Gifts for 19 Year Old Girls

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It can be tricky picking gifts for 19 year old girls. This is her last year as a teenager which makes this an important milestone for her. Add that to the fact that she is now in the second year as an official adult making her more self-assured and seemingly uninterested in any gift you might think of.

These and the general difficulty in getting gifts for teenagers makes the task very daunting for many folks.

If you ended up here while frantically searching for a gift or gifts to impress her, we make bold to say this is your last stop. Whether she is a daughter, granddaughter, niece, friend, girlfriend, etc, you’ll find awesome gifts no matter her lifestyle, hobbies, and your budget.

You’ll find gifts suitable for any occasion including Christmas, Valentine’s Day, birthday, holiday, and other special occasions that require getting a present or two for her.


50 Best Gifts for 19 Year Old Girls

Below are 50 of the gifts we selected after several hours of rigorously evaluating several dozen gifts to ensure that only the best of the best crossed the line. The presents were chosen from a variety of categories such as fashion, make-up, books, shoes, sports, and much more to give you as many gift options as possible.

1. Handheld Body Massager

Kicking off this review of gifts for 19 year old girl is this powerful body massage with complete accessories that allows her to give her body the love it deserves any time of the day. It is awesome for getting wearied and achy bodies back up to speed by soothing aching muscles, smoothing out crinks, optimizing blood circulation, and more.

The ergonomically-designed massager is easy to use employing the percussion principle making it as effective as a pro masseuse. With this gift, giving her body, limps, and feet a comprehensive massage doesn’t have to involve planning costly trips to a massage parlor.

This gift would be awesome for any occasion including birthday, Christmas, holiday, and going-back-to-school if she is in college.This is an image of an electric massager for women.


2. How To Become An Adult Paperback Book

Eventually, we discover that becoming a well-rounded adult is much more than attaining the age of 18. In her second year as an official adult, she’d discover that life is more complicated with so many grey areas to navigate. This book shows how to make it through the rest of her life without unnecessarily sweating the small stuff.

In 535 easy steps in over 300 pages, she’d discover and learn many things most folks wished they knew at the age of 19. It is a life-changing book that covers relationships, careers, culinary etiquette, and many more vital topics. The book is hilarious, fun to read, engaging and super informative.This is an image of an adulting book for for grown-ups of all ages.


3. Bluetooth Shower Speaker

Remember all those times you wished you could sing at the top of your voice while taking a bath but couldn’t because you could remember the song or the lyrics? This Bluetooth speaker by Soundbot takes away the frustration of trying to sing a song skirting the edges of her memory.

What makes this a cool gift is the sleek, curvy design in a white and pink color scheme. Attached to the wall of her bathroom via the suction cup, it’d blend in perfectly like a natural bathroom fitting.

The waterproof speaker is compatible with all Bluetooth devices and connects easily to them. It is easy to operate with an amazing HD sound output. Other features include a built-in mic for great hands-free call management, 6 hours of battery time, and a range of up to 33 feet.This is an image of a pink bluetooth speaker for women.


4. Moon Light Lamp

Made using 3D printing technology and eco-friendly PLA, this moon-shaped lamp provides another option for room lighting at night. Her room would definitely look better with it resting on a desk or her bedside table. Any conversation about 19th birthday ideas has to include this, especially when bouncing ideas about room decor.

The lamp glows with two colors: white and yellow. It also comes with an easy-to-use control button at the bottom of the globe to adjust the brightness and change the light’s color. The rechargeable battery can provide steady illumination for up to 8 hours.

If you are a boyfriend thinking of a valentine’s gift, this is one idea that would impress her. The gift would also be excellent for other auspicious occasions.This is an image of a moon night lights by Mydethum.


5. Wireless Bluetooth Microphone & Speaker

This Bluetooth mic with in-built speaker is one of the best gifts for 19 year old daughter who loves all things music including singing. This gift would set a dazzling fire to her inner diva. It’s complete entertainment center that allows her to sing karaoke-style; listen to her favorite music through the built-in stereo-quality HD speakers; and even record herself while singing when the device is connected to a sound recorder via USB cable.

The gold-colored microphone is easy to use and comes with several responsive buttons for controlling various functions.  It also supports an SD card so she can play music directly on it, a Bluetooth range of about 33 feet, and about 4 hours of battery time.This is an image of a 3 in 1 rose gold karaoke mic with speaker.


6. Gadget Tracker

Known as Tile Mate, this small but nifty device ensures that she’d always find her gadgets no matter what nook or cranny she forgot them. She no longer has to spend several frustrating minutes (and hours sometimes) looking for and wondering where she kept the item.

All she has to do is double-tap a button on the tracker and the missing item would ring to reveal it’s location.

The package includes a smartphone app that aids users to find and locate gadgets including the Tile Mate. It has a range of about 200 ft and a replaceable CR1632 battery that can last up to a year. And for a richer experience, she can add voice control by combining it with an Alexa device.This is an image of a silver 2020 tile mate.


7. Instant Digital Camera

Polaroid’s instant camera would be a perfect Christmas and holiday gift for her if she loves taking photos of memorable events every day. It would also be great as a gift on her birthday to capture all the exciting moments of her special day.

With the simple point and click operation, she’ll be shooting away like an expert in no time at all. And best of all, the integrated Zink printing technology allows her to print and share the vibrant pictures in less than 60 seconds with just a push of a button.

Small enough to fit into her a pocket, the camera comes with a built-in selfie mirror, self-timer, micro USD cord, wrist strap, and a rechargeable Li-ion battery.This is an image of a red instant digital camera for women.


8. Portable Power Bank

In today’s world, it’d be hard to come across a teenage girl of whatever age who doesn’t need a power bank especially if she spends most of her time outdoors. And at 19, a young lady would likely have more than one device that needs constant battery juice to carry out activities she considers essential.

With a capacity of 10000mAh, she has more than enough power to recharge her smartphone’s battery to last a whole day. And depending on usage, she can fully recharge multiple devices for the day.

It features a built-in flashlight making it perfect to take along for a road trip or camping. Being lightweight and portable also makes it a perfect companion as it won’t take up too much space in her traveling bag or backpack.This is an image of a red portable power bank charger.


9 Pair of Headphones

For a music-loving girl, headphones work excellently as a birthday, Christmas, New Year or holiday gift if they come packed with features that set them apart from others. After all, headphones are rather common these days.

The combination of large 50mm speakers, powerful bass, and clear vocals produce amazing hi-fi sound output that is comparable with the very best: this is a premium-grade headset with a budget price tag.

The design too is top-notch with a unique rose gold-tone color. It comes with a long 9.8-foot cord giving her the sort of freedom only enjoyed by DJs. Other features include 90° swiveling earcups, padded ear cushions, and adjustable headband.This is an image of a pink ear headphone for women.


10. 8″ Tablet

Putting aside the fact that this is the Amazon Fire HD 8 tablet noted as one of the very best, this Alexa-enabled device packs lots of jaw-dropping features making it an excellent utility tool for her professional and personal life.

With a vibrant 8″ HD display, 10-hour battery life, backed by the latest operating system, she can enjoy streaming movies and music, reading books, record videos, take photos, learn new skills via downloadable apps, organize her schedule, and much more.

There are almost zero-downsides to gifting her a tablet as good as this. She’ll be over the moon with excitement.This is an image of a black Fire 8 Tablet with HD Display.


11. Fitness Tracker

Surely, there is never a better time in her life to take an active interest in her fitness. Staying fit and keeping healthy is imperative as she faces work or school challenges and a cool fitness tracker is a great starting point.

With the tracker showing how much calories she burns in a day while monitoring her heart’s health and sleep patterns, she’d be motivated to ensure the stats are optimal.

Worn like a wristwatch, the sleek tracker is also able to show the time and date like a regular watch. It also features a unique app that would notify her of incoming calls, SMS, and social media notifications.This is an image of a hot pink fitness tracker watch for women.


12. Action Camera

If she is an outdoor person, she won’t fail to be impressed by Akaso’s action camera that allows her to record all her exciting adventures in real-time. She can so take still pictures of her time outdoors to share with friends and family online via WiFi or offline.

The waterproof camera comes with some premium functions like the ability to capture ultra HD 4K video using the 12MP 170° wide-angle lens. It also comes with all the accessories needed to mount the camera on her helmet, bike handlebars, skateboard, etc.

Easy to use and with the wrist remote control, capturing her adventures digitally can’t get any better.This is an image of a royal blue 4K action camera.


13. AirPods & Charging Case

There are wireless earbuds and then there is Apple’s AirPods. In the world of earbuds for music lovers, the final bragging rights belong to people who use AirPods with their Apple smartphones, tablets, or MP3 players.

It is not only about the brand name; it is mostly of about delivering consistent quality over a long time with a  sound quality that is way off the charts

Ergonomically-designed so the buds don’t hurt the ears no matter how long they are worn, it can switch seamlessly between connected devices. She’ll love the intuitive controls, quick voice access to Siri, fast charging via the case or a lightning connector, faster wireless connection to her devices, and much more.This is an image of an AirPods for iPhone with charging case.


14. Smartphone/Tablet Stand

Chances are high her smartphone is never more than a couple of inches away from; after all, she uses it all the time to make calls, watch or stream movies, play music, FaceTime, take photos and videos, etc. But it can be exhausting holding up the phone all the time, that is why a gift of this smartphone stand would be a life-saver.

With a sleek design and awesome rose gold color, the stand would also add considerable beauty to her desk either at home, school, or place of work.

The aluminum stand has a nice viewing angle and comes with anti-skid and anti-scratch rubber pads. These prevent her device from falling and scratches respectively.This is an image of a rose gold stand for smartphones and watches.


15. Makeup Kit

Your girl needs to present the best of herself especially now she is a young adult trying to make her mark in the world. A makeup kit should be indispensable in her life. With the Shany Harmony makeup kit, she has a complete eyeshadow and lip gloss set that beats every expectation.

With 98 different shimmer eye shadow gloss, 6 lip glosses, 3 blushes, 2 lip brushes, 3 brushes, 7 sponge brushes, and a mirror, she has everything she needs to make herself look exactly the way she wants before facing the world.

All the pieces are organized in a multilayered box that is easy to open and close. And you even get a cute gift bag making the kit instantly ready for gifting.This is an image of an all in one makeup set by Shany Cosmetics.


16. Makeup Brushes

Her makeup, even if she has an excellent kit like the one above, is only as good as the tools used in applying them. Every young woman knows that. But not all know that the best brushes for applying makeup don’t have to be expensive. Take this Qivange brushes, for instance, it’s a complete set of 12 brushes for every conceivable making up situation.

The brushes feature soft, synthetic vegan bristles with durable wooden handles. All her foundation, powder, blush, eyeshadow, concealer, eyebrow application needs are adequately covered.

The brushes are neatly organized in a cylindrical-shaped multifunctional brush holder made of PU leather. Also included in the set is a sponge blender and a brush cleaner.This is an image of a black and rose gold makeup brush set for teens.


17. White Vanity Table

If she doesn’t have a vanity desk in her room, a simple table like this one not only addresses that oversight but also improves her room’s decor. With the minimalistic styling and narrow profile, the desk would be great if space is at a premium. This makes it perfect for her dorm room if she is a college student.

It features a functional storage drawer and a mirror that tilts for ease of use. The package also comes with a white stool featuring a padded beige seat for comfort.This is an image of a white vanity mirror table set with biege seat for women.


18. Curling Wand

For creative unique hairstyling, this curling wand with the unique bead-shaped barrel would be perfect. Easy to use, she can create defined spirals and textured waves in her preferred style easily.

The wand comes with multiple heat settings for different hair types while the tourmaline ceramic technology ensures frizz-free styling with the best shine she can hope for. Also included in the pack is a bonus protective glove so she doesn’t have to worry about scalding her hand.This is an image of a curling iron with black gloves for women.


19. Flat Iron by HerStyler

Ladies straightening their hair. When done perfectly, even the roughest and most stubborn hair is transformed into a healthier and shinier version. Like this flat iron proves, girls don’t need expensive tools to have their tresses looking like that of an actress posing on the red carpet.

Perfect for all hair types, the pink iron comes with a long 360° swivel cord for easy movement, adjustable temperature, floating plate technology to allow flexible movements of the plates, ceramic plates for easy straightening/long-lasting curls, and much more.This is an image of a pink ceramic flat iron for teens.


20. Nails & Grooming Kit

For a young woman who cares about personal grooming nails, a DIY self-care kit is always a win. A gift like this provides her with meaningful ‘me-time’ while engaging in a feel-good activity at home. A grooming and nail kit is also perfect if she is going on a trip, camping, or to take to college where she isn’t likely to have the time or money to visit a beauty parlor.

Made of stainless steel, the pieces are designed to last a lifetime. It is the complete nail grooming kit featuring 12 tools; everything she’d need to keep her nails, eyebrows, and face looking like new.

The 12 pieces that include an ear pick, blackhead and acne needle, eyebrow tweezers, and eye and nose hair trimmer, are perfectly organized in a pink, cute fashion case.This is an image of a pink manicure and pedicure set for teens.


21. Nail Art & Polish Set

If she is obsessed with nail art, this nail polish set comprising 7 bottles of different colors allows her to get really creative on her nails. With the variety of colors, she’d have fun mixing up colors to create as many patterns as she can think of. Having a DIY nail art set is a great way to hang out with friends doing something fun.

The quick-drying, water/alcohol-based polish comes in 10 ml bottles. The odorless polish are all made from non-toxic ingredients making them very harmless to work with.This is an image of a 7 colors nail polish set for teens.


22. Bath Bombs

Bath Bombs are like the adult version of kids having the time of their lives with bath toys. If she’d never used bath bombs before, it’s high that is corrected so she understands that taking a bath can be a heavenly and fun experience.

Great as a gift for any occasion, the pack contains 12 round bombs of different colors and fragrances. They are made from natural ingredients and would leave no stain on the tub.

And the benefits of using them consistently? How about perfectly moisturized skin with the sweet scent of the fragrance used. Talking about the fragrances, she has the choice of lavender, mango papaya, shea and coconut, black raspberry vanilla, and lemongrass green tea among others to choose from each day.This is an image of a 12 piece bath bombs gift set for women.


23. Spa Set

Ladies, as they get older and take on more responsibilities, just want to lie back sometimes to be pampered and reminded that life is beautiful. This spa set does all that and much more each time she decides that is what she wants. It can be every morning or at night while taking a bath.

The spa set contains 8 beauty products including bath bombs, bath salts, bubble baths, essential oil, and body lotion. The products are made with a combination of natural ingredients to refresh the skin and revitalize the body, mind, and spirit.

The delightfully fragrant spa set is a perfect gift for any occasion. It comes in a carrying case cutely-designed to look like a bathtub. She’d definitely be impressed by the items and the mini bathtub carrying case.This is an image of a natural rose scent bath spa set for teens.


24. Toiletries Bag

For a girl who travels a lot, it’s fair to say she needs all the help she can get with organizing vital items that are essential for a trip. This is where this bag comes in: a place to neatly arrange and pack toiletries and makeup.

She’d cherish the pink color and the utility of this large-capacity bag. As well as the main compartment, it comes with 4 side pockets and 3 zippered mesh pockets. Also, there are 3 inner pouches in the main compartment. Organizing toiletries, makeup, and other items don’t get any easier or more convenient with this bag.This is an image of a pink hanging toiletry travel bag for teens.


25. Hair Dryer By Remington

Remington is a trusted name in the world of home and personal appliances. It would be hard to come up with a better gift for her hair-drying needs than this Remington D3190.

It features an advanced casting technology that offers extra protection while the unique micro-conditioner technology would keep her hair healthier.

With three heat settings and a blend of premium design features, the dryer is perfect for all hair types leaving as little frizz as possible. The easy operation and included accessories ensure she can easily find the optimal airflow performance for her hair making it a delight to use.This is an image of a purple hair dryer for teens.


26. Eye Beauty Kit

If the eyes are the windows to her soul, then having beautiful eyes must surely be a priority. When it comes to making the eyes really beautiful with a nude look, this kit is one of the best 19 yr old birthday ideas.

Everything she needs to make her eyes as close to perfection as possible is included in the set. That includes 9 types of eyeshadows, 2 eyeliners, 2 mascaras with a custom palette that can be used either wet or dry for intense color or softer looks respectively.This is an image of an eye enhancing kit in nude looks for teens.


27. DIY Lymphatic Drainage Kit

It turns out that you can use simple, effective tools at home to improve the immune system and help fight infection. One such tool is this Lymphatic Drainage kit by Ediva that allows her to massage the body and especially the face. This helps to increase the flow of vital lymph while helping to eliminate toxins in the body and improve her complexion.

The result is smoother, healthier skin all over the body. If, as expected, she knows of and wants all these benefits, you bet she’d be thrilled with a gift of one.

Ediva’s massager is designed with dual rollers made of 100% jade stone. She’ll love the feel of the ultra-smooth rolling action of the stone on her body.This is an image of a green face roller kit for women.


28. Backpack

With a design that includes a black top half and zebra-crossing bottom half, this backpack is notable for a design concept that is simple yet bold. It is made to stand out in any crowd.

As well as the great blend of colors, the bag is very functional with a main compartment that can accommodate a 15″ inch laptop. It is also big enough to take her books working materials and other gadgets at the same time. This makes it perfect as a going-back-to school gift. The padded shoulder straps ensure maximum comfort no matter how long she is carrying it or how heavy.

Also great for the outdoors, traveling and even shopping, it features an external USB port to charge her devices. The addition of a portable power bank like the one above instantly turns the bag into a mobile power bank.This is an image of a black backpack with USB Port for teens.


29. Tote Bag

Lady’s tote bags are easily the most multifunctional bags that are perfect for practically any occasion. She can use it for school, work, travel, camping, or even for a weekend trip to the beach.

She’ll instantly love this tote bag by Modisoso thanks to beautiful rose flower designs on a dark blue background. It is the essence of stylish and classy with the easy ability to switch between handbag using the top handle, shoulder bag, and briefcase.

Featuring a removable, adjustable shoulder strap, the premium canvass bag is roomy enough to accommodate her laptop in the main compartment. It also features a smaller compartment to keep other devices such as a tablet, smartphone, kindle, etc.This is an image of a wine red base rose tote bag for teens.


30. Crossbody Bag

When it comes to fashion accessories, women can never get enough of them. The simple rule is to have as many as possible so she can mix them up to match her various outfits depending on her mood.

This pink crossbody bag would make a fine addition to her growing collection of bags for all the right reasons. She’d adore the double-tasseled design, synthetic faux leather material, and soft but strong adjustable shoulder strap.

With zippered main and external compartments and an open pocket inside the main compartment, organizing the vital stuff she needs couldn’t be easier.This is an image of a blush colored crossbody bag with tassel for teens.


31. Black Card Holder

How about a cardholder that helps her organize the contact details of the so many people she’d likely to come across in her social and professional life. Instead of just dropping the cards in any random bag, purse or wallet, keeping them in one place allows her to retrieve anyone quickly when needed.

Also perfect for keeping bills and coins, the zip-closure purse is made from high-quality PU leather. And if she is a fan of cats, she’d love the design that features a cute cat hanging below a bowknot on the side.

The bag comes with 6 slots including a clear plastic ID slot, 1 for bills, and another one for coins.This is an image of a black leather wallet for teens.


32. Silver Pendant Necklace

The best 19 bday ideas must surely include personalized gift items. Necklaces are awesome if you are looking to personalize or customize a gift. And it doesn’t get any better than a string silver necklace she could use for any occasion.

With the adorable letter ‘M’ pendant secured with a lobster-claw clasp hanging from the necklace, this would be perfect if her name starts with the letter M. Of course, you have the option of choosing any letter of the alphabet to match her name.This is an image of a sterling silver initial pendant necklace for teens.


33. Bracelet

Like necklaces, cute bracelets make awesome 19 birthday ideas. It won’t be easy to come across a cuter bracelet gift for her than this bright and shiny one made from Swarovski crystal. She could use it for a variety of occasions and events whether formal or informal. And no matter her outfit, this would complement them perfectly.

The detailed craftsmanship of the bracelet includes a butterfly design, with crystals that capture all the surrounding light to produce a dazzling display in any environment. It comes in an elegant gift box making it instantly giftable.This is an image of a purple and pink butterfly bangle for teens.


34. Sterling Silver Dangle Earrings

What 19-year-old girl wouldn’t want these pair of beauties hanging from her ears? Made from sterling silver, this would be a great addition to her jewelry collection to enhance her outfits for school and a variety of occasions.

It is easy to fall in love with the design that includes the encased tanzanite gemstone giving the earrings a unique design. People are unlikely to quit staring at her.This is an image of a tanzanite and silver earrings for teens.


35. Inspirational Ring

If she is a Christian and uses every chance to proudly advertise that fact, this cross ring would make a perfect gift for her. With the ring around her finger, she doesn’t have to say a word to make a powerful statement about her faith and convictions. The crystal-studded cross at the top would leave no one in doubt about that.

Made from sterling silver for durability, the ring comes in various sizes making it likely you can get her size.

And with the words ‘Faith’ and ‘Hope’  engraved on the underside of the ring, it is an inspirational reminder that with faith and enduring hope, she can overcome any challenge now and in the future. For a Christian girl, these are some of the most empowering words ever.This is an image of a sterling silver inspirational cross ring for teens.


36. Jewelry Storage Box

A new place to organize her increasing jewelry collection seems like an obvious gift for a girl her age. But don’t be surprised by her excitement by the time she gets this purple jewelry box. That can be attributed to the beautiful design and choice of color. But Like clothes, shoes, and fashion accessories, girls love it when they have the option of using more than one jewelry box.

Made by Kloud City, this one is simple and very practical. It’s also elegant with the purple coloring, soft purple velvet lint lining, and 27 compartments and slots to organize all types and sizes of jewelry.

The design also features a removable top layer that comes out easily to reveal a bottom compartment giving more storage options for the bigger pieces. Also included in the design is a durable safety lock with a key ensuring the safety of her valuables.This is an image of a purple jewelry storage case for teens.


37. Bluetooth Beanie

Bluetooth beanies are becoming increasingly popular among young people. They serve the twin function of keeping her head warm in cold weather while allowing her to listen to her favorite music. With them, she doesn’t have to worry about earbuds slipping off making them perfect for the gym or jogging.

Thick-knitted with high-quality soft material to ensure durability, the hat is comfortable to wear and expands easily to fit all head sizes without losing shape. It features awesome speakers that produce HD stereo-quality sound. The music experience is like listening to HiFi speakers at optimal volume levels.

Other features include easy connectivity to compatible devices, 16 – 20 hours of battery time, and easy-to-access-and-operate buttons on the control panel. With the buttons, she can adjust the volume, skip or choose songs, and answer calls from a considerable range.This is an image of a dark gray beanie headphones for teens.


38. Under Armour Duffel Bag

Duffel bags easily make awesome 19th birthday gifts for girls involved in various types of sporting activities. Their multi-functionality also makes them perfect for traveling, camping, road trips, yoga classes and much more.

The bag comes with all the great qualities Under Armour products are famous for. She gets not only a sweet pink and silver bag of undoubted quality but also one she could use for as long as she wants due to the durability.

The waterproof bag is made from 100% polyester and features abrasion-resistant side and bottom panels, a zippered closure, padded tote handles, adjustable shoulder straps with HeatGear technology for total comfort, and several compartments and pockets to organize her things easily.This is an image of a tropic pink gym bag for teens.


39. Hooded Winter Jacket

Hooded winter jackets or windbreakers can sometimes be the difference between staying at home feeling sorry for yourself in bad weather, or going out and doing whatever vet catches your fancy. With a quality winter jacket like this, she could enjoy all her winter sporting activities such as skiing and ice skating in relative comfort.

The waterproof coat is soft, comfortable and is designed with a blend of features to keep her body and head optimally warm and dry while outside. For her, the best part could be could the great styling to conform to her fashion sense.

The black coat with purple stripes cones with 4 pockets to keep the hands and stuff like her phone, wallet,  keys, etc., warm and safe respectively.This is an image of a winter jacket for teenage girls.


40. Workout Pants

How about a pair of workout leggings that allow her to leave the home without needing a purse. With three pockets, she has enough space for her phone, keys and other stuff she might need.

Made from a 4-way stretch material with multiple stitches, the active elasticity ensures she doesn’t have to worry about the integrity of the material when executing squats, bends, stretches, etc.

The non-see through paints comes with a gusseted high waistband for tummy control and a combination of premium features to make it feel like a second skin no matter her size.This is an image of a lilac pink workout leggings for teens.


41. Hooded Pullover Sweatshirt

Pullover sweatshirts rank as some of the best birthday gifts for 19 year old girls and people of other ages. It is the ultimate casual wear to take a walk around the block, go to the mall,  to relax at home, travel, and for school if she is a college student. It’s such a chic and easy piece to pair with boots, leggings, jeans, trousers, etc.

The pink Sweatshirt comes with an oversized hood with a pull-on closure and drawstring respectively. It also features a zipper a quarter of the way down the front making it easy to wear or remove; 2 sides pockets; and sleeves and waistband to ensure a perfect fit.This is an image of a lady wearing a fleece sweatshirt with hoodie designed for teens.


42. Pink Swimsuit

If for some reason, she doesn’t like the going swimming with swimsuits that reveal too much, how about this cute dress that incorporates the best features of skimpy swimsuits and a normal summer top complete with a flared mini skirt. This would be a great gift for the holiday period or as a gift preparatory to a trip to inspire her to have a good time.

She isn’t going to look out of place at the beach or swimming pool in this. But she’s definitely going to stand out for managing to somehow look very stylish and classy in a swimming outfit that is a throwback to a different era.

Made from high-quality polyester and spandex material giving it a stretchy feel ensuring it would be a great fit no matter her size.This is an image of a striped pink swim dress for teenage girls.


43. Pink Underscrub T-shirt

This pink tee has all the qualities of a perfect underscrub t-shirt. It is made with a combination of cotton and polyester material to easily wick moisture away from the skin to keep her dry and comfortable all day long. And combined with the breathable nature of the material, unnecessary sweating or the trapping of heat won’t be an issue. If she had a smile on her face all day, it could be down to the soft feel of the fabric on her skin.

The overall classy and fashionable styling is enhanced by the beautifully-stitched crew neckline, tagless neck, and long sleeves.

Though tees like this are mostly associated with medical personnel, it would be perfect as a gift if she is working in a place where scrubs are required. She could also use them as an indoor/outdoor summer wear or at home while doing her chores.This is an image of a fuchsia long sleeve t-shirt for teenage girls.


44. Pencil Dress With Waist Belt

A pencil dress would be a fine addition to her wardrobe. Perfect for both formal and informal occasions, this grey dress comes with a lantern sleeve. That makes it awesome as camouflage for flabby arms without sacrificing style and to help keep her cool on hot days

Also, if she has narrow shoulders or a slim upper body, this would be perfect for her.

The blend of cotton, linen, and polyester material ensures a very stretchable and soft material that is comfortable to wear even on warm days. One thing is for sure though, this is one dress gift that would never go out of fashion.This is an image of a teenage girl wearing a grey pencil dress while taking selfie.


45. Pair of Skinny Jeans

A pair of skinny jeans would make an amazing birthday gift for 19 years old girl if she is a fashionista. And this is not just any jean, it is backed by the pedigree and quality of Levi Strauss. At the least, she’d know you got one of the very best skinny jeans for her.

The jeans sport the vintage worn-in look that is trending among modern ladies. With the stretchy denim material, she can work, play, and face the day in complete comfort.

It comes with a 5-pocket styling, a mid-rise comfort waistband, zipper closure, and skinny through hip and leg opening.This is an image of a modern skinny jeans for teenage girls.


46. Thong Sandals

As birthday gifts for 19 yr old girl go, thong sandals are a class apart when it comes to multifunctional sandals or slippers. Whether at church, school, or work, nobody would bat an eyelid because they are a natural fit for all occasions and most outfits.

However, the sandals would surely turn heads due to the unique gold upper design. Manufactured with man-made materials, each pair comes with a synthetic sole, elastic string strap for convenient use, and a heel of just 0.25″.This is an image of an elastic strappy gold sandals for teenage girls.


47. Adidas Sneakers

She’ll fall in love with these sneakers the minute she slips into them. This is mostly due to the Cloudfoam sock liner: Adidas’ unique sneaker feature for comfort and lightweight cushioning.

The retro-style design is also going to appeal to her if she likes classically-designed shoes. This has been tweaked with modern features to appeal to a modern generation.

Perfect for running, walking, and other sporting activities, each pair comes with a rubber sole, synthetic leather upper for durability, and lace closure for a better fit, and other features aligned to the awesome qualities we have come to expect from Adidas products.This is an image of a white sneakers for teenage girls.


48. Drawing Without Dignity Game

Drawing Without Dignity is an exciting party game specifically designed for adults to have uncensored, naughty fun. Designed for bold and daring adults, players have to guess and draw clues that are borderline inappropriate.

If she is adventurous and hangs out similarly-minded friends, this would be a perfect game for them to pass the time and having the time of their lives. It is also about a test of creativity where players have to draw outrageous things they’ve never drawn or even considered drawing before.

The pack comes with 150 premium game playing cards, timer, drawing pad, die, and game rules.This is an image of a drawing with dignity party game for teens and adults.


49. Cards Against Humanity

Though Cards Against Humanity is pitched as a party game for nasty people, it is actually an adult-themed game she’ll love playing not because she is a horrible person, but because it is really fun to play with friends.

The game is simple enough to play. Players use white cards to answer a question posed by one player using a black card. The aim is to see who can come up with the nastiest answer in each round.

With 500 white answer cards and 100 black question cards in the pack, no two games are the same making it a game she’ll want to play again and again.This is an image of boy's cards against humanity card game


50. Welcome to Adulting Paperback Book

A book like Jonathan Pokluda’s Welcome To Adulting can be ranked among the top birthday gifts for 19 year old female in the book category. This gift is not necessarily only for book lovers as the lessons and tips in it are exactly what adults need to make a good job of navigating adulthood.

Using stories and examples from the author’s experiences, the Bible, and extensive research, the book teaches important and life-long lessons on topics such as friendship, dating, career, managing money, discovering one’s purpose in life, conflict resolution, and much more.

If, ultimately, 19th birthday ideas for her are about making her a better person, a book like this must be in the mix. And she’ll love you for such a thoughtful, life-changing gift.This is an image of a guide book for 19 year old girls.



Buying Considerations

When choosing gifts for 19 years old girl, it is not enough to have a list containing several awesome 19th birthday gift ideas. Eventually, you’d have to bet on one or a couple. But, no matter how awesome or expensive your choice is, you could easily miss the mark.

How to ensure this doesn’t happen is what this section is all about.

Being her last year as a teenager, gifts for 19 year old girl should be something unique. You also want to consider something sentimental that she is likely to remember for a long time.

Also, at this age, her thoughts are never far away from school if she is in college, her social life, relationships, work issues, fashion, and how to look good.

The tips below neatly summarize the things to consider when choosing gifts for her.

Her interests and hobbies

Like most people, girls nineteen years old have different personalities. What they like is as varied as there are teens; and that, in turn, depends on a lot of factors.

Matching the gift to the activities she engages in most of the time, either alone or with her friends, is one of the easiest ways to impress her. So if you know her hobbies, simply select a gift from that category and get ready for a sweet smile of gratitude.

Social Considerations

You’d want to consider gifts that improve her relationship with colleagues at the workplace or school. As an adult, the strength of the bonds with friends and colleagues could play an important role in her future.

So think about gifts like party games she can enjoy with others.


We learn every day. This is especially so for a young girl trying to find her way in an adult world. Gifts that give her the tools and tips to be a better person are also great.

Awesome gifts in this category include books that are fun to read. The benefits of these books can’t be overestimated.


Though girls her age are not too picky about what you get them, they would be interested in the brand especially when it relates to fashion items, shoes, and gadgets. Incidentally, famous brands tend to make items of proven quality.

So if you have a choice and can afford it, always bet on items made by popular brands. For instance, sneakers by Nike and Adidas would be more appreciated than sneakers from the not-so-popular brands.


Best Gift Overall

For most folks, the best 19 year old birthday ideas for a girl has to appeal to a wide variety of interests. It also has to be multifunctional. That is why it was hard looking beyond this tote bag.

It is a perfect mix of cool design, high-quality material for durability, and great pricing.

The bag can be used as a cool school bag to keep her books, writing materials, and gadgets such as laptop, tablet, and smartphone. It is also a great bag for work if she is working, shopping, a beach party, or for traveling. This is simply the ultimate all-in-one bag girls would fall in love with instantly.This is an image of a wine red base rose tote bag for teens.



Best Budget Gift

If you are looking for a budget item to impress her with, you can’t do better than this grooming kit. All girls take personal grooming seriously especially at this age when she’d likely be judged on appearances alone.

We were impressed by the array of quality pieces included in the set to help in keeping her nails, eyebrows, and face in top shape. The stainless steel pieces ensure they are going to last a long time. And storage and portability issues are taken care of by the beautiful pink case.This is an image of a pink manicure and pedicure set for teens.

What Is A Good Christmas Gift For A 19 Years Old Girl?

Christmas-themed gifts are not really different from gifts for other occasions. In most cases, the occasion determines the gift.

So, cute dresses, makeup kit, gadgets, shoes, etc., can all be awesome presents if given at Christmas. But to ensure she is impressed, follow the tips outlined above outlined in the ‘Buying Considerations’ section when choosing Christmas gifts for her.


What Is An Appropriate Gift For 19 Year Old Granddaughter?

As a doting grandparent, it is understandable that you want to spoil your precious granddaughter who is now a young woman.  Naturally, your wish is to give her the world to show how proud you are of her.

It is worth pointing out that she is at an age where she’d appreciate whatever you get for her even if she doesn’t like it. it is the thought that counts most for her.

That said, you could consider gift cards which give her the freedom to get whatever she wants. Then again, if you want to get specific, you could go with bags, dresses, shoes, and fashion accessories.