Strategies for Preventing Baby Boy Peeing When Changing Nappy

Baby Boy Peed On Mattress while standing

If you’ve ever changed your baby boy’s diaper, you’re probably familiar with your baby being wet by pee. While this is entirely normal and not something to worry about, it can be pretty annoying and even disheartening, especially to new parents, if you aren’t prepared with extra clothes or ready to change the bed sheets immediately! So here are some top tips to avoid your baby peeing during diaper changes.

There is No Miracle Solution

No matter how often you change your baby boy’s nappy, he might still pee on you when you do. These will be less frequent in a month or two, and they will stop by the month of four.

Wet Wipe Trick

This is a very working trick. It saves you from getting peed on. Take a cold wipe and wipe your baby’s lower tummy. This will trigger them to wee, mimicking the feeling of cold air over their genitals. Wet wipes are better for the baby’s sensitive skin too.

Use a Pee-Pee Teepee

Pee-Pee Teepees are designed to keep pee from being sprayed across during nappy changes. It is a soft, cotton teepee that fits over a baby’s penis and helps contain the pee, so it does not spread onto you and your clothes. Keeping one in your bag or changing station is a great way to ensure you always have one on hand when you need it.

Do the Double-Nappy

First, lay your baby on a changing table or flat surface and have him lie on his back. Next, if you use diapers, pull the front of the diaper down to just below the baby’s belly button. Next, take a clean nappy, turn it inside out so that the sticky part faces inwards, and put it under your baby boy’s bottom.

Cold Air Trick

Put the baby on his back, cover his genitals with a diaper or a piece of clothing, then hold your hand over the fabric. This will create cold air, and as the cold air hits the baby’s genitals, it will make bub’s genitals shrink, which will trigger him to pee. Change the diaper as soon as he does!

Time it Right

The most common reason baby boys pee during a diaper change is that they tend to relieve themselves usually after a nap, straight out of a bath or if the diaper is full. The key to stopping your baby boy from peeing during a diaper change is to try and change the baby’s boy nappy after nap time and before bath time.

Keep Nappy Changes Warm

Cold is a pee trigger for many babies, so keep the baby warm to avoid triggering a pee-pee reflex. This can be done by using a hot water bottle or a heating pad on the area of the nappy as you change it.

Warm Up the Wipes

Ensure the wipe is warm, as a cold baby wipe may trigger them to pee. Use a wipe warmer to keep wipes warm at all times. It may take a little extra time to set up, but your baby boy will be happy that he doesn’t get cold wet wipe every time he needs his diaper changed!

Wipe Baby’s Belly

While the baby’s diaper is still on, wipe the baby’s tummy just below the diaper, which will put a little pressure on the bladder that will empty the bladder, thus saving you from a pee strike.

Get a Shield Ready

Before you change your baby’s diaper, have an extra diaper, washcloth, or Peepee Teepee at the ready. This will ensure you can change your baby’s diaper without getting peed on. Start by removing the dirty nappy and placing a clean one underneath your little one. Next, you need to get a shield ready. You can use a washcloth to cover their genitals or an extra diaper to create a barrier between their penis and the dirty diaper.

Be Quick and have EVERYTHING Ready

There are a few ways to avoid getting peed on when changing your baby boy’s diaper. One of the most popular is to ensure you have everything ready before you take off the baby’s old diaper. This way, you can take it off quickly and get his new diaper on before he has time to pee. In addition, some suggest swaddling him in a towel before changing him, which may help him feel more secure and less likely to want to move around.

Put a Clean Diaper under Baby

When you need to change a baby’s diaper, place a clean diaper under the baby before removing the filthy one. This will help prevent getting peed on when changing a baby boy’s nappy. Also, use the new diaper as a shield to avoid peeing on your face.

Get WIPEABLE Changing Covers

Wipeable changing covers are a great way to prevent baby pee accidents when changing diapers. Wipeable covers are made with a waterproof layer on one side and soft fabric on the other, so you can flip it over to use whichever side is most appropriate for your child’s needs. For example, the soft fabric side is perfect for newborns with less control over their bladder and bowel movements. In contrast, the waterproof side is excellent for older babies and toddlers who are potty trained but might occasionally have an accident.

Change Your Baby’s Dirty Nappy in Pee-Proof Area

Place a changing mat on the floor, and lay your baby boy down. Prepare to change your baby’s diaper by unfastening the tabs and pulling down the front of his nappy. Try to do this quickly so you don’t have time for him to pee!

Observe and Look for Signs that your Baby Might Pee

It is widespread for a baby to pee when being changed. This can be because the diaper wasn’t on correctly or because the baby had to go and couldn’t wait. It also could be because the baby was in a position that allowed them to pee when it happened. It is essential to know what caused the peed diaper so you can prevent it from happening again. You should always check your baby’s nappy before you remove it from its bottom; this is known as checking for signs of wetness. You should also watch for visual cues like a specific facial expression or a specific noise and see if they have been crying or not – these all indicate if they might have been about to pee before their nappy was removed.

FAQs on Baby Boy Peeing When Changing Nappy

Why does my baby boy pee every time I change him?

The main reason baby boys pee immediately during diaper changes is that cold air hits their lower tummy, which triggers them to urinate.

How do I stop my baby boy from peeing when I change his diaper?

Following are a few tips to prevent your baby boy from peeing during a diaper change.

  1. Try to keep everything ready at hand before a nappy change
  2. Try to Get Your Baby boy to Pee Before the Diaper Change
  3. Keep Your Baby Warm.
  4. Wipe his tummy With Warm Wipes
  5. Avoid changing in a cold room

How can you tell if a baby boy is about to pee?

You can guess if a baby is about to pee by observing your baby’s behavior; try to look for cues like specific facial expressions, noises that your baby makes, and crossing their legs.

Do baby boys pee upwards?

Unlike a baby girl, a Baby boy’s urine tends to pee upward due to their genitals difference. This can be a problem if they pee during a diaper change, as it may strike your face. However, you can avoid this by placing a pee-pee tepee over your baby’s penis.