Best Gifts for 9 Year Old Girls

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Selecting a gift or gifts for 9 year old girl shouldn’t be a difficult prospect with the right information at your fingertips. Sadly though, many folks never bother to put in a little effort in getting the right information. The misguided notion that one can simply waltz into a shop and a cool gift would be waiting for them has left many shoppers with painful experiences.

The major problem is the presence of too many gifts to choose from. Faced with so many options, most people simply follow the path of least resistance and choose gifts or toys for 9 year old girls based on basic variables like aesthetics, price tag, or even gut instinct.

This guide is meant to eliminate that stress. You now have access to all the information needed to make a choice that is guaranteed to thrill her. This list of gifts for 9 year old girls was deliberately aggregated to include items from a variety of categories and budgets.

So whether she is interested in sports, outdoor activities, arts, reading, etc., there is a super wonderful gift for her here.


48 Best Gifts for 9 Year Old Girl

It is time to look at the gifts for 9 year olds that made it through the rigorous evaluation process. There are 48 of them and each one is guaranteed to excite any girl no matter her preferences or how much you are prepared to commit financially.

1. DIY Tree House Fairy Garden

First on our list of awesome presents for 9 year old girls is this cute fairy garden designed to teach your girl how to grow plants and flowers while bringing her close to nature. This is a fun and exciting way to introduce her to the art of gardening so she can grasp the essentials in a jiffy.

The package comes with everything she needs to create her fairy garden from scratch including 11 seeds and gardening tools. And while she is nurturing and waiting for the flowers to grow, she can indulge in some fun pretend-play with Willow the beautiful fairy living in the treehouse whose roof, two branches, and base serve as soil holders for the garden.

Other accessories in the pack include two chairs, porch light, table, fairy stand, flying cord to make Will fly, bunny, and institutions booklet.This is an image of kid's Fairy garden toys in colorful colors


2. Computer Making Kit

Next in our list of presents for 9 yr old girls is this DIY kit that would make a perfect gift if you want her to take an interest in computers and coding. With over 100 creative challenges and stories related to coding, it is essentially a fun way to navigate some basic programming languages and engineering concepts.

With the pieces in the kit and the instructions guide, building a computer has never been so easy. She can use her computer to browse the net and even access her favorite applications, games and stream content such as music and videos.This is an image of kid's kano computer kit in orange color


3. Gravity Maze Marble Run

ThinkFun’s Gravity Maze Marble Run is an incredibly fun game that is a combination of a logic game and marble run in a STEM-themed toy. Like all the best logic games, it aids the development of her spatial and planning skills.

The game is quite easy to play. It contains 60 challenges from beginner to expert levels, 3 marbles, 9 towers, a target piece, and the game grid.

Basically, all she needs to do is create a maze that allows her marble to move from the start position to the target tower. It sounds simple, but with the varieties of ways to build the mazes and the increasing difficulty of each level, she’d need all her planning skills for each challenge.This is an image of girl's logic game gravity maze in colorful colors


4. Drawing & Coloring Art Set

If the little princess is a budding artist, this art set is the perfect gift that delivers limitless drawing and coloring options allowing her to indulge in her passion as much as she wants.

The set, made by Crayola, comes with everything she needs to keep her creating her art for hours at a time. It comes with dozens of pencils, markers, crayons and 15 sheets of drawing paper.

The pieces are all nearly arranged in a pretty art case designed with special compartments for the art supplies. That makes it hard to misplace any piece and ensuring she can conveniently take it anywhere to keep on practicing.This is an image of girl's inspiration art case coloring set in colorful colors


5. Crossbody Tassel Shoulder Bag

By nine, your girl is old enough to discern class and quality. In this shoulder bag, she’ll quickly recognize the class and unique quality it adds to her outfit.

The pink bag is designed with the face of a sleeping cat and two layers of tassels at the bottom of the cover. She can’t help but adore the bag.

Made from high-quality PU leather for durability, the bag’s compartment is big enough to keep her the vital stiff she’ll need for school, social and family occasions, travel, etc. It also comes with an easy-to-open-and-close magnetic snap button to keep her stuff secured.This is an image of girl's bag shoulder purse with face in pink color


6. Pair of Headphones

The impressive design and pink color of this pair of headphones surely make it an awesome gift for any girl that loves listening to music. Even if she doesn’t love cats, the cat ears on the top make it so super cute she’ll make this her favorite earpiece.

The headphones come with the standard 3.5mm jack so she can use it on almost all devices. It also comes with a built-in mic, gentle clamping pressure, and soft earmuffs for the ultimate in comfort while listening to music. And to ensure a perfect fit no matter her head size and ear position, the headband is both twistable and adjustable.

The sound output is amazing all thanks to the dual powerful Sound Stage Drivers equipped with a volume limiting feature to protect her ears.This is an image of girl's boostcare kids headphones with ear cat in pink color



7. Mad Libs Paperback Book

Since the 1950s, Mad Libs has thrilled millions of people around the world with its clever ‘fill-in-the-blank’ word game with often hilarious endings. This book would be perfect for a slumber party. Your girl and her buddies would have a hard time sleeping as they laugh away the hours.

The 48-page book contains 21 stories, each one capable of leaving everybody giggling and laugh non-stop.This is an image of girl's mad libs book


8. Light Up Tracing Pad

The light-up tracing pad is a cool gift for a special girl who loves drawing.  With over 100 traceable images and more downloadable templates online, she gets limitless opportunities to trace, draw, color, and create masterpieces. And the in-built LED lights can make her drawings come to life; giving them a different, interesting perspective. This feature also makes it possible to keep having fun even in the dark.

As well as the pad, the art set comes with a graphite pencil, a dozen colored pencils, and 10 tracing and blank sheets respectively. The device requires 3 AA batteries to power the LED lights.This is an image of girl's light up tracing pad by Crayola


9. Window Art Kit

Next up on our list of cool gifts for 9 yr old girl is this art and craft DIY kit that allows the lucky girl to create and customize art pieces she could hang over her window. It will instantly convert the window to an attractive work of art people would surely admire.

Great for promoting creativity, It’ll make a great holiday gift if she is interested in creating artworks.

The art set comes with everything she’d need including an instructions booklet containing the guide for 20 projects. Nothing stops her though from going off-script and using her imagination and creativity to design suncatchers never seen anywhere.This is an image of girl's window art craft in Multi colors


10. Mermaid Tail Blanket

Make the winter and chilly days warmer for her with this hand-knitted mermaid tail blanket made from high-quality cotton (70%) and acrylic (30%) materials. The elegant and exquisite blanket is extra plush and soft on the skin. This, combined with the purple color and mermaid tail shape, would likely make it her favorite blanket for a long time.

With the open back and bottom, she’ll find it easy to snuggle into the blanket. This also makes is quite east to come out though she won’t be eager to do that once she’s in. As well as for sleeping, it is perfect for camping, traveling, watching TV on the couch, and a host of other uses.

There is also a little cherry in the form of a matching cute mermaid pendant necklace added to the gift pack!This is an image of girl's Mermaid tail blanket with a gift in purple color


11. Cozmo: Toy Robot

Anki’s Cozmo is a toy robot that was designed primarily to demystify the field of computer programming and lay a solid coding foundation for kids (and adults too). It is a great learning toy and the best part is, she is going to have so much fun because Cozmo is programmed to provide non-stop entertainment in spades.

Programmed with an advanced AI language, Cozmo can become her best buddy with its face and name recognition software. It gets better: the more she plays with it, it evolves to match her personality and would be able to anticipate her actions.

It has some pretty nice moves it won’t be shy to show off and can also play games with the included cubes.

With the easy programming steps, she can make it do whatever she wants. All she has to do is think about it, program it, and watch Cozmo bring her thoughts to reality.This is an image of girl's anki cozmo robot toy in blue and white colors


12. Bracelet Making Kit

Hands-on arts and craft kits that allow girls to create customized fashion pieces or accessories always make the right impression as birthday and holiday gifts. With this bracelet gift, she is guaranteed hours of fun designing and redesigning 8 beautiful and colorful bracelets.

Even if she isn’t the sociable type, it is going to be more fun collaborating with friends and family to come up with unique designs.

Everything she needs including 5 adorable charms and instructions guide is included in the pack. There won’t be any need to get extra supplies.This is an image of girl's charm bracelet making set


13. String Art Kit

How about this kit that allows her to have fun creating art using strings, pins, foam canvass, and her creativity. The end-products are stunning pieces she’ll happily show friends and family members.

The kit is safe and easy to use with push pins replacing nails and hammer. Because her canvasses are made of soft foam, she can easily push in the pins to follow the pre-printed patterns on the canvass. And stringing the push pins with the colorful strings creates an equally colorful owl, starburst, and the word ‘yay’.

Expect her to happily display these items in her favorite places with pride so people can see and gush over them.This is an image of girl's string art kit in colorful colors


14. Girls Coloring Book

This is not just your basic kids’ coloring book with images for her to color and design as she sees fit. With a title that includes the phrase, ‘I Am Confident, Brave & Beautiful…’ it is a book designed to bring out the best in her and inspire her to greater heights. That is apart from sharpening her skills as a budding artist.

The 24-page book is filled with illustrations covering a variety of subjects. The subjects inspire discussions about important issues, challenge stereotypes, and promote curiosity. In essence, while happily coloring, your girl is steadily turning into a well-rounded, smart, and clever lady.This is an image of girl's coloring book named i am confident brave and beautiful


15. Soap Making Kit

With the included 36-page instructions book, your daughter would be merrily making soaps of different colors, sizes, and shapes right in the kitchen. She is going to be thrilled knowing that making soap is quite easy.  The basic set allows her to make up to 10 soaps we bet she’ll eagerly hand out as presents to her friends and family members.

The kit comes with all the ingredients she needs to accomplish her task. This includes 6 molds, 20 color tablets, cosmetic grade glitter, fragrances, stickers, gift box to package the soaps, etc.

The instructions also expose her to the science underlining the soap-making process, helpful tips on how to avoid the common pitfalls of soap making, other interesting experiments, and much more.This is an image of girl's soap craft science kit in colorful colors


16. 5000 Awesome Facts Book

If you want your girl t to be the smartest among her peers, getting her this book is a good way to start. With 224 pages of fascinating facts on a variety of interesting subjects, she won’t be able to get enough of the book as she reads and rereads the pages to acquaint herself with some of the amazing stuff.

Some of the awesome facts to discover include dozens of fun facts about chocolate, peanut butter, sharks, robots, snakes, weird words, and much more. There are also tons of games and toys-related tips, historical facts and myth busters, etc.

Each page is made more interesting with colorful illustrations to accompany the texts. This makes it a great page-turner even for casual readers.This is an image of girl's 5000 awesome facts book


17. Mini Leather Backpack

This backpack is so cute even young ladies in their late teens would feel on top of the world carrying it. For your girl, this gift is a validation of what she’s always known, you now recognize her as a legit member of the adult group. This bag would make her feel classy, confident, and really matured.

Made from PU leather with soft inner lining, the bag is destined to be a part of life for many years due to its quality and durability. It’s also likely to become her favorite bag for all types of occasions including school, traveling, social and sporting events, etc.

It comes with adjustable should straps, several pockets and compartments for convenient organization of her stuff, and zippers for the main compartment and back pocket.This is an image of girl's leather mini pack in light pink color


18. Pendant Necklace

Don’t be alarm if she doesn’t wear this necklace several days after you gave it to her. She’s likely taking her time to admire the intricate design and artwork or she is waiting for a really special occasion to flaunt it; her birthday party perhaps!

Known as Lucky Cat, it is supposed to be a symbol of good fortune in Japanese folklore where it was designed. For your girl, having this necklace with a cat pendant designed with clear crystals and diamond-shaped ruby is all the good fortune she needs.This is an image of girl's lucky cat crystal necklace in silver and pink colors


19. Water Cartoon Wristwatch

What to get for a 9 year old for her birthday is a question that usually bugs folks determined to get something really special. A wristwatch present like seems commonplace; but if it is designed with 3D cartoon characters, colorful numbers, with startling white silicone strap, it takes on the hue of ‘special’ instantly. It is not just a wristwatch anymore, it is a cool fashion accessory to complement her outfits. It would be perfect for all social and formal events,

The watch is waterproof so there is no fear that light rain or splashes of water would damage it.This is an image of girl's analog waterproof watch with butterfly graphics in white colors


20. Unicorn Diary & Sketchbook

A diary is a great gift for a girl to develop her writing skills and improve her ability to express her thoughts better. At 9, girls have tons of opinions about literarily everything. This 9th birthday journal helps keep all those swirling thoughts in her head organized. She’ll cherish it as a birthday, Christmas, going-back-to-school and even holiday present.

And if she is down with rainbows and unicorns, she’ll love the design on the purple cover. She’ll also love that each spread of the 100-page book comes with a sketchbook on the left page to practice her drawings and doodle whatever interesting thing comes to mind.This is an image of girl's journal and sketch book


21. Action Camera

This multifunctional 4X digital zoom action camera with auto face recognition, up to 10 seconds time-lapse photos, and burst shooting among others, can be anything exciting to her.

If she loves outdoor sports, she could use it to capture photos and videos of her activities to share with her family and friends. She could also use it as a normal camera to make videos of interesting places and events and capture shots of people including selfies of herself with her friends.

The waterproof, easy-to-use, action camera is made from high-quality material and comes with premium features to enhance its utility during use.This is an image of girl's waterproof action camera in pink color


22. Fitness Tracker Watch

If you are worried about her future fitness and lifestyle choices, a fitness tracking device like this watch is a cool way to get her interested in choosing options that would benefit her overall health.

You will love that the watch connects easily to a smartphone via a GPS-based app making it easy for you to monitor some of her vital fitness-related stats even when she is not close by. For instance, you’ll know how far away she is and how much exercise she is getting.

For a nine-year-old, a device like this is something she’ll love to hang onto not just as a cute fashion accessory and fitness tracker. It can actually give accurate time and date helping users keep appointments.This is an image of girl's digital watch fitness tracker in pink color


23. Osmo Jam Music Coding Kit

If your music-loving daughter has an iPad or Fire tablet, this coding game is going to change the way she interacts with those devices. Most importantly though, it is a great introduction to the world of basic computer programming and coding.

Creating music all types of music with the kit is only a matter of moving the magnetized tiles in different ways to produce a variety of music. The tiles interact with the tablets via the game app to enhance the playing experience. And she doesn’t even need WiFi to get access.

The pack comes with 23 different magnetic coding blocks, a box to store the pieces, the game app, and instructions booklet.This is an image of girl's Coding jam by osmo in colorful colors


24. Ballerina Jewelry Box

By now, your girl has a bunch of jewelry pieces and a cute jewelry box store them all makes a lot of sense. With the pink color and a spinning ballerina that pops up when the lid is opened, this jewelry box will more than satisfy her need for a classy place to organize her fashion accessories.

She’ll love it so much it would take pride of place on her dresser for many years.  The chance to listen to the melodious ‘Swan Lake’ could even be the only reason it would be a cherished possession.

The box comes with a main compartment, two small side drawers and a button drawer enough space for all sizes and types of jewelry.This is an image of girl's musical jewlery box in pink color


25. Android Tablet

When it comes to Christmas presents for 9 year old girls, you can never go wrong with a tech-related gift. ‘Screen Time’ using a device like this tablet is not always a bad thing if it is regulated properly and comes with educational apps, developmental games, and books.

This would make a great gift if you want her to spend more time indoors studying. You could simply download and install interesting apps and games that are fun to play while helping her master some subjects.

The durable table comes with some premium features like the amazing 10″ HD LCD, Bluetooth and WiFi functionality, and rear and front cameras for pictures and videos. And with the 32GB ROM, she has enough space to download and store her favorite music and videos.This is an image of girl's android tablet in pink color


26. T-shirt

Up next in this review of cool gifts for 9 years girl is this trendy, short-sleeve T-shirt with a classic crew neckline with a pink color that makes it instantly adorable.

But what makes this a perfect 9th birthday tee are the printed words above and below the number ‘9’ that is flanked by classic double thumps up across the front. The words, ‘THIS IS WHAT AN AWESOME 9 YEAR OLD LOOKS LIKE’ would do amazing things to her self-esteem and confidence.

Picture her walking confidently into her birthday party wearing it. Awesome right?! It is a pretty good guess she’d be wearing it a lot for the next year.This is an image of girl's 9 year old t shirt in pink colors


27. LEGO Friendship House Building Kit

Like most Lego kits, this friendship house building kit is backed by a pedigree that is based on quality pieces and limitless opportunities for creative role-playing. This kit allows your girl to fully explore her creative talents and imaginative skills.

It comes with 722 pieces translating into hours of productive play as she builds a beautiful, fully-featured, multi-story house that is actually a converted fire station. Awesome accessories like four mini friends figures, Dash the dog, Rumble the hamster, and Cinnamon the bunny would surely inspire endless fun entertainment.This is an image of girl's LEGO friends friendship house building kit


28. DIY Bracelet Making Kit

Most girls love it when they have the chance to make unique fashion accessories. Though it isn’t exactly reinventing the wheel, the end-products are usually highly cherished because nobody else in the world has the same.

That is what makes gifts like this kit excellent. They get to spend several enjoyable hours mix-matching the pieces and accessories until they are satisfied. She can make over 10 bracelets with designs exclusive to her.

She doesn’t need extra supplies as the pack comes with everything needed to make the bracelets including a simple guide to nudge her in the right direction.This is an image of girl's friendship bracelet craft activity set


29. Sand Art Set

Playing with sand is always a super fun activity in places like the beach and playground. She’ll get all that fun and more with this kit that allows her to use her creative energies in new and exciting ways.

With 8 different colors of sand, 4 sand bottles, 2 pendant bottles, a satin cord, a plastic funnel, and a design tool, she’ll learn how to layer colorful patterns with sand to produce unique designs. The designed bottles would make a great addition to her room’s decor to wow friends and family.

Great for promoting problem-solving skills, confidence, and concentration, it is perfect as a birthday, Christmas, or New Year gift.This is an image of girl's sand art in colorful colors

30. 3D Night Lamp

For your little princess, this could gift could be any of a night lamp, room light, or even a play toy to have fun with. As a night lamp, she could choose any of the colors to provide the perfect ambiance for sleeping. This would be perfect if she hates sleeping in the dark.

On the other hand, she could use it to light her room at night using any of the colors. The brightness can be adjusted to provide adequate light for this purpose. Or she could simply catch fun admiring the 3D holographic teddy bear that is the lamp; adjusting the settings so her beloved teddy glows with 7 different colors one after the other non-stop.

This unique lamp can be powered by 3 AAA batteries or a USB cord connected to an appropriate adaptor. It’s one of the nicest gifts for nine years old girls and is sure to brighten up her bedroom. This is an image of girl's night light 3D lamp with bear in purple color


31. Hooded Neck Wrap Scarf

This stylish neck scarf would keep your little princess warm when the weather is not so cold that she needs a full winter coat. The scarf is stylish and extends below the waist with pockets on either side.

She’ll look like an accomplished fashion icon and turn heads when she taking a stroll with it. And if she loves unicorns, the Unicorn-themed hood is another reason to adore the scarf.

Hand-Knitted with wool yarns made from cotton, polyester, and acrylic,  the material is soft and comfortable to wear. Depending on the size you get, the wrap could be around for quite a while adding a bit of class to her wardrobe.This is an image of girl's hood scarf beanies in pink and gray colors


32. Kids Against Maturity Card Game

Against Maturity is a popular tabletop card game that is sometimes awkward but always hilarious for players. This version is specifically created with kid-appropriate humor and innuendos to get children laughing until their sides hurt.

This is the sort of game to get for your girl if she is tired of board games and wants something different. It is also great for getting children to read more.

Easy to learn, she can start playing immediately either with the family or her friends; this makes a super cool activity for family game nights or slumber parties.This is an image of girl's card game kids against maturity



33. Sewing Kit

This sewing kit by Alex Toys is an excellent way to introduce sewing as a hobby to your kid. This could turn out to be the first step towards a great career in the future. Whatever happens though, the skills she learns would be handy throughout her life making all sorts of things for personal uses or as gifts to friends and family.

The kit includes an amazing amount of kid-safe sewing tools and accessories to learn and practice her new hobby. It also comes with an illustrated instructions booklet that is easy to understand.

Thinking of a special occasion to give her this? As an art and craft gift, it is perfect for any occasion like birthday, Christmas, New Year, or during the summer holiday when she has tons of free time.This is an image of girl's craft my first sewing kit


34. Hooded Unicorn Bathrobe

This bathrobe would make an excellent gift if your girl loves unicorns. But she is just as well likely to be bowled over by design featuring stars on a background of soft colors reminding one of a fantasy dreamland with awesome rainbow-colored skies.

And talking about fantasy, with the hood up, she transforms into a charming unicorn with purple horns and ears. She’ll love that.

The material is soft and comfortable ensuring a great night’s sleep when it is used as sleepwear. Considering how snuggly and warm it is, sleeping with it would be the new normal.This is an image of girl's unicorn bathrob in colorful colors


35. Instant Camera

Any girl would be very excited with a camera that allows her to see her pictures in print immediately! Fujifilm Instax Mini 9 packs all the fun of old school cameras with new features to make it even more appealing to kids. As long as she has films and with the pink carrying case, the camera would tag along with her everywhere she goes.

With a retro design, the flamingo pink camera is attractive and easy to use. But it’s the ability to take awesome shots aided by the autofocus feature that would keep her excited and maintain interest levels high for a very long time.

The camera comes with a Macro Lens adapter enhancing better shots of very close objects including selfies. And the integrated High-Key mode enhances picture brightness with a soft look in poor lighting. Portraits pictures would be awesome.This is an image of girl's mini instant camera pack in pink color


36. Princess Jewelry Box by Vlando

This powder blue jewelry box is another great option for a birthday or Christmas gift for 9 years girl, like the ballerina jewelry box reviewed earlier. When fully closed, it looks like a cute, round-shaped mini-traveling bag with a carrying handle at the top.

Underneath all that blue exterior are carefully-designed compartments, drawers, and small niches to keep all her jewelry pieces.

Made from premium PU leather, it’s high-quality flannel interior is lined with velvet giving a soft nice bed for the jewelry and to prevent scratches. She’ll love how this box makes her feel grownup, especially during trips.This is an image of girl's jewelry box in blue color


37. Paperback Book of Girl Stuff

There are some things a girl ought to know by the time she is nine. These are things that are invaluable in preparing her for junior high, teen years and even adulthood. Unfortunately, many girls have come to grief navigating life without the benefit of some of the facts and tips in this book.

The narrative is humorous and meant to capture the imagination of the reader immediately. This alone makes it a great gift to get her interested in reading.

The 320-page book is loaded with compelling activities, facts, games, vital information, and advice on topics germane to her life. Even parents would learn a thing or two from it. If you’re still wondering what to get a 9 year old for her birthday, this could be just what you need.

This is an image of girl's the big book of girls stuuf


38. Bead Pets Making Kit

With over 650 pieces that include beads, key rings, lanyard clips and over 20 yards of satin cords, the kit pack has everything some lucky girl needs to design and create different types of bead pets. Her creations would make cool decoration pieces for keyholders or when attached to bags, jackets, room mirrors, furniture, etc.

The kit comes with an instructions booklet to guide her in making pets such as frog, bunny, puppy, etc. When she gets the hang of it though, the possibilities for mixing the colors and creating different pets or objects are endless. This is the point her creativity takes over.This is an image of girl's beat pets


39. Unicorn Backpack with Unicorn Fashion Accessories

If she belongs to a gym or takes ballet lessons, she is going to be thrilled to bits with this unicorn-themed pink drawstring backpack. It’s perfect for carrying gym and ballet outfits and other items that are not too heavy.

The gift pack also comes with beautiful fashion accessories and a matching unicorn bag to keep her makeup and smaller items. The accessories include a unicorn charm bracelet, pendant necklace, and 5 unicorn hair ties.This is an image of girl's unicorn gift pack containing drawstring backpack, neckless, makeup bag and bracelet in colorful colors


40. Yarn Tree Jewelry Organizer Kit

If her jewelry box is bursting at the seams, this gift would make perfect sense to help organize some of the pieces especially those she uses frequently. The gift would also be perfect as a unique option to a jewelry box.

What makes this more impressive is the fact that she gets to customize it the way she wants with the included yarn. The yarns come in different colors giving her limitless customization options.

The world would cease to exist until she is done making that tree as perfect as possible. If she is a bit confused initially, the instructions guide would come in handy.This is an image of girl's yarn tree kit in colorful colors


41. Purple Pajama Set

This’ quite a nice pajama set featuring a pullover top and a pair of snug pants. The purple-colored top with small heart shapes fits loosely giving her enough wiggle room for comfort while the pants are snug for a slim and stylish look. The pants also come with a drawstring so she can wear them no matter her waist size.

She’ll love the feel of the soft fabric made from high-quality cotton, polyester and a bit of spandex to ensure it never loses its shape and could also grow comfortably in it.

Easy to wash without any need for ironing, they are so comfy and cute you might have a problem getting her to remove them.This is an image of girl's pajama set in purple color


42. knee and Elbow Pads for Kids

When mulling over gift ideas for kids, folks hardly think of protective pads for the knees and elbows. But they are items that look inspirational when you come across them. Instantly, you have the answer to all those recurring bruises and wounds.

If sports is her thing or she loves outdoor activities, these colorful pads, apart from offering protection, would add a bit of color and style to her outfit making her look very cool.

For enhanced effectiveness, the pad comes with three protective layers including EVA and neoprene materials to easily absorb impact.This is an image of girl's protective gear set in pink color


43. Diary with Invisible Ink Pen

You could encourage her writing skills and her ability to organize her thoughts with a diary set like this one. A diary or journal is also perfect for developing her literary skills and ability to observe events and people around her.

As well as the beautifully-designed cover that is bound to attract her, what makes this extra special is the pen with invisible ink. Now, her most cherished thoughts can be penned down and read later without fear. The set also comes with a blue light to make her words visible when she wants to read them later.

Apart from the 100-page journal, pen, and black light, the set also includes fun stickers to design the pages and a clip-on LED light.This is an image of girl's diary journal set with emojis graphics


44. Devotional Book

For parents who consider their faith an essential part of daily life, it could be hard getting restless kids to dedicate a few minutes each day to prayers. This paperback book, known as ‘3-Minute Devotions For Girls’, is a simple way to develop that habit in girls.

The book contains 180 inspirational readings from various parts of the Bible and simple prayers to enhance her daily relationship with God. Three minutes is all that is required to keep her on the path to beautiful blessings each day.This is an image of girl's book 180 inspirational reading for young hearts in pink color


45. Kick Scooter

Are you looking for a unique ride that is completely safe?  One with a gentle learning curve so your girl can have fun riding while exercising her limbs? That exactly describes this height-adjustable scooter.

It is a great option for her to commute short distances at first. When she gets more confident, it could be her primary means of mobility to school, the park, and trips to her friends’ homes. The 200 mm urethane wheels would ensure smooth rides at all times.

The scooter accommodates a weight of up to 200 lbs thanks, to the aluminum-grade frame. And with the patented folding system, it is easy to fold and carry around.This is an image of girl's kick scooter in pink color


46. DIY Wind Chime Kit

Everybody loves wind chimes. If she had ever seen one and the soft, melodious sounds coming from them, she must have wondered about setting up one on the porch or her room.

With this DIY kit, she is going to discover, to her joy, that wind chimes are not hard to make with the right tools, supplies, and guide. The kit comes with everything she needs to make one including art supplies to paint and design the pieces.

Hopefully, she would be in the mood to share her creation with the rest of the family hanging it where everybody can see it and enjoy the cool sounds.This is an image of girl's wind chime craft kit


47. Math Dice Game

By 9, maths is now a constant part of school life. If you think her maths skills need reinforcement, a gift of this math dice game is a great way to go about it.

The highly-rated game is easy and fun to play. Apart from maths skills, it also aids with the development of critical skills and concentration.

The game involves the use of a 12-sided die to get a target number and a 6-sides scoring die to aid in reaching the target number. There would be lots of subtraction, addition, and combinations of both addition and subtraction to reach the target number. Progress is charted using the Scoring Track; the first to reach the finish line wins.This is an image of girl's math dice junior game in colorful colors


48. Cruiser Bike

The last item on this list of best 9 year old girl gifts is this sweet bike. One look at it, your budget allowing, you know it would be a perfect birthday gift. Her excitement on getting it is all you need to know you made the right call.

Beautifully-designed with a blue front carrying basket, purple colored frame, and pink and white wheels, there is simply no way heads are not going to turn when she is riding. For your girl though, distances don’t matter anymore now she has this fantastic ride.

Manufactured by Kent, the bike comes with a durable cruiser-style frame and fenders, and 20-inch wheels for comfortable riding on all surfaces. The single-speed feature and coaster brake help to keep things simple and safe while she cruising down the block.This is an image of girl's cruiser bike in purple color


Buying Considerations When Shopping for Girls Aged 9

When thinking about gift ideas for 9 year old girl, getting hold of a guide bursting at the seams with gifts any girl would love might not be enough.

A list of items goes only so far to identify quality items in the various categories. To nail the perfect gift, there are a few more variables to consider. Let’s look at some of them.

Her interests

By nine, most girls have a clear idea about the things they love doing. This can be seen in the types of friends they keep, and their extra-curricular activities.

If you don’t want to have one disappointed nine-year-old around, a gift that panders to her interests and hobbies is what you want to get. For instance, a nerdy girl would love interesting books while an outgoing girl would be thrilled by items such as cameras, multi-player games, etc.

But you could choose to take your girl out of her comfort zone with something totally out of character. How this works as a great gift depends mostly on the gift or toy itself.

So if you want a girl that plays too much or spends too much on-screen-time to dedicate more time to reading, make sure the content of the book is very compelling. For girls, adventure stories with happy endings would do the trick.

Also, books that teach new skills would get them reading all day long. One good example is the sewing kit and soap-making pack. Both come with interesting books they wouldn’t mind reading every day.

Social Considerations

By now, your baby is in the fourth grade. Her circles of friends and acquaintances are probably larger than a few years ago. Besides, she has many juniors in school looking up to her.

At this stage of her life, she’s beginning to feel obliged to hold herself to certain, higher standards. This should be reflected in your choice of gifts for her. Fashion items and accessories that make her feel more matured would be awesome.

Also, go for gifts that promote her social interaction with friends and family. Card games are great; so are hilarious word games that are educational and in the right setting, can lead to surprising outcomes letting her understand her buddies and family better.


One huge problem in getting a gift for 9 year old girl is having no idea if your choice is a present she’d had already. This pitfall is common to non-parents.

This problem can be resolved by simply asking the parents or her close friends. You could even use her as a sounding board before deciding. That is, if surprising her is not such a big deal for you.


Best Gift Overall

This camera with a retro design stood out for several reasons. With a bright pink color and other cool-design features, it is a throwback to simpler days of simple fun. But with a few tweaks in the right places, the camera is interesting enough to hold the attention of girls age 9.

The camera is durable, easy to use, and can take amazing shots she can print instantly using the Polaroid films. If you don’t mind spending a little extra on the films, this is simply a unique holiday or birthday gift to blow any girl’s mind.

One thing you can be sure of is this: she’ll learn how to manage limited resources since she can’t be snapping randomly to avoid wasting the film. She has to pick her moments carefully. That would also promote her judgment and observational skills.

This is an image of girl's mini instant camera pack in pink color


Best Budget Gift

The book of awesome facts proves you don’t have to splurge to get exciting gifts for kids. This is a budget gift item that is worthy of a place in any best gifts for 9 year old girls guide.

As a caring parent, uncle, aunt, or family friend, surely you’d pitch for anything that molds her into a smart kid. She doesn’t have to be a nerd or love reading to get hooked by this book. With the thousands of exciting facts and games in several categories, this book is an absolute delight.

We also love that it comes with many colorful, fun illustrations for a more immersive engagement with the book.

This is an image of girl's 5000 awesome facts book