diaper bag backpack for days like this.

How many pockets should a diaper backpack have?

The best diaper bags must have these types of pocket:

  • An insulated bottle pocket or two to keep your baby’s formula, drinks, or food at the right temperature
  • At least an external pocket to hold a water or milk bottle
  • An easily accessible built-in baby wipes pocket
  • A pocket to store your personal items such as keys, phones, wallets, etc. This pocket, especially if it is for a phone, should be placed outside because you might need to access the phone at a moment’s notice.

The number of pockets would ultimately depend on the size of the diaper bag backpack. Most pockets are situated inside the bag because having too many of them outside would distort the shape of the backpack.

I have twins; do I have to buy two diaper bags?

There is nothing wrong in using one diaper bag for two kids. Look at it this way; it would be an absolute bother to carry two diaper bag backpacks around.

The only thing is, the diaper bag you get must be very spacious to hold enough supplies for two kids.

What are the ideal qualities of the material used for making diaper bag backpacks?

The first thing people notice about a diaper bag is the material. One common mistake is to choose a diaper backpack solely on the strength of how the material looks.

Though most products looked fashionable, a lot goes into blending fashion with practicality. This is first and foremost a diaper bag. So its utility depends largely on how effective it is as a backpack for carrying all the things your baby needs on any given day.

Fashion considerations aside, the materials used in making the best diaper bag backpack must have the following qualities:

  • Must be easy to clean That the backpack would always need cleaning is obvious. The baby’s poop is just one of the many things that would mess up the backpack.

It is imperative that the material is easy to clean by just wiping it down with a cloth to get it back to its pristine state.

  • Waterproof materials Waterproof materials ensure that you can carry the backpack even on a rainy day without water getting in and messing up the contents.

Another advantage of waterproof materials is that they tend to be stain-proof too.

  • Breathable materials Obviously, diaper bag backpacks are temporary storage for some rather nasty objects like soiled diapers and not so nasty items like used milk bottles and wet towels.

Imagine walking around with a bag that lets out smells. Naturally, you would hate it of people look at you like some homeless person who has no relationship with water and soap because of the smell coming from the bag.

All the best diaper bag backpacks are made with materials that don’t breath or let out smells. Just to make sure, some materials are treated to resist odors. For these sorts, there is no need to air them for a very long time after the bag has come in contact with some really smelly stuff.

Are the insulated pockets effective in maintaining temperature?

Depending on the insulation material used, insulated pockets can maintain the temperature of the baby’s bottles for a few hours.

The best diaper bag backpacks use quality materials for the insulation pockets. With these diaper bags, you don’t have to worry about this problem; they would keep the temperature at the desired level until you need them.

Why is Velcro absent in quality diaper bag backpacks?

We understand why some people love Velcro as a latching option. It is easy to open making it very convenient if you are in a rush.

But the downsides greatly over-weigh the advantages you get from buying a diaper bag with a Velcro latch.

In the first place, the Velcro is very noisy. The noise is loud enough to startle a sleeping baby awake and even frighten them when they are awake.

Taking care of babies is practically a full-time job. The occasions your baby is asleep are some of the most valuable times for you to rest or attend to some other chores.

Apart from being very noisy, Velcro latches stick to fabrics. This can be annoying when the Velcro removes part of a nice fabric.

And in terms of durability, Velcro doesn’t last as long as, for example, zippers. They wear off easily and become a problem since you have to use the backpack for a long time.


Clearly, there is more to selecting and buying the best diaper bag backpack than simply paying for a large fashionable bag to hold all the essential baby items.

You have to think of the convenience, how practical and functional the bag is, and if it can be used for several years without having to look for a replacement.

All these can make the process tedious.

However, as this review showed, you can get the best diaper bag backpack if you are deliberate in your choice with a bit of patience; reading this review might be all the patience you would ever need because the thirteen bags presented here are exactly what you need.

Simply pick the one that you feel is the best fit for you and you are good to go for as long as your baby needs a diaper.


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