New Paw Patrol Toys (cars and trucks) in 2019


New Paw Patrol toys; cars and trucks are cute replicas pieces from the five-year-old Paw Patrol TV show that has thrilled fans around the world with their exciting adventures in Adventure Bay. The TV characters have become a favorite of many kids.

The seven adorable puppies and Ryder, the human leader, all have specific skills they bring to the table in their search and rescue operations in the community known as Adventure Bay.

The toys are wonderful for imaginative role play as kids try to emulate their favorite Paw Patrol character. The toys below were selected to make it easier for you to get a Paw Patrol car or truck as a present for your kid.

Selection of the Best New Paw Patrol Cars and Trucks

Paw Patrol cars and trucks, like most toys for kids, must meet some basic criteria before they are considered suitable for them to play with.

We evaluated the toys based on the following criteria before including them in our list of the top 10 New Paw Patrol cars and trucks.

Safety – Because the toys are meant for preschoolers, we made sure they are not too small. Kids of that age are prone to swallowing and choking on small pieces. So toys with small parts kids could swallow were considered unsafe.

Also, the materials used in making the toys featured prominently in determining the toys that made our list. The plastic must be made from non-toxic durable material while the paints must all the water-based and harmless to the kids.

Design – Paw Patrol cars and trucks are replicas of the toys in the TV show. Therefore the design had to be true or as close as possible to the toys seen on TV. Kids would definitely spot a flaw in design and that would make them unhappy at the least.

The toys that made our list, apart from being exact copies, had to be attractive with glossy colors that won’t lose their shine after a while.

Durability – The durability of the selected toys played a huge role in the evaluation process. Paw Patrol cars, trucks and toys are usually a part of a set. Until the kid has the complete set, they are never fully satisfied. The toys, therefore, must be durable for the period the kid still has more pieces to complete the set.

It would be disheartening for parents to keep buying new toys to replace the broken ones. Nobody likes that.

Extra features – Toys that came with extra features were more likely to make our list. This is because they, by virtue of having more features, tend to be more fun for kids.

Kids don’t get bored easily with toys like these.

Top 10 New Paw Patrol Toys; Cars and Trucks: Review

1. Chase Paw Patrol Racer

One of children’s best Paw Patrol characters, Chase, the athletic police pup and super spy, sits resolutely in this racer for a spin around Adventure Bay.

Made of hard, sturdy, plastic material with moving wheels, the toy car is small enough to fit into the hands of kids between ages 2 – 5. Kids would love spinning the car around the house as they use their imagination and creativity to invent interesting scenarios for Chase and his racer

It is unfortunate Chase is stuck permanently on this beautifully designed racer. But it would still make a fine addition to a kid’s collection of Paw Patrol toys.


2. Ryder Paw Patrol Racer ATV

The tech-savvy Paw Patrol leader, Ryder, is on the case with this plastic, stylishly-made Paw Patrol ATV. Like Chase’s racer above, this would make a fine gift item for 2 – 5 year olds.

The pack comes with the ATV and Ryder stuck in the seat. The wheels aremovable so the kid would have an amazing experience spinning the vehicle around at the same time using their imagination to for fun role play.

The colorful Paw Patrol racer is made from sturdy, non-toxic plastic. If your kid loves the show, they would surely love this despite Ryder being stuck permanently on the racer.


3. Paw Patrol Chase’s Spy Cruiser

It’s Chase again, every kiddy’s favorite spy puppy. Chase would take your kid on an existing police adventure of hunting down suspects assisted by a reconnaissance spy drone.

That wouldn’t be the limit of your kid’s imaginative role play in Adventure Bay with the all-plastic truck and dog figurine.

The beautifully-made truck with moving wheels is suitable for 3 – 5 year olds and even older. And unlike the previous Chase Spy truck, the puppy can be removed from the car and is compatible with other Paw Patrol vehicles.


4. Paw Patrol Racers 3-Pack Vehicle Set (Spy, Chase, and Skye)

These are some of the cutest Paw Patrol toys you will ever see. To be fair though, all Paw Patrol vehicles are very cute. Featuring Skye in her helicopter, Chase, and Marshall, they look so adorable kids would fall in love with them immediately.

The three rescue racers are made from sturdy, non-toxic plastic material. No matter how many times they are banged against the wall or each other, they would still be in one piece.

Unfortunately, the puppies are permanently attached to the racers, depriving kids the joys of playing with puppies separately. However, they are still well-made and would make excellent gift items for 2 – 5 years old.


5. Rocky’s Transforming Sea Patrol Vehicle

Who doesn’t like a transforming vehicle? It is a sure bet your kid would love the Rocky’s Transforming Sea Patrol Vehicle, a faithful reproduction of the amazing vehicle ridden by Rocky, the enthusiastic pup.

The vehicle can race around city blocks or change into a submarine. The wheel treads, back door, and dome can easily open and close to complete the transformation between submarine and land vehicle.

Made of hard, sturdy plastic, the pack features the Rocky figurine that is compatible with other Paw Patrol toys. Kids would really love the forklift that moves up and down while the truck is in motion.


6. Paw Patrol Racers 3-Pack Vehicle Set

Ryder, Chase, and Zuma would be your child’s companion as they rush to the rescue on the streets of Adventure Bay. All three lovable Paw Patrol team members are featured in the pack.

Made from sturdy, non-toxic plastic material, the vehicles all have moving wheels making them very easy for your kid to take them for a spin around the house.

Though figurines are stuck permanently to their vehicles, it would not detract from the awesome feeling of having all three characters at once.

Besides, you won’t have to spend considerable time looking for the figurines around the house as would have been the case if the figurines were detachable.


7. Paw Patrol Marshall’s Fire Fighting Truck

Your kid’s Paw Patrol toys collection would not be complete without Marshall’s red and white firefighting truck. After all, who doesn’t love firefighting, real-life heroes that rescue folks about to be consumed by blazing flame?

The truck feature real working wheels and a ladder to climb up and rescue the good people of Adventure Bay.

The all-plastic toy will take your kid’s imagination and role-playing skills to new levels as they re-enact different adventures involving the rescue of very grateful citizens.


8. Paw Patrol Marshall’s Rescue Vehicle

Every kid’s favorite fire puppy and energetic paramedic is set for another exciting rescue mission in Adventure Bay with your kid.

The red rescue rover is made of hard plastic. The puppy figurine is made from the same non-toxic material. Also featured in the gift pack is a Mission Paw card that works with a Mission Pup pad.

It’d be awesome to get the pad, which is sold separately, for your kid to increase the fun and excitement factor or your kid.

This beautiful gift item is an awesome collector’s item and is suitable for 3 – 6 year old kids.


9. Paw Patrol 6-Pack Racer

Imagine how excited your kid would be on getting this as a present. The set features all the Paw Patrol team minus the team leader, Ryder.

So you are gifting your kid Chase, Rocky, Rubble, Skye, Marshall and Zuma all at once. Your kid’s excitement would be limitless. They would spend considerable time pushing the toys around and creating stories of daring missions in Adventure Bay.

However, the puppies are permanently fixed on the toys. So playing with them separately is out of the question. But they would find lots of pleasure in the all-plastic, sturdy toys.


10. Paw Patrol Paw Terrain Vehicle

The team leader of the Paw Patrol team heads out to rescue people in distress in this truck that can conquer any terrain no matter how challenging.

Accompanying Ryder is his pal, Matteo the Parrots to act as the perfect lookout during the search and rescue.

Kids crazy about Paw Patrol would figuratively drool over this complete rescue vehicle. It features Ryder, one vehicle, one tent, one crane attached to the vehicle, a parrot figurine, a baby panther figurine, and 1 animal carrier.

The vehicle also features exciting lights and sounds activated by pressing a button on the dashboard.



The above New Paw Patrol toys; cars and trucks would play important roles in the ability of your kid to appreciate the different careers that make up a functioning community. The toys will aid them in understanding the benefits of teamwork in any setting.

Your kids would be glad you got any of the toys for them. But the smart move is to have a toy representing each character. That would give them the full Paw Patrol experience.

However, if you decide you need only a few pieces, do ask your kid their favorite New Paw Patrol cars or trucks. That way, you’ll get them exactly what they desire.


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